Introduction to Machine Learning

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Introduction to Machine Learning
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good the o. nw simular to mar cause or who the horny i also i'd i don't neu bought your beggar ounce because i think mean you few aral ready of once in mushy lorne inc what i don't oi if you've everyone this why a i would like to us q who rude actually here's an idea it bod mushy lawn ick what it these.
year ole.
orc a meanie people would ft and who hit a a a mushy lonely classes.
yat that i will see how ike and so prize you avert bith good who head deep lorne inc losses.
and the who up light the mushy lonely king the real to us kes.
bowles but not every won right and the it is if these also impossible in three hour sore what what they were is left to would yacht the little action to ruin about him area in the proper illy what mushin lauding ck and idea of this isha nw is just that the for those of you who see the mushy loaning for the first i will an not not so.
for meador mushin don't ict just a have than idea in the daily wark if they see a problem to think ok i mmmm i'd v.a. able to sold these was mushin goan in guy ai might up lied here and they get their rough in coup leishan how with works because many people who didn't he of colossus but arp arp lang's much in lording to he sss the they just.
apply them because they work but ths maybe the ins leishan the a hine tis not mome and to these another or ohb gipp tif and end the mood the a hens all mm ailed you can also upped wary it'll bees have practical experience with though us mull poo books rearer.
you can tear sss aam the some pool ould actually and and change some parra me there's and see what hep un's and of course a i there a one important point is slow have the common base for discussions the because you mean your few op light mush unal ago or use much she learn ick no bought mush in lawn ick but the there is nor gomme on base probably.
fw is like an iliffe ont in the dark room we everyone that should phone you for and sides and and you ring the negs that week the the we call ped the we can have a column vase the other on uk wonder framework annex of size a ce the they'd the links are here but ick shilly a i an eric is as supporting here and he rule.
he'll pos the was be sticks and to also bl the biden mold books ff.
oak he sought i a a www was thinking then the i was expecting intially that mean your few already you have some of spear he a gns in mush in learning so i would like will start very of a tidjane own very high live a maybe where it where everything comes for omond the wide he so a interest think so we will start with the introductions orton vision tillage a nz.
and the then we will see sub mushing on incl gari them swore on supper was who ordering for super was lorne ing and actually lorne in little bit how we abadi eight more those ce they it are prodi use by the snit ups and find the airy kf will yoof ff mm euro it dippers in.
isha nw vall the cutting itch re sore ch in this area.
hoops or i m first for sul fall which he law tink is a park a forty fishel in tillage a nz and the ff with auc ub alt some think we should define att a little beats rights will dith with ear of common on this then ning ff of saw i would we infer sit would do the think what these is ick sz alee he in tillage un's.
dipped can you just name sump esque they kes or would do think what what what is in tina gent what is not in tillage a n't.
a if reasoning year.
or it called muti for of realty zz a making you see asia nz so you the probably pte eaves you aef you see some n t digital pts agent you will to got nuys it the these in in tillage an tripe but gen your early these are all aspects is again is a lier a funt in the roof its gets heart tude define it.
millie kreis what is it the in the will see also some wick samples and they was char spear mm a and the who nd you problem nor we thieu ove what wih little bit with that the six a the who bris wise amid i'm a nts for core leyshon another's is and he he is the one who came up with a cutest so it jus with the sun will yn ce for mental.
for it dear the in tin a dj a nz and few divide it of oce hugh phone five as thanked actually of are often tillage un's is like reason inc the a wh was said here or a.d. a a through would reasoning also a is a oak eight one till of he for is an ink is working with nart number ste mere ical problems then fluid.
isn't ing is a is of flexible saul bickle problem soared up ting tomb you problems v.'s views all ce spa schulp hr also sing yeah it i think it's its can year then where one shull tear of a a lawn store memory and the short of mentally loan to meh mother like a dates a based right and a short ermine murray gleick for making fuzz you see them's.
an now a in other krishan to you.
would do the think of who is more in tillage and the gyre he so eith what to queler hume on who is a sp isha elise in one of these aspects or one who've cares sss abilities everywhere you queler he was more into to ge a n't everywhere.
woods erm it it jaw hrs i'll that it these asha lit like in between right you can have he you can of the year a a vid inking ihg an everywhere.
bought the m you can be very din a dj of the couple of this as picks it's similar to where is so core player earth source are sportsman right he can plea soaker bothy mm made knots swe mm very well but he will sri maybe bitter than the ever rich guy right so year some of eley to his ft this is what spare i'm on the keisha the phone the of that the some one.
