What is an event? Especially when captured by media

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What is an event? Especially when captured by media
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ok let's start by what i want to do is. talk a little bit about something quite fundamental to the project and that is the the idea of an event. and. one woman to do briefly and and i will take up the entire time is his talk about it. an event especially when it's captured by media because i think that every time if we turn events into data. before we turn them into data their captured by media some our mediated and so want to talk a little bit about one a vent is especially when captured by media.
and what i know what i'm going to do is talk about just these few things so the definition of events. and then what is an event in physics. and what is the different big difference between events and physics and historical event and then i'll talk about what media events are and and then try to conclude by in some ways of bringing all these definitions of together not completely though ok.
so to all want to start with the with the definition of an event now it out what is interesting and and challenging is that when we query.
event. in google or in other. or in social media you get a very very specific understand the world event is and i don't think this understanding is the same as our understanding at all. so we just need to remember that if you so you can just simply query. because you have to have to do something a little bit more developed than that but just so you know what event is according to google images and thereby also according to google is also the categories of an event. is the events look a little like this. and then there are categorised have taught to see and these are the kinds of things so google on understands events as as something that an individual or company froze. but or organizers. and and i think that is that is very very different in fact from how.
one thinks about it and at least in terms of and in terms of this project so i just wanted store briefly with the with that. the morning and then move note to the to the etymology i mean this is of course i'm just doing is an image and also to talk a little bit about and german think it's very interesting event in german as well but first in english. i'm from from the latin as a as the result as the result of something that. the result of something that comes out of something. and so. this coming out of. you could say that that the that's part of the event and then the result is also part of the events of the event has two components to it. so you could you could say it's taking place. it's taking place in this plus. it's. the its impact or significant like the results. keeping the word result now when you look at the dictionary definitions you see that this number to hear this is google's religious showed you this is google's of the stirrings of the girl was taken over a planned public or social occasion as event. however think the most of us would think of the events of more the first definition means they're not the can't completely separate them because in the first definition that could be a historical event or can be a person organs like a wedding which is then a second one thing but. but of course the third one is also kind of interesting because these are the contests so these are also events and you'll see that a second when we talk about events as his media events but but the fourth one i think is so is also really interesting and and this is why. we're all start and that's the the definition of physics and this is this is the definition of a of an occurrence of something i and something that has occurred which is which is a part of a process which. is not which is really also the same as the at the mall the jury. and in a lot of ways so this is the these are the different missions.
so want to start off with his idea of an event in physics and.
and also the german which i think is really interesting because very close. to what i the story arc of history so they give a philosopher of history you can also call historiography or so let's call the sea the stars store ago for the matthews writing a nineteen thirty seven talks about. but the idea of an historical events as something distinctive from an event in physics and i just want to get into the subtleties of that distinction which i think quite interesting to talk about. and what matthews writes about his is initially. events could be considered synonymous with change. and. and in that in some sense and this is from wikipedia. this is also the german word agnus which i think is very interesting because i guess. if you look into the definition of it. you can read the german. and for germans because you can read out loud if you want to the murder of the group basing it would have boils down to is a change of state so and you are gone from and sushi dawned on them to shop and it's this is change of state. and and so this is the this is the kind of classic definition and it is one from physics and what what's matthews struggles with in this a classic paper is to make a distinction between an event in physics and historical events. so what's different between change of state and and and then also when measuring advance whether we're just measuring changes in state changes in state or how we're measuring something historical. so what he talks about.
all-star this is one other thing i wanted or just get to know immediately to something quite classic that we now have so so in the just sticks. you may or may not be aware of this sounds trivial but the logistics also changes in states are events so fed ex or d.h.l. or so so there's or warehousing event there's a pickup event there's a drop off event there's right to the. these are all events in logistics and it's interesting that that they use this kind of physics change of its its its change of state press also change of place. and the events just the events take place through recordings and this is of the something really important. to talk about so in this case their stance loop but that's an event. so it's so the minute you have a you have a recording of change of state that means the event is somehow stored i think this is important to keep the backs of our marlins as we talk about and a.
