Open Science and Collaborations in Digital Humanities Part 3

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Open Science and Collaborations in Digital Humanities Part 3
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it so i a will rum through and maybe for about forty minutes now then teh tickle fee break and then come back to finish all thes so in this eh should a going ge tuk about open science and collaboration in digital humanise he's i know there is of you you went to the first week in hundreds or the fests cuppa days and huhne of a with have had some stuff a but i consigned saul rage he.
the but this is at s. that of he manatee spin all mm what open looks like with the work that way tearing so in the first serre shen that we connect and go ever oil are these really exciting things on the first sly neath a culp ear ict i peer art d.d. p.r. and the fat principles which i'll explain in a bit morty tad l..
and d. identification and what we've code see die o.-o. and on in my sation because it's ict shull he pretty much impossible turn on amines things completely and collaborative tools and math urdd zz data management re purty sub ines he and then if you've got timing that which we may not day a small practical x. i a spy and then off to that will took about.
i open miss broad lay and public ing erg ajman and then why kind to get you to d. ste m y at the and to that day.
i'm aware that ne biti gets excited about copyrights a but it's you know wiv running a cuil as on copyright come along every won maybe t well but it's really important because it does affect quested nif ican be what you can do with you are set shun what you come publish and so i've put that it's a significant ish he for digital he amenities for sets but it's the signet fick.
in ish eith everybody because it effects what you're able saget access tay it and kind it's particularly diff aqel i think fa trans national research if the kind that which talking about in they ce programmed because the all the different copyright fraying works that exe aced within different countries which is some time similar sometimes nor overlap day for a and.
cause real problems when you're bringing dates together from different source's but broad lay coppi right restrictions apply ff ih something like the death if the all for plus seventy me a is dh says oh a ft and all ther rate something when they were twenty he and died at when they were a hundred a you would have one hundred and fifty.
yeas mn their work is still in copy right and you conti anything with it without mission so it's of really really restricting set in kinds of access and in so mm players george all well the authored doll i'd in january nineteen fifty ape so his quirks what only come out of copyright in jain yary next year.
say that's that's a real ppb lock on what you can day you are or that i you are a know now i sort so lod you a look you reza he year yet a o i mean day a it at that within the fam allay but somebody his don't part of the.
the can't you sets so and and lest the family gish he commission on a oas is and but the s. they can day yes sol yare and that in n. lit you to for example james joyce's a state low to people want to at with at and the family were at less anyone cover accessed her it without paying a lot money so it's sit it's really and quite often you caught work.
kalp who would hold the copyright even to have sc so and i'll have took a little pace about that earned and if you've got multiple oh third is an a particularly striking zam police with fail mm its seventy years after the day on which the last country pitted die eat sowed that might be for film the person he write the school.
meet the have to nay or he seventy years oft are they doll eight when that comes in to ab ce of cop ear arse again so it's really trick he to get this intimation any uk contacts before the copyright designs and peyton site in nineteen eighty eight i'm published material with in perpetual copyrights sayid that.
anes that a meti evil money scrip ch that was produced in thirteen hundred would sss is still in copyright today.
i you have to get permission from the all kaif that holds it and that one now expire in twenty fifty no ein because of the legal changes but that still thirty year a's when something that was produced ever thousand years ago a it's still it copy rights the so because of all they ace maemo pssst a digital humanities for search is concern with dated be shore nineteen hundred m.
that's why that have tea truss to nguema tiro that we show each you has a kind of for the andrs date of rant about nineteen hundred.
and end many of year going to looking it web all kite of ce and they have really reaney illy restrictive access conditions so in the uk you calm publish a screen shot of a website without getting commission from the el know an he may not night here the an it is and if that website with all car eat fifteen years ago you've got who most a no chiles tool of trucking.
down hedy einar is a nd add nd at in the uk and from on pp ths you have to go into a loy eibar aid to look at a digital alcock ife ev related to the web you comp you get id at haim for example and their got a different kinds of restrictions on i p other fact that if he want so at re sation me zia's a sz a that's pretty much.
much the pro purty of commercial and to say ace and and then not there to let people light asst have access to their dater their that to make money ass of it sss soay a if you've got a huge i'm out of money anew acts and my pte a you can probably be pay sick access to trish his archive that's not going to ham the meister us so that limits the kind of or search she can do aged to something that's.
