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Digital Methods
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Social Media Data Analysis: Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Deep Vernacular Web
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and of my name is richard rogers i'm nguema professor of new media and digital culture i the university of i'm sort i'm some coming to from i'm sort i'm a and what i want to do this morning so ott you have me for quite a long try mm i'm so if you have me first for a session aung the study of.
this social media and then serbs to grunt lee a for as session on what isn't a vent so vat one will be a little bit shorter and this form will be all take the full hall take the full time i want to talk abouts the expertise aled that we have an amsterdam.
a and also what you will be confronted with when you come to the summer school which is either neck summer or the summer there after.
and the expertise there is something we call digital method sss so what i want to do his own a tell you a little bit about thar pts and how we study he social media and a more generally so first woman or do ism when a situ weight of the study of digital methods historically zz so order talk about.
where we all are as store ical yi an terms of a re search with the intern att and with wh web did a specifically then what i'm in a do is i'm going to situ way des jeux will methods a piste mall onge ick lee that is to say how oh does dude digital methods of these the way iron a stand it differ or are is simmer with approaches in the digital hugh man.
undies as well as in the is wells an des jeux will sociology or or yi social science is gen really and then finally a want to show you out quite practically how digital methods are done so i just want to kick off by saying that's that digital methods allam.
and and that the idea of using the web as a data source is fairly recent so it when studying the intern at all when starting the well gb so his stork lee ball often times we true did the web as us as what a sort of space apart something quite to sting to have and this particular.
in our idea of of cyber space is still with us so the word cyber space is not mused that often but it's still used in at these two contexts a cybersecurity and cyberwar that say i'll that cyber space a so as a separate rao but cyber.
space at as are the wise and some ways dated also as an approach or as a metaphor anil approach to the study of of the internet so it's no longer thought of as a as a space apart m i think that that changed at lee's for a lot of people all where earth ear rival of the digital eth nog refers and about ninety nine in-i.
ein two thousand people lie christine heinen are famous book virtual oth nog roughy as well as dan you'll slater and dawn miller they in some ways did something quite interesting veh a whe are apart of or wave of scholars who went to vsa eibar caf eh ayers when.
to people's how as is interviewed them of the xer bei them of how they actually use the intern as so this sort of over the shoulder tight methods and and then a and some ways ushered in a number of of really important concepts and also approaches they coined the term virtual methods.
and and virtual methods were the importation of social science meth oeuvre zz importation and transformation or even migration of social scientific meth a on to the web of and what we did somewhere or round two thousand severn two thousand aid.
is we the claire urdd the end of the virtual a and and coined the notion of digital methods as distinctive from virtual meth ers so digital methods would to were due zz the methods of the medium so not import meth is from the social sciences per to spin ofs of a sz.
in its etra pte setter and talk about things like the des gilles divide and the au round other of the the this was the study a olive medial method so what of the methods that have been written for the medium an are in some sense of the medium there's another on particular it lee interesting idea and this is something the is still.
oh of pssst something that we use and this is the question of the base lie the so are oh i previously any time you used web data there would always be the question of whelk eight you made some findings with the web but now we need to ground them off fly.
with digital methods re intrade if he idea as the of of the all online as the bay sly the idea out of or the question under which conditions about kony use the online as the baseline as the sight of your findings and also the site of the grounding their olive.
m o's recently an i want talk too much about theirs today others vin the turman traduced the post digital and it's a very interesting a effort a turn in a love itself and what the pows digital are argues is that this is that there's nothing no longer des sting to www about wv the digital.
space so so if you use the term digital methods ub like i do you don't actually need to use that because md we no longer pte need to make this distinction between analog an des jeux as all or bitter it online a on flight eva or even a even into made to that there is such a distinction ness asser.
for a that's one way the sed n't nour shun is use the other why the pows digital is used is it was it is it it in the sense of post a p i research for nowadays as you known i'm of the talk about this of a little while a facebook specifically a are but other plot forms a less so.
so have cut off access of to data of behemoths us the pages a p.r. i have phase book officially under a if you guys probably didn't experience tis as well on the for the septum are now i was the end and what it as come and its plays is the sources science one project which a most old a.
part of as a critic want our which oakham through of later i'm but any rate this is the pows digit all where ob this is the second idea of what the pows digital is that is locked platforms and the need for post digital method or post a p.-i or was search.
froch a so i want to get tune example or vert digital meth is right away this is quite a core last ick disses politian a new york times i think in two thousand tan this is using data from all recipes dock com and the dade a wh year.
but art the queries of on of this recipe website for or thanksgiving recce spiehs so this is a sort of american dh feast every year and the day before thanksgiving people started searching the web for recipes and the dark of the color the a the the higher.
the on the incidence of queries for an this one is three putted apart i the sea where isse weeper pte a doe pies been queried full for proportionally more sol than else where un's soon and here as macaroni in cheese also mm an the sound of swe patel yade awe of all wary.
so the mid wester a core n't kassar all this is like true ish leave the corn belt and e.u. us green beans on the west co's ste turkey brian very northern so what you did he year or choir pts des quite pts conventionally all most is a kind of geography of taste a joerg roughy of tasers.
this pts a on the base is of of web date on the base of ste of ste of queries how in all most p.'s daw call now what's interesting a about it on his to ask you self the question of how reem would i done at how would a have done this different like how else could have created these visualise or shuns so you could think about surveys you.
could think about you know i mean the other thing you could do is just they will how can i ground this in the online so can i use ort of ince to graham photos of of of you geo geo tagged insta graham pictures of meals on thanksgiving itself so you see here that the idea.
but of the of using web dade a and as an indication of what is happening all and then grounding in and they all mm line is quite a doable.
this one you can see the out line of the state's a but this is then a specificity measure so which of which recce p.'s were most specific lee querrey dh for this is a this came out a few years liver.
and huh i think you all will owe have heard of if not read about if not sided a number of these sources mm which around two thousand nine when a wee coin this idea of digital methods there was also the coinage of the notion of computational social.