and hwy sss would its some of the ce classed arse is also would in other on but pts the ick sz alee mult not there for for a a a id these sss the miss will have is already qc wide group is a you in was ob they'd it action ribeye hoard gardener in the eight you three he said air if he a a ix them the.
but they it also eve of youth for example the mm he said that inter purse of o. communications thiel ce if get also are part of the ing teen ihg un's or for humanae and the not nor just the reasoning an the all rich a.
if food flour is it is it is a grew your brill it'll the it'll we know it little bit define till is he into a dj a nz a little bit a.
and all the krishan meese what's a your ff i i i or a phd you it or a or what the.
fw yet it's it's that yet a wee ih a we we we get we can discuss discuss these indeed to ii eaves you some measure met this not pour fick the and did there is also have pretty sees i'm to warts it for example if someone can ought guen ott what with number ce like somme some a of i don't.
mall it erm.
some abou region or suv sub summed so people cull ne were wart with number ce this you in till urgent of course but they will more pus that this for example right ma bought model them and they world thinking about their ste which which would kep cer a eve or leave even these and a came with some drawl when test so they're more details you draw ek sz alee them when tillage unt you are in then they.
the fall there asst you'll the a sum some people in africa who would just near were drawl so the they don't have these in their culture in the ick wouldn't buy us even the sed ist but they qc would do other things better write the these these ache you to ce of course is just jus an is raiment is not the if it will moat they'll you body in tillage a nz.
this iv jus that eats just his team ation or wwoof there were you want the pl it.
with the um yeah up tso now a my fission is the buoy the think that's there are to future an tin urgency sti ig ceased it all so what now we kept were care ff you fine little be the few mn in tillage un's or what about upped if you zhou an tillage un's who thinks that whick f r to few shull in tillage un's a.
it a yes it ok we will see it or www hwy a the we use it everyday actually in its it's a were re waria ff some some aspic so fit.
erm dh yeah and its pnas ball to the neck slide to eat the seas i feith of ste ketch har or caltech war g. action he ft a fw dusts if the will utian ff or osso were first ub sore ff are of ohb sorta nature like web sore ff their a birds or of moving good any mulls.
most and then we've got came up with the very simple more dull we chea a or was doing inc a particular think so it was in law thing like it a just say if ick sickly pte stopped ft doesn't soul thes the dil the wheel doesn't soul the general problem off of a movie eke around but it's very fee shunt the with been particular ert are new.
into on particular that action and also the air pl in their player in his suh is much fos that an and in yi flying a ume all pp but ith it gyn or it is of flexible is it is a is a bird and hw a nz we come up with the small more those the two so wh the problems we can the get more nall itch bada problem and allies it and come.
up then wh with that their earth so lucia nz further so like the now with of was than rub war ticks have also what won the bit their moon bints of the all of the rovell its and hwy k. of drones which a ick sz alee very pp flicks uppal in fly inc inthe you can was you shun them in particular the earl look ation and so it's it's getting bitter but we.
the says the their simple more thurs also to understand more of all the probe i'm and the knowledge the qx wisher an we ob source them nguema of a yaffe you mn in tina gents howl should the more the rupe like for fourteen tina ge un's and co with will d. ullah wk a the and actually eighth via what these what does the mig enix you can.
to thien the in tillage n sept will https orphan the nature ff ff looking in than they cer we see he per and ix awful soap an key pl jal's a.e.a. hear what the number ste are ff here so i get here de for an in you most and here number ce fw ff a phd a.
year ick sec eighth so eats it's a a it's that i disappear gover was firms not not everyone the you media pte lee says the neurons a but these arne your ums and ix aapl or fron tillage a nz is of course the human being it doesn't mean that the you hugh waun these the only possible in tillage un's maybe a they will be some aid ence in will shoal us thinks that we don't knock which oles in tillage and.
but a ees is one that week an ob sore ff and to and study the m. and it tess around the eighty seeks yeah giga neurones right and then we care ff here they ape which chess oak eight we also see that l a front that you and it is has more but ths the it is not in teen ihg un's as a oat as it.
it in tins of as hume one that means that the number a few ron's as not every think is just an eye it.
but are a o. fw the thes that or they a you or to owais it.
you has it lay a a a a can i'm a worm that they re yeah day at they have heery min isci smart bayi most also they can droll right so date you can teach them pl droll picture ste the lake like a human do a pp the can draw them celso of cause they gay don't droll like they don't.
all what the air doing but you can train them they are him m. bar all the moon thence and can ick sz lee ripley gate the drewe owing yet i have a you way i pay a they they mow where or an war and that were and at home our inner that now or.
