Coscinodiscus granii (Centrales) - Vegetative Vermehrung

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Coscinodiscus granii (Centrales) - Vegetative Vermehrung
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Coscinodiscus granii (Centrales) - Vegetative Reproduction
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Kieselalge. Gürtel aus einem breiten, keilförmigen Zwischenband und einem sehr schmalen Gürtelband, Entstehung des Gürtels der Hypovalva beim präprophasischen Streckungswachstum, Wanderung der Kerne in die Gürtelregion vor der Zellteilung, Rückwanderung der Kerne in die Epivalven nach der Teilung. Mit Zeitraffung.
Coscinodiscus granii is a marine planktonic diatom within the order Centrales. The large cells, united in pairs during interphase, are circular in valve view and cuneiform in girdle view. The valves are furnished with a fine radial aerolation. The girdle consists of a broad cuneate intercalary band and a very narrow girdle band. The hypovalva is lacking a girdle during interphase. This girdle is formed only during the pre-prophasic stretching growth. Preceding cell division the nucleus moves from the centre of the epivalva into the girdle region. After division of both the nucleus and the cell the nuclei migrate back again into the epivalve of the daughter cells.
Keywords Algen / Kieselalge Kieselalge Coscinodiscus granii Fortpflanzung, ungeschlechtliche / Chrysophyceae reproduction, asexual / Chrysophyceae Chrysophyceae Coscinodiscus granii diatom algae / diatom