i pts a i was so computational so sz a science of his it's a term that a i are all for was first coined in this particular science article but are by david liz error another's as be eying i'm a the ott the similar idea up of using.
thing the web as a data source and this data source would be then as indicators of what is happen he in in society a don't can what's a few years before that also talked about this particular a turn now some thing happened quite drastically i'm a couple of years later their call.
undone to question in some way a as i'm a big data or are the computational turn and this was google flu trends hugel flu trends of courses are very femme oth project how rich have used the flu oh and flu related cui or.
aires and the geo a cordon utz from those queries in order to gain a sense of where the in ce an ills of flu wiles i so could we use search id inc weirs to track a flu and this was not the only praagh ge it of its kind there are benefits.
few others i'm the national ince to des www health in the u s ike sz lee ran a calm pte aston two thousand off fourteen redder all this time asking for those different kinds of webbed techniques where you could provide a pretty me logical indicators but the interesting thing here are.
of was that suddenly a in this particular period google flu trends was found to have bend over are estimating the ince is un's of flu.
and this is the this is the biggest problem that we all can fronts when using web day or so all or or we he measuring something in the whi old or are we measuring something in media n what's the difference.
hm so what it was found of was that sss that https the over or of were porting of these particular a queries or the over incidents there are of a probably came from the fact that people would watch t v hearing that it's clue flu sees an and then start kwiry a ing.
it to find out about the flu not that they had it themselves so this is a sort of classic in media effect a so this is the the question that won is always of asking whether of an isp as upson wv the va big data flagship project where the big data a or where data.
the i'm measuring societal trends are measuring media effects.
and and kiss or what i want to talk about up of now is a piste more logically what what were urdd how to situ aid digital methods of hm and a more or talk about that with respect to not not all approaches in id you'll humanities an the iiss oce a science is but just a couple that i want to flag.
i as well known approaches and then situ way to gilles methods of their in i'm good of do it like this the mm a and.
what you're a looking art this matrix is have to bite to is the difference between ain the des jeux a toll and the digitize ste or the natively digital and the digitize ste and then i'm talking about that in tune ways docking about nade of lee digital.
data and does you tires dh dater and natively digital method and digitised method and then given whe or tick yul are pro ge shes howell up particular pro ge as an ill you'll who manatees and he social science as how the operate sort of speak what they use i've ce i've.
a place them in these boxes i and then a want to go through an explain ol or but of while a have done that.
i'm going a start a arm with the digital humanities and him particular ion cultural analytics cultural earn a lid ix is a interest stain its of sort of a small movement almost now it was coren by love mon of ih ched term some years ago i.
and two thousand to han more can that aus i'm nine a i'm end of coursed it has at least of shares the key word with our old project a and a lid ix a but i'd other was not that much so a what monod it sheekey and others.
i have dawn so gers quid lee its it there's now we're draw at all of cultural an allitt ix which ste avic started last dear of and what it is is this idea that to you he can how does this its adie about how to study so the digitized art.
what and litter ch or and imagers so high mn of ih ched mull just show you.
the so of this this sort of stuff he's him into walls.
so what mn of the ch an others have proposed are and also created so this is this particular software his image plaut.
and and image plot is as soffer that sss has been rei gill the updated zz have and used a to a recently a all our but never the la's what it does is a group's images by their formal properties.
and it isn't art historical approach so when you begin to a oem a sort of describe art works materially you probably were mine is a of label oles i at art museums right oil on canvas a but this what this goes a step.
but for other where there are looking at of their hughes such aeration utz etra so what mn of itched a as on argues is the what what do studying here is a style space and this style space.
i on i provides you with a sands of different a i their periods or changes in a particular artists worked like mark rauf go or others the done specific an owl says on those aam of all or i'll also over time.
and what does what is interesting about mn of a ges oh arguments is vis here and why he considers big data interesting big date is off times cr t. qt a but in the vigil he mandy's and to killer or in media studies a what this is very interesting what when mon of a.
aargh used he argues that big data at the big to a a big did or approach has two things going for to the speke won his one no longer needs to pirie addai as.
rather what shoe see his continue was change so you see gradual change in on half to period eyes arrive say the modern an the post modern and the pre bl her the.
the other won his you no longer have to categorize so it in art history or is in history.
mutts cube with art has ger for what what one is doing ce here redick ll he often is your pure id eyes ing and categorize or a and so what so i'm mn of itch proposes is is no what dw ah we could have with big data a and when we visualize it like this over time hwy have contin he was change.
a and continue was to scrip shun.
fw this is md maybe won of is more well nome works not that long although all though now other thi insta graham a p.-i i no longer co-operates with any of us this would no not really bew possible but this is this is the work sell fee city sell fee city dot net so what mon of itch.
and called exe did was kwiry hash tech sell free and the geo cordon its of five cities rio i tokyo moscow law senders euless de another one.
and then ott you can see up top took the form or properties of thirty five hundred that's the meh or kes that your limb it or of these was of the time on a nz tram thirty five hundred images fb end made findings about so the fs city sentiment or mood so he ferrant real oh.
or was quite jaw orly a and ma sky ow hr was quite grim ites that as you keira maj an a mm owais it fs that's cultural unlit ix i wore up unt aiw awe n't to move not to culture all knicks this is and nother a o. hm i mean it's in the eye.
i would cuil us fight in the digital you mounties because weld does is it again uses a digitised data but this time digitize books so it relies on the google and graham the your of and a it in facts realize most heavily on the english language.
on will the and graham bew or haven't that has the the but the better data us sort as peak but there also are the languages as well.
what's interesting about culture omics i is that it does interesting work for a on lean wis likes augur fres a and ardor kind of cultural zz story of an the does you lee mound is more broadly where one could look at sss term udell or ge ical changeover ta.
five and ass cool art of questions that won a were arguably would not av than able to ask without a a sort of cordon core distant reading approach we can talk about the critiques of dissed really if you like as well but one of that rue more interesting findings for example all of interest.
