Good Artificial Intelligence: Explainable and without Bias

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Good Artificial Intelligence: Explainable and without Bias
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Good AI: On Bias, Interpretability and Robustness
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Dubrovnik, Croatia
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given awol view all war machine learning technique so icing the hat spin ought it will be alen i'd he an presentations abboud that i rhyl of odd the off focus on some issues we've sheekey orzo imp wata n't beside sss ndem main.
a i'll you'll ism the main mess sought nw week ch for causes son what can go wrong guinness sense swiss machine lunny i've sort a ch should not did tell you're to use machine learning ck eyes says a lee good said off tools.
did shoot make just sing your little butte ca i have before you'll use ai mess sought sss because some of dh ease sings which kango wrong actually can be avoided easily some a more des shoe cull to a woy pte perth some.
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this is a site twitch shoe can go to in deign to ed which is kind afer ble awe qc nw by somebody who has sv though or keita lote in yai a and in mish he none ing does suh pp as nis calais fu lead he was soa a that i qt off microsoft asia for us some tolle aim here or ce so.
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sowed suh a farming pet dud an and we sought me butte twenty years ago and so if you go deya.
i'm it your find some nw prole swe ch war sums lights let's say which should imp which ein does wayne a it's so yes' says site old us the may did all power dourness then does sell ste which is stiff ical die ict so we dawn yet no aam how we a uk sz lee seeing ck but to.
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wh will finally the be aybar tool i'm get and des fission intelligence we'd ch does not just sep pos humans sin some specific quite net or area us but actually wheat should i'm take sz lee kindle what human scanned you.
which is if was ing about it quite a lot.
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by machine learning meh sorts oof we'd clyde to skill lot be free tried a scale why it in des friend or us who discuss that de be it let's slow ck i'm that machine owning ck the mm of them mort the we actually haj effient ward wick shun a dual whiz udder going in.
ellie goa's snus machine learning in a sense is so ike sz lee quite u z by dawes a pall ford in a sense that we so it nme lee the and sudden lead do not have ft to pog rhyme com pure ck dust tude bows sums pus oof eke pow us ck but the ad the a let dumb loan.
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do ff friend tile ce kes we just live on we'd do on we don't not have to we core guy md or bisley and this is then tool ords of for comp your to who uses machine leant learning meh sorts not holl dusts these vela qc actually and a i do years very sim purred you have a lot of date.
the un the we see you have a lot of tate or and then you have t. cell goers some which tries strain allies this tater and which tryst tool hm i koga nice and find had to nz unt and i gill learned to ce and to a mm dues spat ons these slagle love it is sit to a mm.
you skype's in the met to kill in numb mehta met to go manna which recall i'm model i'd dis model pace ick killin up as a nz despaired tones this like a low it to ce and dis his id when it based on dis modeled an we can in near way use these pet on stew the dea qt seeing erg ce.
yet righ get the anew wean port than as tszyu mm ing that the pet done hold aws afford and you import we can a i m pud d. ck that out who'd ford is fis if ume poured in a same weighed at shun a ix his string in port of from the date or we offed pour teen to does that have your us an a omv are tense formed into our terp woods.
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it and then we have ft is modlin then way if for tested tight and we tested in a same way we give some eke sam per some new ix are brooch recalled a tests that you some new ick sampas today earl yer us cements pts shiho are dumb mohd lech sz leave irks was does new ick some purrs what is impart and is that.
these tool ick some purse eh pts have ft to be the mm from des same dues to pew shun souls somehow dow have ft to buse suman lugt ict i'm ish fi let say peak an eye guy end oem mm them sup.
set here a i in does womb the i m i n no use does of the tending set mm the own and to mm the dine use the s. till few were sss a test said i'd your in some ways simulate as they gar pts computer us.
so i a nz so i us in the got sss a student's flawed is cert fot is ste met drill r q a ub d. friend in many cases and his says why it my trail bui kos that is to bew shun actually it's not to ear lead us same your old coming from different a a us i'm n.d. alee yi this cert she.
in learning ck are i'm said dup only velour ck sue tszyu have ff tain ing in test said coming from dusts same.