and events as it occurs in media but before we do that well this is the first media the people talk about when talking about events and this is also in the german etymology and i don't often go up around to correctly but i'd miss comes from oregon the. learn german the strike. with missing. through one's eyes through the medium of of sight. ok so so so. so and its is witnessing aspect that is both the same as recording are standing as and physics but also makes a slightly different and i wanted just don't know if you this is this is sort of humorous that you'll find humor but for some it's very funny. have so much use rights julius caesar crossed the rubicon. his crossing of the rubicon could be thought of as a change in the relative positions of to material systems called respectively caesars body and the rubicon. so that in terms of like the physics of it it could be considered. and events in that sense but arguably the the the change in the relative positions of two materials systems called caesars body and river rubicon is not significance rights does not the significance so there's a difference. he argues between change of state in physics and historical events and that is because and nationally least because.
of the difference between change of state and witnessing now. you could also say that this is not so that you know the like technically the witnessing through the medium of the eyes of the same as the standing of package which record the packages in the warehouse or has moved out of the were hours to be dropped off some plus however matthews org. is there something different going on here. and he uses a very vague term and this is going to this is hard to deal with. and he talks about how. and historically events relates somehow to what he calls the objects our experience. and he's in the means that collectively we realize because of our experience that the something significant going on here. that's different from just a physics events and and really we witness it and then we have filtered through our objects of experience and that is how become significant so he's not or would have another sponsors.
so he's not a pure constructivist way our use of the end of the article says it's not a historical event because historians think cell which i think is great because that's the radical other position another that if you're a sort of in the radical constructivist a position is. the inventors historical because historians made its. i don't say that it has to that's that it could be the historians have missed a particular something but the that something was witnessed and was filtered through the objects of our experience. the un now.
what how can we move forward with this objects of experience to the what's the difference in physics of endless and historical and how can we make it more powerful. and so. what he on what he argues is that there are events that are worth recording by historians because they quote unquote shake the world. and so this is this is the love of the first sort of like kind of compact definition of what are the store cull of and as it is something that takes place and physics sense that has been witnessed and phil to throw objects of experience that that shape. makes the world shakes the world and what does that mean this is what's so interesting about our project because our project has crossed lingle right what what she defined and what others have subscribed to fight is shaking the world is that it's trends local it's experienced trends local. and so i just have an example of here. this is our this is a from a b.b.c. documentary. um. called days that shook the world was shaking thing. and these are and there was a documentary series of had all these episodes and into the episodes were about this particular. the historical events things that shook the world that would then fifty's definition also translocated. but at the same time if you read this i mean if i were to critique this i would i find it really quite anglo-american. this list no so like did the understanding of what what constitutes trials local. his is also something that can be easily critics or maybe that should be the object of the analysis you could argue that what this calls for is to maximise trans locality in order to withstand the critique of the pro kill his arm. of shaking ovens world shaking ovens. i just want to have because you week when using this term here.
but i'm not this is not identical what i'm going to do but this is turner store work all that's the word is being used but it sounds pedantic but it's not.
so it is the difference between historical historic the store called according to a famous linguist. is any possible and an historic of the most memorable ones and the question of what constitutes memorable to his. it is something that i think we have begun to grapple with in terms of this these trends locality.
get what i want to do now is talk of very very specifically about now. this idea of events in the wilds being recorded and unfiltered and much of the recording and the filtering all these days and form a long time and has been done by media and so i'd like to begin to talk about the. that's between and historical of and a media event where the meeting where they were they diverged. i think that this is one of the most interesting.
in his of work on the definition of an event that thought about britain. of by the american a story and the former librarian of congress are daniel divorced and. and then to boston. wrote a book called the image a guide to pseudo a chance in america this post and nineteen sixty two. what he did was he introduced the distinction between events that are recorded by media events that are made by the year and and and this is not so different from what i was talking about crazy about the critique of google flu trends. but it is different but it's its it's the its its is the idea of the genuineness of an event. and what media does to that genuine us and how we need to be aware of the fact that media is involved disingenuously invent making. just as i showed with the google images query. a. the other point well meaning it made a few points in this book but but what i want to. talk about more generally in terms of media events is that the type of event that trip takes place changes with the type of media that records them and or makes them just to make this more complicated. the but when it follows the start that come with those a logical and and in many ways so what he was one he talked about was what he called on both in the period this is it wasn't really talking so much about television you can use talking prix television.