sin the des jal who mandy's is that celebrity sort of being famous has shortened over time.
so the sed the the loo that of der ration of us liberty or the idea of a sled brilli ub is far shorter up a off over time for example.
a also a look add the history of different qt cultural khan strug kes of and which ones have fade ers and which ones have bent on the a a send and say looking law a largely into of suv cultural intellectual all har turan zz a.
so of what i've for have basically are showed you are to what schools of thought and the jewel in a man's ease and how have these rely mo significantly on a digitize dade us so so of stand or digitized.
paintings ort works magazine cover as and the digitized ub books in their also on using a meth ince that org your billy or also digitize so beth as from art history than a ger him port into of i'm into the the digital what i wanted do now as i want to.
but auc about on a koppel of approaches in the in des jeux will so ce your ole ajai or a border in on information science that views natively digital data butts have digitized method of and these on our of a classic won.
which is whether metrics an a sort of knew were won which is or newish shun not are newer he longer all to metrics a i'm so whether met ger ix classically have and and and in somewhere is a mieux could this cause all the way back to page rank put to boat but also to other ideas of our of.
hyperlinks the value of hyperlinks valuev hyperlinks of i'm also could be seen and the paf so that a creates.
and and it and then he case on i'm when we metrics and is something that i'm the looks at links i i ow as indicators of reputation and of corps if you're get ling's from higher i how more higher the reputed a sources the less reputed sources then.
and your gr eh prix taishan rises as of this particular idea this is the this is off or that i build the issue crawler but there's also have other software owe a lawn of it the sed you can do hype erm think an aus as and this ste and still to this tater was a new there's a new project a out of see on spa ll.
and media lab they're called hive which is hyper link a sort of cure ray sir mm or kollek sz an making piece of software but never the less what we're doing here is we are using kind of classic scion to metrics or bid lear meant tricks thinking about i.
like almost likes i taishan an aa ll cess and then applying that to the native lee digital so are you how i have reputation measures like from scion tem objects applied then sub schooley to to links.
and the other won ont which is of morro recent vintage of his auld metrics you probably if i have you www seen the doughnut.
neck stew uptick yul or publication on le i ain't so this is and all tar to to www means fa a of metro fining your citation scores so instead of looking a at sss i could them ick citations or other publications you look at how often that spend many.
antia n't in social media now what's interest he so this again uses they'd iv re digital day a donor with again is so traditional scientific tion to furyk meth as a digitize methods on what's interesting about this our are is at a at first pts glance you could be quite cynical about this the and there are.
ben a lot of studies to ask lee extent to which by mike fell on others ick sense a rich d. the all to metrics provides a good indicator a of i could ever ugh reputation if you use the weather of science as a baseline for example and its found that that's actually not the case so auld metrix he's very all turn it if so.
it's in fact id olden universe of know zhou mm an soar to speak how hr were it what's interesting about a is that it does capture mm.
also what else have year and another of sort of major hr privates asst i could are publishers are buying up in that bat is of i act adem ugh referencing or orb i i academic i have book marking software so if you so it also measures the.
that the ick sensor were ch publications of p. year in these in these pace is as well.
or it so now if you've if you having guested by now we're going to tog about this i'll there's spaced so mm ally col ig ce olive are also very interested in that's space that am to space there are my or talk an had that today butts a the i'm going of just talk about on this.
study of natively digital method and it of lee digital data how and i want just mensch or what i'm you mean bite they'd of the digital i don't think as i need to say some much for bout that for for this particular of room of of but i what i'm talking about ft with fa nade of on oem is like.
a no like this piece of harder where the this is the actual my adopter ride so it's gnaw lt the emulated lawn so it's have written for the a for the process or for the operating system so the idea of than id we des jeux a lier as is written for the medium now this does not mean so i don't me native in and a af through ives put wodge ical sense and i also dorm.
meade it mean it as something aam that is exclusive that is pure qt a on either because one can take a law a bunch of methods from wherever and for measure thighs computers ides its cetera and adapt them a out to our to the web i but this is.
you're you're actually riding the of a specifically for for the medium if you well the so this is what i mean and then i i i contrast those with the methods that are a specifically how of fr of especially lou the social sciences of the humanities but is specifically my eye grade and what's interest.
sing about sss of the de bay ge between what was once i mean i call these digitize meth a but there are ones called virtual mirth aedes the debate about the extent to which one should use virtual meth as verses digital methods is that a lot of view ease a lawn of the methods that are.
is to vm the social science is with the wed i on how av issues do with of things that they didn't av issues with previously for erg zam pl knowing the population i'm what becomes a good sample if you know the work of gary king at harvard mm and he has created.
the data a capturing or data extraction device scald crimson hex a gone you've heard or there's problem lay some of you i'm so why crimson i x ago on does is to it takes a sort of sample ing procedure whereby you say of i i for this particular peered of time.
and if i want tweets from jenner he won two to december thirty first of two thousand eighteen with a hashtag climate change of the key word climate change what this piece a soffer does as gives you ten thousand tweets now is that represent or do iv.
we have no idea or lease there is theirs there is the we could mean there are ways of www out kwiry ing twitter of course to find out what you know how many there have what the population is but that's not the particular mm idea behind this this sampling a perch is just time thousand so the idea of.
if getting something ver presented live or knowing a mm how good your a semple is these things have some soap ish ers so what i ard put forward isn't instead of of caen soon lee dry nd to import odd so sher scientific meth assen medium rather to actually.
it think about those methods our which are so in some ways and native and a lot of these mutha aedes rely i on things that i think that we're in out un-christian lee take for granted of that is the idea that ok on lined there are hyperlinks on lined there are likes there are sharers.
there are dates than zz there are its search or pts etter ride so when you think of those objects thingy things of ocha will what kind i do with it is so what kind of productive work or research can owed to kind i do with with these natively digital objects what i also propose is it as that we can lahr earned from though dharma to des www online.
