What is an event? Especially when captured by media

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What is an event? Especially when captured by media
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the the the who k. that's start aiw i what i want to do is i'm. talk ould a little bit about something quite fundamental to the project hmm eye on and that is the the idea a of an a vent a a a and i one o one winner do would briefly and and i want take up the entire time. his is talk about ste an event especially one utz captured by media a because a ting that every time where if we turn ivins into dade or a before we turn i'm an to dater their captured to buy i media some hour or mediated and so want to talk a little bit about. one a vented is especially when captured by i mead year and what oh what i'm going to do is talk about ung just these few things so the definition of an a vents.
and and then what is in a vende in physics. and what is the different bigger difference pittu nut avenge and physics and as store work ol a vent and then all talk about ths what media vents are and and then try to conclude by a and some ways a breen all these des finish un's a together not completely though ok.
and so to all want to start with herb with a the the definition over of an event now it out what is interesting and and challenging it is that when we queer he mm.
event. in grohl or in and other ung or in social media mm you get a very very specific on a stan he of one of the vent is and i don't think this understanding is the same as arna stan ing at all so ryn do just need to have remembered hat if you it the so you can just simply query. because you have to you not to do some he of earl of it more develop the not perth but just so you nor were the it event is a core into grew lael images and and their by also coring to google. is a on also the cad a gore's of in a dent. is this of the events look a little like this i and then their categorized of top hissy and these are the kinds of things so goog all a on under stans events as as something that an individual or a company ff throws i it or or. org an ares as a and and i think thaad is that is very veh are different in fact from on how.
juan thinks about it and and lee's and terms of of and and terms of this projects oh i just what ud store reef lee a with the year with that would roar ning and then move note to the to the edda marjeh mean this is of corps i'm just doing isn't him wish i'm also hr a talk a little bit about it and german so thing it's very interesting a vent in. in german as well but first in english i'm and from from the latin as a as the result as the result of something that could as a result of something the comes out of something and so. so this coming i out of you could say that the that the outs part of the event and then div result is also part of the events of event as two components to it so you could you could say a it's taking place and ca it's taking place lists plus ce its. de its him pie pts orsa geen if he like the was awe leive zz a was just key pl the word riz aled now when you look at the dictionary definitions you see that this number to hear this is grew gulls the on will adjusts show ailed you this is google's of us pte earnings of gk so graw hrs taken over or plaid public or social. there's an as a vent. however a think the most of us would think of the un vents aum more the first f n ish an a mean there are not the can't completely separate them because in the first uf an isha nw a could butte a stork ol of ent order can be a person all ovens like a wedding which is then in a second won its thing. for butts a oem but of coursed the third one as also kind of interesting because vrit these are i a con tass pts. it's oh these are also eve vence mm and you'll see that of the second wool nguema talk about events as and has medio of a nz but but the fourth juan i think his cell mm is also really interesting ind and this is where are all start a and that's the the definition from physics. but and this is a this is that the definition of a of an occurrence of something i and something that has a kurd a rich is the de which is of a part of a process whit which is not it which ist really also the same as the ad a mole the ge or. and in a lot of where's so this is this is the these are the the the defra nish un's.
own so want to stuart off with his idea of an event in physics and i'm and also the german which are think is really interesting cuz ver close how have to what's i the his store in or are caf a our hissed a go and they give.
of for wasa for ove history you could also call his story all gruffer sowed looks coal the thi the sed as store og refer deem out fuse writing i in numb and nineteen thirty seven talks about the idea of an a stork ol of vence as something distinctive from an event and physics and i. just want to gets in ce into the subtleties of that distinction which i think quite interesting to talk about i'm and what matthews writes about his is an newish alee a n a vence i'm could be considered sin on i'm us with change on and. and in it in some sense and this is from wick lee pedia mm. this is also the german word eigg nw us which a thing is very interesting because air i agnus if you look into the the definition of it. you can read the german. the and for german speakers you can hwy greeted out loud if you want of them mulder would the other group ba basing he would have boils down to odd is a change of state i'm so also ein doux uber gon fun i'm tzu sz dawned in an on the whom touche noms where it's a this is change of state. i and owned a so this is the this is the kind of classic des finish an and it's an is one from physics i'm what what's matthews struggles were thes in this a classic paper is to make a distinction between in a vent in physics and isse stork ol of unt. so what's different between change of state the and and and then also wend measuring vance whether word just measuring changes ins aid changes in-state it or how we measuring something his store aqel on a so what he. soaks about.