he's talking about photograph of journalism. what he called the graphic revolution. and he talks about how photograph of journalism in particular makes events. so you will be aware of any amid he gives american examples but you will be aware of the than an option nor this term and some very american to yellow journalism so the birth of a tabloid journalism a. all over the world created with it a number of events that otherwise wouldn't have been events. and these are different kinds of occurrences and media i mean you might you might say that the iraq war for example of recent vintage would not have taken place. without without particular kind of media that brought about and it could be if you could argue the media have the power point presentation was made to the un or you could talk about the the pre mediation of that war in journalism cetera. of but he's talking a little more specifically about the rise of particular kinds of journalism and also the rise a particular kinds of coverage. specifically the coverage of celebrities. so here are critics in this is a moment maybe this is interesting funders it talked about the difference between. greatness. and celebrity or fame genuine fame and fake fame speak so one can be famous for for great deeds one can be famous for being well known and so a defined celebrity is as as a property. being well known for being well known and that media drives this well known as and relies on these sorts of voices to target and also produce events so when we were week when we ask brad pitt thinks about it. the hiv vaccine. this is does a similar or what engine and jeanine a jolly thinks about landmines. it's not that you know but this could become this is quite normal but this is was not normal that was it was just a occurring.
so we argued of is that we are now in in. in the graphic revolution in photo drawers a photograph of journalism where the siege and you could save is the same for television we are besieged with pseudo events so. so events that are planted or cream mediated have to be reported on and we have formats for this where press releases we have staged events we have. i know the of the g eight summit to have all these sort of stage. things which are which are some play some sense according to boston. like media ready to. the made media ready to go. so the point being that that news and events are created rather than reported on and this is a very classic argument from journalism studies so there's going to be an eight o'clock news every night no matter what depend not doesn't matter whether. as news that the or not there will be years and there will be a newspaper every day i did so and that that newspaper needs to be filled and so the idea here and it's very sad it's a very kind of media theory idea that's not the medium so this is the. the clue in the medium is the message or the medium is is in fact what is guiding the constitution of news and the and they're also the constitution of of advance according to the bourse to get so i know what so this is the photograph of journalism which produced pseudo.
that's the one now talk about television.
so out there i mentioned before that the events are product of the type of technology that records them and i think this is the most famous book of its kind. the this of a life of cats probably heard of him is he's so together with losses felt has done some of the most significant work in the history of sociology and communications studies. and he together with an iodine. part of this book ninety ninety two called media events and this is the first time that this was so well defined in denver bourse and did it but now looking back a lot of scholars find boston's work with sue to advance things quite cynical. does this is the first of course for proper scholarship. and what they see what they are studied were. events according to t.v. or or what what what what events work well in that medium and they concentrated on what they called public spectacles and these were of a particular kind of these of that some examples of what they started. so they some them up.
as contests conquests and coronations to do the events really well suited to the to the medium and what is done and events so this is not so different from the trans local and the world shaking these are. ar. their transfixing the world transfixing but instead of shaking the world they they they interrupt you and they keep your attention to different kind of witnessing. and these are all at me like i read another thing you talk about the sometimes where were you when i mean i know where i was during september eleventh two thousand won i can think it's very specifically remember that and i remember also. sort of stopping my routine and becoming transfixed i'm watching the television and then watching the second plane go into the world trade center and and but then keeping a little completely transfixed and in some ways this was some obviously an event in the wild but also won. so have captured by television as a television style events. but what they talked about also were these recurring things like the olympics and. with the called repertory events which i like the storm and in this is a broader term than just the limb picks and six it's an event that fits in your idea understanding with other event of its kind so like a disaster. what or or things or or are our conquest. the moon landing or something like this right to do so these are the these of the events that and so when one studies events in the age of t v that say if this is the kind of of and that one would likely to to study. only take fifteen more minutes. if ok.
now have. a. the ten years later was cost to our ninety four it ok so fifteen years later so this is this is probably the though best scholarship most recent scholarship.
on media events of that then you deserve look to again into the previous claims is sort of conquest and coronations this sort of things and then argue that the that these should be updated. and that's the that cats and day and we're concentrating more rituals. and they miss were missing a few things and in particular so i already gave us away when i was talking about nine eleven in particular they said that what what's your missing is the difference between the ritualistic and the repertory. and the and its and things that are particularly media ties or event ties to the the billion users were the of enticing nation. of occurrences for tech for media. and so i don't know like if you turn on c.n.n.. and. i can't get there is the sort of slogan for for this this event the tap and older brother branded event so the event ties occurrences for the sake of of of television. so they also gave the example of. protests against again summit's or world trade organization protests in particular the battle of seattle of two thousand won which. which is now as become repertory events or physics summit and there's a protest we can fit that into the repertoire of media ties to happenings. so what they talk about on his of events shifting from not only rituals to sue the conflicts and and disasters in these sorts of things attacks disasters wars and i think that in this i think. but this is this is bled over into under could have more new media understanding of what constitutes an event these days there are so many more of these types of events. others and any case they have for quite some fake theory that they have developed for what constitutes a media event these days but what i wanted to what i want to concentrate on is this idea. that's that's so far we've talked about the trance local the the shaking the world shaking and the world's transfixing what they talk about these events being at societies center. and so the idea that that they're you know. the dark peripheral and and and more central events in media.
