Language Processing Pipelines Part 1

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Language Processing Pipelines Part 1
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Language Processing Pipelines for Knowledge Extraction in Multilingual Context
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now it i get so i am.
i do like to start where thes the video clip.
in the what was important teen this re dick leap a is the sound it you can hear.
and a sill were or what know you'll rouen a all were he rode are we are one or one are rarer a one a older with you a word or ruder would win maybe may a it wheat in everett n't would didn't wooden when in undone in it in a nude and.
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but ever heard uttering the enter that is in on years and i courier ever a on her there are error terror there it it her error and hundred enter hariri thick pairs and it into error thug nut and it in air hw a it hw.
own to he would is nothing baying only people's so a it hw there's no pick ch wh was a hw ce paul hall haw what's you just hw mns.
hw keach shun a jalan thing cerys me chubb a lse age us it right.
the un tune bay and k. soay above that each do you should have worn me hugh pick manga and i some of the he won mm to laid to go from the ri inning in hr a wood when tim teen ould wada oh one whe urdd renu grael ruder world or world or maybe bid your or her editor of urine earner heard earn an urn urdur n't n n.
baby i a it or get a errored herder error hurray a edda i heard a everett and of a a arieff a third add uttered earn a editor darien or her her it is or her or a every.
it think thing the a and hw rate where we're to owais a it a all hw i a it hw a it i a a iter i are when ould a even to.
ing to error ed rater a his error owe a an of and to ease anew a and the anew nd a error a s. as a it for a a if a everett's and there's a and iter a eight it's a salute a i ones.
miss iss to the ease into to true metre hundreds of return is his and if a office to a its thea a a is for the as i heard a offered a eres for sort hood and veritas a elves source and has occur a otard heard firth a for are or are.
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the third or of j. a a a a a awed or a air or to a m l a to a a area a it's a it a from the move has as.
to sousa a va ease i've a able to the little fergal a a if a owais will sever a as vera owed press is as says shuns ansen to dh rude has cells lille oozes rude them hmm for error fs.
a he.
now a.
whole jiu nowhere ease dish's taken from he know his you seen des mute des movie which won a.
stanley cure brick yes stew sow's n n won langley ch us sony to his you yeah space odissi two thousand won the movie was firmed in sixty eight nineteen zeke sti two.
it i you heard a tall ck a dialed cull konger sation we been a man and then the sheen of i the age is i should dial of possible today.
we're in two thousand and nineteen.
can me a try true.
understand an and allies what levels of pro sussing all in within this dialogue is needed what what kind of fro sussing going what's different levels look at this hall is in artificial agent which is kang capable to ply very advanced.
il p n a hey i tick meeks so we utz auc ing not bought not only about speech an lang we ched production and understanding k. hearing in speaking and then not just speech but also you could a pro says sing on the language we choose behind this the wreck.
couldn't ish an engine aeration so both ways then understanding null www za message's.
and in of from ation dre tree will in extraction of course behind all leive that reasoning.
here we when teen to ai in visual pro says ingle have had really gw his stick systems that people use when day top face to face ayp l. like italians say use very much my hands an arms when i talk it's all people from aided to rainy an they do that.
while germans would probably give top shun oh legged this or mabel just like that is it and it an a.
of course i had these are peril ing who is stick systems signs they ties you've ste in the all were ole building all www the whole meaning of i turns and and the whole the of the communication that we are involved in.
and these a not only single comey cation acts like one are turan zz or one parad veh or four sequins it's the whole complex pp each act which is cold lecture but or lecture kang end you have a ole so general knowledge train him how lectures usually luke light you wh.
a someone who use giving a lecture and so on who wheeze receiving des lecture or the continent elver like ch cake and aim and then though are whole is also i able to va pro ces visual sick uno ce lips rating and that's what heat could we use the prone known he or it in this case no now.
of that we are here and at the tresh hold an i'm not add wick a ting trying sc humanity on any a any of that just just to be sure neat the it but i'm using they sss am.
it's a wee example mm and has a illustration ort eye and trying to lee straight whey ayr we ah hr today with this caf abilities to pro suss such complex i lng wristy ck all it language use ih xii's and all ll which is behind lng which these reasoning.
knowledge re tree will and so on so pay so was a mm orser clark too optimistic with two thousand ron diff and italy.
definitely ce from sixty eight know to sow's an in one's seemed like watt when i was kid i with a sixty eight or was fife and then i i was thinking about how what the it an e n two thousand and one want for the thank or.
world a a i.
what i'll.
it what you've if i do wid letters watt shoe he a o and by jew left way to the right and a.
it i b.n. yesh right you i be at right hut but the a and o. were will gers we see about i.b.m. later he a lier paes a hood so predicts renew a wonder and i din do i doing get that find the.
and so what do we need for such ould aila gk today.
to be able a ailing where we have summed parts of these all levels some part celled really sorted out we have some parts the very useful ie i'm a plight an the and nd used on rule of round predominantly for english bert its of corps there are on the or linguistic.
ys it's the it's not seeing louche low in the world.
but of course serb people from data science would say all with there's no mm day tell like more dates out corps and ok google says wh warning just dude am and grab everything you can find its ok but so the big they tear evolution study the only with their rise of wat as being called in the information science and in.
feuding an structure a to data so went computing guy stelae you'll about told thay something about an structure dated it mused these data an ought sorted in the tater base for much on a dater based tables so there are no records ear an the feels and so on everything else re side that or of and he thing as we git doesn't have prix de ff.
find structure is called on structure date the.
it at so tech suckin soother is on structure daytime and for us linguist this is cerp corti belayed the cte to may a use letton here he cause a for how asta listen pts nouv he's a loo loath of structure he a nz heck ste not just a take structure eith sell fi mean the text as a documents ne awe struck trait they have heh.
tings they have paragraphs they have part structural of parts which owes soap can the mm be the i'm nd checked whether they add comply to some kind of doc human dish winnie shun.
and you halves acting markup languages dock human typed f. in haitian zz which i actually formal drummers how tech structure should look like or what's kind of was structure it tex shrewd have in order to comply att two pp greedy find to daw kumon tight so we're a.
collection of poi mm z. ease a different tex type dock human typed and the legal dock yum n't k. but they also both have specific tech structures right sang cane but there's also structure of the language expressions and eunice use been attacks and this is where it the where we actually try to.
to tackle the holes story because his these a one or wv thes i would say.
most important inventions in the man kind ease to use abstract system of signs to convey messages and knowledge it's the same level as scene of n. ting the we ll as a mother fact say that's what made us fume them's.
they ce a billet t two xiu was completely ats trek system.