semde pretty much in zte in tain year see stock to he lose used data from the search a p i fit twitter oft rir bow seven day east say dearing any kind of historical investigation all or deciding nw three weeks off to a something happened that you really want to research a evil ready lost some of that material onion not kinds be i was gay access to its says oh.
it's it's difficult pour twentieth century researchers all of that data that's purty ste in film a multimedia air in born digital and the access is even worse than to a lot of the old to printed material.
nw some of that's to comer show reasons but a lot of it is a rand data protection and ethical research and treating your data ce subjects in ethical way he sss and and launch digital data sets contain information about people there jenner a to bar eat p pull and that brings lots of legal at ethic or responsibilities with.
that that i think we should charta have at the bakken our minds of my doing any kind of quanta to to www spur search which tans to obscure all the fact that is marty foot or airlie your data points the people it just looks like information but actually you need to think about the people that it's describe him so day some aaj tishman planned nunes which i hae purell thinking abouts.
have to take account of where data will be stored what you'll disc albaugh lard what contains personally information what doesn't ste to make shull the your meeting your obligations as a researcher and php as said a non of my sation in nw or d identification if data a is diff a coal and pretty much impossible relate because she can start to i could.
they ate dater that you wentz of were all www which then i opens up some information that you might not have anticipation it i so we do need to be kher thell about what we publish a penley you well stang committed to i pen access as that prints the pl it's not possible to everything and the potential for damage to individuals have really increases mine yi start to eye.
a ger gate in combine dater and highlight on expected to connections and things that they would never have anticipated that you would be able to it in ffsa are from the data the you have and you prob a pp he wouldn't be l. to for see that it might be somebody else ste who uses your dater to air and to identify something personal about somebody.
this is an example in the e.u. este earth few years ago whence in day sher about new york city cab journey ce awards apparently anonymised and really he ste in response to or freedom of information request i am within a few our those a hacker had been able to retrace the individual taxi drivers on their a dressers and lots of.
information about the journeys that that customer tight king and they did that to show that this was not earned an ethical rhyl east of dater arielle the than freni www malicious purposes but it really did just tech them very little time and that was where the day ce her providers had made int efforts to an on m r e's a just bourse unt successful a tool the ll always be somebody clever a hoop.
come workout house a link it something ouse that were reveal the slayings.
and the boy one to chichele l. kice that may ste of year are going to be where ck eem wint the a van registry material and the web all kaif day to that contains information that's generated by people who are le archly still a law ife say the stakes a much higher than if u.t. inning with historical information wet people may not be to wrecked me have thanked ers or.
and it's also the case that that digital data that's this blurring of the bam drees between morts public come what's prive hurt and people's understandings of what's public i'm what's prive it a not very clear an example of fat is twitch sayre at where i think people have the broad cost meh age where they just treat something and them they have the other mo.
could wear their rip ll oi ing to somebody and a conversation on very says those the completely public but i don't think makes people think of it like that in think if that conversation it's being something it's a little bit more prive a itch say they post they mns that you know very very personal information in very public spaces.
yet so i will that what ought well hw you and a nw yet to plean pts it's around fed a yeas say you're at ats quell ute but you know lat to be publish huge amounts or you can publish derives data but not the whole day to ste i was qc a.
that you so low well what we're new yet you thi lol mm you all good yes the are and it bit on his ivan yacht it's a piste sen to ched newman a in the uk it's uk-us send to g. can fe to copia it's that an percentage in disturb he to its people owe eaten clay a cert an amount its again it's freight.
there he what ca nz to cheats ferry fair use is not really very closely des fall i ain't and and akon be a benefit is a were set cer because it's not stop in you explicit lay but it can osa be a disadvantage because you don't really know i i was mart he said with a have tea truss pte examples they can produce every world for analysis but only cuz she can't you slot to than read him.
the ho pad age said you and i am so it's put yeah it there he spree and that fair yeas doesn't get your ff the herg creeley its its annie firth her very short to abstracts relf of the the whole data sets and and it's also a a i mean it's is a wonderful thing for research is and pretty much ne biti and id up in an archive previously.