our yet ole sar this is one other thing i wanted and or just get to and immediately des something quite classic that we now i have so so in the just sticks. you memon op your were of those a its sons trivial but a logistics also changes in states art events so fed-ex or d.h. or ol or so so there's or were ao zinc event there's a pick up event there's a a drop off event their ers rut so. these are all a off it events in know in logistics and its inter interesting that that they use this kind a physics change of its its its change have stayed per so-so change of place. and the a vence i just the events take place through of recordings and this is or of the something really important to talk about so in this case their stans look pp but that's a vent so it's so the min it you have a you have a. cording of change of state that means the event is some ouse stored a i let think this is an important to keep him a backs of our morale un's as we talk about and a a i and events as it occur is in media but a for we do that welt this is the first media.
the people all cock about when dogging about a vence and this is also in the german l a mole ajai and i don't off old opera a nz have correctly but air i agnus comes from here or oig known is that a word djerma n't they qc sss laika they griff with missing it. who through one's our eyes through the medium of of us site i get a show it show so. so a end it it's is britain issing aspect that is both the same as recording are standing as and physics but also makes a slightly different and i wanted just i don't know if you this is this is sort of humor oth that you will fine humours but for sohn that's very funny of soay much use rights. and delia ce caesar crossed the rubicon right. his crossing of the rube ih canned could be thought of as a change in the around or to www positions of to material systems called respectively caesars body and the rule car nw. right so they ck a dern zz of they qt the physics of it it could be can said urdd and events and mm in that sense but ard you bluey the the the czech a a nj in a reller ted positions of two materials systems called caesars body and verve or rouble conn. and is not significance rights its nw this not the significance so there's a difference he argues between change of state in physics and his spore work ol ovens and that is because and nish alee they ste i'm because of.
i'm the difference between change of state and witness thing now. a moan ought you could also say that this is not sowed like an you know the like technically the whiddon a sing through the medium of he a as is the same as the standing of package which record per hc packages an the were ouse ords moved out of the were hours to be dropped off some plus how over matthews or. use those something different going on here. and he use a very vague term and this is going to this is hard to deal with her mm and he talks about how and a stork ol of than ce of bris lay pts somehow to what he calls the objects our arc spear he a nz. and he's it it even me means that collective lady we realize because of our experience that the something significant going on here that's different from just a physics it events and end re we we witness suits and then we uf filter ud through rock. off aub jeh kes of experience and that is how become significant so he's not or woods the as you five another's plunge as ers as i other so he's not a pure constructivist way a yard use of the end of the oort aqel as says it's non-us stork ol a vent because his story unst thing cell which a think is great.
because that's the route aqel other position another that if you're are sort of in a that the radical constructive us to put a position is and events is a stork oh because his store ins made its sought a i'm the learn say that it's as as the that's that you know the it could be the us. ince of ff missed a particular pte something i but that the that something was witnessed and was filtered through the objects of our experience i. and now.
what cow kony wv move for the with this objects of experience tug like what's the difference when a physics of enten asst an ers stork ol of unt how cui make it more power pp ub ol and so what he owl what de argues ce i on is that there. there are events that sss are worth recording by his store un's because they quite of coat shake the world of and so this is this is the live the ff the first so the www like. the kind of compact definition of what are the stork ol of and it is it is some lynn a take splay zz and if his ick sense a mm that has been witnessed and phil to throw our objects of experience that that shakes the world shakes the world and what does that mean this is what so interesting about our project. because our projects as cross lng vole ites what what's tea on defined ol what others have subs going defied as shaking the world is that a its trans woke ol it's experienced try anne's local it i'm and so our www a just have an example up here. this is our bis is a from of b.b.c. dock human tree mm called days that shull qca world ste those shaking thing a andrs a ought these are and there was a documentary series of it had all these episodes and into the up as odes row bouts particular a. it as stork ullah vence things that shook the world touch raw i that with then fifth his definition also trans locally. i own at but at the same time if you read this i mean if if our to critique this i would i find it really quite anglo merican the sl ist know so that ike tidd the the understanding of what would ca nz tudes trials local a. his is also something they can be it easily quit t. qt or maybe that should be in allwood jeh qt of the a an owl asus right you could org you that what this calls for his to maxima eyes trans locality a an order to b'rith stand the quid teak of the pro kill his aum of shhh. fw shaking ovens world shaking ovens. a dissed warner a because you we we when using asst term hear a and i'm not this is not pedantic aiw what i'm going to do but there's ist turn eh a store work all i'd that's the word this being used but but it's sounds pedantic.