they had to actually developed all earth thinking that we have to internalize and do elop the whole system of concepts and that's what made us so intelligent as we are oran twee some time his eye ther myself leather human race ease intelligent enough.
but so far we www mm men ish to survive.
ole though they were ev very many threats a but by all were celso of course numb not talking bout as pts or eights coming to to ers we an not dinah source yet pts.
but we may happened you may happen that who lil become once gay ck good and that for instance lick me just give you in ain shunting zam pp aled from the dock human to tree able you know the famous t. if i.d.f. measure that has been used to i owe measure the dock human terrelle m n c for a given query from the.
cume and collection i k platt very soon the can all the possible computational meant as inveigh or he aisha gns of these their calculation actually came chew ceiling in the guice as a doing dock human pte retrieval actually said all right but a why don't twee tryin use a additional structure that tax really exists in.
the dock humans.
i dear as a sss dare own structure all or even the structure auld does lang we ch which has been used to produce these documents have to tax pay you ease soap n the only then the the da kumon pte retrieval made an you leap so we pose than possible to re see to get better but to.
results mm aether f. mm asia's eddie end if you want i'm ing that the and so this is just or i vin tall her or the un when we were organizing these firsts littering me did i have to actually give some kind of introductory and lecture about to the languish lick knowledge.
use and the and contra taishan linguistics or and they'll p e whatever he want to call it and i show you a very quickly.
that sarah no difference is or don't was i'm an or fact end there so by red i didn't know at that time we do indy when know who will beeb get tim ploy ge who will become he us are so i don't hunt exactly know your beck round so a how many of you have for at tend the it's a courses in and ilk p it.
n two three four so not all of you and k. the a am move i have will have to apologize alee lull be to those date it tended any corsi is ted hugh will prob early hear some things we char fa mill year to you.
if buzz i hope then i will ayoubi able to shed some new light owns i had to or from nw them defra nw day wreck shun a and of course a as ak to did ol rady aust me a question when he were you thing he's it does ers see a gay a is let me just go through from the starred from the bay's ih cone ce.
sepp ce ayso and as being a linguist co n computational linguist i stark we computationally an glee's ix the you with here or lot of latin from me to they pro don't most alot and came and that but only an a hand you have so your have verse something what's called netter language pro sissy plea.
these do not come pews that would noor rolling we stick fro grameen and its aecom pp lately the if hr a nd setter fucked aver ity slate stay pull light the a it.
yeah ste i reen neural ing re stick of the neural ing greece the qx grosses ing aller what come nother noor an vid programming is a being sold today to p.r. people and they pain he you know eithne like thousands of you're us for call sees in new erling we stick programming and what's neural in biti probe witty probe an e..
and they promise you that after the course you'll re able to manipulate you or you know people with whom you're talking the so will that bite sss can full said like shun all of lexical choices and an the of phrase is you they will do whatever you tell them to do.
it's sound scary a little bit yeah but you know watt who we head z. his fourth how's un's of years old rei the in our culture errant you know how is it cold beckon greys re thor ix a.
it is the same thing just and you pack age and you sell the peck as you oars the and so mmmm not noor erling re stick programming national english pro as a sing in by they were this is the older ak earning so lay fifth need on top of that you have something what's call languish tech knol lech a's the what's stat now right let's start with the first to.
ooh so the difference between computationally ing whiz sticks and national english pro sussing ease at you'll stars from the from nw linguistics and xeni if your star from ing be ek they actually xers the same field.
but you're simply go to that's same field from two different from the direction ce of to difference sciences gay the if you start from lng wis ticks then you will to call ick computationally mystics and that you would be interested in how to use computers in linguistic description so pow to make ma those and your eighty mm should be a bet to.
creep shun of lang which facts that's what lng missed to do they try to describe language not want you mm many language as a if you can use computers for that excellent white lawn twee he used and we dude.
but if you're in v in from a titian or i.t. guy and one i.t. person then you was call ace natural language pro sissy and that that means that you will use computers him pro ce issing the language ould eight s.o. that sona a one type of tex pros a sing it's the specific kind of taita ok so language late to have heyer own pick hughley air he.
it isse lee split it they sway and that your aim would be as a fission to spa some bl pro ces as more language date that wid less computationally resources used i mean that's the jenner lame of n. iepe information pro says a but then you have problems wid specific type of data them we chaa which is lng ridge date.
right so the ideal thing ease to have in the research team both people ff so linguists anne's the i.t. people only from a titian's k. but while ag deal would be to have you let's one in the same person.
and i i'm nw lead a brew i ding that you don't ne end up with isp lee person that it to the kings.
and i have of qual he go mine who will actually be a mentor nw to diego a he is bolt so your mentor ease a linguist annie information scientist as he he gay g. eighty thin both the end he is from split so he is a really sick leap person allott to skid and ca it's.
if not have a pro per splay ff ursa nemec to get a hogue a so the next gaulle sept his languish acknowledges so why do wean traduced that and top of these two things and.
whelk i talk to my stewed unseen ill ing we sticks that you will hear a lot of times as linguistics izzie unique between humanises yeahs this sher that's absolute to true ayat the y. or because that in linguistic some more wv research mats odds who'd be completely like then research math as and natural signs us.
so we can measure r. ohb jeh qt we can you know waited we can put it under statistics and everything they ch you cannot tree lee do unless you come up with very calm plea k. toots or mm and gns some thang is very dube use erm nw conclusions gang.
sky and that but on other hand a use ihg of sen to fick kunde knowledge in making prude a so.
so linguistics can use its knowledge to make pro decks there's an number of commercial products in languished ict nahla g.'s date ache aziz today you in not some time to even the were date you use dem of the time.
do know what his teen nine.
ju you all of you use your mo buys k. and when you'd type to the text messages you have a system dud predicts pte he ending of dh who word yes let's teen ein and that's one of the pro the kes soave languish took maalik as how out your immobile phone.
knows what you want to write tay and into beginning it was just you know planes statistics probably lay tea but now you have adept iv systems so they track your own ideo lecht they tracked yo rhone variety of languages.
which that you use and there is the system of that pts it's a network would waited edges so summed all of the i mean light like flee we train our own grains you have some connections which f a silly tate it in some connections we ch us of fr este so in your mo bile phones that system he's it data to.
thing to your own use ick ch you could.
that's one of cases plain ole spelling checker ease a pru's from pro decked of an a of languish technologies right so how do ie defined what's language six nahla ge ease are so if you take a plane they finish an from a lexicon technology of this is a lexical creation lakes aecom for maj a sixth so technologies defined as a.
set of methods and procedures full pro says sing of role metre into pro debts.