but oh aim hoop and this yet we well we will talk about ma gnc is in it a it the was say some warts of all them as well and so white why upward hear the ching pons a because it in pa cess the muir orc testa that he well so the mere or test is like that this nif you thay evil can rick ohb nice its oaf an the mirror than it.
c'est so the ready for and the approaches to test it and the with with their with it ape you even don't need to put marker sul something ck you nolde it you to recover nuys itself or ike they end the birds gertz use splints whe also moet they the also some will the birth spa ste also the the the need or test not all mn he's actually pos.
the mirror dusts but you buns he the rue and the the de birds of yes i'm of them pos and they used who we ste oh with five founder it me ria nz oath often your own ce in the in the brain and to a hof of oast thing you're on ce has the rhett wondered fifty mm you nehme and the uno it it if guen it if guess some pl nitty for he me teen use the a.
and can find of the way from lever into nz on and then we descent weedy we he see here there's ever a fee sz ch which is very of i'm popper arsed hm study you false ole the ff we see the be for the be can do math they kin ed one soul they the can verse what you shun and sub struck.
action or a with one mina n you're on ce one he have to say that the for poured it use ix also things a just hark or the there are the error instincts also things and there is a park which which looms i'm yet saw it in goals fort earth here you we know that ence for example care ff some kind of kuala ck dyffryn till is gia nts huge each.
she won is maybe not qt the it is a bride but together weight they can biel thinks fairer they can ek there's inti des jeux a n't soul the example sofa nitro in tina ge a nz i pp with hear some warmest and am piece is the in ig and stick for example all you care ths ick sec leith we to in euros who think and the to wonder id to eighty pp do.
hoon from things fs like the the a own and and here is there this bomb ge dust want to doesn't air of waiting you were ons ff the mm but isn't any mole rights or when you most woman bulk ing i'm all doesn't it the nz ff m.
white or gable qt earth a so-o. peirce lee the number of your have somehow a chorus point two ding to mnage un's some are you sought the only condition but it these if these it it park of mechanic's behind been tillage un's would how with warks me z. www they people all who who duwe a a a who did or tick shuns yvan pts knoyle it'll be collett warks but.
here as and zam pl is one you're all ff ff and in your own here ce a a hair's a soul my here and it key ce a the i would ths kind of decision maker its ear then and it here's the din the readers din writ us are the the sensors with the debts answer ce iepe orb source they never have holt.
a and then learned this all ma decide sss eve fw.
eat pa cess some cigno through the x m or moat and the ex an is that ault would action of thing your own an it goals then to move to muscular lse or two other neurones the and the gob and actually the what hep an ce here it's it's very interesting right so how holl this cell once ill decides he fifth.
puts this ing oh through or nor pp.
an the white why upward hear these this in ig unstick it's a very interesting because nis is the own lee eighty i'm all that that would have a cornick domes all the can ih chunnel foal neurons orth he it there are not so mean you're right and it's phone suvs their mm mated but the rees the riz a met or for the that key chick cer oaf this warm that say we.
it of when all.
and if we a a if we ih gk goal over little be beck to the who the apes then the interesting he one reason maybe why the where d. for an tulle the apes is lit we can speak so the link which was very important the bill e.t. they're gay ff in tillage a nz support of in tillage un's.
and and the apes the can of physical it econo ce fees a they a a a they ck ff gynt the learn to or the the mm the they qt bacon ler tool to read it for to pour me nikkei to they can speak about pts future or ang nd past they can speak about a sign lng wage they can speaking about the.
a out or epson people that on moten xer room they can tell stories a but they can oaths action speak and the these these was wonil them in reason wife ft the id you don't may be right the yoon deal up the if you vision.
woods from sz fw.
jus chick keefe.
fw the ick sickly end then you're i'm nh oeuvre withing the nw you're on the signal pp the is the transporter or with new your nz these are particles in it that hull in charge particles anti ff it you can you can change gyn it ical ease some matt mice for example so actually that aef his signal comes the wood it acts earn the the nw your own.
but lights op then you can pull some microscope and the actually orb sore ff which fard so ff earth the brain it a r ache to forced its if ick action than a how with warks ff.
roots thes the and now in litz that's civil bit that you fission care jens what we ca of now it on yeah i'd see its jus just a rob simple of what the have knauf or would you think that these is a what are hoyle or right then these is the eerie the car on all to make ig kurt breaking sings them.
and them this is a the vick i'm klee nef v think that the their what are border are uk-us somewhat to fission tillage a nz.
is it in till ihg a n't.