but it's not alone. it is the dude the difference between his dork or a store ek i own so his store or coal courting to have famous linguist fw is any powe's have bent i'm historic of the most memorable ones and the question of what constitutes memorable wh his his his his. something that i think we have boo gun to gras pl with ff drums of the sed the sed trans low counting.
agape no one of one or do nowt alm is ta arc of very very specifically a about now this idea it of events a in the why all ce being were corded and then filtered eye and much of the work cording. and the filtering were all these days and form poll long to an of has been done by media and doe eyed lived to begin to talk about the des for the ths between and a stork ol of i nd under a media of and to mm where they meta where they were the dive verge. fw a dink to this is hw erm of the most interesting.
in his of work odd the definition of an a veh wv ff that of thet about written fw have spied the a merican a story and the former librarian of congress are dane you'll vorst a it i a and then you'll bore ste a nw of ro tce of other book called the image a guide to sss ooh duo. with thence in america this is pablo ste and mine teen sixty two and owns i. what he did was he introduce theory des sting shun a on between events that are recorded by media in events that are made bide be dia and it and and this is not so different from what i was talking about pretty see about the critique of google flu trends but it is different but it's its. and it's it's the its it's a it's the idea of the jenny when ness of an a vent mm and what media does to that gen you and this and how we need to be aware of the fact that media is involved of disses ingeniously in a vent to making. and the just as i showed you with the google images kwiry ved i get the other point while a mean it it him aid of few points in this book but but what i want to ung a talk about morgue generally in terms of media vance is that. the type of a vent that trait takes place changes with the type of media that records them and or mmmm aches them just a make this more complicated i it's a bud veen it follows it's not that comp you with those a logical and and and many ways so what he was one.
we talked about was what he col auld ion bold in the period this his ear was an really talking some uche about television you've m u's talking prix television use talking about photograph it jong a lier ers what he called the graphic revolution. and he talks about how photograph of journal ers a mm him particular makes events. and so you will be all were arv any amid he gives a merican examples but you will be aware of the than an of hynde know this term it's a my very mirka n't aiw as call yellow journalism so the bte the birth ov www a tabloid journalism. uk are all over the world crated with the it's an ombre world or events that otherwise wouldn't have bend events a and drees or are of different kinds of occurrences and media i mean you might you might say that the or rock rule war for erg zam pp. paul for of recent vintage wh would not have taken place. up without a wh without particular kind of needy a that that broad it about i and they it could be ear id you could argue the media have the power point prison doze shun i was made to these you enter you could talk about the the the pre mediation of that war is in a journal those i'm that cetera. a but he's talking he it little more specifically abouts the rise of particular kaia gns of a journal owes an and also the rise a particular car un's of coverage and specific lee the cover ge of celebrities i. so he we awed critiqued. i mean this is i'm aim it maybe this is interesting i funders as a it talked about the difference between a great ness and celebrity or ff fame gen ewen pham and fake fame sir speak would so so i'm hw. one can be famous for for great deed zz or one can be famous for being well known and so ing a defined sss lev early years the as as a the property of being well known for being well known and that media drives this well known us and relies on these sorts of voices to a ter pert and also. produce he vence so when we were we when we ass quad brad pitt thinks abouts i the hiv vaccine. this is does is similar or what angelou an jun ing a joy lee thinks about so aam land of mines a it's not that you know but this cause become this is quite normal but this is was not normal that i was it was just a ft a occurring.
so what d. or argued of is that rhee are now all in in. in the graph agre lucian in fodor oh dern oars a photograph journalism where be siege to and you could save is the same for television wh we're besieged wh with sued a weave pts. a so hell so events that are planted or cream mediated a phd to be reported on and we a formats for this where press releases we have stage des www eh nz we have. have no the of the g. eights some a to it or air of oldies sort of staged things that which are which ard some play a some sense accord the boar ste an. and like media ready a the made mead you're ready. so i soa mm the point to being that that new jd and events are created a rather than reported on and this is a very classic argument from journalism studies i it's so so there's going to be in eight o'clock news every night fill patter of what's. and not doesn't matter whether was news that the on ott there will being dears i'd there will be a news paper everyday i ved so and that that newspaper unease to be filled i'm and so the idea here and it's verre said of its a varick and of needy aceee urea idea that sss. not the medium so this is the bui clue and the medium is the mess is or the the medium is is a what in fact what is guiding va constitution of news and there and they're also the cause to shun of of a vence a core pte in to to bore stumm i get so i know one at so this is the photograph of journal as an which praa dh.
