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A tourist member What that There's a there's a ratio of about 2 of his staff who work that out of was used by the EU native is part of a small white provided we don't change direction inequality is negative you do and aviator continuing finish this competitions are joined dissuade fell for the start of another waiting periods at full by the way so what's on what's they joined density here right I want to teach We get 1 or 2 5 times on route to hide that means 1 or 2 But they across China other waste bomb Matt As for
Of And enough but not that got here which means you substitute this year and finish off in other ways this
Dom If all day of all over I'm is distribution of you wouldn't be where you as the ratio can be hazardous wife using reaching durable formula for True rhetoric and remember the formula of But For the good of all but it was a yes
Where Tadeas Jacoby and an 8 1 8 2 review of the inverse transformation
L G 1 and G J as determinant of the Matrix DG 1 X DG wonder why G 2 ODX G 2 D Y What is the point of poetry We determined Fiji won the axes water white One-day Years minus X or Y Square D G 2 would acts GUX while his wife so I went to go back to execute 0 and Trudy wires And yes But But That Book There's no For now that it's not like that Also known as Well we're going a J of ex-wife figures in the variable that's why is my so On the day of each 1 of you being comments and questions to view would be determined after 1 0 rates 1 minors aged to start minus H wanna rates to square 0 1 so where easier to create farmer's wife predicts that Case of this would be equal to Baidoa But spacious offices or wine so this would be What operates to but Now Worried And that no reinsert The variables You That the sold by this is J. at age 20 to still won over today would be Age 2 Things 1 or at Wigan write down what a 22 R I say that So where solve fuzzy put for this area annuity modify X and Y forgiven you will be hoping you get acts Yet so axes eagle 2 of you me And why eagle to me That means that each 1 of you know you know users the only only an 8 2 The only thing is just Deserve it Preparations that take it back From need At OK see now since we know the joint density of I forgot wife here when another drink density Erickson while I probably should know evaluated at That's because we said Lacks the Hawaiian from that case so now we want evaluate joint density of X and Y H 1 to return Bowser to 8 each 1 page to book 2 Deutsche 1 The product Aides to only a few beers sweat And then what 1 over the absence of Jacoby choke called the Jacoby and years Water rates to H 2 so it without But him How Cry What do we want fight so if others legacy of you and you is or Y areas is why we want to find these His regional acts or why On the track distribution of it with somebody else Hardy fine The decision of excimer wire you yes we find satisfy marginal for you module X or that means you in carryover diaries of beat great be reassigned the model that's enough for you Gnarly Unger at 2nd Bokhara 1 plus juice or a Varysburg 0 OK Assad I do this Do like absolute values in their furor that survived Can I do that almost organize a modified so that I can do that
Write a riddle function here wasn't even function right value at minus the same value at so I think this public drives you crazy When I do this on board can keep up but if I do that then I can get
That is absent IV is equally when these positive mineral from my a new user was saying 0 0 freeze Double the euro from 0 freely and I don't think that's fine sorry if they are right but Mesa's water now what How can you do this in a row I should Good Heidi that a would we substitute She did I suppose put W. the vests and then W would be I want plus you squared Meaning Hitting on each day Up Parents 0 of capital you will go where they want our pie general water the knows no limits integration that's W & be 0 W 0 and ambiguous Anthony W. ghost Parsons France from these birds positive and it in an expert told me minus W and what else
AIG W over this Is BTA Frank NOEL R-Vt
Sources observers and for me and the euro from 0 Trinity Elias WTW its want wine Car I guess you do it all or at sea density for next tremor 1 year integrated density of 1 of the heroes 1 this is 1 over 5 times warned that Marginal density for you they end that's Crochet cats Case only ask as some other questions So All I knew it was you as X or Y senses the 1st question what the distribution rights white coat probably do it would What are XRY And Wearing a decision for wife's we found the joint distribution of this terror and waving off dependence on the They argue would be independent
IT child care you're given a fair distribution of the their venerable honey And and if and only if the density factors Frank sewers serious I could also rewrite that maybe not
Stay Frodo a war The key How can you write this is a product of a function of Times a function of If new writers of the article function of Utah function
And know that because of these wildly right here use birth And these were multiplied together there's no way to separate their necks separate them and you're adding new defendants and pennants separately