it riz annie at if you had a coming pts cantet with government because you rick rim uno all you were pain your tax a's or you was somebody import impaler six it you rid and dup in an archive gen relate but now this the potential for oil of osce ce to end del in national libraries an archives through all social media active a c. for example i'm at will producing dater izzie goethe's are all law ice the.
i'm that's great because people in the few chill gas find i wh ordinary people lived bought not everybody want pssst every detail of their life to and duck hit an r. coit for people light us to look cap and piece together d. research which later i is ip great so i sicko by jeal he a late much i can circulate and she just as taking as a give and.
that all people want to be remembered but academic west a nice tay street is a gram dia osa sumption a i'll i think she's up salute year ict some people it will be crate a low for their families to find asked about mean the future other people mm not same uche shun that's our he get was the right right to be for gulf an discussion will they this and all ky va exemption from the right to be forgotten.
say ear or m. nd ope can nus oaken science isn't easy they're all of he ce things gettin you know way from being completely a pin about what we do a but it is really important a and that's not just meeting funder requirements add there are quite restrict if punter tune crut requirements are projects like this.
about making everything is a pin ih she cad i'm so redo you have to do that but there are other reasons eights not just about a man day tits about warms hang share your said sheekey and making shill the all work ees freely as a to bl to the whitest pa supple would ian's and the most obese example is medical recep sz at klieg as mind he riz very very alo.
was able to reset che his i.u. condition what he was in hospital to talk to the people here a treating him butts not going to be the case furred most took a work that we do eighty but it show she how mm porton an valuable it a sp from material that way where king on to be mm age a pen i and that's how we him pleura nts culture in society and make shull the every won has ickes but a access.
steck ce petits and new knowledge not jest all pier is or people who a wet kenyan universe to use that could afford to to sub sc ripe to thing pts its to make sure that we can implements conversations and.
notts criticize people fun not understanding difficult topics if we haven't been able to provides the aunts as today ce questions ape an lee t. them it's no wonder that people den understand climate change for example if will have p arca term arye search as look to a.b. hide a paywall so we needs trine get that outed to the i can i know can science can just be amenable.
means a publish iin your results and des positing you're dater nw a and i hope we what will be doing mads and but it can be something more radical i think nd much mu read to color perched a oaken nus transparent see and sharing which is star sing to be discussed this concept div radical i n ness it's not gia sharing you end results some of your data it's a bow.
at where king in the i pinned to the lifecycle of the whole project this is something that universe tease don't lie in very much sharing intellectual pro persie not try to look at a wace the the you can make money ass fit later but oh you cunning at elbe said other people can yes' in re yes' it a sharing knowledge and ek spare t. ease and being open about processes a smarty www with thang ireland.
ear is when is just rizal ole sss am tookey about what didn't work as swell us what da age this say much pressure on arse as for searches the to cherie that we're delivering value for money uri doing great things that we dent took about what didn't work a much can be as useful if not more use fooled other researches the reporting on ass excesses i.
and it's oh say in really broadly about listening to the people he want to contribute to in met use of our rhee said pts the mewing there's conversations outside universe tees and aca team year and that's the really important thread for this whole programme ih zine erg agent with why to culture and society and it's easy if you some kinds of research than others we've or been talking about it childers.
for search here and not always under stun doing where everyone else's during third it is difficult to communicate complex talk picks but it's worth funding tying to do it.
i now haddadi if you know about the fed prints ples manned dealing with data management.
no oak aaj thing this pretty much a kind of auc light would dater preservation framework i but it break stan ish he can see on the slides t. fine double oak excess the bull inter ope rubble and vry usable and their the four key principles for your data management some a should beata fine dit use day it it should connect up to other things and it should be reuse.
and there are this is the force eleven fray much which sam's very gia matic which has the very ste i a mmmm technical requirements that you need to fulfill in or des to meech they zte that principals it's about mehta day churn stand ids on i'm not kunta took about a that today but i'm going to took a little bit about humanity says baden on they sp full things.
so is find ability and discovery bennett say there have very well is stab ish mechanisms finding things by a publishes he you know what gentles a use you know what conference per seeding she use you neri stay shoe rip ah zit trees you gauged say pp and those tend to be run by service a sort expect you to pie or expat you hewn a vest t. to patti so we need to kind of.
