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Bioluminescence and Diurnal Rhythmicity in Dinoflagellates


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Formal Metadata

Title Bioluminescence and Diurnal Rhythmicity in Dinoflagellates
Alternative Title Biolumineszenz und Tagesrhythmik bei Dinoflagellaten
Author Behrmann, Gudrun
Hardeland, Rüdiger
Contributors Walter Stickan (Redaktion)
Gudrun Behrmann, Walter Stickan (Redaktion)
Jürgen Kaeding (Mikrokinematographie)
Uwe Fanelli, Kuno Lechner, Gerhard Matzdorf (Kamera)
Christine Danckwortt (Schnitt)
Jürgen Zedel (MAZ-Technik)
Klaus Kemner (Tonmischung)
Sybille Hornig (technische Assistenz)
Andreas Fuchs (Musik)
Malte Elbrächter (wissenschaftliche Beratung)
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/C-2013eng
IWF Signature C 2013
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1999
Language English
Producer IWF
Production Year 1997

Content Metadata

Subject Area Life Sciences
Abstract The video shows examples of the variety and wealth of forms exhibited by the dinoflagellates. It elucidates the modes of locomotion and nutrition evolved by individual species. In the stricter sense, dinoflagellates belong neither to the plant nor the animal kingdom. Unicells like Gonyaulax polyedra or Pyrocystis noctiluca exhibit various types of circadian rhythmicity: the vertical migration of cells, the intracellular distribution of chloroplasts and the diurnal rhythmicity of bioluminescence are presented. The origination of light flashes in unicells was filmed in Pyrocystis noctiluca with a highly specialized light sensitive camera. Light cinemicrography is augemented by shots in fluorescence microscopy.
Keywords bioluminescence
marine phosphorescence
circadian rhythm
plastid movement
mass phenomenon
Gonyaulax polyedra
Noctiluca scintillans
Pyrocystis noctiluca


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