Where here on this site came from got BAR Formula had a survey As part On 0 is a Times him out because those taking up so much space opera Moses over there so you cannot factors beyond depends on you and you would be arm off like export to care for depends on you is being added to the remnants of B & B In farther than you could factor because of wave exponential work but answer here is no Davis find some joint densities For example let's find density of you get a death threat Yes President The There That Standard Life Spots Lewis 2 unrelated As Now there's a special property being normal We have fretted on I will yet I'm I have just Yet What together So pesos Phenols are pushing that centered don't means ranks from where what this party computer the joined shot that's right joint over the marginal Torino their marginal firms be What's a module for me well what was B B is why the module for me is Normal right so in is 1 over route to I Eli eastward over and in the numerator well areas it's absolutely Over too At Ito the miners 1 Plus used squared these squared over to
The receiver stuff from this a joint density which is right here
And then the Maazel that's for me but Maazel and It is very easy for us to get wise that what was being viewers life is normal would means ranks 1 so of you're just a that will best be moving This doesn't like it will my use have a stem on my be sometimes a point at the the bottom sometimes around get round from . 3 readers back I'll go rewrites of cheating It is Kassala set by it here we are already may right As an excess of FOGEI designing cancel their joy simplified at boy either concepts Arizona to fire on a to buy It is as if the Players a minus these fervor to enter my view squared forever to ended up there we have a might be square were to repurchase up here we come up past over to another canceled that terms of minus squared these Where OR to play
But Like that Area wire about freedom
But So it is that distribution Is a you that Amiri riders
But was all 0 for all But Zabel familiar Well there's a route to Miami EU with minus something squared overt Through it looks a lot like a white Sun Belt normal means is that there is no new Missouri various select wondering where so you will given capital will be is normal me 0 1 over will be where so this a sense that Question about you and me being independent what's Z distribution for you It's coaching what's a dissertation you've given me Not all means rains were merely saying not of the conditional densely would be the marginal if and who we guess this without going through this long competition What was by you Look at That right and what is why it's these so it is you win the value of each or wife where every what is the reason this week put the sequel to little beat constant what's acts over only suspicion that normal means it on grants honorably square And now let's Doody distant that dot dot Candace on this mission of being given you try
Elegant joint density divided by be marginal
And there's a joint density it's absolutely be over to exponential minus 1 plus 2 squared be squared
And knew it won over by 1 over Want us squared And psychopaths cancel every 1 half absolutely 1 plus you squared exponential Minus 1 plus EUR squared square True try OK This is probably something we haven't seen But various of cyber on this series of tough that Oh yes they are very rough enough thank you get that year The building will be could be Basso moviegoers eroded friendly I surmise infinite even fairly and those mice This ratio could be any number between my ex be big likely be smaller negative of sellers is an exercise none have heart and change of variables jury distributions
Finding marginal spiny-finned is not just our that's udder problem that uses baby on Foley generate functions
Try yet 2 with plant But This compared Lloyd generate function for acts Each At We take function Ito heat times Aleksandr when multiplied by density of Kapil acts and great back from rewrite my new Infiniti is first-ever visit always bitter no matter what the density is for half Mexican and rare will have a computers By center It's all you do not substitute crept crept function here but have sex than took from Orion that that means being mineral from 0 Anthony a lavender repeatedly TX Ito minus land Words density per capita acts in this case Islam Each minus lamp acts or acts bigger than recall 0 0 4 The Lexus last Let's combine exponential sir This way And when you right this way you see that this will convergence birds when he It is what character While TSB smaller but Landis positive number sold word wrote because worst this former Jerry function novels Be defined in the interval training yours will would be their minds infinitely up to but not including land that means that this will really German distribution No to decisions the same back following function the moment and function defined and labor or Nadal OK
So what is the value of that Iran Violetta slammed overland minus 2 thing and we did a couple of variations with this 1
But 4 4 4 4 after 1st finding like Jerry function for the summer led Using the property of X potentials that the product of the exponential share becomes an exponential this summer And then Each of these functions of the rebels in therefore independent and he expected value of a product of independent and rebels becomes productivity expectations But Anomalies are all the same are they so a conclusion is that being Jerry function of a sample of