combat that how bit of going to an normal play ces and look more widely to find things that might be useful and and this ib scrip shun version dh sadly a is often much easier to fine tune the open access version because publishes put great matta dater i'm thing mus research is ten not to put quite such could matted tater on things and search enya n't the boy.
missed two wards different kinds of data providers as well so it might be open but it's pretty much an visible if it's not disc rye to prop late it's there you can tell your funder it's great i made a a pern but no waun is kind to read it say that's not a particularly use to form a openness and i think that's going to become even more her problem the.
more i've can access material there is the harder is kind to bay to find your particular piece of ris a ch so that something to think about a show going along with a documentation an mehta data stan ditz and where you cheese to put your data for other peeper to find.
ert so that means met is a ter vr it means you nica nw persistent identify i ith and it means putting you a dater in as many places as possible it's fars euro lout tinged said a in your id its to ch you shun tyrie severs is likes a node a it he got personel websites who the k. patch or website the more places it's a end the more lightly people asa find it if you puts it.
where they going to look rell the than expecting them to come to you more people were fined you will your were sat ch.
buddied also any to be a bit more act to if the nat it's not just about the ten in co standards it's about and big ing more active about communicating to non specialists it's easy to talk to people you understand you'll very specific tam in ology it's not easy to d. the arts to other people a or nw open access rim mieux.
just a technical financial an geographical barry as but it's just knocked enough on its i own and it's too often talked about as an end point this is open accessed i don't he to think about a anymore i are there are lots earth nw a tory us digital you money sees exam pause were projects they were ope earn we've got an a p.r.i. and they don't provide any instructions of documentation about how.
you use ip zz and again dh fa no nw specialists him per to you they're just not kind to understand what they need to do said that's affective lee clegg's ste they've take to box for their funder but they haven't really made it i open soap publishing without took you ments haitian is no yeas to any won an in fight to he went but to your eye nw dater oft about ten years and it was an docu.
mended you probably would be able to use it either soay what i and think about i i we say everyone hates doing documentation of than someone in the rims there's no i really lugt you to a get so i'll just say i hate stew docu whose patient but it's really importance and and think about what orde you nts you want see reach his whelan we've got multiple different audience it's for this prairie graham because at that.
whitest a sayah pte ol aim say think about hugh you wants to oct to a and nd and how excessed uppal isn't aca tem it journal our school to some mourn hughes and on specialists to left education at eighteen say a prob a-b. not there he.
so their looks the service his ear arounds that help you think about that and help we disc ripen prix zen your search in a way that is going to be excess uppal to there is much wide it would insists the veni have you had of q daw sss he is of ooh really grace oeuvre a switch i suspected startling an to get both op by major publisher kwai soon in clothes store from become less easeful.
but for the memon it's a tool kit to research is to describe your work in a way that will make it more find of ol and more excess the bl i as they describe it the three key things to bring your publications to life are to explain to share and then to measure the him patch you'll having and how people a using and citing your material and its.
cut aef free at the moments a you can set up in account and you get mecir ext back for how people are accessing and hints in tips about what you can do to mate your work more a pen an excess uppal i as i describe it here it's the opportunity to tell the story if you're risa ch and connect together materials from different locations and you can keep up dating your page stir a.
it your on going were so but add me materials demonstrate can teen you'd reliv an sss that continued relevance thing is really interesting because we quite often do our of search publish it and for guess about say it but the airy that you aware keen on mice sought me come to prominence because as the particular new story auto pegged and if yn go bike to its and refresh that and lingo own the.
me it's in the public moll ing gns then you're going to get that kind of him pikes and yeas eh ch and and again at the end you at this all helps to make it easy a through re des ce to find an under stein juha work which is the key thing about i open science to me i a un and you can find out very easily what people it doing with your where this isn't ought aqel i pub.
which just three thinly with and and g. press cool on negotiating the born digital a problem of search and whether we like you do in knots that has all metric information about how people are reem relating to your work on lying three social media and they you get three to air and got an oak match it score stevan teen seventeen wat you know use it's just.
