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Conditional Probability
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but today will I said probably shares of commercial is your brain on has ever what is your brain on drugs they're trying so all stop early today may can't career give you a moderate weekend she sewer start now I revisit momentary functional there is a lot started light up and be important things to rare Rob momentary functions is if this is that if this is this converters 40 inalienable 1 0 and this completely determined seat distribution of acts as a result you can have 2 different densities during the same momentary 30 news is as I said last time after deterrent about probability distributions solved but suppose it acts could do we could do this for a class on to the momentary side letter of buildings are here that's 2 x Expo 4 site of you crop fears 8 game after Posada that's computer culture forest of period I read this function at K and Italy multiply by brothers writing nearly here under the case Florida federal leader by backdrop turned you Icelandic doesn't depend on cake every term has that and now here I have 2 things are raised the case unity in Latin America by knots would go over that now we but from now all items on see going on here and there you recognize it what is what is that some Peter S. the waiting movies and writers you know lap times you unity might so is a motor for what size if you see this voluntary punching coming up is a momentary function for some random variables that granted rebel has to be son parameter Barbara carries with it all the erase assembled and then if is son crab renewal utility why would be you deal with it but it's what I have a or use a notation capital M sub capitalized read this is momentary function Wyatt Tee years the motor functions for X Of course but sometimes we dropped the subscript years it's clear only work with 1 of your star or couple not suppose exit are independent of venerable saw the last time they mention this what function for the summer of independent ran well despite definitions motor function of the Saudi Jake expected IV the heat of the some 50 times a summer no backs potentials factor like this Muriel functional rod red ran rebel other folks rather verbal and these to render rebels are independent so expected died product is a product of the expected value think so it is shown that when memorandum rebels are independent the momentary entrepreneur Summers product function Cheney well it's applied this to example what would be a good example of fighters to Karen Irel's would like try a predictor I know what sudden strike that we have them right here right so that's independence was
signed with parameter lambda proper respectively then uh where we adhere to off or acts we need to Kalamunda times unity minus 1 for why we new Times unity my 1 of the areas but if lead to something fancier something else you should probably combined into 1 each and hour Decker by so what's the distribution of Expos y program was in the test was 1st problem you probably use slaughter function in India directly fizzle Stepan area To add put another term but tough back maybe go back to what if you want we we did that and Class IV of older but because they receive this method is very easy or deterring decision of some of the books they should be indexes normal would be muon racing was squares then they momma Jerry function is Izak we didn't do that Tropic dishing where say aim of all of of the of excise Bernoulli with probably is being 1 equality probably being 0 1 minus 3 and will mature possess and moves to that calculation your mind that has only 2 values 0 much this corresponds to the 1 right when either a one-time see about public being want what's you would wise 30 years you 0 times Times Publishing being 0 Alex an X 1 directs and independent Bernal a lot of 8 what's expected value of X 1 founder sex what not now UGX he is expected by the ballots but values can have 1 or 0 that I probably this 1 would probably peaked at 1 time he was 0 times my speech or ahead what's variants of excellent or where the race is how far you are from the special value squared what values the south this trend is rendered there will hear the sky more profit on this could be 1 might be squared for it's 1 less skis squared probability for my scored when X was 1 of the problems he cited on my skinny squared probability and that's fine but 0 he squared peace squared with probability 1 my I think back Guardipee and one-line speech here and what would be left here where factor this out that 1 more warned form the starts a might what be left here when Abbas at 1 one-liners here wants answers are so old find new ran the rebels why I will miners devised by square of he tons of ice tea what's expected IYI Charles is expected value why I over Beirut he on my minus what would be expected I key over square leg those are fixed numbers were expected to to respect to
Europe on my over that render expected by cut the value and here's a constant times around the rebel where taking expect virus that behaves like taking Inter also rejected enroll Carson type function what do constant for outsiders I Oh thank you XI sets of text solo at cycle like us not non Vicksburg Drive is key and see these 2 cats so all I did years this is expected value of acts is equal Lemuel then expected value of X minus meal is equal to 0 to aviator functions and number and subtract that number from the function and then integrate period 0 and similarly I will go through this of why I have is 1 years of result hours away did the various around roasting was squared the Razorbacks over Sigma is what OK is a very big off a moment Jenner function for a gap question what wary over years of unless Brett Brazil missing thanks there's terms why I reserve and do more mature for whites we Dax and now off it at of the other with a prayer I think that is equal this because I break this exponential opened the EU duty time XI this and TV times even times might be over this the 2nd part that mentioned it constant desire random set foot on expectations and started and that that's a moment function of X I the site Aaron admitted that summer not I raised its head not serious but I need to write down or Jerry function for ate this summer I for what here to your he told we change but notes but the fact inside the about OK and the allied like to take equal half for simplicity that 6 people at sub you like fare quite and at home all of well where just because for his become here 1 might have half the numerator here's a half where we're in the elevator perhaps times Abbas 4th spurt of forces have