do ste pseudo ivonne pts the one a now talk about television.
and so out lead i've move mench an before that that events are product of the type of technology that records them on and a think i this is the most famous our book of its kind. and the this is of a life of cats if probably heard of him ill ease he's so together with from a la's as felt i has sc done some of the most significant work in the history of phone of so sill a dj in communications studies. and and he together it denna dion hw brought out this book in ict you know to to a called media of than ce and this is the first time with this was sort of so well defined n in denyer bourse in did it but now looking bike a lot of sc all ers find bore ste ums work with sued or vans things what sin aqel are where our as a. on this is the firsts of quarter pour proper scholarship. and what dewey what they arm studied a on whirl or of vence according to two you've he or or what what it what it what a vence work well in that medium i and they concentrate it on what they called public spectacles ung mm. and these were arv a particular karina nd will these of that some an examples of what this studded a a.
so they a's summed them up on ayad as khan tass pts conquests and coronations so the user the a vence really well suited to the to the medium and what is then and a vents so this is not so different from the. but trans low call and the world shaking these are. of their trance fix saying the world transfixing but instead of shaking the world run they a they the the interrupt ger oh and they ck key purer tension to different kind of witnessing. i and these ott or lol or a me like ivory due nought there are thing you talk about the sometimes were whe are you when i mean i know where i was during september eleventh two thousand won i causing the very specifically remember that and i re mumbere also i sort of stopping. my routine and become in trance fixed i'm watching the television and then watching the second playing go an to the the world trade center and and am but then keeping a out you null couple who you transfixed and in some ways of this was some obviously in of enten the wild but also won so of captured of by. on by television and as a television style on vents. and but what they talked about also were these recurring things like the limp a ix and with the called of repertory evets with other qt this torm i and in this is a broader term than just the limb picks its likes it's an a vent that fits in your idea understanding with other a vent of its car ing. and so like a disaster. and i it's oh what or or things the know or a auroras are or ck are of a conquest. ali the move lending or so he like this rye to through pte so these of the these of the events that and so when one studies events in the age of t.v. he that say a ft dizon the kind of of and that that one would likely to to study. fw only take fifteen mormon utz ff ok a and.
now have. a the o m to wv of a ten years later i'm as costs to the or lie d. ff for quit ft ok so fifteen years latest ugh this is this is prob way iv the the good though best sc aller ship roast reasons color ship on media of us have that.
then the d'oeuvre look to ii again into it good a the previous claims is sort of conquest and core nations this what's of things and then a r gude that that that that these should be updated i have and that's the that cats and day and we're concentrating more www rich waals. hm de and they mit were missing a few things and a him particular so i already gave this aware a a on when i was talking about nahr leavened and particular they said that that what what's your missing is the difference between the ritualistic and the. per tory and the and its and things that are particular or emu media ties or event tie has dh and that they'd the billion use this were the o. vent ties ation of occurrence ers fool or tech for media. and so i don't all like if you turn on c.n.n. a nd a i can a conf liken there's the sort of slogan for for this this event the tappan ingle they'll bra branded event so they'll a ven ties occurrence as for the sake of of of television. and so they also give the example of a protest against again ce summit's or or world tray lord as ation per pte as and bui to cuellar than bout all of seattle of two thousand won a which i which dow as become dh repertory or vents sort of fizz a summit and there's a protest hwy can fit that into the rupp. for trois hr of of media ties der happenings. so what they talk abouts of his some of our of thence shifting from not only rituals are to sue so the conflicts and a and disasters an these sorts of things attacks disasters wars and i think that in this. i think that this is buik that this is bled over in to and i under could have more new media understanding of what cars tudes an a vans a these days they're earth so many more of these types of the ovens a then than others qube and then he case they av coral oh quite some fick fieri that they have developed. well up pts of for what cause to thes a media of unt these days but what i weren't to when i want to ca nz a tread on is this idea a. and that that's too far we've talked about ste the trance local the the shaking the world shaking and the world's trends fixing who what they talk about his he vence being at suh side ease cent tar of and so the the idea a that thats there. but in oh a that dar peripheral an and and more central a vence in media.
ok it i'll that stock what the intern a.
