Plan S and funding

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Plan S and funding
What is going to change?
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This presentation was given by Johan Rooryck during the Open Access Talk on 29 October 2020. Johan Rooryck, Professor at Leiden University and Executive Director of cOAlition S, briefly outlines the rationale for the principles of Plan S. Beyond that, he discusses its implementation for all grants awarded by cOAlition S funders from 1 January 2021, including the Horizon Europe framework. In his talk, Johan Rooryck covers the following questions: Which conditions do you need to fulfil to publish in a journal of your choice under Plan S? What can the newly developed Journal Checker Tool do for you? How does the recent Rights Retention Strategy help you to keep the rights to your Author Accepted Manuscript? In addition, Johan Rooryck mentions a number of other projects initiated by cOAlition S, such as the Price Transparency Framework to ensure that prices for publishing services become more transparent and fair or the commission of a study to identify concrete funding mechanisms to support and strengthen diamond journals and their platforms. The lecture "Plan S and funding - What is going to change?" was held as part of the Open Access Talk online series of the BMBF-funded project
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the on. likely to be much food and easy to the number of iranians on on a ward today because they make an interface who which they need this to do research shows that i will be talking about a number of things that could be for you. useful i think also could lead the community in terms of repositories when it comes to our rights retention strategy which itself a special interests to light gray and snakes humans actually going to talk to a large number of the organizations to explain them how that works. the in an instant. and the little usually give you my summary i think i'll talk or about twenty minutes i'll tell you about collision s.n.y. planets was devised strong principles in a stone and the most physically its implementation in what is going to change as on the first of january twenty one.
others are three rounds to glance because plan is just not believe that is what a single solution to open next week even an integrated solution that that has a serious run swans compliance i will talk about transformative arrangements and as i said are actually to just how we work with key stakeholders hour. in that direction. and i'm sure our liberties and then it will be overly time for questions and discussion hours issue for questions so first of all police cordons us for collision is by no is not going to as a constant five organizations and national your beauty hundreds of course. from austria uk. unfortunately knox's not not journey and which is something that should change in in our opinion. the european commission the entire rise in europe framework will be under collision s s rules but also we have heard more international dimension in the number of charitable foundations joint cushion us from the wellcome trust to the howard hughes medical is huge and also a consultant for charity partition eat out. big american charitable foundations that funding research or globally the yet there is a home in addition we also the world health organization on board and facebook are the representatives from families that from africa and the we of course the court an age when number of other. kurt stakeholders in your connects movement lanka many cats yet or in south america south america the african open science class form always went into and in germany of course we have. but dropped supposed to last year and about to open next we have of course also born the election. twenty as you know that know if you organise issue in germany that. the most transformative agreements and the way to move to want to open access which something that we support and we also have coordinated action the confederation of open access to what the tories especially respect to our right strategy and so that is the dimension of and membership that we have a good global reach. yeah trying to which he was we are constantly undercut for additional for additional members who want to join us because the singer together as a global movement we can reach open access cent faster. he was well. the organization in coalition this one things they want to accelerate science and making research results immediately available to the largest possible audience they also want greater transparency in research and education they want a cost effective transition from the description model to have open access mobile. york accelerates that because they think you know it's important to have the research results immediately available think about the current health situation for instance banio is to imagine the results from go at nineteen and only been in a row six or twelve after six months or twelve month that bar go. now with had been quite disastrous i think so but of course because we're going nineteen a also goes for and the order to ease and in basically every understand it he recalled want your scientific results to be available immediately. the asian under his wine coalition s. is making an adult in his direction and do be collision as wants to do this is largely composed of the research organization they want to use deafening at the driver to move yesterday the publishing industry towards full immediate open access rather than stay stuck with. one negative in a subscription system and another letting in the order in open access. and why than us from court of human researchers is a slide i always show to ms researchers there is absolutely important for them to publish an open access to the size is his shows results and from the wire and colleague from two thousand and eighteen show even in two thousand and eighteen thirty one.