an in everything is key year when we talk about chemical technology.
and you take so for ick a leics side as so to write and you to cw autor know what you do that you combine net.
right you have role metre you have age to o o s o two come this is seven grade of vela mentor he school what do get it.
so for ick s. it you get age to as so for and you has some catalyst their involved which is plec to new mm if you do remember they its fro cess from when you are what twelfth eleven no ped love thirteen the roughly the.
so you know what's a row matter the gas and the water air you noda procedure you have to ce does old to glan and the the gas in the water you have catalyst plec tin imprint you gets of who sue for ick ass it put it in the erg las bottles puts a label long hw id debt crossed bone as an their skull and you.
tell its on markets and fine so you know what's the raul matter it you know what's the product you know des procedure so that's what technology its chemical tech knowledge right with nuclear technology to is he to lee lou be to more complicated but you have to same thing have the and the have to mine fawr your rainy amend then you have to in ray chait.
and then you have for are you know put it in stakes or or bowls a whatever air and then you can use it to gets a and a destructive energy oaken struct of energy leasable tits they sway ok.
right which is not really efficient whey to to use he to mean you use nuclear energy to boil water actually and then the court water which steam ainge iin zahraa relate eats runs the generates as a and ok the nevin a lace is it more or less you you know with the the px row metre andy and the bei.
find the product but what's to row metre in the case of language the cna ll a dj ease and what's to pro ducked an the case of language dick knowledge's.
and been to you things this is a rhetorical question who orn do i a do air art them do any of your on ce ers now owe you ease i me at one sing i have to warn you is a language it nahla g.'s today completely d. panned on i pte he on information technology because today communication technologies completely des pan.
and on night years well law it was long time ago when the the telephone mm telephones in send the e.u. you need the yo per or ater is to switch manually the telephone lines that was long time ago now it's done by computer i actually in computer lay that you have the whole you can cover it a smaller city.
the phone numbers fix ful numbers of us mall or sickly and so i in that's case iv l'engle schick knowledge is depend on i.t. the in that's cased the raul metre nw is lingle each day to.
so in their alder id he they to about language in digital form meh ick call it windies flood ove www prefix ease may a call it eat text gay and pro ducts well there's no simple way to to define it but preowned acts are systems that unable us.
costs to use the language in computational the environments in a seam pull or sim pp ll ler dh then before whey.
and when i say computationally environment time not thinking only about computers i'm thinking about to the mobile is dick to reuse iv re day because these a computers and that's nothing else well have now we awaiting for in you operating system for iphone whim will a if you have an oh for a ting system then eats a computer no doubt.
and dave screw yo i phone one when ever gets a new version to like for get the act and and a gay ck so these on languish technologies and them is a home arca pts out there people make money they live they make living how to the force doing linger she's tolle ih she's and that the joke how.
how do we do vide linger schick knowledge is what daikon cyst off the first thing is of course a language or ease source ist this is where language d'etat pa stuart or this is where re get lng wish neat k. and that the language his source's aai i the wrought tank ste or structure it ext so seat could be and what you has structure he in draw text as.
well but if you have a structure it's thanks to than that means that you have made exp lists it's the structure that twee is cumin this do of arrive because we nodes are language yes a sex you.
it it's right yes this rue in they at called speech technology is and i i i will add this moments i i will not talk about speech dick knowledge use anymore gain because eat it's eating is a a said for a pts a line of reaser each which is very.
useful and much needy from many languages.
in their speeches of corps but said am i will now a go a beaut bits morant and i owe a lee concern trait more i'm language i nam nd well aware i'm ole so phone a titian so my mm were well or were all of are problems of speech probes as sing i there to matic spe trick ould nish an all or or the as the takes to speech systems that pts that pts as.
the that's actually speak out the text at his written zz mm.
it's it that or.
a you the i a its it this qc snow i have a pusher this way on the speech to cna ll a g.'s it khalis to enos here wreck tickle ll where sense where.
or region eights front actually region it from the different for knit teak depart amens in in humanities faculties brett's as they aid trite stew make a more though ca mm pew taishan a model of phone he mend so on high in they got stuff.
and then as a rescue came people from computing by introducing the dead the signal pro sussing a ments the goal ajai and this may to burst in in and and actually that big advancements in speech froese a seeing because he tf was treated in a different whey so and the the this exam prove very clearly share was that to hugh.
man it is people end the computing people should call lever a and only like they sway on ing that whey you you you go a dawn you go furred and came things and good so leh grittiest source is either rowett take ste all structure it that means that actually these saeb ott in new you can.
and do a des structure of by eve markup language us so you explicitly say they says the beginning oh of vende night i'm they says the end of an item which is normal pp as g m l ohler x. amelle all or h t m l o type of flume marking or you have free define fix form uk you was see like kwan ll for mutt tui's sss simular to that treaty find fix form i.
his and the language they tacked coming tuv forms mn his school per ass oh these at texan dock human collections or stream says i'm article point in o.t.s. to ding so you don't have to collect it tin story teen your tell ow ow door or or hard istc you could if you can simply pro says the street.
then you don't need the your region of tanks to that's a the home idea and it's only depends on what you one for dec if you you few can pro says that fogh steen nef that you can i'm taller eight the speedo of mieux text items arriving ck then it's perfectly okayed it to to pro says streets.
or you can have lex ick odd that me's dictionaries ol lech sicko lord turman awe rge ical ll collections data bay's is whatever it in what they were form you it you use store eats it's a differently structure it the raul material or language he to ok so the first part own languished ick nahla g.'s are lingle ge or.
resources the next juan ii our language tools these a program sore systems that croesus language re sources and the they nw herat to these trek to fick ation a different language levels the it these an presence iin in linguistic descriptions.
so you we talk about a a processing at the level of morphology and pro says inca the level of sin turks and live ul's semantics an each for that in n. each level actually has a larger a complexity and that d.'s ist thing of would be to pro ces is alls phone a logical evel i didn't put even put it because the number a.
a phony mns in each language is fixed.
and in all were of languages we'd sher of where lot what seven thousand languages something like that.
a at six eh nw a ha of two seven thousands i mean you have issues ueda something is a dialect or lng we jorn autumn and and from linguistics you can not liken mehta matic ce you cannot define set in mathematics.
it's its acts you mm in lng re sticks you can not the fine what language ease from linguistics you need to take it from somewhere elves i'm a.
thes and as as there's a famous the fame is the finish an nov for jewish i lingua zz to wind that i who said.
the languages a dial ict with army n nabi behind it a just.
