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Rethink geo/open metadata edition in GeoNetwork

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Rethink geo/open metadata edition in GeoNetwork
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This presentation is the follow up of the datahub paradigm presented last year: The confluence of geo data and open data. This time we will look at the metadata edition and maintenance aspect. Writing metadata to describe a dataset is an essential part of managing a catalog. Each record in a catalog has been written, or at the very least enriched, by actual humans. GeoNetwork is a very widely used open-source metadata catalog; as such, it offers powerful tools in this regard: custom edition forms, batch editing, templates, custom XSL processing, advanced edition in XML, etc. Despite all these features, authoring metadata is often felt as a difficult process, involving complex actions, convoluted validity rules and an intricate knowledge of metadata schemas like ISO19139. Our vision for this new metadata editor can be summed up in three phrases: - Make metadata accessible to everyone - Forget about metadata schemas - Build your own editor