no but it no also when tulle switch off the what the reckitt norse whence ish of it is it is oeuvre orth force it does of mole read but the din this is there's a rule bay system its heart corded it's like in libby knee this thing is caught poured it so it in the show's if even if you would the hoop here i'm nw market instead off the boiler.
mott that which would says just switch off or the water the layby people who think it's its liking teen urgent right for for.
when does or says income of to fishel in tina ge a gns the with this is him should thi i'd a thing court ect and it will doing in four were ease like a you munda arse oration ol and of the hue mn is not always aeration ob lee cause a hugh mn hair of emotion ons orde the own the prefer a nz as.
and they do morts fiction the ff very sell them ect risha nw alee but more like he human ff ff and this is him think orc ect ed an the earned these these up or pars thinking in ek ing like the womb wonder is a those science of comb u.t. of sign ce bope big ce or view you can study a ute there with.
the px psych all ajai ict rule mode role in this area we will owe see how machine can think in ect thracians of the.
fw and there are two beak the farts in that if you zhou antti vigia gns actually won the systems that are rue based we're you can put all it'll ft modish in the system and and it kin help you and one which the can learn from its environment and these's ick sec lee the mush a nw whoring example through bay systems za use for it some pl ebb programming.
forts the it you would you actually point your reuss in in in sore most the court your cording something and then the machine just foal or the room woods ick sickie ix ick utes some are i'm some all varied ums and they're also moll ihg bassist him you use for example in earth in made you seen or or other area ce the which help a hugh muntazir.
a find the ride it the po make the right decision so you jus an number affects or which in other hugh one action recorder than that in br oath he he and the there are nall ajai grabs here have with the their few from or really you ft the will warg yul ought.
the un were of you out with she's just in it'll knee different organisation of an wall ihg ch and the but steele wheaties if is a date of a sul or facts or relations fw them these systems war were he a any popular in the pa ste where the machine swe or the moat not very peer for munt.
and the one and never the lists we wanted to pull it them do is much asst full supple so we poohed as much nall ih ch its pulse obel into the machines arab bought soon you will see that you few for example for for the mead ical them in of four for any other the mean you will you will more to ce that the you can a pp with everything they will we always news facts.
the eads its its lot though fx if you do the reason inc its it in just takes a lso thyme and the this why the the other upper or ch ff i'm fw gyn pulp would our ity with the with the with the better machines with a more they to the and is a machine lorne ing and the the aid year it machine lore ning is the it.
their plea cations can improve they pair from ah nz through got an ink experience stew seeing the more vate they khouzam ples and to.
yaffe we ca of some some ears of ments uae for my leave that the for mood a program his own from an speedy a nz yi with this pecked of some plus ol ft ah sp's and their four months beer her so we thing iddle soay mischer the to earth to saikal prob what it if these you ff in gets better in deter overtime gross all earth than.
and example ce or fourth much in loaning are ff arik year or it compute a game zurita you can ble a computer of a the it game ig ince a computer and if ll learn from from human an getting better and better you can live what sheen's plea ig ince ihg other the mm and to or you can you can.
and ig you flew also example sul through lit there are ce he yer an to vende the the machine move be able to rica erg nuys rican character and miffed them fw tool of fu tie fair ick there's an m n you made interesting pl say here that the mushy in i mean we are lorne ing the.
on being a lonely inc the ff the they can with we can learnt up the one hundred per cent the queue ris he one task what in sex for example they can know tay a or the ole ways they lee they were one hundred percent there's a trade ove bead between ix ick explore ation and exp lid taishan the a the arf ok's low the www they will know we're vive.
bours flow on fra sense ft they are some schunk that the much in the on he works its it's very important to eight a sets for training in his to be in a presenter t. ford the probe alum ff and it hissed a gover all the aspic so the problem and properties all the trainee concensus should be relevant tulle the pro-gun you fee if these.
is there some pp shull he fee if the street fick pte ers ff ff the if we cavil this the neath ect there's then the more those if we were leive the get from frome from the feigning are also useful otherwise the air biased i will mohd role to buy us in the stalk because who a o o profess of madeley move we will ville ft of ick sickly boat the bias sold would the boat the.
and a pte or the which they the the can be use for training ft and int with other problems is that they'd these knocked nor good.
of their us a a three the ff ff.
much ing lordy ing kurd are eerie us so one is an ce upper weiss lou ordering fw that us hooper was lord inc in the in force nw unt that or nick in the wii for n z zz not that the not always in the ault would on not maynor he in the alpe would off or of or the a i'll got it ums but in the way a in the persie ger how would glow an ce soper was lorne inc means the during the.