ok let's talk about the internet.
i want to start really briefly. by talking about the tradition of web archive and. or what constitutes a web of events. and the definitions that were given by scholars for. for the argument given by scores in order to archive and to save them because there are significant weather events so. there are special category. in web archiving it started with. kiersten foot in steve schneider they. created this technique called web severe and else's web's here in else's was developed around. ninety ninety eight hundred ninety thousand and it's this particular definition this is what would one creates a website year in order to capture a web events so the web's severe is is defined here. and as this was as absurd as a common theme often those web sites that are often times interlinked than on a surly but the bounded also temporarily wet weather events tend to be longer than the other kind of media events or at least in the the archiving definition there are so the september eleventh web. events for archival purposes was was more like forty days law. and a single day or media or newspaper attention span which which is typically fifteen days so there's a different sort of temporality but what somewhat the what weather events what they tend to capture are these things elections disasters and transitions so. so the transitions of president of the transitions the pope's the new take the the white house dog of new capture whilst obama's is there and then you captured as it moved to trump new york also noted may have noticed that the the transition of white house dog got from obama to trump was also front page headline. and of the new york times what was removed said. i.
and i think what's important and i brought that i've i introduce this because i talked about in the previous talk but think what we've now is seen as the the most sort of event friendly. social media platform is twitter. and twitter. his. is this is a. was actually originally conceived of or resort region that was launched one conceived of was launched at south by southwest of this is a festival in austin texas as a back channel for an event so that the kind of events that i showed you have the google images so was it was it was the. that was the purpose to be a back channel it subsequently became something that would then capture or record and events so when when you know when you go for given a guest lecturer something people tweet about law oftentimes or a conference or so that it's an event capturing machines themselves. but also is one that captures world events. and this is so something that i talked about previously with particular has stars like the to the iran election. iran election and other events that are captured whether it's elections so twitter as a vent capturing medium but also won which affords of remote event analysis.
i think of them i think the the one example the reader comes to mind as as a as a twitter advance is probably this one and. the attack on trial abdo. where you had this just as surely. last i created a false oldbury we have. arguably hashtag events are quite frequently i would be interesting to do comparative has to events analysis and develop analytics for that across cultural a trance local the world world shaking ones. i think it lends itself for very well to the arts. ok i just want to conclude.
i think we think we need to talk about the smartphone and turns to dance and i think we need to i mean i say therefore number of reasons but.
i just i just want to i mean this is very kind of sort of. the internet studies one o one but just missed by now of friends are getting pushed out us right on our phones. and this kind of the like so what are the events that are that are what's the definition of an event that gets pushed us and what's so what's so interesting. his. the the idea of what constitutes sort of something that important enough to get pushed at you and the b.b.c. has been struggling with this for a while because. they are trying to figure out the trying to optimize the correct number of so so it's it it's it's so that's what it's like how many how many pushed events. can a user take its so is no longer like events in the wild or it's like show far removed from that it's more like his ten a day ok. twelve or. what were more you shut down so so it's a it's about it the. it's its its it's gotten so far away from the idea that events record all the way to the idea of how many events can we take as witnesses to its is its own or as as as a significant mean this is always the problem with the works in general amnesty international hours problem. amnesty so so how many the sort of alerts can they send out. of of this particular the calls to action and years have this all these kind of things that that he gets pushed events that are pushed. users so when is it that that the credibility of what it is that we're recording and deeming a significant will decline to such a point that that are we no longer think it's that it's of events and.