ft of number but it's i the higher or its low worse i riff its high it's good if it's leyritz no ought i'm then you can get a bit more information in that about exactly what people a doing at weather's blow gers or tway ce her i'd had no i day some an id written a bro post about or and till i when tin and how to look at their this ther you can sort of stew you id your own md.
nd toe you foil as they researcher and do you things to make mall excessive ol and see if those work there it met tricks however and fallible that will help he a to d. that a next question to the room here has an oak id id.
mace to few that skids mm not quite all of you erm this is again a completely free service and the you kneehigh dent afire stays with the you not your institution ter out we or whole career as a researcher you can attach it to any saying it research gras gns but chapped is oughta coles bloke.
code ste sss data set and it's the way of bringing all if you a wet together in one place that's transportable with year you i she go through your whole career is their research or so i'd really encourage you to sign up ist very simple oh this is this is my won here which i've stood of fill that with very spitz an peace earth.
it's quite a lot their lots the defra places the you get encourage to put your prey file and that's a pain you know i don't to to devitt again and but this one is they really he strongly i'm urging international standard so i would very much encourage you to make good yeas ove it jd and cert me in the you kher a a sum of off funding bodies have now made it manda treat that they will knock eve you funding and the.
such you have one of these ids so i suspect that's going to happen more often as swell but think about if somebody searched for you all gnaw i aim what which you want them to falling md a and if you take i.e. nish ip of it this is your opportunity to determine what they will find rather than just allowing the search algorithm to ste throw up a whole load of rug dumb.
stuff that might know the what you were people to know about year sary or if you want your mice cart research sue a pair the talk asserts henge un's puts him f. the teared an to curating it online effect if nate.
ck own can't you said a inter up ability is next which i seen owais as me still isna i'm doing the oya fed sauri drewe beget mess today sir in stand dude is or mm i i'm sure it art have to tell you all but think about inter up for pulis he from the star qt of any risser ge project because this very hort to go but can d. the up retrospective late if you haven't got it.
they're the beginning and relisted ie whirring stew it it would just bt much work say yueh ain't and think about the appropriate standard sfi or disa plan a un in multi discipline or he pro checks lined this stotz quite a difficult conversation because they womb not be the same standards in different and marty talk to looked about different standards are leah that's going to day for where the or in competing.
the science of data side so digital humana ca's they were in orth be the sang sir have a converse sation about how you can mate those tuk to each other.
and think about the service isn't riz or says that our natural fit to link on to your dater how have they been put together how aday euston and let that in flu ments how you decide to ditch if someone outs as done something really while and just copia pts i'm don't try in reinvent the whale because his prob year reasoned that there's a ste a stand that have become.
come most call the so you don't meets do you that is hen its he to say inc my projects not quite like anyone else there's so a m i don't need to if follow this same standards that everyone else this or any to adapt it slightly i think humanities for such as the particularly prang to mm up my project special nothing that's around at the my meant is going to be any good for it but mean oak the main stand is the familiar.
much tre reason.
a or learn reuse ability it as i said i sit ne batik i don't lie during it but good documentation zz a sign show license saying at the mou pp as ace per mace if the license the more like leah tay is the pika wych you ease your work that's self evident really but it's of people in the humanities.
these have a real problem with their pts and they do not like publishing things as m c c by the crit you won a the creative commons license thing zeist m.
yeah ok he and said a most oh can when he see she's ear a which is i ding care what you day you don't have to say where this kind from you can just taken do anything c.c. bice perfidy fine from most perp stirs a lot of people tend puh the non commercial elements in their than at the and that's that closes a fa off.
awful lotta view ace a not just who big commercial companies it might stop your own universe t. putting on something if they run his ert usman pts on the page or they using it to celtic its to a conference depending and how you in ted a print non commercial so the most open license he ca mm pos a-b. did and be clear about the license because if you publish material any haven't said the conditions under which.
which people can access it they might not use it because they wort ne what they're allowed to day serre tellem what they're allowed to date a and try not to close down options i think east the key thing with license thing if you're happy to people to used don't chaya nd say where you can use it for that but u. conn use it for that or bad to make his i can ih she can and this pp.
a yeah purty famous quite now by reef its pollick the besting zz do with your data will be thought off by someone els so don't trine pre-determined the use that people can make with the or work.