but if you think little of writ the vet or that it's not the the the moat the ff ber it's not to fully sz to two foot is this way but then lied this ck asst that's we'd one of them the the fourth or rizzo of oaks for it the the been cbre a british national core pp as from orcs orde lou born urdd.
and then exe in no no no known the language is a and dialect with eight least hundred million call puss behind a pit that's for quo core prus linguists this something is as or sc his sake would use but that's also knots of very full ish way to put it because if you have a linguistic community ting there.
it is aware in nef tune vass pts and its ick huge investment invests men power in money to build a hundred million corpus this linguistic community canned function only sown that's for shore particularly in the in the air in in this time in twenty for century.
when we talk about digital the vide and all the other stuff.
seoul languages without languish licks knol ajai is billed for them will bei frak tickly of be ill eater is languages.
haim does.
end then of course you can use a more complex till that combined these so their levels so these at different types of tools and then you have some tin what you we can call languish services and they'd sss just another whe eight to uk cess and the language resources in language tools online they use a lee day usually.
he organised a www as web services and there they could be use bay humans or computers so you can have a p ice reen maher course rowing some traces of that yoest in a but you'll go deeper into their tsa a in the hands on sessions we the eve enter age rys tree an one a stuff the the and on top.
mope a eddie end the for spar pts of linger trick nw ology zz on pro ducts in they mm maybe commercial product so the you can sell them on market all they could be tended out for fr he i can and use you you can zz just an rember all types of chequers so graham a trick a style of checker in i spelling checker.
each it'll died dictionaries you can have a pless her of digital dictionaries on line.
problem is ove course that you'd don't to exactly know on the first sight the weather day have been done by professional lexical erg refers all or of by amateur isse but the in the best forcible sends amateur is the one square loving this subject knots who love the subject not the once who are and.
and not for ff eshun ul's de don't you don't hip to be profession to le https them see or you can have ow to matic in they ck sing systems so des systems that for woods attach to orchid dock human to or a at to sub dock human play will i the key words orde character he stick terms or descriptors and so waun so you have systems that where to lang that.
fs he owe auris summaries ation systems the you know debt in my chris oaf to word you have a very good summers ation system for english ch you have never used it really please trite find it in manned use you will see there is it out to matic summarizing system in mike truss of two or dh which ricks very.
oil zz for english so fries an and of course a's you set text to speech an air sss our systems a or machine translation ceased i'm born machine eight its rinse leyshon systems which is not to sink thing as you know.
an computer eighty language learning system so these a much more complicated pro decks but than you can go in a book store and buy a cd eke ff teach your cell frank ch k. and that's that's since that's a phd computer eighty language learning.
system is he which usually is the barry carefully designed and help sue the learned a language were forget the at ad avert at vert is mm unseen your web pages the learn ih lng witching two weeks known this these doesn't.
trust me doesn't tourette like that you can bead genius linguist nunu mm to reeks an all could ft was the.
ok so let's start with the language sure i'm and two on and ied some pla klee fs jj.
let's start with linger g. source is an wing will mostly concentrate on corpus on a taishan gay soay cope as linguistics introduced core pp as on a taishan on different language levels and the knee quo into equal in a krill in term use a a tech stana taishan and them.
and so what two week gain with using annotation and ith aisher means adding interpretation ce to existing language units and as you know every interpretation has eres so there's no such thing is hundred percent ek your it an or taishan ok the.
for gets act not even people can the gre he whether this is a add the verb are bore adjective very off i'm not just in english an quite a number of languages an end but one ce you add this in hair it's in hair into really gri sticking from ation you turn it into a place a data and then you feasts explicit day.
a tell you can search so rid it explicit date because a computer daz not know that in as this position an core pp as this is actually accuser to ff flu row famine ain.
unlace you say you attach the scene from ation to the token and say these is accusative keilar a famine and the new can search i want all ne all all now gns their tsa pp ear it in accusative pleura femi and.
and and the use ability asst tex and grows with the i'm owned of and taishan et it and so you have to be very careful how you add edit taishan you can of course that over generate things and then you lose a processing time in in fission says but you have to be an very care from about the wv.
so i had taishan is could be stored in two different ways they can be either in bedded ing take ste which is in hte are mixed orkin be so calls tend off annotation it's me is that it's separated an links i the by location or pointer pay their at two a's how to links the stand a fan a taishan a marks to.
who the two that it languish units that you annotate sung keen but of course you also ck sometimes need ove very often need non linger he stick n n taishan that's means making elements i'm a tech structure and.
explicitly marked so things like that to sully stick here who heat and of courses who why we've v needs that wh well have we know we're into to lean that they use each all of do where it's in titles is different.
than the use ick cer of the same words in a body of to text rear tights a was are selling the text k..
so you the very same word could be used metaphorically in the title and then or owais you have see that quite to number of times you you you get attracted bite tice ol and then you read the arctic loan say we're i'm nothing has been said in side these article and a of so how das these two.
combine you and that's the whole idea ness you have to buy something on if not by utley seed he end of deir it is for into on the screed and someone will earn money under to the king.
so i but linguistic annotation its thank seem to account language units an let was sold in gri sicken to taishan starts at the moment that you taking to account linguistic units and the first step is sigman taishan all wv that tech stream into linguistic units and these us senta the seas than clauses and then.
we're zz actually tokens one ce you do to segmentation then you can start wid annotation or taking actually a tagging means add ingle inglis tick description to already sick men to language rijn its and that the pans on the level when lng language level date you are of doing to pro sussing at so a they will be different.
and it taishan ce in the let on the level of morphology though be different and the taishan xo nz and tactics level and difference in as ation some some antic lev i'm so force drudge.
ok no let's start with the low was level which recalled per fall ajai so one of the bay's ick can a pro sussing ck da sc sees part of speech tagging and they ste means adding information a abouts a part of speech or for east oaken in the corpus in attacks k. so what is now would is were of booties adjective this fr.
or ask human ste that dissed more alas and tree vo but is it no.
wh well the problem with english for ince the gns is that the same words form can neck should be and now no of verb have an edge ict iv in do and you really need to see eads in the coat taxed i'm i'm clear lead the for a nw she a ting between coat taxed and con taxed coat text is a lng with stick so around.
and the inks in contacts to ears league re stick plas extra linguistic surroundings thing so mm when you talk about context than we are talking with i ter ince seas and we need all these peril he re sticking from ation even know all the ge background that twee need for understanding to to understand them to senta gns but i'm talking about in the here.
now only about kotex a so you need to see the for insta ce a word caught in the coat text because it could be in noun the very beeb on an edge thank the is.