and yeah show. i just want to conclude. i mean i think that this is that this particular statements that the distinction between media events in real events is not stable and you can try to maintain the idea that the events occur in the wild. and that there are genuine spontaneous events you can make you can continue to maintain however the minute you want to analyze them capture them record them filter them create interface on to them. the difference between that and that i think you become something that you can't you cannot that you need to negotiate and or you need to you need you need to not suppress it. i think is the is the point there are so so not deny that the technology that media have played as a significant role in shaping advance. but i also wanted to have. talk about a way out of this and it's a it's a kind of it's not cheap but. and i think it it's what scientists would normally do and have faced with this is referee allergy. created by media recording events and that is to think about. capturing events as as hot as hybrid media events of their advance the take place across different media. and that your definition of your you're both your analytics but also your understanding of science is across platform or hybrid media system understand so i know i just a show to the twitter lends itself very very well. two events monitoring but the disentangling a twitter have a term of into the wild. it's something that might be done fest by adding additional platforms. yes to here are some of the just general. ideas are inventing physics is different from historical event. and is also differed arguably from a from a media event. that's it. the question. so. the idea. but he said. so that it. he said. yeah well. yeah sure. i'm so so that these authors here are a of who wrote this their most recent book is on.
the media ties to construction of reality which is something quite different and i would argue. quite different from a burger luqman reason issue thought of as the social construction. so i'm more in the media construction talking more that round then of the social construction of rugby just as a as a kind of starting point to the answer your question but but i just think that some that's the reason why spend so much time talking about some matthews.
is because. this guy is because what he argued was not that historical events are merely those occurrences that are recorded by historians that would be the radical constructivist stance so it so i didn't so i started with him because.
as he said well that's not what he considers to be a historical event he considers an historical events do something that's within us something that's part of ours of objects of experience. yes is recorded by a store and but if it's on its also its it's also recorded by medium in the medium was the eyes of witnessing so that's why i moved to ok so what are the other media the record things and and and so. i'm not saying that aim of the are saying that the construct of his point of the no historical events are recorded by stories of that's what makes them store cool but rather than its are are certainly need your tires and then we need to sort of. cope with five when we capture them or capture their analytics and i mean the analytics part you can talk about that because because that the types of. measurements that that each of these media provider also quite distinctive i mean it's something i also want to talk about it not that much time but like like a. i don't write so so i mean i did that in the previous talk so are the twitter. a different sort of understanding of engagement and then these understandings of engagement could drive significance a good driver analytics. whereas the the the analytics could be could only still maybe you could you could argue radically that the analytics like retreats and only serve to keep people are glued to twitter it so that it's not about the significance of something in the wild it's about the significance something for the user to. stay in twitter on for the inner in my mum talking too much of their. all. or. i. it is. i know. for it. so what. so how about what are we. it was like the about. then no. but all about the role of us he was me. so much the six he won a game on you know. and you know you want to fight you want to have to have so i'm not a lot of times and announcing in this should soon. so i don't think so own you know i mean so if if if you set up cameras. and it took to capture. i don't know the lion chasing the press a so you can so that's a very natural advantages to place right. one of the camera have to do with it. and answering what the camera had to do with it and and and you know why was the camera triggered or was the cameras on its there's a lot of some technical questions about why events occur as because of media on it it's still a kurd right. but it also occurred because we know it reduces because of media but the the arguments is indeed that that per the wire is an event work well and why it was a television event work well enough. because a particular analytics and water newson ratings how do they like you know why do they want to have the moon landing or lady dies was a to a wedding or these of what is it about those things that make them the drive the ratings. and so therefore we think that there are significant events was have no oil wedding euro. ok. does that shake the world i mean i don't know because but you know so so so i think that that these different understandings of that for the lack of a better word ratings or analytics for medium drives in some sense of in this would be a radical really radical position but i think you could maintain it dr. and some sense what will most likely be recorded as an events and therefore be studied be. being known as being significant yes i think you know totally i mean i know that that's a very radical. so. at that. so that it. it. that i. but. but while yet.
but for all of it that way.
i. all up. eight years of what it all.
i think about it let's. and eight. out there were two thousand and eight that i hear your money you can do because of contacting creative and read the owner you have the right ok great if so own. the really big questions are also very so precise the next also hear what so called re and have on. they said they argued your first point he said that in fact media events and be something other than. trans local or know which was this of the definition that was next to world shaking so the world shaking for story and. trends local for other media that came later. i offer you print to store i mean i was saying storing them with the suning and also. books are but but they argued here on this definition. idea was to the end of this definition here with his with this wide and diverse multiplicity of audiences of participants i do and i didn't focus on that but but they said that. that the events can also be for a stern subgroups or which are also still trends local so you know music box so that the day they talk about that. if so you can then it's too. split your vents and would probably be worthwhile doing sell into different sort of audiences could and then these but then you also have that you also have the ten you like. um. because the media audiences but trust me to do you or you then you have a tendency to sort of water down the significance somehow that's the that's the concern i so that so the. you may have noticed that the events. his talk was built up started with really grand things right and and then they became less grand so the the farther you go down into the specificity of micro translocated qualities audiences and then the significance of the event also wayne's right. maybe that's not a problem and then this then the second one another the the that's a really good point that was the difference between breaking news and events.