the vices and there are own methods so we can learn from a number are off ah off of computational methods that are classically used online and then on the the eye dio a of thin the a aam in a in des jeux a methods does just o c all a g. its etra culture.
full and and social riz search more broadly is to think about how to repurpose these methods so ino dw att i show urged before of hm and repurpose ing is the queue term here so what i show aged a four about those search engine queers people are queer ing but than how do we use those core is to make other.
findings about what's happening it's a sighting culture more maher general it art people are lying king how can we use those to find out what's happening nz as citing cultura more jenner way and then fine the ass heene a question wall how do i ground these findings and when in under which conditions is as a pro purrs to ground them in the all mars.
an earth so this is the digital methods gambit and it's very ver different of from the digitized ok so what what i want to do is a one as show your some of them and a i'm going oh oem and i'm going a talk may me about bees a so out prob us to talk about social media.
but of and so i will all going to talk a little bit abouts a which p dio twitter facebook insta graham youtube ol and all also talk what read it and for cham and a one of talk and i've to i'd have an include ers but i could also talk about telegram.
for so so a if you take this de dis general ful law sufi that i a that ike put two year on how our would you then approached these platforms and these aub ge eh ck pts of study and how their will how would that be different from how others are i have traditional approach though so we can pune year we key pedia it.
it often times as been approached and on its own terms as an encyclopedia and the quit and the questions a bill as well how accurate is it how ugh wh how much of in and psych could pedia is it it's and psych could pedia ness so speke and so that argued lee would be a digitized we search questions owe a it vr its or your.
third how over if you think about earl it from a digital meth as point of you a so how'd how could we think about than the objects that or available there and how can we re purpose them in order to make fine ins about what's happening in suh citing culture more generally.
so this is the first project of its kind where we studied a aam the difference beach lee ain a of but the same article across of variety of language ers so we're not starting work you pew years new trower eddie here were and fac.
just that ing its part pro peel ism orts particular idi what is specific to the pages the articles of in a particular culture he how and i'd i just put up as example for you could crease a you could see that if you look a we could be and up where not you only people to discover this obit than brunt.
two or three other projects many pedia aum knee pedia of that have done the same the.
and so which ist see year this is sra brenna tsa a this nis his a k study that i did with ers through der maher in a baa's muse tude an morne bika oh zz of it's a very significance moment and history historical of that it's if you wilf for the baa's d'un zz but it's also very scene of illy a.
for hull vent for the dutch because the dutch un bui talya nw was protecting a shrub run its up when the bosnian serbs came in and massacred off of baa's as an a question if you look at the defra we key pew your articles of your noticed that they have.
different names.
and the un it a time attal research an a lot sher ig zac or where there's right now no so different victim ck it's so the dutch who with who are a.
their tend around dow i and others tender tend around op them a so if you think a been out de studying wikipedia not as and psych a pedia all ford's i kers you ba rather for pts as a cultural reference.
nz and look at the varies objects that are are very all a ball you notice that there are ste a sif ig objects of ill bei sss pacific with a peary oh all objects at you could look a pts and so what we did is a is we built software to very simple software and then others m i call exe.
of ours have built more complex soft where to study he a cultural difference and the send were key p.d. articles.
so are just want to show you have a couple of these a out praa pts so won our own a is to extracts the reference ers so we could p.d. articles have of course or referenced i'm and so we built the simple tool ole aws a part of a suite of tools.
to just grab the references and the ing compare them trop them and which in no pte as is it across the veh hrs we could peary articles they're not referencing the same fame this is on a host level eve i'm so on a page level on the you can ce that so you could explain kultury difference and terms of very distinctive referencing.
the mine personal favorite is the image i and and and or an hour ce a saw for so the so this is cross how.
of cross cultural image and ol says so what we're looking at here is which him his ges are used as kind of argument alb jeh kes for particular www history a a version of of anse per or which to p.d. article whicher a which of prezza which are absent and then there's also the question of whether won can.
and the with computational all techniques not giss use did ifs to get exacts but but get some sort of fuzzy ideas of of similarity and difference what i want to just mention two year is the significance of this kind of work like for culture ole an owl us ooze sss.
and that is a to look very specifically or which images or purrs an a which are obscene so ours what a point joyo to vis juan this is significant this is a over gray start of a thirteen year old balls they are beeb or and this graves stone is in the baa's annear a.
but it's not in a dutch and it's not have the serve an so wire is that well i'm in the could be river righty of reasons but what's important to knoll is that this is proof of that the riz genocide.
thirteen year all go a and this is a sort of significance for the bosnians they idea it also that it's a it's genocide or pts a massacre those a very very different terms of varied are a different consequence is so you can see this particular so the verse caught poll ticks i'm memory.
wang out veh are specific wit on these wikipedia pages wikipedia articles so i only show jew just comparing references n n images but of course there's those all of other things to bui compared and and and what's and it can be quite significant we also looked into a.
but a man i maybe or she just mention us really briefly mm.
what the one thinkable we keep you to its of a little annoying and serves or ids dater is that it provides the roque ation of on norm i'm as editors ba doesn't provide location information of a ridge or stirred urdd ers as the one thing it's and do one piece of missing data and wikipedia mm but never ol leh.
as you can get in indication a of of the place is of edits run it so where these at its coming from and then when you look to the in then you can look at their over time so we have of bill pp a soffer of a chicken look at that overtime and what's where we interesting is to see how.
prob counter in tool of liad lease to which you pedia gns that over time the pour out member ge would just think is under of peer aqel question not just talk about this case over timed do or tekel zz tender improve our mm and become more dh neutral order the become more particular and parochial.
and so what we found a and i'll talya nw haneke pte urdd maybe ud lunch because i told this finding to the king of the nother ullens to remark hwat boy thes out that's an eric don't a tay later but what he thought was oh all over time you know once all the facts are gnaw nw then then you know of all.