and that of course for alang which you have to do rive ff a tack sets which is a least of posts uppal parse a speech in a given ing k. and that the structure in card in awe ll a-t. all of the tack said depends on language you complex it t. an the tech sat design so eats opt to you you kunz.
say a-k. i need only like ten basie ck cass ago auris basic farts of speech and i'd don't care boat and he thing owes dis is a very coursed x. atton of course your precision will be very high with neck tex.
on but the ved.
no the other way arran sauri recall lee re of a kite but you a per cision maybe shaky but don't the other hand.
you have languages with with the very rates morphology.
actually he quite a number of iin do rue peeling gui g.'s has kept have that's kept these smar fall ajai inflection i'm a form ihg.
english as lost it i mean what kind of nominal inflections you have in iin ish your have sink a ler you have clore oh you have sex an genet to have in singular sex and jun tune plume that's it for words forms for and now and if you take for iin stun the sane and cr.
re share nw you have seven casey's in plew row a seven cases in singler of course boor ott the insula v nian you'll have addition o o.
value for of haj thuggery of pl in number in slew reen year in your have singur ll or do oil him plural.
annie's it giss completely you nov regularly the a peering in all inflection oh forms.
so if you want to say and in slurry nyon the assem share were and ease i i've i was a goal reen me small sz lee me stash light is true of us on me smo sz lee is morden the two and so you have completely different word firms let so.
you outta matic lee you see that the number of forcible tags and gets multiplied by the number of kaz ago or ease that you one to mark with that tag in in the inflection ol in the variety that pts a certain beeb where it can have inge in you'd fleck sz n k her.
that he were.
oh at j. a no it's bolt it's a them in in the k. in the in digs aaj mm pp att it a used the assem shale me sta sz lom he sma shilly k. you have a different fron ounce we chew singler the md drawl him plew row and you have a different of verb endings as well.
so a it des deux all cats a gurry the the the value for dueled is in both inflection ol a at paradigms present in noun paradigm and in pron i'll tran ud i'm an in verbal paradigms azul you per.
by singler dual him plum i.
no it's not to sit different endings.
at the a.
a yeah that's singler pl orally at but you have additional veggie a day.
nein or verbal verbal well i'm pair i'm gene changing over billion dings him.
so a and and we thing which seven cases that we it we are very much complicate no can you maj into hungarians and then sheen ish people they have fifteen k.'s ce.
thick sting a.
and then your have a genders problem me s. year have like sri gender is iin in slab ih klingler ge as old around in the in english you'd you forgot that you don't know it annie more you have the animate in in aaj mean and emits its of des ff can whole difference set of kath ago rees k. but you md you market so so.
md reem the cad to go rees that you mark width inflection ol endings you have to take them into account and iin building get tack sacked right and i www listen through dh day we've core a bets he's of fame assume english lng whist hoof a more fall adjust coup fine ound oud to the lang we ge ch we chaz that.
why this variety of possible and inflection ol forms it's cold are ge pp she its beans bokan in norden that yes stun.
it's can have a completely of regular ehret million anna house of different to word forms for each rare.
and the kid sss you know sri years old kits they ma stir that.
because they mark on the verb they mark you know like not just a gender ears a a an them and tans and moods own and aspects and they also mark the the gender of poe's eh server and the gender of what has been plys este and sim of sept you nef things like that laces what we marked by different lexical.
which oi cease we we choose different fron mm zz k. yours an mine a a different lexical items and they do it's in inflection you so it's just away how would different languages.
convey ting from ation a so when you g.'s dry to bill the tech set you have a number of ff rob ll ums and their on very nice a a initiatives for there's a google you ver zz loot lard to speech tack set or days it also nother initiative yoon of ers of tech set so let something where'd and we could to mean.
i'm or might or oup real likes to www go and try investigate that whether they scan be used because these thank sets have been designed.
in order to cover as them much us possible bl and is at theirs old is a trade off so you loose sums a you gain something a but is that light these and been and a designed in nene order to fussily tate's furred of prose a seeing of under resource lng which aso this is a politik lee core ect way to.
put the this is deter him politik lee kore qtr in force more lng which is did to not having nef link vist technologies bills yet a ba is an them so tag as of course a programs that provider to matic ol tang ing for english to day your have fris cision the rounds a almost in little bees over ninety nine percent so an to base.
tankers up for vide ing dis as i r i getting s. cai's net the end there's a the mm this is an example so this is a in line tagging you see that the each each shoot ert a token has a underscore in then the tag added and the they says fr.
or own brit a brown call puss in the there's the lage un's so will an and to means plural call mm an noun an ann one means a pissing glue komen noun than gen its of pro per noun and so on you need to have they explain ation oh the tanks a and for english ayat the for english this tack said has likes ce seven teen tags and that.
it the so card in ality of takes it will be seventy force live we knew n you need and like thousand six hundred.
different tax k. folk ration you haj are you you needle he lit less like sow's an the in the four hundred because we don't use dual with strip a dull.
in russia only to dh veen osso somethin some lists some bei or a bowl thousands something lang a the so site ick languages havard priti large complexity at the leyva low of morphology morphological processing inflection will pro says and there's another level in morphologic a processing i din cover he.
in my slights and thats the did or www ation ol pro sussing their oeuvre a shull morphology which is very as you know common moat jus for slavic linger ge is not so much but particularly for german.
because in german you can glue to gether you know like five c. ick seven lexical more ff eames and you gets very precise.
part of f'ing from ation gain.
and there's i'll ballas ek heights ch tang they you can have that ivor i've sss i've soy ch i so it to written on on the skis he was kiely ft so ain english is likes put down yours safety bara and you knew talon tools of on them what jun to utter the sea quid a pts as ums and the and in germany to zit was as a oil every wary in in.
french into the known linger ges he really ig three forwards but in germany ples ones alba gns he is i ailed bons ek high ch done you one pp sausage long how the g. it it been its its veh rid driss size i mean uk's this is lies a say well you know the the only language doing for doing few laws of fees raiment of corps.
this nif thing else ease you know you thes i i i mean few laws a fiend frain she talya nw come you see inc in these languages you'd you talk on the pillow in these languages but not fee laws an eye for fers thank ok the neck star ask is a limb i say they shun right so.
now lets the anying information about lay mutt to each token in corpus what is lemme.
the so you have it you have i up kak ste here and you have an l. us is of this tech so these ole lay hmas the tes so they qt id yes leh must but that me is that ie each or nay every word can a peary are in it text in different who word falls when we want to collect all this word forms together and this will boo stop.
yours to ces pte sta ste this tick spy the way the in this way you avoid to the the to data sparseness prum the so that rees that if or ince is you have this lem i hear and its can appearing different word forms a's you see here so you need to collect all these together in the.