Well over about reminds me of Enough identified that at stake is random rare will that
Gamma distribution with tremors elfin lie that means that the density for capital why is this
His book It so they moments at a function for Was at the top of the but What if for kids That so we did the the same please forward Bob quite easy to achieve OY times density for wine and regret
But This is always a former for nearly a substitute this year becomes a narrow from 0 to improving think it a stance not part front in the nearby
Fig So let's combine yes that's all terms from here Nat Money commute this Well this is a density that means it is periods to 1 that means 0 Anthony why offer minus 1 slammed the Why do I want to where you get
Right fielder Anderson that constant constant there because this article on the presidency we have to like Not when the work Madam so it under my steer I would this change that would be the same this would become Banda my mystique so this is Eagle to There's a gamut of Elvis cancel giving them over Obama demise tetany Alpha Books is growing Alpha thing at the moment Function for a gamma-ray growth number here is always a function for a sum of an independent experts also from what's another way of saying were describing his vision of that sum its tremor and then left and this is using them Uniqueness of MoMA generate function is no different distributions not to different regions have the same only function at the moment a functions defined in a neighbor art and the Find spiced cheese is less than that OK duo will vary a shot at Yaddo so huge fish on the course but But I hate but full of all 4 of all of us But with the
Truck What is this 2 of
A skull that Zee well We want to all the size for being part this touring dissertations is function do that Was as former after that says we can indeed be conditional expectations and then computer expectation
Now that
She The other is a hell of a a I don't think so 0 I bet strike indeed that's all All which means as we use a conditional Vassili
Z Given cap aligned Sosa be some functions of thought little of S and this formula here says that computers expected value of GS Capital and is a function of a random variable
In the end OK let's give this so it find this conditional density Well maybe we can find me a conditional decision 1st yacht Maybe right on directly what is a status as a Kaplan is equal to the value will travel its value little and water we doing here granting What little in the exponential and rebels have parameter what's the distribution for that right that's hammer with parameters and and member what's advance for that its landed the end for gamma band eatery and minus 1 minds limousine cuisine theory was suffering all capital and as little and then radii of little land Exponential so we know density is that we just don't think so now lawyer whose purpose in here and radius it easy to have of them I guess set in advance I knew that was a positive but Myerson You really there's OK let's start with 0 has jumped of So we don't let the end Over gamma of an aerial 0 2 infinity cheesy seated minus 1 Icelanders easy easy And this becomes less over them of mining experts also arose over from a Syrian minus 1 slammed miners tee times We do this This year were area gamma function part of emigrants So it beat them over and over demise and the emigrants canceled and no surprise will give us a conditional on ending a momentary function is a small mature function for gamma firmer and
That's our function will demand will do little and we want to to give the expected by GE Capital Enders
Director In that It or This involves Some genetic venerable state ideas and be positive hers 1 2 3 because what is interpreted waiting number trials for the success of here and then you have to watch what minus 1 failures which
Worker were probably 1 might be followed by a success there's probably some this 120 orgy of Give caters dilemma over where miners to to the case and the one-liners He reminds 1 7 times Gary
Right now the only factor there you need to know what they're doing things like this is that the sum equals 0 2 infinitely harder case is equal 1 all over
1 minus are absent are less than 1 we also have a series of Looks like that started 0 goes to infinity and hence are the case we don't started 0 1
We don't have ours The a mixture of things So it's Friday shake up over it and get into that form Well But Backdrop that he now video A sign that read isn't quite Suzhou J. Eagle came I just want to have something to the J & J we go where where 0 2 and so you like it if it it starts at 1 you like Is not a minus 1 I think you that means we should backdrop on power so far cropland Norman I see there were some K 4 1 2 and 13 11 times 1 might be over demise A minus 1 per cent and then what reckless as Lambert times he front over randomized seeing some J. Eagles 0 2 infinitely found at times 1 minors Over a land that might lead to J. so we're upsetting J. equal Katie minus 1 want to go right and I use the farmer for genetic serious Faria Alam the upheaval burlap demise she Times LONDON over 1 minus 1 might Laura undermined