i want to start really briefly. by talking abouts though tradition i'm web archiving. fw or what it what khan susan a web of thence. and the definitions that were a given bice callers ff or the arguments given by sc aws in ordered to archive the to to save them because there are ciggie des f'ing in web a vence so. there are special kind a gory in wh web archive ing it's stored ids with the of cure ste and footsie in steve schneider i they created this technique called web sss of year an ow also as and web's fear in else's swe as develop to round. and and i nh t. ninety eight hundred and i two thousand and it's this particular definition this is what would one creates a web sss of your in ords a capture or a web ill vents of so who web's suv year or of his is defined here. ns dis as as a plea a as a common theme off and i was websites that are often times interlink than on a surly but the by undid also temperley a wet weather vence tend to be longer than that other kind of meal you have ensor of least an the and the archiving definition their off so the september a leaven thes. hw eh bill vents for archival perp as as was was wh was more like forty days law i'd the than a single day or media or a noose caver tention span which which ist typically fifth fifteen denny's so there's a different sort of temp around odey ivb but what's a mm what don't what web www of thence what they tend to capture. are these things elections disasters and transitions so-o. eye on so the transitions of president of the transitions of pope's so the knee take the that the white house taught got of and you capture it a whilst old bomb owes his the air and the new cap should as it moved to trump new you also nord may have noticed the. that the the transition of white i was dog got from obama to trump was also front page headlines of the near qc times of what was rim ooh rue ved at set tra. and.
an art think what's him for india and i i've the i brought i've i've i introduce this because i talked about it in the previous talk but it think of what we've now a sss seen as the the most sort of event friendly i social media plot form is twitter. and aei twitter alone is ce oh. i. his ste is a but was a beeb was actually rg ridgely conceived doll of a aww or are riz or bridge of that was lot ched was an conceived of lose launched at south by self wh west at this so a first of all in austin tex as as abe backed child ol for and event so that the kind of events that i showed you have. the google image as so it was there was it was the rwe as the purpose to be on aback child all id subs coolly became something that would then capture order cord and a vans so went when you know when you go for give ol guess lectures on thing people tweed about law often times or a conference or right so that it's an event. capturing machine in xun zz cents. ba also is one the captures world of an pts. i had and this is so something that i talked about previously with particular hashed i was like a the chubby iran election on the macshane zz run election i and other you vance that are captured whether it's aleck sz a gns at so tra so twitter or as a i ll a they event capturing medium but also. lawn which affords of remote event an owl assess.
i think of hm i'd i think the the a he won mm example the really calm ce to mind as as a as a twitter of unaids is probably this one and the the attack a on trial he have dough. where you had of this just me charlene he hashed to i'd created a as a for all solo dare urdd he or we we have of all of our ugh you bei lee hash tighe events all quite free quinn lay on it would be interesting ald to do comparative. has stag events an hours as i and develop and ol that ix ch for that sss across cultural a trance local the world world shaking ones i have i think of glens his cell for ver are well to the aughts of.
ok i just want to our conclude. i think we a think we need to talk about the smart phone i and terms ooh thence and i thing we knew to i'd a mean a am i say they're for number of reasons but.
a i a just i just want to i mean this is very kind of sort of. in a internet's that is one o one but just this ste by now hr of venza getting pushed odd us right on our fonds earned this kind of the the the qx so a what are the a vence that are that are what what's the definition of an a vent the gets push that us. and what's of what's so interesting is sound. a on the the idea a of bite of khan's a tudes sort of something that i'm poured an uf to get pushed at you and the b.b.c. is been struggling with this for a while because ioan they a trying to figure out the trine a oct i'm eyes the the. sec number ove so so it's its its its sir mm it's a what its its ike the how many how many pushed you vence can a user tay ff it's oh it's so is no longer like events an the wilder its is like show far removed from lat it's more like his ten a day ok in a. twelve and are on at bois it were more you shot of die ound so so it's it's a a it's a bouts the it d m i a its its its its ste gun so far away from the idea of that a vents or record urdd all the way to the idea of how many a vents can we take as witnesses. i'd so it's is its cern or as as as as significant i mean this is always the problem with ol work pts in gentle and missed international hours as problem. amnesty so so i how many the sort of a lurks can they send outs. you know if or of of this particular thes the to calls to action an geo as have this a you know so all these kind of things at that i gets pushed events that are pushed at had users so oh when is it that i. that the credibility of one of his that were recording in deeming as significant will declined to such of point that on that https are we no longer think it it's a that it's of and events and i'm han yeah show.