absolute Apple wrapped or what is 50 period have I saw entrees might have dialects you may be the sole one-half BUT posts would have utilized or I write Posada call on them and Ian Bell or if we do this we add up wise and abide by screw these error back what we thought here is short on a definition as of the rude and under the Nazis factories these are independent of the expected value you see there would be a product of the expected ideas as follows and they're all the same they're all the same distribution Sosebee savers the first one was raised to against our and what is this 1 before a race that borrow typewriter cosine at over road the we raise at far a mail and Reuters this thing inside doing is an goes to infinity forward at that to his angles because I Riklis I know 0 or write to you angles 0 i've Michael signed 0 0 is 1 and 1 and is on not fast this number Eddie yet Torre by both the relative rate resin rate there are reasons forms a ratio F of air and FOX orgy of acts that both going to 0 or what they're both going to a family Hardy determines whether the racial law which also maybe we give it a try to guess what is a supply 4 small values of tea party or whatever was what Taylor expansion for EU unity or easily small which terms early matter here that only the 1st couple right hired cars are less Stewart B. what
and and I was away at together order yet and divide by 2 we get 1 fast spread over and passed other stuff that's not as important selectors our hyperbolic cosine of tea over rude and look like for and large only the 1st couple terms so matter here we don't want must now it replaces by rude and when you get to squared Over 2 and they so but that inside right was other terms what he 1 a deal that does is and most note is 1 of the most fun elements and calculus there to very poor ones the extra 0 Rex that that was 1 1 but the that fabulous you veers off by taking a lot of that and then using also an organ this 2 acts so what is this do is a ghost Anthony converters to beat it eastward over to the moment function of this thing or I guess the same emerges this is as a momentary function reading please I leave these things out of order IS like that the normal with mean 0 Andreas 1 that's some call the central it that the distribution of work why 1 however was YES over wherever it is approximately can rest of the day sovereign Louise Tarantino subtracting the means buying by D. very experienced then add up independent ones abide by screw number of cements that's almost normal ran rebel K in the book it tells you why are these either called functions because different trade wants evaluated expected by different take twice
earlier plea to expected either square once made even more are interesting is to take the logger J. function the job header different J. back twice what's prejudice twice In a evaluated at tea was a upwards with different take a lot of some pot I you do that you get the Bureau of over the phone they that's what we're going to wonder if they where defer together they now what's a this means Jordan suspected that's different it under the expected value of TX will be executed Ed so from year to year we just did this different tuition now we have a Puerto Plata portal to the we differentiate the numerator whatever a diverted this we different a move expected value assigned grabs a verdict that was that while doesn't change as as Carson's foresees concern with different take that the next comes down to elect squared unity elects and new multiply by denominator ways of track the durability of the Wizard Dr. No later 4 times a the denominator for its durable denominator well we just there's another factor forget but not by but is again so that's about things square they we abide by better now square day nods diarrhea chief over Sarah a rodeo period expected Ivax squared earlier 22 0 Eaton 0 is 1 divide wonders what where we here was becomes 1 acts is expected by blacks quantity square From here and what we in the America want Rivas Moses that's the Razorbacks so we want to be the rates of around surrenderer periods former jury function take it's a lot different it twice evaluated 0 K well that's doing this price here so let's this In the case think so where we do here a lot of the moment momentary function be different it twice what did it with different that twice
1st time mu and sigma squared team ranked 2nd time you get square with life that when 2 0 was where the base of a normal as soon as fresh let's do it up With for but the variants of on we but the there's a launch for stock but the Lord back areas all that differs at twice the specter tears land unity the parents was Santos evaluate the such go 0 ATLANTA if you do this calculation using the PMF over a song you can do it but there are several steps much easier of where the sexes both paranoia tremor energy calculate the barracks lack well we know the young expected value of final hammers and his entire I know that what we do for a link each of the . all of or perhaps it might be To do that at various is also and that would be the sum cable 0 and K squared and she was carrying few case 1 might easily and my skating and doing all this is and peaceably minus the quality and these square and then we have to do several manipulations involving cancelations of a case where stop the council binomial called this sentence Chowdhury range recognizes girl back together again but I would be are you do it correctly or are we could use the blogger Jerry function for I don't know what is that there were a lot of that sort of each somewhere say next fall I'll take you if I read that rallied for wanted