as have to do a obel or oh frequency ove lemme not just different types ok the so.
they might is what we call a basic word form it min most lingo g. is it's the same one as a head word in a dictionary but not old ways does i'm have to be like in the eye in the lacked in you take the firsts.
purrs soon indicative seeing good a lier or of a present active.
amore and then infinitive on wam high and gay that's what the head wordy in in letton diction in reen zz so amore use actually the the lemme in different languages you have different thing gns in sl eric linger ge as eats a common to take infinitive as lem in nerve a.
other languages you take the nominate to www seen gul ler kate nom ih pte iv casing glue or to hon for a lame something net in in adjectives it's a bit more complicated depending on how many categories you mark on the adjective itcz but it's usually it that you take nominate to www single ler positive.
the md mask rule he nw and the while depends on the where the a's it the determine don't on determine pts that the pains from different is linking rees.
so leh much so are very important when you want to the come pew taishan a process inflection lee reach raying gers because then you have problem of this what is a mention they to sparse un's and leh must hell pew to build much quinn dane ste indices four ins tums you can in this a text you can in the ix it tank ext by using lem us instead of.
types and this outta magically helps your query systems that people go end and and make this sir itch in more natural away the speaker is ove inflection alee reach languages they have been taught when they started to go he into school i a yes' dis normative sing.
mu ler he is the other www form that you have to remember and yet everyone else ill or at least computers forgets that's where it's can appear in different word forms.
and google does not know debt the you you as a speaker of hing plec shun of the reach lng which you him puts the lemme and you x. packs from google dought s. i from sully reen yeah more h r from creigh sher when you put inpe was a noman is of sing blurred of an ound you expect that grove will be able to find ino llodra.
cases but no him they don't know how to do it and that's a problem oars the.
soa i a prissy jd an is aaj mm about ninety eight phone fife today the best systems provide these diaper ff so you as you see there's no hundred percent and a taishan ota matic tick you can do it manually but trust me.
dongo they mean it least four very limited or us more all resources yes you have to do is man you'll you have to check it you have to corrected in so on and then use that as a training monsieur he a thats that's what tummy sheree the end the and in the ins these procedures part as speech taking limits as ation in you was see more ff us and tech to description later.
and there's always a problem owed these him biggie ation so you need to rees old the hum mogae roughy those the who mog ruffin some lingwood g.'s is morden fifty five percent rich is absolutely kreis he the you ask a well with made it this is a ball of them neck trolled re done than see over netter lang which how tck how come that he understand each other anyway ein the.
if or the www if ino with the home over freeze ward in fifty five percent and yes but we have a coat text that's the point so what we have these sss hidden markram mall the wall the time when our head sss we re keep its hold a time it's not it's is not just trite am sits ste n the graham zech ch.
a but we have learned at we've internalized alls that.
sir uher are schooling froze us the naik star our act let's than example from salou reaney an the i'm the vz louis nyon guys inot here part you can say you can convert convey aid to mark orde av iin using a lot of slurry eunick them plus to the it a pp if i so you see in the problem is gear that this i'm.
but so the you re of this is a vertical lies the corpus and then you read the ch doke unease in the separate line so this is a token and the it's actually can belong to sri different lem us and that's what the hmong urfi is pte sell in this case they ce is the proper a land mind then you have verdel so.
keir ords put ow yen means the you could be adjective all or af participle all of a for pp and i knew a git the vall owing ta ste which is the complicated the version oh fart us peach thang ing is called maher ff us intact in description that's adding more ff us inthe ak ticking from ation to each.
she token in call pp was but a br evie us lee we had only part to speech so we have are just trying to recognize ueda something is noun very ub agit t.o. something but this comes uf pte or so if threave sainz this isn't noun then we want additional of grammar categories rei could an iced so this is now n't but.
but eats ole so in a nominate to www its soul so in famine in gendered it's oh lso in plew rope and so on things of these of additional from zhou reach which is extremely important if you want to do parsing later so you can nata do the proper sin tactic analyses and less you have completed the inflection alen alice's.
some lie because in inflection lee reach language is the sin tack stick kerr relations are in cody the by inflection a landing ce.
numb in-a to www zz i usually the subjects accuse a-t. ofs i usually direct objects day to www zz i use early in direct objects instrumentals i use rick is tra ments of corps the the or upper some a drewe ibi ol or constructions saying about instrument.
and this can be then later i yushi see that later are in hands or actually why than op to also send meh nw to cr olds.
and then in a it it i've pssst said a cerro times as a some kind of hair rhett tickle lael expression the us ed we could actually sc keep this in tech tick pro sz a-z. in some linger ge as you can map dave wreck lee from morphological inflection would where'd holes day rick lee two.
it's amenta croll us and get trees of all the parsing fra bei ll ums parsed tree he the forest so of forest sss trees in so on's simply go from inflection ol endings day rhett it to some endive rose who which she something what mada quinn he's tree crew.
who would vary hep you revd the very happy with that they would like to do it and them and i at right pp as and of coursed then tank set also d. pens on stuck sher as of the structure of dec sets in card innit to depends on language it complexity an the and that these i'm.
if of coursed because of mean more kath ago or ease and more val use the for sinn ooh draw ft so the meh systems for rye something ing nine to two per sentence so or but thes and rao or this is a i won or of the cr ation exam post so you have here token ce these is a a first possible lame out and.
but a speech a i keisha lee a a more ff us in techne description this and than other lem uzun more ff us in tech there's trina and there's a whole laced of these i mean the a as some word forms of creation adjectives can have as much asst when t two different more force in tech tick descriptions the say.
we're to form.
who their or.
yes this is a lamb up they cysts more ff us in tech to disc reframe that's another lame ein more force in tech this we've be because for instance you can havel at me check the.
keir porn instance this could be i'd there in than ow nw which means code gay or could to be and nother now n't or could be trip a zishan see so the this first letter is a part us speech and this skin be varies in lee a red this is a.
them moll takes pte east the tack sets of framework and so this is noun call mn masculine single earn nominate to www gay these tag it's free available de whole space if ih cation knees the air it's mean the actually men tain et to a j. site is dick you they are e n you gan.
n. the when you does him big year eight all that and then you gets of the proper you know tokens of leh hmas and the pro pp are more firsts and dec to description the but then you need to they seen from ation about numb in an to www.
or freeze as on an of the ver ok.
the a so you have this nominate of here.
and when you and allies its on's in tactic level they ce actually really functions as a subject descent nz k..
and the so in new aef lectionary reach languages it's a very hard to deuce in tactic an they'll isys or track tickly possible if you dina n't din do if you don't complete the morphological praagh says before it the ok now we go to senta kes are how much i nd who have we have are.