how i just want to come crude of hm. i mean i think that this is at this to give the stay www mm unaids it the the the stink shun between media of the nz an real a vance is not stable i mean you can nw tried to maintain the idea that the vents occur in the wild and that there are jenny when spontaneous you vence. you can mit you can continue to maintain a however the min it you want to our allies them capture them who core them fill to them. create interface hone pte of them. the did did the difference between that in that a a think you bui cook become something to jiu kit you can aughts that you need to negotiate on and or you need to you need you need to a an aa pts oppress it a thing is the was the point they're so so not din non i that the techne all the g n of midi. year have play at the usd as sing if or a role in shaping a vans. but some i i also wanted to a have to talk about a way out of this and it's a ditz a kind of its not sheep but. i think it's it's what scientist would normally do a in ved have the faced with this there's roffe reality of cred of by media a recording of eh nz and that is to think about pts. of the caption events as as how as hybrid media event so there are vence the take place across different media of hm and that your definition of your you're both hit your anna lit a exp but also your arner stan ing of than ce is a. cross plot form or are hybrid media system under stein soa i know i just a showed you the twitter lenses self very very well odd to events monitoring a butts the disentangling a twitter of eid term an oven to the wild. the it's something that might be done odd fest but i add ing additional plot forms and yes ooh it here's some of the o. a of just jenner all eithne a. i dia's of the at a venting physics is defra nw from an a stork ol a vent and is also differed are give lee from a from a mead you hunt. ft that's it. and how you grew ques ch. it i it there a. i dow id n.. the it it you owe will he not yat give a boy jt oh yea they yeah ho it. yeah a i mean short i a so i'm so that these all thurs here are over the oem who wrote this the there are mm most trees i'm book a mm is all on a aam the media tie zz de construction.
of reality which ist something kwai different and i would are you have is quite defra nfer mohd burger in luqman riz initially thought of as the social construction and so i'm more in the ied ia construction of talking have mourned that round then of the social construction of rowdy just there's a as a kind of starting point to thence your course shun but. but i just think that some that's a i've the reason why spence have much time talking about some a math use is because.
and the this guy is because what d. or gude was an nah nts that historical a vence are merely those occurrences that are recorded by the story a nz that would be the route aqel constructivist stance so hit so the rare i'd ince i started with him because.
as he said the well that's not what he considers to be in a store aqel of unt he can citizen a store aqel a vents it it something that's with nw us something that's part of ours of objects of experience yes is recorder by a store ins but it its arm i it's also a it it's it's also recorded by. a medium an the medium was the ides of witnessing so that's why moved to oak eisa hop what are the wii other media the record things and we and and so. so i'm not saying and let tain of the are saying the the construct of as point of that ino has store gov ensor record a buy store ins of that's will make some stork ol but rather vence are are so in the media cai's pts and then we need to ste sort of de odd cope with thighed. one week capture them or capture their analytics and i mean the ana lit ex parte re been thaw ck about thes your because because the www that the types of on measurements that a that each of these media provide or also quite to stink the i mean it's something that i also won of the talk about averred not that much time. a but you know they qc like a kind out right so it so a i mean i did that in the previous talk so a inner the twiddle you know there's it there's their difference sort of under stans of ing erg ajman dh and then these under sayings of in gauge mint could drive significance a good drive our analytics. and where as the the the analytics could be could only ste maybe you could you could are you radically the thi yen a lit ix like re tweeds i'm only serve to keep people a glued to twitter i it's a that snog about this ing nif ican zz have something in the wild it's a boat was a geen if ican something for the years have to. to stay in twitter on pte whether the you known ing might meme i'm talking to much ev there that i all were the or i you a a. but that it's a o it why a i what he my. it's oh is like how now but or n o a which we us flat light what the but you. and it in no use fight will but all the nowt the banquet raul all caught us you eat was you meet yet bump then is oh i'm much now you weeds ix he's of wh want game on a he you one odd as you might the and you know who want us half life raid you. things sown just so and he's a whole well as hoodoo kind of so i nd you know a fog zz the un who nts its foot penned with now ansen and and heene you'd put out cuz should said has vuk ped hall so in you know though a could cook putsch happ a i don't thing so hope though a n you know i mean to a so a so if his if if you. so the cameras on the no and and in it the took to kept jure of an aisle own doesn't you know the got co a lion chasing the prey. i to sew a you you could so that's a very natural a vent the just to place right. a. what of the cam a half to do with urdd and answering what the cam or had to do with urdd an and and you know what why was the cam or triggered or was the cam or ges on i mean it's a a its this is of the ergo let lot of some tech knittle questions about why in a vende sss occur or as because of media and. i'm you if it's still it a kurd right i have a i a but it also kurd because it we know it ridden us of because of media but the the the de the o. arguments aam ff is indeed that's thats on you know per the wire is an event work well and why it why. as a television a went work well uno because a particular analytics ameen id the you know what are new joosten read ngs how do they i have you know why do the what a of the moon land ning or lady dies sueur was a to wedding or it these of what what is it about that was things that make them. of the drive the raiding gers and and so therefore we think that their significant events where i was and it i don't owe voil wedding hong yeah are ft a a ca a it or does that shake the world i me not all bui could but that you know so so soa oh i think the. but that these different understandings on a of that for the lack of a better word ratings or and a lit hicks perv medium drives in some sense been this would be a radical brilli radikal position but a think you you could maintain it drives and some sense what will most likely be recorded as an a vents and their. or be studied zz be a big nome eyes being significant yes so i think you'd yell it totally i mean i know that that's of rather he radical kes it the fd but. i. i. that he or i. it let. i well that the or dear the foot shut well hot gadd auc white a or ought lot it a game pp yet pts a ace but you pts light it all up of the foot it walk.