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at a was you loan pet dumbs which on the tool for another said of fick sump us and high over you've tszyu issue dewey ply qt that.
you can ache sz lee and a a get quite powerful mm systems and if whey ask our cell ce ha ailed would doll wat ella going us ums aum more dull scan become than would via allied sss that i'm for tire us ck ce we're we are sell ces yuma nz don't have to seeing grilli.
we meh pp some him put do some up would to be like erg nuys and or pp check the mm understand or sentence site we don't teff to sing get bod dutt if we have ft is kind of tau us kes then i'm we can biel des machine learning system which is a a as good maybe even bid but the if.
if and is his him pata nd huge fall modeled is complex and nef to kep shut going ip as and all it is soo mill et it tees and if and att soars him porton d. ff we have the enough him pour to odd would date thes attending set an and these.
the him put out could date the should be ip descended devi in some way ford a hall a aam set dull fick sump was which can imagine and urdd suh fest seeing wes some sing can go wrong height maybe you have the mnd.
the tes to yours scene does picture i'd this is the elephant and ish you if schuele let's assume dutt wint yet these do such shows they can only the canned of ca us the part off the a lift fund like a now us the pot of the elephant.
wheat should the can touch ayat did don't seed elephant at sates stock and then deuce first one says of kate its search l.f. fend look a seems like it bewkes naik i've this mm.
this is swat wooden elephant is this one nick sz lee says in on known or pts look toll and ria of do pssst tying sss this is warden iliffe undo spy att and so a bodied it or looks udon elephant in of in adjust click did way it i'd de lost once eh so case it shone a little.
well slant i have it in my hence so it's old via ce but all of dome ugh wrong because all ofa nehme have i convair i qt an a set off buik sub but spot not that of pp as ent the deuce set and that dues swart happened so bei years lee you shoe have data hwy ch an awe.
what her percent of tea for fell acing you want to learn or two who percent in that model.
nuys sink you hatch hell it qt i'm in one off the pox bod that them but inks unt as sink note menil few av fiction ii looked it to dick neek emma nda he reeled or for gore little between good ist ticked meek and.
some that is this idea off have being caricom pew tut low an by you needing ict soul wat we able to dual we'll he de load of forks and then we knoll and and turn and that which be nuys in new wheedle have food machine loan.
by you needing a fleck sump a leading or new spay purse which the which which we have in a certain inoue a in a certain time.
i'd base than dues we get than understanding off divo lt as it is send we get dennen us then new yon how's sing ce ca necked to each udon i'm and how do we daw rd it we pace ih kill he learn holl www seeing sill late.
right i'm and let's keep for what i'm a was a when goya had was a small ick some pl what does it mean housing's khan nick naro i antia sz year mm about tend concept site like main woman boy gulp ins prince eh.
this screen kink mourner uk we ch mm i.u. want to on thus than.
shy put dues into in information ality was as them ihg hope wooded in dusts such a ain ge or in what des surgeon engine dusts sul n it builds they nda ix is chote pssst mm mm a pres then ting each germ is dius and dine if you sell it ched for men gives your de daw kumon where.
we have men it and do step as in taishan ict herb lists ending att term bite self use called one halt and coding ck because spears ick kill e.u. use that tellme zz as dimensions ish we have few year on nine.
it terms and put each gel mm we say it a lay it's the tellme on ought tso nw.
one off the dimensions is one which is what does to i'm is so i'd its its itself and avista see of m.
knol net so cave shia wonder dual interim a shun of kier riff shoe want to search for terms in dock your meh nz but it does will tell you would do understand then did door xo is sin some way i'm quite it done than you have fed load off sills ole as the a seeing.
your won in in in each should a in h line now you're ken kind of tool clever sing ste tool nw get their way was this i'm not use much space ayat the acct lev adi knicks ago yo as ums but you are not understanding n issing i'd because of term is the.
so i'm nowa one weighed tool.
nw twente must then pte howard deuce unt terms fill ladies i'm his tool mm.
into a due zz summed i mentions swe he ch kind off tide of kayaked a ice what de tell mns mean and hear it in do small ick some ply use fida mensch as a a use sir mm a m de a dye mention may law a female riot when at our pts.
says sim a low few mill haj ouse an which is mm expressed but a term use sweat eyes younger old when a of his pose this junge auld and us cert a mention.