of coffee break at eleven ies the know the yes we have a coffee break ity leaven shoe day i started a beck them beats later because of technical problem should a go xr ih sing ticks and then we go for cough an bake it's like i think ten minis the writ.
so sin tactic an alice is today own lee you do ihg man yul young for training datasets but when i a say training data says it mean civil thousands of senta gns is so if you have a of possible i mechanical dirks or.
you you get the he you know the crowd be of people which is very fine with i have are like forty ste yuda nz each yr and on them i cope or sling gri stick course and then then they get tusks of course and hand to do things which is very good way to.
a really have hands on the un the proper language material and they air you see where the real problem saw far because grammar books grammars this keep all ailed of from the ski puh old wood for ub ll i'm etic points spots they ce keep all the hot spots and then you try to see haj we to as and how.
which was described in they grammar know it's has not been described to the all.
and you come with than number is it a ameen i i can i can to in right now in cr ation for ins them's i can were rican produce like of dozen the www newt paper ih ce dealing we'd the fan naaman ott that has nev have been dealt before in in creation whist ix i has only become.
cause we're were king with the proper you know real texts mighty hr ok so i was a magic feel say the as in tactic an al is his are done by programs by parse ers and they can be shallow or deep.
they could be of robe ah spa nz as which is very important because a if you don't have a robust parse are then he in go was i that's who have infinite lupul or blue screen of death.
but the robust pa set as that's can not sparse a certain part of a sentence or clause they put of flank and they go on and then you later your check the flanked parts k n you see what's behind and that usia and they can be you know dominant lee left bron xing or ref are right bron ching he.
what stirred a usual the all or there are was the usual alder of adjective in noun nene numb what hindi.
or so usual order is it adjective before noun or noun be here edgeley you.
it edge ick to be for nw gay i so what what par say you would prefer he in in in and parsing the n. pp he of as have that kind don't net noun phrase of that a kind so ways the head of the phrase a its own right so you would three sharer right run xing are sir because you would first recognized a head.
and then check whether the left part a green ease with their had the in the gender number or oh case whatever and wreck you but they nw a inane new eve friend in french its crews he it's completely other way around lean french eats serve mm nw commute af ho pen i'm so weitz edge ict twos behind and ute so you need a different tank of oars or upper or.
herb trip a zishan of phrases prep who as it bris frizz ish un's are e.a. iin breck ticked in all you'd into rupe yngling which is a predominantly inthe front of the now k. and that's the head so it's left brugge jun but then you have languages where he have post pose aisha gns like you'd hungarian so you would take it the other way around right.
i have to.
and once you do have the thou to matic ol parsing you do the o. to matic oles in tactic an alice is and you re to rue this information back into call plus then you get to what to school tree bank so call pera we'd in sirte it is sin tactic and a taishan and this becomes a training materialise for different kinds.
so farce as again king so i the purse the to ce tick on neural or whatever an that.
when you talk about parsing the you have actually ince in tactic a now it's his you have two main form of his him zz so one of the formalise immerses coos to tune sue parsing the other one these dependence it parsing and that let me show yate example from the wall streeter ger uno pp a typical sentence from wall stree a ger inner ol dime of the.
risers fee as rose three age to twenty two thank.
and this is the.
costa to his scene he parse so parsed threave my cost tunes u. formalise k. but what i would like to points he is sir look aaj n't the leaner mm lean their form unt how it's been written in an lean your form it that's teasers ooh they surrey mines you mm something.
what are of and the yes but and in troop that's a there's another in thing if you'll instead of they spur ince as is if you puts of the curly ones.
than you would a get sets of sects.
and a k. and the in fact a they spean zz stan pts them.
this is prt practically an readable to humans bui get lost in in number of pera nz as and now and you know of that they one of the frist languages ove ai was laced you know that of course and you know what a lisp ek rum the means.
and no a what it a ole lot of eerie tay ting single per ends asus.
so not lace pro suv sort of my thow lot of irritating single per dissed now pp but this is one way to put it in a leaner ok so you have.
parts of sentence is that are within the the parse of on to higher level pay than they kes pts a formalism use dependence ih parsing so you don't mark what's is a bull ff of wat but what des pens so which node the pans have bought thank the is.
and that seth the other way two pp the same sentence of course and now won't look at to lee near form unt han what they ce reminds you.
again mehta matic sia ce yet but but my ca.
md the rue came come predicate calculus or simple by a pretty case end second order functions.
and that's what i'm telling my students grammar and meth a matic sees des same thing a you have to come to this level they.
add to that music.
and fees ical ager cation and their pts the basic ford this a plea is that kids should beat thought where as long this three i me when they i three from thing on.
and the good and so there's a also possible the fra nz between surface in deep far sing so-called and i give you example from mm a proc do you prague text or grammar and the own top the weld the tech to grammar a the text a grammar was due.
well by the four am for chang ck pte linguists i'm done isha a beta as galle of a height chure lot in her son the young height and and that was the that's he rei tickle bases for prod to pin to the sea tree bank which now elder he has a versions re of a le.
people and they talk about to maine to mains in tactic layers so called a lier a air an the tea layer way region he ridge decal texted rim aaj tickle and they ce looks like that acts so you have a layer all of a word from zz and you have more for logical layer was so you have tags here you have leh must.
a right and then your have for them you have the of the the surfer ce sin tactic strop ch ers structure of dependency formal is imp and you have a deeper structure which is actually he a cement tick rome's which ike tewa some eh nw tick roles pay so this ago zz against the idea all of of m.
non tra mm ski who said that de deep structure is also seen tactic and that's the cement to can to for taishan comes from outside of sint kes and though there's irk at there was a huge a m nw discussions beckon seventy's a nd the late sixty's early seventy's we tween generative linguists an.
and gen of hte iv symon titian's buik owes the jenna to www symon titian's they started with it chum skin then departed and said the the the deep structure ease actually cement tick structure the that the bay's ick some eh nw tick information that we want to censor we dar sentence and sin tactic the surface pte rapture ease the.
how we syntactically incorporate a our semantic layer right and n. the so it's very nice if you're halves they ce toy sentence ease as you called lem but one ce you get into real corpus material of this looks like that it.
this isn't normal sentence for omagh cr ation call pose a and you see its chord in a tits says an the a have one predicate here and other prey to cave here and then you have org zille yeary senta the says like or relative clause isse and there that there's another predicate.
here and you have something which is praa poster isse in comes to pte ood sick parsing branch crossing so dependency parsing allows for brain ge crossing and that's why des pens sim parsing is much more convenient and useful for free all or language ers.