of the articles would become the same how as like moon.
you know i think it's the other way route the aam a lease it is for this particular cures so they become far other apart a and one way of looking into that is of corps into the at history of of of whose editing and the lovell have lit same ole to cultural added ing it who bois's a a for particular pp point in.
time mm on the of serbian article their whe or oh nah on swords and all the baa's a nord urkel the word on bozzi and and id ing for very ste shore pores of tight a mm till it became a little bit more let's caught tribal.
ion i i twitter it twitter of those wv twitter's sss of corps toward or wh to utters interesting a reen what what i find interesting bout twitter is how it has transformed itself all over the past sort of decade.
oh all or wherever thirteen years from what it was it the beginning to what are the is now and torm zz of a data source and kinds of questions a kind of was search people are during with or so in a beginning an a just show you un's iv of have it nour yeah here so this is the original twitter.
this stature sz hes is jack dorsey the cof oh nw der.
a and this is in of two thousand six op unt tool recently this was on jacked dorsey's a flicker pyre ge dh de this particular us stork ol bought khyam unt so you can see hr he the kind of history of of the point in time an twitter was was thought of the was a door main hack stat dought you.
wes of status this idea this in ultimo ing not woodard the came but of of it had so it was directed or ste autor of for curragh on iowa mm son fron siskin and urbanites right and the the two d. for all settings that you had was.
bed or going to the park i'd see its i'm sense of a group re were thinking about here as the user's a o m and so this it this was though it the the what are you doing twitter on erm which many found to be a quite bill now wh all a i'm it was.
often times refer to as the whe what i had for lunch twitter the so o o o dunce would you her for lunge interesting i and so but but school all ers who ll took at sears they said well i actually what's happening here is you shouldn study is sub stan to www lee a you just study iv fateh kiely so the idea.
dear sz fateh communication so what we're doing is wort word were not sharing in ff in follow now we're connecting for connecting and you're following people up so the intimately the the the or number of notions put ford of the time and they're still put for today remote imp remote.
city ambient friend fall or so these are the sort of ideas about the value of twitter nowt what happened was the quite right a klee.
the own the aim quite suddenly out around two thousand nine or inter vows an armed facts a wh was that ear went over night a from a what i had for luncheon medium to have river lucian oh you now have corps people voy were following you vence on twitter umunna talk about there's also in.
a second to ste a out thing of to a before lunch about one of theirs an iv and in need you people were following of the australian wild fire ers on v the spec pts hack you'll or landing of a ploy a ain in the how does under river of your member this were no were lme was.
injured a oz and than this was first known on twitter the and then the journalists following twitter with then a sowed twitter earth was the sort of and to spurt torre in news medium so but it's oh it was happening to at ick stands however of at turned into this a on.
you shun airy medium this event following medium where the the tag line change from what are you doing to what's happening and this is the this is the so of two thousand nine i kind of of.
twitter so while we did is we ste faade about what kind of methods arm can and we develop ft of two for this sort of remote event of twitterers a as a as the site for a moat event and els us a ryn so what we did very simply.
is we try to dh to dual couple of techniques where returned twitter into a story telling machine so this idea that that twitter can tell you what's happening on the ground and in social needier through some simple techniques.
so this is of of an artwork so this is been a vivid iv of a wha ought have to front to galleries around the world or to sss a it's the knee iran election.
hash tag.
i to what we did his re toke of the or or run election hirsch ter egged a and re of so this is just a single hastert and the and we took the most re tweeted read a wood most rich rue tweets per day and put them in chronological auteur as as post though www or ver.
first car all aaj ical order and then compressed it i'm so as to get a dodger ist of the what happened odd during a particular set of of a nts hwy also demarcated of the do ration of the a vent through wreck tivoli measures and and we're a able to boil done or mm the juran he lech sz an cries as.
it's cobb ensue i'm the ease a aum ths five tweets.
i'm twitter is also often times considered aus a cart of ish you space for professionals mm so eight generally speaking when a our of making a twee collection hw or oem a lada.
andrs people willed use a collection of has star eggs and key words queer kwiry the mm the streaming a pierre eyes set up a twee collection beginning from that day moving forward what we've found it is that you can create a more row bust twee collection if you first kwiry the search a p.r..
i i'm with your of key words and hash taya gers and then and then do do a co i hashed teigen hours as or has start frequency in hoa lls as and get the other hashtags in key words that you've missed and then add the do your original sets and then kwiry again of so this will get you have or all a awed you billy.
i'm more of robots three collection and term of the bard a study that correction as an ish he space so when you look out twitter anna lit aqel software we've created one call dia my tea can't the a twitter caption an aisle says tool or tool kerr it de a mighty cat there are awed thurs ha.
on you'll noticed that there are normally you know life twenty five thirty forty ma ge a bei ul's a new look at as you thing mm what all what i do here for want to analyze this is a tree collection as unt issue space this is the p.t. key the technique that we've develop pts of were just and a very simple recipe of looking at.
i hashtags in co arsed tags hast tighe xer oftentimes imbedded so sul ish ers or eh nd or and bedded heave thence so you can see the sort of hierarchy of the can cern's an a particular issue space i'm you can also nw look as the out mentions in a sim or a way i'm much oh you graphs on purpose first lists so you can earn the.
stan the space of so this is this is the study of dominant voice hw which voices are getting mention the most not the ones we're talking the most the most vocal but the ones ol mush more meant mention the most ft and finely mm all which a ought and on ords a dorce of form of content an hour sfas.
and for rich are which your els hot are mentioned or and fact hosts so this is the difference between hell re supporters and tramps a pour ers and the twenty sixteen aleck sz an pure id you see very very distinctive a us set of sources being reference by them and in fact if you look at the.
so this is now us of common finding ameen york i bet ical earn all thurs of nade id but the sort of radicalisation of the rides of you look at the types of sources that are being referenced year and they're quite extreme of to the right by the by the trumps or hoarders where as the hiller is a porters their quiets main stra nw.