As they are series you wanna or mice are providers lesson 1 3 1 0 relies on an hour want a simplified its talk Body like fractions infractions not so much Thoughts about this could be simplified by doing what we want to frighten sincerely loss by new writers and Right must by now thereby land mines to right here we get around that time on have the key
Over Lambda miners he minus slammed plus around
Secretary of ATs Plus 90 From this times the likes of violence that my that is not set out as Islam which my Islam and there's minus Let us so it looks like a Landis canceled and in the end you get
Where he will order the mightiest U.S. priest so what's the distribution of random sample Of and rules that experts would tremor remembered Single function for next then and with parameter And the people of the some of his random number of At around rebels Experts organ of cases involves some conditional probabilities especially this formula here but computing expectation by stealing conditional expectation Hardy pubic initial speculation you find but it was given Cabela's Eagle little and treated here and and evaluate his function of low-end intake expected by that function of the Iran's number The site Has got the Torah Lawson times and erect a break do any questions Right Our With back Which 41 on their common areas We a barrel of light duty he was the Have they work You can't just All about so it makes want you want a poem
A Rome I get some like to do I'll give you 1 I think it might have stayed alive for simple random sampling be on Plus Sollie want Sergeant 7 3 of his them aside a question foryou . 4 4 He or she at In Produce also haggis But Well what sadistic yes and this vision X 1 plus extra passed up sex and is known that's what right up Berno edges eternally of Bernoulli sorry is settlement their soul 8 The settlement there subtract Mattel We didn't abide by So what's a means for the federal so this or I would give you will gather near x while he was a very XMX month I See pack for or For all of but for Book But don't don't All right So that start with Probability that the X 1 passed about sex and his beard and a half and L subtract and he from 0 sites What sums right out Did he And what we By by the and serves as positive will not change direction of inequality That was Or But also But Of our surrender I saw move fit A there is so This is a body called till The probability that a normal is bigger than this But But the But the but with but with all the over Then What's that equal that we won over squirt refined Uniroyal on might key doors were route he 1 might a rude and very either minus Y squared over to as a bigger slot
Rio came later I date to 0 Mordva broad He said OK somber on the It is us around so loose numbers possible here The group used for staff So sponsors and it's been multiplied by Sudan so this is very big Knight unless they able to start over there I'm whatever There is less they will do something but Some here I want to get a bigger what I'd there's something bigger than 1 insert somebody in there
Bigger than 1 factor of it large something bigger ones For America in this and 1 of the the snow
This number is bigger than 1 wife Where is From here to there so why is bigger than this Why over that is bigger than 1 of Mumbai but I get larger than life Q. errands No witnesses Glesener equal to Miami on route to find I can this factor will rise this way Could And then I aerial from here So this is is is is it Why you minus sliced bread Aren't too Do you want Say
OK Saudi was sacked job thing doesn't analyze a constant And I had this in the denominator of it and
We are critical as they go through but Eagles better target sewer the thing is I'm and my area now places analysis growers proving inequalities back I know I know 1 analyst wary asked where you work beyond that I'm working on a new equality that arose replace things like that you're going up too much sewer can we do this at all
How to simple substitution right for WE Lu Y squared over
NDW is widely As becomes In fact this is not a series white burden that number that's figure 1 because I can't do perform gracious aerial Hyundai always square this 0 debt square road here and A school And a sudden by Turin in about 5 W squared over the suspected square this If that bank And then in early W W as becomes Road 1 Myers came by by where a route to
And on half minus key and the exponential biases She cake
There will be utilized obvious you realize that he At this place better place to be The Basle are probability here is Like most Well is over water rude and turn here that's going to 0 thank us Were about to minus something which is positive time and that's going to 0 wary that was eventually the probability Exponentially Not so old even if He is close to to half but less so cement you're playing a game again and you have to pay a Dollars it A play And when dollars Next sums up 1 news comes up 0 40 to do do Bob From commodity had to play in time To win Only what fraction of the time You win DOLLAR paid our Paid replace safe enough half But they say in half dollars but safe pay half dollars But they And then now effects comes up 1 new to adopt you get a dollars a dozen don't So you win exactly this month At the end This is what harm that when it was that in order to a somewhat you Paid Think summit you want is What you for this event will be you came out ahead in Orizaba needs time are 3 people probably when a charity which is less than At Probably when a Shamir some number he less than half What's a probability commodity After play in times when you're chances of when less that pay half turned bigger smile