our whether the nw this is cert dispersed bui lumps toil to your no op plight skied them mention zte and if a use this fida mentions suddenly he i can express the term sss a on by a putting a on once or seals in tude use lida mentions.
but ca neck ched ting their meaning of to dementias two terms sites oh folk sample a man the mm is cern not cheam is ailed man use not young cry to the you child and a man but self is slowed miss a so id lee the oils sof all sian alls.
from a pincer ce a he's she may let his yan and be long stoy ll tier hood dan if sea juan's you and so ict rip cresent one of his tums by these speed on mention spy sing or cade this is how daish feet to into does the.
antia gns this is survey like live idea a men this is in new wade it ideal for that embedding side aim bed it here d.'s nine tellme seemed to deuce speed eh mention ill space the un and disses the i'm the des ce the.
this sue mm makes the sing spa sibat it tell smi how tellme suv elate i and and utz a powerful who and seeing.
the and term i a kin a knol oh uf find that simulate tellme signed a same pot elf d.'s the dumb mention a nz space so ict my a cane rose school oh the mm www use mm.
these space tool i'm un's a question sss like and the logy groeschel suh a boy to a girl ease like a but anes tool whom i which find des pain suss i'm and this is what do if been doink here ict sowed is so mm these vert him bidding sen.
and does space wet i am bed might thames and these vert a betting za lel meet cool a on sade do some a cement d. can is soo millet terms and deuce is how day it elate to each other an disses survey pro fuld and in do a yield ver ailed embedding earl going ers more ff cross i do not.
only use us the dumaine sz us i use kind of fl ike sphere hundred to fife fun de att and then khan stock ting seed a fife hundred des mention ste men yearly get sue lee douche you kill pte lights soya cli tooled budi sore time eh to kili a aam and deuces sort to vert i'm bedding stool and they khan strike does so you to.
the fun of dimension as space and would divot utz in de ict part off a noose space spite a an ally's inc texts i an ally's inc ca ll vert so used to good or a on what de a on which relet signed of his suna pte he off off of a ites sore you sure have of irk which.
we chez a certain do sin id you few if inot of a which is used in a same conte takes plied was a same was in ih tea or read means the same right if you sing about kaia nd or tem o.b. lt bail used to nw a say moyet so day oeuvre is sin the to look ste those simulate and uf will be innes same part off to space.
and des ft a not bui same bout seem elodia alou be tryout a pot but stilled the i'm veldt switch troll along was them a.
uae various symon ike and so this its said of tile sc which has spin tight for quite some time i'm so it d forty year sue over fifty us when.
research a start it to valcke on ai and is said de she cull tile skin to year we get it fro feed is as sick sz lee perfect we have ft is the mm helier is some and the lies ing news spay purse lot self them new spay partick you sen we get deuce cement dick space now owe.
ivor a on des sings which kango wrong ck and to them the one office seeing swede shoe can i could nuys if we a again dh look at it does so dimension we change which frizz ick a lit up as anse me he lynch she male we a leh ice so kate fine.
we air for does thames here cause an son chap boy who to which ah kind of male you have owed is odd us fi's shiau say unt kent mud a dia fee millet how i have i'll bui cost this is of them mention which is used fall auld of outs the us somehow old developed shead of fum now dh deuce few.
il avella ce us mailed des mention and to in many cases this is snow qt cw i'd want you would wart into and on toll ajai i height in a in a des finish a nw uf to term majd it bui costs for ike sell mm polone lubbe vallely an isse not ness a cent aaliyah of woman hunt a le pp a unt can be a men or woman.
ben's who'll takes this prof ocean.
nw i'm a g. is shun nw can be men oh woman.
it well ovi a free look at evets in does vet embedding ce those so and burt's we ch and on the i'd said we have dizzy extreme he the erm the billets we'd shown are in mourn dissed male spades sayat we had few loss a fuss skep nahr kit tech pts sing some wiv e.f. was of genius site sown.
the mice lied but it's not toward at of his lee the own live men a genius is and on now or ict this side we have stylists how's keep us het us us and wiley does to would ed to in a l us aside t m many of tees profession ste a i'm more few mill then mail disses off costs.