percent of journal articles are available open access but the two percent lot of use art to open access articles now a day estimates down by twenty five forty four percent of the journal articles will be available next but fully seventy percent of articles you will be to open access articles so it is important here is to realize stand. if you as research are not publishing no connections by two thousand and five your is your research will simply not view because it behind a war as i often say is you might as well be gone she on the dark with it. absolutely no reason why you should still be payer outraging behind a wall in the next few years research will simply normally them all. that is don't have strong principles. is that research results on mean being paid by the community of taxpayers and it's sold his research results are probably good and should be immediately available to excel signs that means a lot of no's so that means no to pay wall obligation he also means no two and bongo koreans in means that publication should be under a c.c. by. and by the essence might false no copyright and publisher and the e.u. not support the hybrid model of a patient hybrid model of the kitchen as you know we the model where by some content in the journal is available open access and the other content is still behind a paywall we are very much against and for various reasons. not only double dip in but also the fact that hybrid model of the high did not have the obligation has not shown to be the root of transition towards open access the abortion are open actions are because of corruption articles in this in these jobs has stayed the same or also hybrid a publication. these are much more expensive in says the neatly are open access for gazans. not one hundred in the sense that you will not pay for it. except of course a transitional arrangement would find and point that is there are various schemes available the third hybrid open access journal into a fully open access journal that is something that we want to monitor very closely urban also a more pricey context and public issue is to be transparent. i'm just commit use the word the study key issue he does that mean that also would not be individually but they will be forgotten. and we see multiple rounds to annex combined which i will talk about two minutes and then last won the media most important on to sustainable and durable changes that had made a commitment to assess the stories out was based on the intrinsic marriage and not on quantity matter. six. so friends as did the standards have committed to do it. the research issues on the basis not so much on the number of publications on where you publish. a narrative for instance of your bets are off off the publication that using got him on your most most important contribution to science are following door up and civil servants so that is a very important change in the entire mentality and not have english or perish more trying to evaluate and. under these the man known to view them in addition kind man is very tight publications on cost of college from january twenty one must be no connex is an asset is also a glance to write a new framework which look probably you come into effect in a culture that you are. some of the arrangements which will talk about will be supported and in the end of twenty four so does his transition to do to be in and eight. that it has nine and go in and the stresses because there's a lot of misunderstandings about is the goal is to provide routes that up all coalition as grand hall is to ensure the next is in any journal net short so it's not like what action as wants to prove the end of shooting in the journal that china is. just that we wants to guide how they can publish. the point so there that's why we have three routes to blind and east to use drugs are either of luggage in global next is journalism platforms the repository route via about you then she stands juggle a gentle talk about two minutes and then finally the transformative arrangements that mean go through this error one by one. so the first one is legal and i'm in charge of course so the office and published an open access journal some task force and coalition has to understand financial support publication piece for the forty or so that is not a problem the easy route degree known to a bit more complicated that is because it's corruption and i return most so all the scandal mission. the subscription journalists but only if they make your of the diversion of record or the author except managed to instantly available in it wasn't a possible solution and behind a paywall but if you do as an author you have to deposit of those and the final version the post review version of the article in it was a tory. then we may not make any payments because of course these earth ease the subscription germans have already been have all. they ate for the only thing that we do is that we need cleaning to the author exact manuscript of the publication and his is likely develop the rights you can stretch the talk about moment and the final round is that what we call the transformative ground each other transport us on the region's for high. each of us soldiers and published in the journal been transformed in grangemouth for instance a transformative agreement or transformative journal which as you know in germany for instance a short while he had his as a transformative equipment and and the to the german our libraries and so any major that me. and that any german or hurt not only has access to lead the implications of the while a journalist but also has access to publish open access in indies in the struggles and nor is the other does not have such a transformative. in germany in the sky is a collision as funders major actually support. but rate and they most need not because of course transformative agreements are already being paid for by the library consortia in various countries and learn how should a researcher know about all these different groundswell be able to offer is as cool as grand as must be able to.
check how day there are journalists should meet coalition its requirements green is gold is a transformative how do you how does a research and so we have developed a we are the current developing a joy to check a tool that allows you to search is right in the journals that enable compliance that work has started it will be a. the longer the general and the we look at the identified publicly plans that are rapidly compliance according to the commission and that off as you buy option our office to think of how does that work on collision as against will be able to identify and is so laid back in a journal the dragon.