but i a want to show you a technique that saw of a on for bit in on abi twitter but i think is is owed worth while academic approach and that's an on sag segmenting an audience so if you look at the developer terms of service on twitter it's a as do.
i'm not stg menton audience.
and let's direct ould largely at governmental zz of surveillance this particular idea but i think for research purposes it is completely ok for if you want to study his social movement all utz etra and and this is an interesting question which rican come back to about big of good gook.
the a larger issur of breaking terms of servers a so while we did have his we to a ck we re do re were working way if thought of our the british harm ah ff us the contra extreme is on i'll unit of the ver zz home office that's the ministry of internal affairs of rukh a and.
but they were the experts who provided ill list of the core all pte right figures on twitter earth a time they've now ce subs cui alb and bear and the core all trite figures and so were we did wallows we didn't at mention and else us of so a there's two ways of doing this.
we do that cech away it that the first way was our do were an mention a is you take a oak a core of or of awe ought of oa movement how and then you say a who mentions dat beeb.
fw so your queer ing twitter for out mend for a count names he will on norley do that her you know normally do the riff you queer fret for had a coun him zz of then you see who menges them you also see you mench as the mm recently so you get that sort afresh sort erfurt support network or you can or you can querrey.
i'm who they mention so this is what we did here so this is the sort of core of the altar rights that these as de fine per the contra extreme isn't units and then who'll they mention and what's what sell of scary but fairly wall known knowhow ers is these unt these are who hr the eight that.
to that the core mentions rahl pte rub.
so mean id the this is it the so this is this is that this is a a audience a segmentation technique which i ck sz lee gr reveals quite significant findings i'd a i'm so who did a mention and so then you can sort of build this and a biz this network phone a of of the.
all pte right if you well now what is i'm troubling for some probably here is that you ce your the use an aims here i so should they be blacked out and it's interesting i mi of twitter of i don't know a few studied the don't russian i i r a.
a a a twitter account collection or the a rainy and the of so-called rainy an disa nw from ation collection the twitter released a last of toto ber orzo a on.
i in it they had jj the o u's earn a ams of those who have fewer than five thousand fall oars its inter ing twitter has defined ever in at this is this is quite significant twitter as the fine don't a public figure as having five thousand followers have more i'm so you could use that as your.
or you could sim early use that if you follow the medium or you could come up with other des finish un's of a public figure an and block the rest or a i'm i just want to say when studying twitter the their ole lot of people all and i think this is also veh are interesting to do do these sort of arm this these a this an hour says of lead.
litres armour mm oh yeah i have it here this is one of my favored p.'s of data droll those i'm an r v's seen it and the new york times the five hundred an six the seven people places of things don't all trump has in south to it.
ft this is a cool quantive nice that data extraction ickes are sown the and and visualisation and.
so i was talking with these these the the these these of dale der ll us there weren't touch with aws of reesing they and they ate their one of do oup another the werder an hour says of the relay ship between let's have the all pte right and trump a via a via his tweets and you they're asking who how would redo that ads and so when you see this in the near a carnes.
or lawley zac an but a there are there are planning a lot of dade theyre journalism in the run up to the to the upcoming elections a long these lawns and also the relay ship between trump an the and extreme right a so if you see it you can think of this suh this stalk i'm so here are own i this is in a this is very.
or journalistic so who is in celt at an than of alf of the ties sutra but you could do it a little bit more on a lynn ick lee so this is something the ri did for the the dutch populist a leader mm a and this is our taking a twee collection the in entire tree collection of a of a papa this leader or nother pub.
the for your and then doux just staying through a sears of techniques the extent of the extreme this so you can think through how you rid do it could do it ft re did it a on through.
count a ger i zing tweets as being part of a kind of let's say i'm toll ajai or definition of extreme as or a on that rhee used from this lunn a base thing tank dem all ce which said that the new right is different from the old right or the older garter sort of like the.
old nazis and the sense of they use some language of the laugh so there and to globalization for erg zam pl to the new ride or have the all tried would have or so of so in this particular announces we took a cell have given ion a given definition of what what of the ole trite is.
his and then extracted the tweets automatically kher or categorize them and then dh and then looked at them to see with the queue ger oh ought the automatic categorization made sense i'm and then made some conclusions about real a hair to build ers the ick sent to or cheese so of of ucca all ch why pop of the still he dh or.
a and we found that ease the he isn't he isn't dismore com perk it.
ok on face book i want to it talk about.
i mean the show.
i i didn't the that we should i add our fourth period here to rich a sep theyve att a fourth to those an the in teen and forward i think i don't do that yet but i i should the but i want to have i want to just talk about a on face bork studies where its ban and.
and and also words going so i i think of face book it as a fizz wook as an aub ge ect of study he has evolved i think bore significantly then and he other social needy a platform i know ll the ites twitter when ferb you know the what i have for lunch medium to ur of revolution heard medium to a two now.
kind of generic datasets i know that that's a quite a evolution but i think face books is is even more stark so it's started a as an a of the object to study one one one when no and load if you seen or the movie the social network do wrecking nice this guy was dissed one of the one of the qx cof odd as.
a mm he's also the guy of who i'm revolutionise the music in the stree you do d. rember what he foundered.
and yet so in in the social nev work he plays is really funny of role so he how he says to marx auc of word you know the face book the facebook you are allah pts really lame its kind of he facebook so this it he's or her a he's kind of well known for for the sort of.
friend imaging facebook but it none have none less and the early days what are was still low face book and then subs curly they're just there after the alb jeh kes of study was this so the profile and the friends and whose or is with the scare core taishan zz buik stance which their virtual or real it such.
a tra aam and i'm this this work mussie heard of have this the young fs this work aam on tastes and ties so them so ith thinking about phase book as preda mm alee something which you could use to study he how.
