Inertia of the Magnetic Field: Delay of Current Flow due to Self-inductance

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Inertia of the Magnetic Field: Delay of Current Flow due to Self-inductance

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Inertia of the Magnetic Field: Delay of Current Flow due to Self-inductance
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Trägheit des Magnetfeldes: Induktive Schaltverzögerung
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The switching on and off of electric devices is usually characterized by their instantaneous response. The presence of inductors with large self-inductance can, however, cause considerable delays. Iron cores can lead to additional delays resulting from a change of the magnetization. Such delays, extending over minutes, will be shown here. A large copper spool is wound on a heavy closed iron core. It can be connected with a switch to a 2 volt accumulator (lead-acid battery) and a projection ammeter of short response time (less than 1 sec). The time is measured with a large, hand-operated (historic) stopwatch. These experiments always are extremely surprising, considering that we tend to associate electric phenomena with the idea of the instantaneous, the timeless.
Keywords electricity and magnetism self-inductance magnetization
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was a flu you see With this experiment it will be shown that electric currents can react very sluggishly given the right circumstances for this a to volt battery is connected to a large troop as long as the switch is
closed and the current through the tube is
measured as a function of time the black hand on the clock makes 1 revolution in 100 seconds
a the current
increases very slowly in the time and
the current reaches its saturation value of 15 million pairs only after approximately 40 seconds the rise can be
approximated with an exponential function with a relaxation time of 6 seconds
would you will say now the
battery short circuited and then removed In this way the decay of the current is measured it to follows
an exponential law with the same relaxation time of 6 seconds In
a beginning in the now the current flow is
reversed the here the origin of this
noble devices revealed electroshock
that getting built in 1927 FIL going down
the current rise is even more slowly and is not exponential the slow rise is caused by the slow reversal of the magnetization of the iron core in the chair and
the of the lowly after approximately 2 minutes has saturation being reached the truly unexpected sluggish behavior in such a simple electrical circuit and a