cause to to sip parsing is very fine an very useful for fixed order ll english is lng game lish or chinese but for friel other lingua ge as like ca mm any sl eric language dependency parsing these much more use a.
it the.
an them i there's an example that die wanted to show you with that's an example from nguema.
the in a kanu for mutts oh you see here the position ek ch uli.
the nodes the structure and you have vertical ised core pp as here so you have toke as you have lay must part a speech now a have ne main to days the wreck are going ice than then you have d. penned than see the dependency the mm relations that means this is this one depends on nothing on as he.
grow and them this one depends on item on the position number fife so this one these a route and k. and i'll show you how we projects into a tree.
and these out this in tactic role so you have a subject you have predicate all project at tributes and so on a.
the and nice think we.
shooed die i yes this is very important i think.
it's soa i about the rees a strong going isha pte iv started few years ago about universe of dependence says even so they says that sin tactic an at taishan which is consistent across eight is re languages so far.
and sixteen morina numb xm unt that sixty more sixteen more to come.
this initiative actually in this formal ease i'm the his been the intrade use by you ought cume neve ran from university of reaps hoop sila a at was a actually ther cilla tate's a multi-lingual parse oh development because you can have a same parse or or and then you're.
in plea trainee tweed in a cause sista nz and see muller way with to training material from different languages n the of course it's its and i able xers the language it cross lingle jew tree of are and different types of parsing rhys ers so the you can find the more information on universe of depend this is dought orde.
and there's an ombre of paper is use these set of they pte afoot training him processing for east in send a lier p cube by baugh pte or shun and and he's server collaborate there's i and i nd at these guys are from booker its from roumain in a canned to me of sign sees from the air ai iin zz gte ute laid a by done to fish zhang they a have done very serious.
the iin you've introduction all of unknown of neural net torre of ce iin to they ce traditional enel p tasks as they i have already the talked about so they have used intense he lee neural netter of ce for lemme tase ation m. is the tanking and and see miller things and a.
in gotta very interesting results of this is fresh new from no meme november last year the is and our.
ie yes happ jj now to end up ff with sinn tex islas simply pp say that instead of far sing the whole lls senta gns you can also concentrate on what his call chell of parsing so you would like to parse because parsing to whole tree he is computationally.
very des mn ting n ied can produce more results then one which we s. cumins do not perceive as valid as possible but sake for instance in into account of sentence i sola cat.
i saw a cat with a telus cool pp in a part.
eyesore cats with a telus cool in a part.
or i sore qc cat in a park with a tell skull.
you have three pl sub ol.
completely valid parse trees for these sentence.
it's i so a cat in of park in way do attach the tellus cool is it the park with the telescope it as opposed to parted doesn't have a telescope you know the one you put a coin in side under you look.
or is its meanie who was using it telescope to see the catty nw park or or was a it suh a cat's that's was can ring the telescope below her polar whatever the un but as you know for computers these a completely sri legal parse trees of course we is cumins.
this discard to sir do one hand the these first to us sort of and does him biggie eighty to or selected zoned on the bases of big round knowledge and the so that's a problems evie if you said sometimes you don't need two pars the whole the whole sentence you just want to concentrate old very eyes a latent.
it parts island ths ins in tech tick structure and these arp shell oh parsing so you can detect the classes of words of phrase is theirs aqel chunks so junk is on recur is iv av part of for us in tech tick structure.
eller you can have for instance go port particular a type ict ove expressions you nyc lech to him put temporal expressions so i want to cover only temper expand want to take out a loan the time.
or up space an locations the this is various will for speedy he quick information extraction tex mining the so on but also could be use for what is suh a the mnd painting the neck for lng riz to cross a sink must to or to expressions so in german you don't have debt in german you have no.
com pons a or loot but don't the other hand in gem in you have what is called phrase alou verbs.
you have ch stains he put that the took the go up our ff a.
hinn e.u. can have the whole sentencing between then and these two parts we chop syntactically very far apart heche uli form des same group.
take has nothing to do which take off.
it's a completely different word so if you don't take off in in account your ce in tactic and they nw later understanding of disa nw tums these perished it carry hr versus air tress chariot that's of the front taieb of mull to are expressions it's as you see kate evers as ed chris carrier this is more.
precise carry a could be under stewed as a generic term an.
gins brock's you but this one is a different type of calm pond old ek actual mole to or dh expressions so i'm shell shell oh parsing can be used ford.
dil emitting the moll to herd expressions witchell so import i n the special type of via.
the all of on the par single aur orb.
and limited sin tactic dros issing is cold name in titties a recognition in claisse if acacia nw and usually him going mark or stalking abboud id he was are fearing toot only is entities.
the is an they nw in i'm message on a standing conference ease the were a bag there in ninety seven it tos d. find of the like could seven bay's ick coulda a types of ne main to to his were defined like person location of use ation daytime value in money in mend and a s. i a e measure mm.
women pts.
in percentages and then later him morton and ne main to tse than an any eat categories were ed is legged jia political entities like e.u. a nato oh rule and so won o or protein gene drug dizzy species brand name sim so on so you few say a new ope old in seeking yeah.
so ease it all is opel yn seek nya one ne main to tea or their at two they meant his and one thing use brand the other one these a tight for what every cool because you have opel in see can yowl pp of coups we out will pl oh that of an on tot out i have the what they'll see.
and this is a n. example he in the creation thanks from two thousand and five action that was p. age d. by dia gauze an earned today mentor he that was he's the weyrich he made to system huge fall on name in titty and recognition think less if ih cation in two thousand and five full crace sheehan.
a and you can see here date it's really collars the if ryn pts that so you have dotting call bog oi ce a name in surname a his here you have only sayre in aim and you have on tone collage of here you has only cull like cer and heaney of have va in by the way these out only casey's so eights him his can fully he its can fully.
the a taking ck he into account the case anding zz as well for new snus you have belly b.n. is as him skeen ff he nw sc a these ole three he countries that you understand build ye a means belgium knees as aims guy he's pay baja a that their lens it in dis is a kalp the knees.
in knees uk means to the low as aims aims come means of land so it's ne they lannes k. an the fee gns gesso these are all in genet tiff and these been recognised completely xo the is and the this ista mm has oeuvre per cision of ninety percent in newspaper texts which is quite acceptable and i.
i and once you in his cert this information that if looks like debt so you in cuil s. ify so this is a pursed some they says organization they ce his location and some see mm you can sir these him pronation back.
ok here re stop for coffee or questions or you can we can leak ration sore the end or.
we can disc as a june ing the cough udry has will pro for brain please.
then a.


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