to the extent to which you one ce friends tend to have the same interest saw or the scent aub of profiles its et or knots this changed aam ck whites a grifters so those something the quite sniff going the happened on in two thousand nme none to those an to oars the day her.
i'm two thousand a pts would be guen to happen so there is a prim a study at harvard where are the data war anonymize ste so of the so the hard resurge as doing taste in ties research.
did per size see that sowed do friends have gradually have the same profile interests how and what's michael zam or of adie universe iv a nd was consonant nguema walkie what he did was he successfully quite ease lee d'un on a.
mize to the deya and easy started for the first time arg your bl he of ushering in what has now bui calm a quite a significant ethic ste turn earn and social me there are search so it are you be its started here but a mean it's that sss picked up a wat more steen rhys of lee has un's caver a gentle that ucca.
and but but this is where are your bei lee it's stored of so on or round that time people were still aam studying a aam how up pro fogh zz a nw interests and so a one of the techniques that we developed i think or he or za ff.
it there's actually wikipedia ante for this tower mm of this is of it read of arb a cot post of a graphics its its it's not that different from so see or metrics if you reeled which is so which is the beginning and some ways of the of so shun that work in alls as and some science mm but in other senses has a different trajectory.
and but this is the idea it mm of studying i'm compatibility.
of of interests amongst public figures friends and so this was the first instance that we did this this was the this is when of o. or barma was a was against a i john mccain us was the two thousand eights of ink prez n n sz aleck shuns then.
of looking at their friends and the the friends interests and looking for come pp ca mm padded earlies of this isn't some sense you the cw the research questions you ask your concern extent of the cultural wars hard and sewed do of bomb us friends share the same intra ce as as mccain's friends do the dem or kurtz and that have the thame who.
media tastes sirs speak a nd what's interesting here for erg zam bores that is that the the dem or carse the or bar maher people they were they watch themes like ulm daily show and draw ste where oz the arra publican zeid their favorite shows our family guide project runway merican zz next top ma.
model des spur housewives urdd so is a veh are very sp his shift ick difference between go at the media consumption of a one a group or the other do other way a mean you can also wrote profile a particular the compatibility of one interest with other interests as well we did mm.
what the compatibility of a on his lom an chris genet in terms of so of do they chair the same music case if you have a if your gave his love or purse journal the as one of your gen when trusts fw but i think.
some a mean what happened are with the a pure i to point our nw particular was that all the profile information even for it used to be there was a point where you could get the pro fall of an from ation of your friends so you get your friends and all their pro fall in for measure the new could dual little.
sir so shun i work an aa lls as that ended with a pyi i'd to point all and or you bill he also earth the same timed came the raw eyes of the study very very different facebook and this is that if pagers and that is goral on unter all.
through two weeks ago on and ard you believe this is one of the turn points is my been the most famous phase boo page un has stir it this is their re are all coloured so ied or who gipps drewe of aleutian of thousand of laverne of and this has ben's the a page that is been analyzed.
a quite often aam i and a round this tao an we developed of software a awed called net vitti is and techniques of nd which ought or called into liked page an ole says and networked content an aisle so pages scan alike other pain ges.
and this is the of this of extreme right in europe have this is a who who ooh which pages like which a other pages so give it a seed list of so you can still do this work of its become parred defra crawl ff a of that and the the pages a fg evra jouf could still.
but conceivably do this work of what was interesting at the timed was a jug ould also pull up a names of the in mina straight or so nowt that the our you you're a face book wid would crean nj its this saw there's the image here right now butts this is these are the the a mina straighter.
there's of grew groups of the four rides and then vick spare and to which a aam day are a members of other a group's the in the european for raw rd and so i showed this to the aa i had of the london based and geo hope not hate sta.
but his of extreme risen in euro up and he's he's said to me omagh goodness you know there's a a bout sixty per set of these names a well nong but the other forty percent i think you just discover the new sort of right rain awful guard through a through facebook so this isn't a kind of work there we can not do were any longer mm.
and far sheekey ce the other one is network content earn ole says and this is largely the gauge meant an owl's a so you take a set of pagers you define a set of pages so the all trite again or another won the pt somali diaw spur of this another prod ers we did or the rue wanda nw the us.
spur new it in you ask of what which posts do they a gauge with for modest high and then the most the laughter be the most could be wuss fist kiln that ritz about and or lies ing like shares common pts of posts over tohn and what we fire md a aum and this is the on this is again the the rides.
this is or what we far ailed large late is that what people ill gauge with the most are our means.
hm and its is something that sss how happens across most space as a and i don't all the we haven't test of the ick stead to rich you know the this was just of just a cultural blip than meme and i'm not talk about image macros only i'm talking about meme za.
inoue at a larger sense.
so the idea of of the mean as this sort of particular unit of cultural treads mission wearer it you you creates something up like a you cred a of a piece of culture and then you add it to the meme so that it's a it's a collective of a said of.
iphone images ideas thoughts so when you go fd from ste from from spit a a move morne ce or issue space is or a.
i similar in facebook a ought what you see are a a orc contin your live that the mean is is the most ing the fee in p.'s have called ter and so with its its and some sons driving engagement.
and of ok pp so that's face book i up i just wires showy one other thing that we can't do any longer this is de these are the six a ought russian des ce information page ers had that.
and face book un's auc a burger butted killer so have denied had much reach john of the all bright of the taos unt of for dern ol ers aum tsa a colom he university of the day after the sucker burke test i'm ernie in auc to over two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen a wh went to these rush.
can disa nd from ation pages of face bug via crowd time gaulle so blacked of ists heart of texas i'll united i i-aa mm muslims of america and a three other i rush an dissed information pages and looked at their earned gauge when scores i which were massive and his cr.
inner this public tub ler oh treme out which which shows that we're just which is still aung lawn as a deus oars ok a insta graham and if the hurry up i'll m.
and is only a couple more enter right so in ft to graham in his to graham is a interesting inter thing all object of thirty ameen again org you bill he is ed as fall of this trajectory of going ferb something kwai banal all to something or little bit mourned so news like a and what i want to talk about his of.