snot a des finish an isas some sing which schiff lech selves a sidey and this is ick sake lee des problem i'd because we gauge nw as in pl to do sell a goes i'm a on the tex pte swe each you md old della mule pull in some.
mays sold do saud a kind of a spec to new spay pp as we trill used as import mu york time sc idea nw one a of our they steal deflect so side t. anda uf for deuce early goes and his machine learning system it just they kes they ate to and i croak nuys is and ext liked spent duns and if you know ol asus side he.
it will we've fine certain pet on ce then we find to din numb model ayat and uf for the mode lease not the cement dick space which de fine ce these con to sconce soap spot adda it's a cement dick space rich of fleck pts how in a laws aside to you i nd us aside do which.
shoes nw the px as ent did by does the was pip odd to queue certain when owned elations ce holt.
and that might peeve shine id ff we away a ft it we have to p.a have enough that of cross but then knee for we use it i'm we have to wat chocked i att because foot excel mm per if we and use it twat has leyshon height and tens lay pte sec it ted hey well at his sloped qt leah what eyes a fee may law mains sec it de if it.
and slade that in to cham unt jamon had its may len sz e-mailed foams so sick it tourney than ought to met t. kill he dh skit it cats the it get ste as late to sikka tear an which is fee middles sec it tell a it because in my cement tick space it wast mort huda fee mills site.
nw we choose snot nest sown lead war dine one to dh and not even know i'm the voil it who dawn look at urdd earns leyshon ish fly use a out a feat paik like in a search ainge n so changes use feud beck a owl wat people a on hua n't to.
see the ayat now nw issue do buik just cert show disses what i do a sink eerie have he year goal ish as search will sec utter you get you get buik just i do get the sept an kind of buik ch us lead which to not if lecht fw under des fission it definitional sake it to a but to art aua the.
pato or more in does cases stelae yea of type let this it it that it it it it it.
it a let's two pp imeem the he allied slight and so he tszyu modi is sick a you you can the ff costs come pp liked of twente.
bud you have ched to know oit and you have to con that ict id.
was a french call ick told me ict in in france they never use the term vall to wide peptide dineen the use internet and uf or if shoe tense laid it why should un's late it id some time a gold mabe you'll zoe it no a you tensely it rolled for of the be into intern att if you turns late intern att bake in.
and do english ooh get intern it tso fw this is ort is a gong.
an delph cross ardor sings so sort at so ick sz lee year an arty curie a a borough out mm the and l. goers some which tries ste tool the nw a vet loy eight weight or a pair us an shoot be a i n let lead dought off jail ayat mm based on the.
for bill e t what of his person we ll the way ler mm the mm been wall ft in none are like try min a few chon knocked but and to a mm dh we have few ick sam pose sss from me learned chea mill perlson xers and the mm it's known dutt the.
that peeper in do you us as and ix abd ful new isse owes arf hedger does his sword it the the de problem we ch we he went to to cry qt as come good a signed his pts in does case or sss that to me be the erm nw.
white peeper gk teat eat but are than like people i'd soul a aam dissolution of ict make in a a goers an which is impartial which shoes pays on or dud a tell you get an you get an orb jake dish and pet to the mm.
so a jess shun hut which have a and fortunate this not toward is the famous com pos k. studded the as this kompany which be lt to do zz so i'm this cyst them unfortunately wh we don't have nome oh it is spork rhymed quad we can a look at doll to come oaf.
system and a a as this so a quite fame us so a are legal is mmmm i'm this this and l. iss this arctic ain pp obel buddy ca and ful by does us a cid a shun which talk so barbed the bias induce suh a mm in dealt come oft is out agos me vu read on nor hard elder xm www accts we can find ard went his pious on.
about so flake some powar this is cern a i've these said to people who md left won sue white mailed i'm who'll the mm wort who was laid tidd a i are low v squad off few chook time the woman was of aid to dh high it is cough few chook.
i'm an but you're lee.
you mean issue look at what de de turn what did he duff torre to turn so that does small us show us that healy that a own gers so jus shun ayat the oem in in does case who was they to tire is sc or did not adeel fend no a men the a did know you could say disses sme abe you tool ford is kiz because overs lee you per.