All are almost nonexistent
Almost nonexistent OK now when you're Las Vegas If you're a model by simple thing here this is you're probably waiting is that probably the house New A time whatever you buy a longtime was Monday also pocket so I want to remember that part of it Were there that for
But I
Open or what key for a search for But because it also the or over At Sir It took it over all of us As for sale on The full The Soave Hodges regarding Particles emitted from a radioactive substance for Cantor and rarely talk 81st they tell you get the expectation of vapor son and will surpass rebels a number about particles emitted in 1 hour and Exxon is as son then rival Cramner Lamna where Harder to connect glamor would be for somebody with information regional lender That The expected value of X 1 is planned and that means for us Soviet parameters for persona and rebels also its expectation what else is It's it's as well members book expectations
And the What's a PMF pass sir
It means I kissed it should remember The basic distribution funeral Him out But maybe too much to ask you to memorize the foreign at them and things that 40 years I thought There's a problem of our commander in the past Pedia archives Ortega solar bargain 10 hours calling Lavelett What about the number of articles and an hour hardly and then things remain in the 1st hour And so the next highest number in the number our eye It's a reasonable assumption but if at the end of the book suffer
Is that size making tea OK so Holloway admitted in 10 hours Ibiza number made it 1 of the 1st Oregon a 2nd or 3rd our said at our home later this summer
She OK And what it is we know some of What was on Those There On body through that By now I look at the moment a function what thermometer Function for Posada say or not that for the UEFA get some By this Fatah needed a times we came out font size 0 2 and 0 0 chance New year Or It is In fact job Biedermeier slander From my in Orlando and then this is the the exponential evaluated at Amanda unity And so combined the exponentially Of the land times He minus 1 thing now free of found function for this sum of independent 4 sons Member right at products In the rules the expectations you get expectation products of these expectations we get the product of this timely times 10 times toward what would happen if I'm out by despite self and time right you can land urine and that's what that means It's the suspicion of that function that would be landed here means that there's some there's it for signed racial from tender Music was on the phone call that wife a job for song with a large and others so it's landed beer 10 under
Can write so why was son with parameter Under desperate and the normal approximation answers juice of tracked the Lambda Lambda divide by Israel and misses Proxmire normal hours you standardize that they give me 0 Braves 1 solid big parameter hundreds And it's very normal case walk away answers questions a parole pop-rock slowly what's a publisher Why is a bigger 95 summer camp in France so we subtract under 4 sites But old
Divide by Grove 100 or 10
And this is approximately you probably the normal Israel My Asaph angry look other table They will we have we look up Probabilities of is normal season or in rural Maine 0 that's what we know about my Wigan look up or easy is less a positive number to American workers probably is Napolitano right Legal probably easiest less wiser It's Intensity receivers immune function as area Under the density from mines have to be equal to the area under the message from half of my and that's bigger look up and every table media of popular barrel tables So every note followed up the spending must answer here and they will tour you look and the body 4 . 5 Air Call went on all on 1 half of the pack . 5 0 . 6 9 was the security charter this using the sun distribution involving a series of something something from 95 to remedy what would it look like this is actually legal answer from 96 to and fro they try to handle case
Over a doctoral you might have a source a number perjury and how long it would take him The site is . 6 9 1 5 while but the settlement aren't doesn't work for
At around my parents group or Cuba's sphere This gap that General The OK that's the big question that's as far as we are said limit their call the law of rare events
If see what they miss says the following of This is using a lot of modeling
Partly is a supplement to much and rebels and the probably successes proportional to 1 over the number of trials of land or anchor somewhere or close to it to you all you need is is key and times and ghosts then the summer converted to oppose Sandra
Now why are we in that situation here in this radioactive substance let's it's visible from the hominy albums