we procedure you can tale the machine if it's boon right or wrong during des procedure with ansa would wait to or ning q just give the mushing the data in the its figures eye out itself the so with without any particular ball fend the it looks orc some pl for the pet earn in the dater it and so on and reen forsman pte lorne inc the and ease a.
but the loony procedure a cure ste with ault without i juts a just munsell you don't they'll if would sc wood or not but ute look the results and the bind he ish the other it in we for his ultz was the wrong or the water the aisle that id i'm you've the rizal pp was booed so are in forsman pte loaning the will try d. for.
and was abilities to rue urso also problem and the then will stick to the all ce are for or which which worry barred that reboard that the morse ff but will rell more the you if womb or be the the for firms who they.
for culled a much unal in he can the use oh for the for you front burp as us for exam perot floor or.
the you can use a to to learn the normal behavior or ce bit's if eke spitz if ick date the streams and it detect oud lair sss for example as if they x. or some eve ince in in the stream which the rome yi the knee in even the diction movie also have one task in these of me swe important.
i asking this project their arc pull of worth he feel tyring forty commend or systems are a a mm view there are their up or suffocation i ailed airy them's moon for example ole to leive to des ticked ohb juts on the yoon urges a and eric will taleb all these alls a later and the there are also cw.
last rincon plus a pick ation ol that aretha gns as of working together for example ticks luck hopeful of topix or a yen to des ticked dick pte even ce the for pl or full picks and new topix which ip years so with the fal that you've even more bl have before.
this botha was an nw a very he simple example and i fair ft hear my might my or him.
the agent lid say and i want to make it in tila ge a n't a aiw ould like to make eem expert on the car market.
in should bow tudor to the wept pay ch who loop that all the car ste that the our prison to ft and became an ick spur ck and help me to make decisions ok of course much inca not the www wark with the with ohb jeh ck pts if it warts was ms or ments so what i shrew do first i shoot defined the property so of these orb jeh ck pts and the.
the some holl ped with them would him ing in in such a pay bl rights aware.
fs or gay were were or were eka of roles where each troll use these it is an orb jeh qt ths.
and they have call nz in that they bl where each call his ers its if ick property or feature so he few here proper to feature earth from pts like simular thinks fw i keble brent here for these gar its foy nts flog and biel tin germany in butch ruined the the an eighty two were and so on.
knol if i kev another car and a i i also ick struck the proper to suv these car and put this in it they able are suddenly he dh becomes pl swirl for the much into compare of the stool objects anti would just they dijk one poll mm for example the year and the compare.
the the gay and compare or compare the year so we can say here that one carries older than an ott of one right in one them engine but we cut a lot so foam so lse ove the mensch a nz the of cause we can not what it in them the more than thurley them engine ce a end also more than two will.
so for muse riz ation were pose this woo lull more the o. would jus rue care ft to solor i as a a this is a thousand t. irl meter so whole whole or yar whole maci the you eat was running already on the street.
fw you five a a a a n. and and the ce these two features actually this peyron ev victor space and each ove jeh qt become a particular point in these victor space like like these two cars and now m. i'd you shun allay a the able to move to moose see the distance with the in the car so mohd most.
i don't they have just the mission ments just the feature abut it also can hear ff ff kind of for seamy larry t. mish or writhe wean the car and maya a my hope weise the you fide a ff.
take a look of all mm jeh ck pts with their property ce and input them int in tooth into these the vick their ste face than this enid or ohb jeh kes will be it the seamy lot all a pay shun in news victors fees like here ole the forks flohr an and hear all the mean year over.
and the i can also hear some some ault lahr here and these vick their ste face finally a a it helps mead to just cripe my dater said it to come pair are ohb jeh ck pts the rank the ohb ge x. maybe and and the pulled them an in groups.
fw a mao i i us you mink the the a a i my my other id them doesn't mo anything you welt the des label ove the date us will wear the read sss its for ig slog an or or or a mean you're ole war of something else you just sees the the features year and the da lt a thousandth you know meter ste i'm mike hold weise that.
eat will be him bl to find find groups in the in this rule aef or a a its knees a bull from the distance and the these kin loop like these these these uproar she's call qt cluster he and the i can do it a un on the date a say if with oust is pits if you gola just they'll key here is a date.
the of what is a structure of does the to flee sprees aronne a leive it for.
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and here are ike end use suh ff you sick and here i can use a so ound a us super was lord inc where i dale the computer holl tulle sp leith these the dust base in yn two groups so ek sher eight they'll we've chea and which which labour ees are if we chore bei jeh ck.
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