and i'd id i didn't specify this sort of on purpose because what i wanted to point out to point to point out is that. the larks are some ways spot smartphone driven events like we're getting. we're getting were getting events pushed on to us and the and and it's quite different from this you know his idea of witnessing with her eyes of its very different kind of technological mediation and so i wasn't a careful and the difference between breaking news on the one and event on the other but i think. you could argue that breaking news probably micro-finance at least the could become advance i don't know just to answer a question that i wanted to constable are on on the technology based on the together. i. i. it. i. but. it is. it. and he. i. they have not yet know but i agree with that i just meant that that. i was as we argue as we make the kind of cultural still the general cultural studies point this is a very gentle cultures that his point that that. the. news organizations should be had demonic or news organizations or story and his arm should be had demonic and defining what constitutes event. there are there are no so for different subcultures different missions different cultures with a small see there are different occurrences that a very significant and the the and and or other events to them events to whom right events to them should they also be captured by technology and so. so i'm not yes. but that the only one morning was that the new york proliferating massively of which which might be for or or you could just say you know what i just want to study what other events to the rwandan just for. that's it. right or this is my this is the way that i want to go about studying events and it's good it's going to be it's going to be a highly ethnographic going culturally sensitive to particular marginal or marginalize group and that's where we start not not worry. you know not not calling out to a danger because of prefers no so-called that a storyboard i would be taught in favor of course but i just from the perspective of the study of advance its of its it's really stretching but also positive. the firm. he said. so the. i. i. i. well. and.
the. i mean it. so i totally agree when we privilege analytics i could maybe this is the easiest way of discussing this when we privilege analytics we privileged particular technologies that capture events. but if we privilege the ruling mall. first you know or the culture. of of where we're going to study the reception of the audience of events then you have a different starting point that's what makes his projects so interesting because cross lingual events mouse is right. politics. so. so that it was well i mean these you know it was funny that it's almost like. yeah but different for different talk i would give the debate but generally i would say that these are event occurrences a physics sense in social media platforms some of which are privileged by the platforms over others. in order to drive significance of contacts as i said i would the five that's a gentle definition of analytics and so then per plant form you see that you see certain. certain that formats and events privilege of rather so for example of. facebook on. five years ago stopped including liked comment as a part of their engagement score. i know it sounds reasonable but but you could you could argue that it's on that the liked commons. is the is the fifth is the foundation of how the new york times filters. comments on how the comments space how successful common spaces are best governed. right so you can make an argument that goes either way but in any case there are certain there are certain analytics are built on certain. for the platform provision. up the. so it. he will go. five years so all know that. so low that it. the board of the year to the front of him so no give it a off and you don't you go for it.
some reason because of the ideal the funding for our own. you know right from the bill may give them the i agree and so this is. physical gold the same people who are changing the whatever the means of has often been some of the prevalence of the old was a scene that have never shown to slow down but no other. it will blow to the may be more of what you call but so does want to point out that nation bomb which he calls up. so their name by the pollution get one. this is sort of push think it is a mike's to it. at the o o o o d n a but it. you can do it. and then blow up a that have won you didn't mention the way how he said. the idea to do that though you may see a way as so he was so so sad. the center of each. about that says something so the he had done so. so this is his mom bottom of the operation all so yes right messages concentration point to some of the point of alone same way as any other single work can that's the six the finish. the but didn't see you want me to read the full of the key to that you could be brought about the commission was the. so does the. can get it is on the hood of a new body. you have to go again close the door to the the only one won. get the. and you know i'm just creating problems. but put it. solution but that's also the that's that's far too. the. so while. it. so. but. i. it. i. so i. the. if you want. so i think. you know i mean the day the extraction was the was the morning talk was a that's the web data on what one can do with it as far as i'm concerned but when we turned to me turn to i'm studying advance in in the media. it's good to i just thought it would be nice to have your resume out the because because all the media do media have preferred events different media have preferred events of the maybe the argument. you wanted to have the four. so you're welcome you want. i. he said.