and is its transformation so this is that the very first insta graham photo so this is a ah this is kevan cyst drums dog and the grow for unaids foot the and this is sort of family selvy so this idea oh oven ce to gomme as being as kind of pry for all this it of.
but median for self ease him in this is how it began and i told you that live mon of it in his cultural i'll that ix project him took his particular idea of the study of self is worse sears lee i thin at its ste it's still going on this this particular a work although pts become a more odd difficult are you bei lee however it is.
but in ce to graham has also when study a through the lens of russian does information or are through the lens of social cause of also as becalmed arm us phase for studying and hash tag public's ih zz the term that's often times used.
but you could use other terms ford is well so and then the competition between oem and and the in tag a new isms so of and tied in mystic to hash tired public's so bleich rives matter versus or lives i'm outer verses blue lives matter at set tra and this is of.
this quite evident dern the knee distaff to the you as this is an hour sing they a long time a gaz is prix trump the everything prix trump as agree tender sort of a fergie have ths of a an airy with you as suppan the your supreme court of or in favor of same sex merited two thousand fifteen there was so uh uh.
a number of hashed ards on ince tug rob love the wins so herb rate prided such of but then have the same time of their or the in tag an ista cast ties a response love loser is a g.'s of ce rains sher you can study he aam this through sort of ike ryu can called filter are qt of his arm i'm but new could also geo tag of i'm where the.
these where these per tigger post were with is a tag eunice tick hash tyke public's on located to this is sort of could joerg roughy of hate if you will a.
and an hour days ste are you can do owe other things are tso so we're scrape inya n't insta keiron oh cause that because a shut ardor airy p.r. in june two thousand sixteen.
and de and under ardor dirt us oars so this is these a this is out of fall recall a dj ease as another way of studying in ce to groan this is of one that i did risen lee we were commissioned to do the fake news study in another ullens by the ministry of and turtle affairs and re have we found.
have got there's a separate vibrant a are right and wayne yuko system lot of people study of off follow or fake ness.
i lie did mention add a about the starred twitter's sort or bautz ub in its of thing.
and so mulled early are social needy i'm an ip yul ation the question here is.
a questions of some ball ick power so the the use of inflated fall or cow nz to sz to to to indicates i'm sort of great a sambol a power.
youtube ff.
you tube is interesting because it's id the data is so prum this grew they ate youtube a give you everything other least they you stew and tulle reasoning a on this still giving eem lowered zz hw nov vz of dana have very very interesting a and pour and so are a own we developed to beziers saw four.
have called slow of bew to data a two three pts of ngs called own an ound the the particular connor ins have researched that rhee dual have to do with the the class a grab a whole questions of youtube sowed does youtube push you into more and mork stream as content to keep.
he pew so to to keep you binge watching ge key be sort of dick dud are this per to get a question more recently were trine a figure out where a's of of starting a pas ix of dilution so there's all more of you to con turned those being taken down so not or youtube but this isn't this is though to research of i'm not going to talk about its udder but.
i've star a new research praagh ge ick on d. platforming or no platforming and the effects of deletion but also the remove all of of accounts a aam but only case a on.
what you can do our is you can study a mm subscription att works so who subscribes to hone feature net works who features hone this is the altar right again and row we founds year is there are pts.
this the all pte right is less of a movement on youtube but rather business isn't or that the major all toyed wars as or in competition when they have feet when they have business relationships they a they feature ouchi other but otherwise dolled.
fw know this is a lng soup a cool of which you to a this continued recently this is this is the i related child at four pts so they disc in tillion made two thousand nine and who we were it with just finished i mean that we does finn as two studies are using related chiles.
you can do still do world related videos about and come up with that ok it.
on just could have corps a a job i have five minutes a i'm so just wanted talk very very briefly about read it and mm.
and four chan.
so lot of the work that's going on of ought about for china and and and read a least in i'm sir dumb is the extent to which a lot of the claims at or may doan four chan is that for chan's the incubator the e.q. baiter of particular meme zz ideas terms.
from pep a a to kak and cock and rest of dutt then filter are from for talon to read it pts to twitter a to face bith to the noir me zz i'd so this particular a trajectory this kind of crossed plough pte.
foreman else's is it it's its in foose he i think that there's a lot of kompa tesh a work to be done there so how do you have success for early i ck sz lee begin to think about pts the study of the my gration of ideas a from one plot form to www yeller the specially from from fortune.
and read it on op aam.
a oh the oh they ing you'd you the ge can do on red its whomp is you can study of course sub read it's so is and two thousand fifth d..
read it band of crewe nw tao on and a phd a fat people hate these to sub read its fs of and the question that was those was of those a computational paper arm this question was was did did that banning.
work i so you can study extreme ism i am the un the propagation of ideas bitched could also study of the opus it of whether v.'s bad anne's eye and sums un's work a what's interesting about that is that the users of who were all on croon town which is a ste really extremist sub writ it when they.
an moved when they migrated internally it didn't make the other sever its mork string so the banning and then when and then when they a went other ole swear of wasn't study the banning works for read it and so the question as you know so does banning work only for the platforms of does it also.
work for society at large lee's ers these are serve larger questions you can nom also eight demarcate not the other worth of ce been done on red ers demarcating suv national space is the german rad it the over the this is the dutch read of here.
a get on sigh i mean i didn't talk a much of a four trenor rid of that we can doke about that to prickly so this is some this is this is it this is the hour and a half this is the morning session i'm so what i've given you a mm apart from a fieri.
the of the study of web there to so apart from ob webber pus pte a mole ajai if you will so-o. the how do you know something with webbed it or a on i've also given you a series of have sowed of ideas about these the low daub ge x. of studies over.
those a par forms and a how'd or pro ch them and what the sort of as far lumb concerned of these what the suv needing approaches are to them now soul that's it.
for a are free minutes for question.
a a.
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but i know he all he get.
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