the acting institution and dance competition allows the research found out how the journal of choice. complies with planet so dire will have the baby result it says for instance for an open access journal no problem you can publishing these open access journal and if you will be eight or diseases corruption journal so you must deposit a copy of the am repository or it will say a notice this is a transformative. just a little or to his journalism the transformative arrangement there is no problem for you to either in every case and unanswerable. of course the first iteration of these jobs are to be available to generate twenty one side. the board's what are some of the arrangements rugby support three strategy is the first one is transformative agreements.
i'm sure the last grand sum to go or know what the summit i'm going to see it any radar contract between the ivory consortium bunch of the universe of production cost into open access publishing costs over twenty twenty years an organization that promotes the stress or video games accelerates the transition to open access and they aim for cost neutral transformative you. and this is of course also something that he supports name me what you want to do is to go good subscription cost to work only should be the year and only not all it's possible that at least it should be at your scenario stole the recommended also completely transparent transformative agreement in collaboration with national because we believe that. the only large consortium with the founders and i agree some presented a good match for the negotiators are are on the behalf of the publishers he also recommended even fully transparent so that they be. and in each acronyms and so that everybody can see what they cost where the money goes and their how it out again compared is also it. humans elsewhere so in addition to transform it into green has the support of transport and in modeling. the sound of for societies and who don't do not necessarily have the capacity for a big transform agreements any and years that the smaller societies and redo agreement with libraries. continued when your subscription ease in exchange for immediate open access no a.b.c. changed hands and there is an interesting example of these bad in microbiology society that has negotiated transformed in modern humans for this external can help you can find the story there on. this on and on this link finally we have the transformative just lost a transformative journals our route. that is and been designed by a collision as for accelerating journal transitions specially for hybrid journals in fact because we wanted to create a way for hydrogels to come verse to school open access a while back. we are supporting that transition so paying for a disease in those transformative journals if no more conditions were still name the share of open access has to increase year on year. in these journals the subscription costs had increased as income from orbit axis peace increases so we don't want that. and finally the journal has to commit to transition to a full of an axis when seventy five percent of research conference. these are very strange condition that committed journal to full open access. the number of years and and stimulate differences has adopted his journal was a transformative girlfriend work although details are still not knock it in terms of payment for the big day will ask for the streets for the various transformative journal that they have. for your that mr the commitment and we also have some other commitments for instance from cambridge university press two also wants to accept formative just now. let me know how committed to undermine sudan strategy saw as as i said before duets didn't just trying to g. is our corporate operationalize vision of the green was a tory on this is for does is specially for color. as researchers want to publish a subscription journal because that is that your choice and we asked them to double the author is that the manager to impose his story and that's all i said well i just wasn't there was by license you are going it's all lies and well it is a condition of the atlantic remained otherwise the researchers don't have to. except the money earned but of course researchers in the long run will be a sign of publishing agreement and that publishing you'll usually asks the researchers to give away the rights to the year. and this in turn leads to a contradiction the basically researchers are in call between a rock and hard place now and you don't want being the agreement collision with a coalition. another and on the other hand a hard place of the publishers asking them to their rights this is why we have designed stripes you can just frenzy been resolved a contradiction in favor of the are as you will understand he sold basically we have three steps towards a resolution of this conflict first of all we have good the ground. conditions and we will notify of course the and been a fishery subject grants will also notified or we have already noted that the publishers of these changes and then be required to beneficially to include details of the of legal actions license in the us of mission. so. how does it work the we really have changed our ground conditions so grants holders will have to apply a bubbly copyright license to all of their future all there is the manuscripts that is a grand condition day have to start as if i'd probably copyright eyes and that has been high and the source of the in also missions and. then i finally have to make the a.t.m. arising from the submissions available in an open access to all the story of their short though that is using day getting going to do and that's going to be part of the photograph condition the second thing that we did his be informed. richard who go published most of the research of conditions organization to inform them of the stage the garden look we have changed our grand conditions be aware that any grantee of our some sense you with them and its goods will be subject to these conditions and we have around them. dr least published during bodies to communicate his approach to talk. there are just now you have to ninety nine dollars just about this year. nice of course given situation. and he invited him to be called a choice of five options how they will you and all does all the senses will be incorporated in the journal check