On the order of 10 of the 23 right that's R and those islands but say they don't really communicate with each other They decide whether to Mindanao Oracle or not There is an end to this Doesn't depend on the decision NATO be good faith do it because they think this is a new 1 so that would be the X 1 X X 1 is 1 of the 1st 1st Adam are set to be 1 of the 2nd Adam that are there we have tender 23 Bernoulli ran the rebels and the toll number admitted it would be the some X 1 through except that they can't know what's the weather It was honored we normally on average a given that the land and is also tells why from 1 or 2 the next hour acts like in the those numbers and in the 2nd or independent number the 1st artists to Adams remember what they did 5 hours don't think so Way recording But so the next hour just the way they were In the 1st hour and Taylor a with number of issues that are of people 3rd also so we have ended their hand in want This is used in biology for example there used to be treaty very common And the United States call elm trees felled trees without I 1 tree would put out I know it seemed to be less than 5 thousand seats Maybe more seeds of like little pieces of mail rolled up World of the things that we already have a sidewalk Peachtree's emitting an equal above 5 thousand Our Lady's work force in these scenes success would be successful drizzle If it happened and were successful always happen Nova a small fracture their successful right because you don't have trees make victory could arise some just some fraction of a fraction of that exceeds the number of seats actually succeeded in producing a tree It would be son or word so of love And there is some primary here which plan which would be a pity on tree might in 1 season 2 or 3 of 5 so that's also use in Coral forward weight or even harder trees ripped through surprise service they released Holland beer probably thousands and thousands of articles What has happened on land on another floor were blossom Luger rapeseed what's probably All these things All the parliament's released by 1 seat are small There something like Landover and so used and application move He or she But for See the The At team For every say AIDS The more the Ford Lance but none by says Mayor for sigma squared if you have a minute and federal Well before the means an unbiased estimator wearing No For visitors that and that's not by assess mayor for But But the What is that expected value Constant under an early public constant I'll warrant up front where taking expected by of values each 1 of these have the same blood is identically history the column you get new year And times What expectations Divide by There's enough unbiased estimator for Newell unbiased estimator for squared with these what goes here End minus 1 NY Zach I think expectations but before I do that But the ship
And But But the but Start right nor do this Expand this out you have XI squared accusing the stern minus 2 XI X far from the proper sex this 1 gives you this stern quiet In over unless 1 of us then minus 1 comes here and adding it up and time what that well I'm sorry Every mistake it At this way will vary so goes to here What was right these are becomes and X swearing so a mail volleys up I get some I 1 day and sites where miners to end X are swear right The fact of the foreign to with some of its allies some of that size is times and later And times at bars were where so I get Miners and X bars where they might over and minus 1 bar to enforce and mind That analysis they expect expected values areas What we hear the suspected Iowa Summers some expected what's expected by excise where expect about excise where sigma squared Bosnia's where wait times argued that times and what what they expected value of up this was to be expected by 2 of them X bar where worked for But a The caused but The old Change is alright What I take this summer's square target Terms were excise multiplied by exciting terms were XI next year multiplied together with a different although the same entity expect evaluated New Square plus Cygnus where Army tons and tons and here are these independent right XI next year and what's expected either side times XGA expected of times expected by next day features music music where economic times like these spread from on the diagonal there and squared minus and terms And square terms altogether and I subtract from the dialog and and and this becomes a worn over and times New Square squared And minus 1 time views were over And at the end times and my 1 By by experts like that an Army Times of New Square here is what Araneae squared and minus 1 or Israeli that's me squared plus 1 the expected direct where Rights with preventive care 0 assessed to be careful there and friend was here Now let's simplify What's that Over the new squared Here there it's an array lands 1 here it's mind is mice was they cancel The news cancel Plexico vision of stigma squared here it's an over and minus 1 hears 1 over minus water on But not quite as times assessed minus 1 or MIS Aswan and Florene minus 1 minus 1 over my Saunders 1 circle reserve whispers once we get Sigma spurred on by assessment It is by us material The X 1 threats and are taken from a simple random sampling not yet modified by some finite population structure so review Chapter 7 I reviewed chapters 1 through 6 4 1 5 mostly didn't do so because we just do that riesling at the back of a service you it may be my office are to work out a plan and I hope at least Wednesday at nite