nowt gained want it yet but well you kick it clicked up and it let it sfar it and id thing eight it you put bout they'd it word you you jobs and pts ick could so ridge eight that pts it by here you ailed move me dh you you'd and in do you.
because a yonts acting creek came it great you yell to know i know yeah a hooey right ok eight great ff so ioan whose a really when questions are the also very ths a per sys the the that the axle tso a hear what it toe called drew and happ own they a day's said the or. or gude durer first point they said that in fine pts a on mean you have eye and sss on canned be something i'll their that and. trans local it or an own which was this of the definition the was decks to world shaking so the was world shaking for story un's ff on trends local for on their media the came later eye on. or for pirg goo print to store i mean i we i was saying storing the than i with the the sioux ming and also have. the books i on butts but they argued here it are lulled it's in this tough an ish an. i a eye while it's upham the end of this definition here with there's with this why'd and diverse multiplicity of audience is of pert disciplines i dimmed i din focus on the op but but they said that's that that that events can also bei be i four. or how stern i subgroups or which are also still trans local so you know music beouf ce of wood of you knows so so that they ate they a date talk about that ft so you can that and spy ahu. split your vence and would probably bew worth while doing celled into different sort of audience ers called caught and than these but then you you also have that you also have the tend you like i'm cw as cuz these of needy audience as but to ste meter. the g u or you that the new have the tenancy ch a sort of water down it the that significance somehow now that's the that's the can soar i it's so that so the the do you may have noticed diet's the events of the way this talk as built up. i'll start of with really grand fe ngs right and and and then they became less ck grand so the thes the farther you go did down int of the its pus fizz city of micro trance localities audience says then dh than the significance of their event also ailed wayne's ict i if of making. it as not a problem and then this lynn a second won ye their the the that's a really good point thow bois's the difference between breaking new is ein a vents a and i'd i dh the eye din sp s. fi this of of sort of on purpose because of what i wanted to point out to point point out is that.
aam a than a law or pts are and some ways spot smart phone driven a vence i cove like we're getting i were getting i'm were getting a vence pushed on to us an the and an of its quite different from this you nef his idea of wid missing wither ahlers did. i'm rick a its of thats a very different kind of technological mediation and so i was an dutt careful an the difference between breaking news on the one and of vent on the other but i think you could argue aum the i've breaking news as probably micro thence of lease the could become a vance idol know you know it just a xiu question but i wanted to concentrate. it's termer on on the techno ll ajai of these tone that tug or pl know it. i. i. it i. it i. it. it i it. i i. kind they a nun r.i. yeah but no bleich gri with that the i just munt that a that's a hm i as as we org you i as we make the kind of cultural ste a the general cultural studies point this is a very general cultures that his point that that some that you know that news organizations shouldn be had. demonic it or news or zishan zz or story un's orme shun be hajj monique and defining what cars to sort a vent i ved the the there are there are you know so fu difference subcultures different nish ers different cultures with a small see there are different occurrences that a very significant than the the. and and or of her vence to theyve a vence to whom right of ence to them and shouldn they also be captured and by technology and the took so out so i'm not yes. a but that the only ver roar inning was on that then you pp your pru liffe arrayed ing my ce of the of which which my p for or or you could just say you know what i just want to study what are or events to the role wanda nw d. us per that sit right or this is my this is the way that i want to go about. this studying events and it's going and it's going to be it's going to be a ike highly i ather the graphic wing cultural he sense to www to particular marginal or margin on eyes groove and that's where we start not not worry you know not dup calling not a a a danger because. because a preferred it's no sir callie that a store import i would been ck taw thi ved fayre of you course i but i just from the perspective of the study of a vance its of its it's real you you me stretching it but but all ce a positive it the ft ft. a. but. a it he. so. i. i. a. i. i. and a. but.