no or was just prob ill he stick but it tense out that turner you shoe look at many oft is ick some purse and this is what to people who looked a a you you find out that to that again deuce impartial or leo as one which looked a the laud of cases tool train them model.
uh oh wars biased and teat did men it pete did white peeper but de than the mm than and like people.
now dess pts and on a funny ick samper uk news suh and face eggert nish a self to a by imus own which is core drug organ ish an as a clout selvy as site iss easy to use ch you just up ol old some mick sam posts and then the tain the un i'm a modal enda n you get or predict do.
i'm model which try ick sump rudd you coeur to oh i'm new couper term the mm in do sc a's just nw you lls ste tool find out what a to picture us dipped ip is enda sim pp elson a an soul oem mort peeper it it dorce so i'm they.
me met ched or put it to sz us in do your sin de konger us the and us ing yours in his senate wheeze ste twenty five's selves unt cayman ilves unt let see if us i'm criminalists sitting in the congo us or were an a that us some terminus sipping in the.
konger s. but here we got on get his ites spe cause we got to lot off mate chizik sz lee we go upped twenty eight made cisse nw so plenty aid off tay congo as my and ict where a it deigned t.k. pool i'm people in dues suh a came nil date.
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accts less well.
now o m us on uf tort said dock it you'll use stead aung kes pesh show it ict don't use eight des percent used meant if left per send than don't is our dj will be bet the mm the but that's beside des point bit eighty percent was the d four de ict so you should don't know any acing use just this crates so i've his sight.
you get lots off krongard is our it sort disses why you should i understand what you're doing your for using an your pp does older as mns and second of cross this serve this pa paasschen between i'm crawl up people in de force met shes sss and call it peep linda us in the in a congress and the it.
that quine ce to defect that so it to an subsets of peeper the mm and not cry cred ed n defied it unease owes.
cink we choose soars overly to tool what kind of to dough used to to tainan i erzen oh so this is a calm pen us an the ll for off to just them sss a few sher sue stem men deep net baus so it quite good seuss them's than i could dies what is on the bic shoah could nuys flick sump of that has a hawes on is.
picture nw which is fine and devey oct ebell yer weld a keisha new kind of fla same position wh waal us and then oak connick off mine in in in in bill he nw he looked at while bew zsa lies ste what the bigger us as well looking it what kind of.
futures their way using indus in does sue mm.
in disc anes send sort a de a deep net ojo some real qt it looked here or ict here so disa a canned of for and it's looking at the hawes sayat this o u's looks epp to our ce which sz makes a lot of sense.
niall does sfi shell earl you it's an looks wh ear ict i'm in this knoll osce on the left a law up part light but issue look close lee you'll be allies that huss some sing it it been here which says cern and up dub dopp kid uf he fd daud des eared ict so disses cert a.
but shun which says as from at high ff about tos us ict so somehow rda air at a gut as sme of eli's ste a cave feud looks into does keauna and ish ease tse is does caption which have cause it does lit on a stent ayat at out come should p.a haw site twitch a ce cool wheat seems faade attaining kcet ayat.
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so i'm one of the first they kes id a nz wall sake sz lee deuce one where dick ca ought when it hw own kind of under a a talk right so dissed collect wast pa seeing dot oat it should not have done dutt but to sin out a met the that happen sometimes ayat and dyke col which was soul ft alive ing.
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now let's look at what teh pp un's year jun.
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of arc undid just to use the bic cer and test to find out where those feigning or not and what peeper dual wheeze sky nd of ff third this is their light date caulk buik chun a left you change it elude butte in no way we'd shoes human ce a actually do note nolte to slide sore you who tool and of.