her said oh that's around about opa noce sss is this a could point elena pts play for coffee he by now yet ok pq on hand owais ert to mardi in that case for collaborative tools in methods.
okur so i'm going to ger through some examples of project planning some die de life cycles a little bit of like ridha men tree dot a menage mutt stuff which might seem what common cents mm but a lot of people kind of not don't necessarily think about it a probably not going to do a little bit a but to ge a the.
a taishan but i will talk about crowdsource an because serre small relevant for the machine learning stuff i so but with project pining and law shah ichael zz sss you need to basically your oh responsible for your research i'm and the collaboration zz and patna zz that you bring into your research she need to ge kind of.
mine exactly what their spa nz abilities are for those how they going a work together i'm same with the supplies an infrastructure you're going to have different levels of accessed different requirements have access to different computationally per structures so it's important to clare for the roles fr each of those there is a huge range ove institutional support so i just grabbed all of the logo is foa the.
button is that are involved in this program a m and then all of the logar zte fort the data provide is an m show eve kind of mingled and spoken with a lot of them i'm not scheu thes few www khan have looked at all of than individual he des see if they might have data that would be useful for your re such project or just the ones that you thought mutt be a per prix a fj.
you so you reach out and explore even further if you can i'm and then as jane said there's way you put it and hal you make it accessible put it in places were people can find it put it in many places the people can find it so or aam klier and is a re such net where we can publish a lot of research data get hob is used more and more for.
over the xing erg research data it may not be the best place for it but a is another like ation the people can use to find it arwa nw drive is our institutional or pas a tree you may have something similar which is the cloud storage that you get with your look ol institution amend there's other organizations like the your pain up in science clout in the line ce of des jeux ll humanities that.
in it wicks that you can can a plug into to find other oppurtunities took publish your research data to find a mm other people who a talking in thinking about these things as well so are part of the life cycle is well this what with famille you to a lot of you wreak her collect you data first you created a then you do growth when analysis process.
and then all tem of the have to store a some way a m there's the anonymize ation problems there's the cop europe problems of storage a witch ussher really about what degree d. publish how much do publish and days usually a lot of work involved innit.
a i'm than this the sharing and the putting it in the le cations as jane mention does to get it out this so that people can use it and find it a end then i'm not to show that you bui going down this route so much but digital preservation this is putting it in and is to to shun rip aza tree or digital auc car of some wis so that in fifty jez time it's still re usable.
and ges a just an example an a law fs suckle project in the digital humanities i'm for the last des could asst so a lot of the funding is going id to tool building and one of the rees or says that was produced avary such project was the liberalism in the americas digital auc i've so a did digit toys to of what to much or hemming volume's all as there.
these one hundred an twell hundred an sixty rei cords which was bet twenty three gig abouts of paged cannes a i'm the a serve a cost fifteen hundred pounds a you to host and the ri such funding affleck ation didn't have any he provision for keeping these state a on loy an pp oh stree such project soeur when you thinking about data management and re such funding a ed.
uno you in your pitch taper grams now but in the few chine id to think about what do you do at the end of the life cycle with three such data that you producing so are we had to my great this to another pas a tree our institutional or pose a tree the sounds like a simple process n you just lift it from one database and put into another database but there was are kind of structural mapping.
we had to consider with the academics the meaning change of the terms of the va cab yul aires and that we used in the mid a data and so took a lot aback and forth an took a lot of tom an ear in total it took about ten day zz but with all of the delays of the communication going back and forth actually took six months to complete and this was just taking data from one source that we had complete ak cyst to and.
putting it into another source that we had complete access to so or ump think about that when your publishing your data for papal to reuse in the future so you getting back to the standards in the openness it makes it easy if other people to pick it up and work with an m spe he about radical up unah ce end transparency ol just quickly ger through recoupling.
pl of the example digital projects that we've run which show or less pay h d research projects mall online digital tools a on the first ons could brie she strung on which is run out of these to true of a store aqel research it is a des jeux a to lahr bei re of prom resources a nz about fief to iin he is old yet so they've been dh.
digitizing texts double re caning them for that long so the ninety non pp a non percent accurate and that was written in i us pay dot net i added to be running in ice peyto at net for read a decade and the research project was to transform that and rebuild the sought and because this is kind of pinned in as a subscription service.