it this together that they're both ways apart Kerry they look like they're Free China full of gas I want to pardon but actually it in that this would tell me what when Keyes bigger than that but then to skate case and hungry whiskey tombs and Botswana objects from now there's no way so you know I made a mistake it was covered up by the sky they said but thank you that's correct and thus does this ever admit that many so publication right binomial terms says but this is a key Eden team boss 1 might as he raced the and are I want to stay inside for a raise it to him What's that that's a moment function for they were newly from repeat and what would the what we what what former Jerry function would this be if I raise it said as Momma eject function for the sum of an independent Bernoulli's traveler heat sources say but there binomial and the summer and the release of the state binomial anniversary will as saying distribution is a somewhat and independent for newly crowned is more Jerry function for and independent Bernoulli's some of an independent it is also the drink
function or binomial and uniqueness of the Monterrey function we received to distributions of the sector so what Juarez art price we wanted to give me various for the binomial NIT duet of so here's are more Jerry function but you should take its log newer and I 0 so on less than ours very got right Becerra Toms said and the 1st time a different take the stand I'm report outside a different take a suspected she right Agassi P unity over peace is achieved past 1 might s from the 1st differentiation and I differ again the a rare get heated dealers referred to that and item not by by that now there and then I had taken a rare Myerson aware times a derivative of the there but that there were the leaders Qaeda I give this thing squares and I divide by the we're square with the here and now evaluated TiVo 0 the ideas put Teague was 0 yeah well there's no not front so all the a become 1 you was on safety where we here I want West he's squared over want square or a and P times on their exile by much easier calculation then the source a questions debris think we you're only Jerry functions useful are arm chains years up slightly was with never a parrot rebels column and they both now find next score expected by squared underscored quarterly venerable struck by bodies and comments from X and 1 is Of course of reciting would Stuart for that for computes colonies ass if Thaksin wire independent course 1 reserve progress well they were ever ran rare will ax Myers's expected value here we have another 1 y Myers's expected value their independence or Tayyip expected either product that be the product of expected I think what's expected orders for subtract expected by a foreign royalty value at 0 0 0 we don't or place do you With spas memoirs Renner Merrill's that have marred by next 2nd moments as computer areas of Osama we will do so Bayer Bess by race so render revelers parenteral minus it's me and you Scranton different take effect a rare combined those songs that the fight back no however some of
numbers I will 1 day and a supply in a square dance some I will 1 day and a times some J. equal 1 acres of J and right to as a some NJ going from 1 end May I times a day and I like the title terms as were I equal that would give me this summer I call 1 day and a I swear and then I get some Orion Gere different AI AJ but is a symmetric were allies bigger injury and his nite Icahn expresses as some IT equal 1 and a ice where bus twice the sum over I Less Than Jake A. J they would that here
is a ahead all it is a swear the AIG icebergs and all I can now take expected by inside the sum look at all that now what is this tour Irun array Willis subtractive Mina squared actor expected that's various of as a sum of the various what's this term and 1 ran revised subtracted it's means I another subtracted is being a multiply them together to that value vesicle ranks of XIX so whether we get the variance cover some coroner also is a somber Lorenzo's she was twice some maybe refined the limits turtle but 1 less stabilize Than J. bicycle and comments of XIX J Oh What if Europe and rules are independent board raise some X want direct center independent Ward Avenue right outside well that wouldn't change there's more that now would be 0 so if X 1 directs a van at the various a summers as some of the but all us for rejecting races of respective sites our base so now are what's the various albino Mayo a primary energy well we did computers and thus erased it but it's aunty times we did that with a lot momentary functions generating function different saying twice of 0 here's another way to compute the various binomial the tremors what's up finally parameters and he equal to grow but to the sum of an independent Berno laser tremor the binomial proper energy as saying distribution as a sum of is widely known that a moment Jerry functions at the rate an independent Bernoulli's the rays of somewhat be some of their basis for appear but what's a buried summer Bernoulli member the expected value or Bernoulli is key the raids are be expected died x squared bias expected by that's been scrapped a day inspected the was expected I Rexford Exs Bernoulli what as a Bernoulli take on 0 and 1 so advisers expert take With the same probabilities annexed us right so as a same is expected by Max what's expected Ivax peak at so there is of a Bernoulli Peter honesty will would be the various other cell an independent Bernoulli's and that and sorry end West all let's try Royea or its FOR he is a source the factors nor mean new embracing what's weird Elias normal and brings squared and their independent What is a variants of the some abuse some the exists but the rate no 1 squared with rates of white timid to spread and this wants burglars signatures were so I ran or stuff