to. finally the alliance is specified in does and does he have provided a language for the funders for the families for the research mission so what do the last the researchers do is to include in each of the mission following a magic was name lead and research was stolen in all in bonds. it is time that that graham and affordable the purposes of open access is a sci fi of the copyright as an appliance. two hundred eighty and a rising from the submission so basically what this does is a lazy claim to the a and the results from the submission and so close to your version of submission is subject to the s.e.c. by license on how does that work the etiquette strenuous efforts basically by. the legal precedents since the agreements with his prior to any later agreement the publisher that agreement expressions bad contract law and as the case in most countries. still it is new quay and we know that is the case in most are most countries where contract for price now be interesting aspect of this of course is that it need not be limited to coalition as funders or coalition as grand orders this is basically something done any research in any institution in the world can. do you can claim that right. and say look i actually came as you pilot licence on or off the air resulting from rise to some issues i inform your headline that is what i want and then of course to the public can see no but why would have just said no. it is a question they can say no but will there be. the bird. it gives the researcher a much stronger killing in their negotiations with the publishers specially don't work and look where it because i had they are under contract so and in every case that the conflict arises with the publisher the fundamental step in and how the author and back up the author riches. it's quite important for real coursework also get off the streets to call it the research we have number of investors be consoled about the connection we find ways to mitigate these things. to mitigate on policies we also work with early career research organizations we have established task force to see what the impact is on their career you were going disorganized emissions moving moving forward we also work with publishers but then i said bursting in nature but also other side.
publishers to explode stress on digital model and you know who he is your compliance than rice said we want to make the crisis more transparent be a mission that those prices contrast and build confidence that prices are fair and reasonable as you. no the classes for us open extra widely. a five hundred euros per article and and and thousand euros per article that does not give researchers competence in the indian our universities companies in the idea that such prices are fairly similar and that's why we have launched and the past transparency framework we have recently announced the plan. fashion sense to requirements and from july twenty two only publishes a very least fastest as ukraine which will be eligible to receive publications so what have we done we know we have proved to prise breakdown framework so basically the idea is that the price to four and easy has to be broken down. number of service back itself an example men and we have to prise great downtrend works one is that the wonder is developed by the open access to finance and which is already been implemented by frontier them at the press. the guy and the other one is the less stress and transparency are developed by ambition power which the pilot at also a number of court. our mission how one doesn't look like on the island years following basically i'll give you the price break down by zero can access lions and his busy seven and so his darkest after being proposed and you give a percentage as a publisher what goes into each of these back.
it's in terms of your in terms of the surface to you i think it's an affair the next his alliance that more smaller publishers to get yet level of the usher the other and bring down he is more at the general level but the ultimate york was we hope. transparency to be provided and genitals that people can. he got that graham's or researchers of those can compare the prices across the street journal's or publishers for a similar for a similar journal so that we have more of an idea where these were released price sticker and wide and i differ also when i of course to reach main competition between. publishers in terms of services that they are on the also look at all.
not only is she running models course so when i was going business models this wide. i also have to look at diamond publishing money because diamond initiatives diamond initiatives at you know our issues were needed the reader nord also pays for of the kitchen and funding for the only occasion comes from. as these or from from only money and and his initial it is rare rely on for you the pavements and i said like an a.b.c. so we have given launch the study to look at them and germs and once the and to inquire how planets standards can support them so. what we have launched his innocence of the global landscape is falling on also our collaboration can big plays what are the challenges because that i'm and publishing is there is a worldwide phenomenon he said maggie sources york also see your but also in europe and there's a real have selected the. so should buy or rent of their hearts. it has to carry out that study and the day he had lost a survey that was still down by about two thousand and germans do results of which will be available at the end the year and and know how we can move forward in supporting these these activities now do good and i just did you earn. i know what we're doing to group of course plan is fond of the much wider open next open science he sees the berlioz or the nexus for journals more as a kind of a portal to what a much wider open science movement to excel in transition in providing research results in in our taxes and of course to the focus. we need a global coalition offenders to have not only a canoeist but also easy to shuns of research and publishers this is a joint effort that we all need to make as as institutions as researchers to make it a true can do make sure that the research results i needed only available in in open access. these are the ones face and and dress the societal challenges that are for thank you i will stop here and some question is.