stays there was kind i'm modules that pin ding to the fr annette show institution to pop mm a nts they was subscriptions that propped plugged into the lahr briefer access to subsets of the data and the dater it so ff was in an on stand id form adit was consistent throughout its on in set but the mehta data was stored in relational data by says the x. an oak.
on tent was on the fall system so there was lots of aaj specs to can city he and so the project phases that we went through was an order to have the existing system an structures www a planning full of the ri from ation of those structures a than the development fi a's and then putting the new site obvious the in top aeration za ft woods a and the business systems that what impacted by a.
which of those was the cyl system because there's revenues that was coming in quite regularly for this the it a tory a process needed to keep going so we were didn't want to stalled the digitize ation process jure ing the ri bill process so we want to to make person provisions to cape the all system running in then do a quicks whichever once we had prepaid for it but that required some kind a tech ticks un negotiations.
ok she ation to us which things i've with the eye tate apartments and then if his ob v.c. that the technical requirements were were ish ish f'ing from n a s pay don't net framework to a pay itcz pay by ste framework so this skills requirements in the tames the take on operations for these sorts of things so and this colour are as ation is khan of my way of representing how the.
this was an a klain waterfall by ce process it didn't go wanted a time it kind of went step by step the the yellow is informing the brown or the brown is investigating full would and eventually we kind of got old developments server into operation in a move a stew planning on exactly had a change that and so a it was a not a klain process.
this it was lots of these boxes in these two facets of the project plan wh were kind of feeding in an off each other and different papal were spa nz uppal for different parts of it at different times aunt what we fortune lee ended up with whiz a kind of a re launch with a continuous to plough eman in a continuous upper ation so that was quite knicks pensive pp.
process but ped i'm just nigg zam pl of the sorts of digital projects that we've gone through i'm another example of the methodology xers that we've used in some projects ease uf with history a palm unt this is a traditional research print publication process but what we did with this juan wh was transform att through rue a a enix.
semel database so we put the xom ill date of isis the center of to publish an process i'm and kind of pin the print the traditional print research life cycle around that and we in that with quite a lot a show iterations soeur once we had received the word fall us from the researches they were all saw and off to a certain degree of quality a that.
was him put into a drupal that eman ish drupal content management system which had an ex-im l. schema for exporting from the relational late abase the ick cemil was not really stand that eyes but it was tile id towards what in designed could recognize a mm and in design then picked up an applied style sher eats so talk a graphical star ll.
teats for the transformation and then all to mullee went through the traditional way of p.d.f. iterations with the it utters fa corrections in the lichen winch off to print so the what we did with this project does put the x m l dot a base in the middle of a traditional publishing process soeur what we can do with that at the end is take the xom ale and.
mutely make that but been data.
another example an awe stop off to these cause whiz should have some coffee is there's a it a lab cooking zz digital lab at to king's college london and there are des jeux of humanity's lab that specialize in producing tools like this and they quite open in transparent about the why that they operate the way that they bills main tyne.
ability and sustainability into they re such projects end it's pretty much in the middle where the circles are here it's an agile development process prix pp ross prix projects tell go through an thou consult with their clients ole they research as who have funding to build a tool of some kind quite in quite a lot of d. tell.
sin the project with the potton is talking through the online architectures per ta zing requirement such hr additional project management time activities things that you will have to do in your own re such project if you've got collaborate is you on they to coen net with them in a project management star all then ultimately the two khaled lines the of aleutian airy development in the deployment is the what we traditionally.
think of tool building just hecking away him producing code a m but what they also have with this is post project so when you son ott to build a tool an host a tool with kings digital of their very clear that what you do it the end will have to be auc awe of tin switched offered a certain period of time so they require op you infrastructure to be running foal oh feith.
in five jez sss and they do that so that they can maintain their own rick sustainability for that tames and they rees or ce as so i these are oh kind of project tech ne kes project management methods that a not quite the same is ph day ce but if you think about you pay h d in this kind of procedure way in a project management way you'll actually kind of.
be able to prepare for annick publish ur data in clearer a wace and the methodology in the document taishan for running research lech this these a by product which is also something that all talk about i think arf to the coffee break.


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