i have a. a. and i mean a a a two eye toy only rid when we privilege an a lid ix i kg maybe this is though the these ease way of the disc as ing as when we prove ajay analytics hwy privileged particular technologies that capture of vents but if we privilege the loo. mall. first on you know or the culture a of of where we're going to study the reception on of the the aud ince of a vents then you have a difference starting point that's were makes his projects so interesting has ick as crossed lng will even to mouse as right eveleigh ticks. a i owe so who owe but it it what boy wh well i mean it the the these a mm it and you know what's butts funny the its it's our most liked and yeah our but ths the different it's a different tone arc i would have for give that you but ubon the jenner lee how i would say the. that these are of event acorah nz as it in a physics eh nz in social media platforms summer of which are privileged by the plot form zz over all others. an order to drive significance of caen tans ers there as i pts of i would the the i've that's a jenna mall definition about let ix. and and so then per plant form on you see that the e.u. see certain eve certain but formats and a vence privilege of rather so for example of a. face book on. fw five years ago straw opt including the liked comment as a part of their in gays ones core. aker go would sums riz mo of but but oem you could you could org you on that pts i that that a liked common pts is de a is the ff is the foundation on wv how oh the nearest. of times filters a common pts or how the comments space how successful common pte spaces are best governed it. read so tso it show you could macon argue or the ngos either way but in any case there are certain there are certain analytics are built on certain i priv than a plant for perv or there's your. the wh a so. a o o o. it with no. i've yi. all owe you www there will louis but so mo that that it but an being boarded plea you pp with affront with they shun them you rest so de oh yeh thoughts of it it is a out un's funt lot you pay but you on moan that mullee all them that we're.
you bohme ngs wreaking mean buik haim tco the will one he or of the hut called ing whole or boepple or ard the one you the u n o's thor write them it the bed hull main it give naum the o. pie gri a those hope you this is basic alou goal though to only have same. the pl who with their search the changing he whatever parried a a means of was off a on the mean the sum thes in to them but afer of he p fred a on of the hole was prus e.u. but the dev or he shone who so of of but the never of the all word you who have the lol do would be. main bain whorl grow put pl as you call but mutt puts oh but has want have won about you away shun ball homely care i'm you shvo uva the move the culls uf oh toe their it you aimed bite hood a clue sheen gaya un's you want him do what here well let's what this is. do sort of push think it's this is a my ck ce to att aisle and that the that mo with their the own will that a lier yn then you it that you put it you gain do and yn him boat bub v.a. thing the. but a a it were though if one you meet she didn't many but that would hoang yi but you a jada boohoo the you as a-b. but though media's basie away eight isse so the eco a he you a of so fo sho senate there. the the zam surour me a sz bout got sense as some pco p p be read the meme oh but but so this is does mom monem of for two or isha uhm thing he shuns all o.-o. he us fright you besh it just comes un's arish an foy n't dick utes oem but of. of fee juan of utes a lawn this scene way is any aaos ngs of work opened flinch can that's the seas ix des finish but his ick but gring busy you want he me bupp good bridge right thing their old hull well this abuse he beat you that bon-ton you a audit to be bought above richelieu him you shun. what but p.. i'm so mm this is dup about you you shun get it is on new mewed a bid given ger you it's a vall did write you you nef life of the will co it gain close but the bow or the a the the so these want won on an a guess. sleep you he an is who it you'll not i'm just crean call mull i'm scoop to at put crook with book put the brighter those sully we shun thes but that's also you once mats far bei a i a he it a you pick it. so i you it. i a pick it it can a i it that you it it. i it it look it like where it that it will it the arc it up a get you what you but put would the new will the dup think it will you are you'll know more mean though though pp a pete dazed extraction was the herb was the morning toe walk f. you pp you. and though was earth that's the web data and them what mn can do with it as fars them concert on but but when we turn do a moma turned to arm studying a vence in in in media. a it woods it's good to i thes i just thought of would be nice to these you'll resume out i because because a oh all a beady oh dh bei do media have preferred of vents different media have preferred events that's the maybe the argument i'm not jal. the to and you wanted to have the ford how a a if that's you welcome your want. i thank i ft i a a i so.


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