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point eight i'd which as or most one so so they ning to an on thus what bus or mm the lane following behavior ice of butte modish ical to take because the tesla's of illy groot in i kompa nuys ing lane ce an you can chain sz that d. chewton buik ch.
shas sore that peeped kind of miss is the lane so this diller lane here of up to the butt to a kind of ven ish as a on view should tried rudd do wheat in of he alee t i a pte sort on the left you put des loved oft aughts on this len ched plane is even mo www easy but at i put but it.
tense that if fick prada system dutt its says so kid s. nw olaine anymore yet but disses sake sz a lee the very dishy kelp to two at to use because in new weighed the for human pts is all buse that days the lane i'd i like of nies it immediately za the that the mm that disses dumb is doing.
you some sing thong kerr i it but turn but what you kendall wheeze eel he is kind of tools simulate lanes well adela no lanes slight so the tess lows veley keen in finding lanes site and this is what you can what your can what your can use you would do sss small old doff pts on the left side which should don't.
nw see the wall would sure most to nord see year and the and the tesla ce ease the lane and a nw an disses sort to war six ploy to tight and sold disses what is happening qia a that the own.
that does suh pick some purse which up gen no nade tidd way he in my while you have in my nw dutt that the that you want to ticks the system so de adverse a o e aled an day he date day pid turnip day aim pl to in in many men it pod i'm it de us to a various small ix that and.
but oil or dues kind off putt of patients sti att because dumb many bout of vishal spin us more one so we don't see them but orde is but a patients at up india ella goers i'm anda ilya us an costs is sill lined costs is sill lined from one care us the the tool to dead like loss mm.
it and den not various pacy fee qed tool were but tick your lugt nw net to uk de bilked a kosti fund that tuck pts.
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sink and on orad all wake some purse the valcke bowel but turn a but if we chain show or ick sampras in des sway pa they daish fee in oak it so let's conch ll oot.
what we learnt whoa a what i'd ict tool and playing it dross sued isp as nischal osce that we'd should not just use a liu us an o.b. his lip you should understand them we should ois as same go bout some some as spake so fd ease eggers un's which on not.
khan neck ched to to to della a simple pell folman says you shore loot but to which show a crumb make did tool ick sprain nation solor eith fi a us qca that of in assam wide ghoul hughes said jus that that agos and should tell me and it he's un's site wide ied died don't moat get a cade it the mnd the.
though some orders human who uses though yours a should be able to silk a you did aunt care dictated it because an bui crows slew mm you deep node pay bake your last loan oh what a a of a hype soda should kinnick split nation not don't all park system like bell you often is the case if we use a just the.
ewell net to it was odd n acing id you shun alert this should been no d.'s comin ation swell ghosts i'm sayat an the mm and we saud is six from for in day com pa sc a site because as sin eta goes from it does love mean it's more orb jake do fda an then a human and we ghoul not went deuce.
and ick ch do we are not allowed to do deuce that our loss which and which sayid disses not the loved the un.
and so a as cern a computer signed his pts we a ken us sing give bout the polder them an should sing about a pogrom how do explain the mm the i'm such an l. ugh or us i'm so a bead you she killed on de mortal leah ish dumb model us villa comp may kit dud white he dish you.
coach tool explain but fall specific instance is its moy it is he a hut sort a can explain why you it najah good a jed id tight the ick can not tick spain the model high do accts full over body brought they can explain for one ick samper i a one to the the it these mush a nw an ing ogre us as.
just to be bias feed oil or to say a my date a abayas than duff show you get a longer as ict so you get by us there's arntz this is soon port teen curragh shuns send dune who and them to vb to be of or bust because we nola to a lot sof techne us l. dh the and dull cross a the mm we erg dole node won.
to have fun ill gov of some which canned of ff feels to ease a leaf late take it and then for ick sump n if we i a loya then day hw eh shun fleck sub brew become zz so i'm a what kind a fr aig or lay shuns should we hoot if an e. nw own important tain ing dater and to.
the o. mm.
the whole should does select tain inked it to shoot the you're laid to use if a a should dubbed be inhuman in a loop some well not should it p a le out dull phobe beaten in sirte near anse fool wheeze the this spawns abreu ff some sing gauze aung ict beef disc cock tresh his site who whose the who.
the plame tight dick caja the min a fick sra where of a mean that i pte knol it's the human hoot i've sss the cot i'd because to day say you shoot moat we light total he on day ll yos some light sortie pts the tile of us they zz this pons of bird you sher ff willie self blowing qc us the become sti front.
and ole of deuce scan be me p.'s some man is din dissed nice picture ict and which sump time sort i'm a do skype so hubby produce mush an learning own as from sites so you aft eight the collection which is thief shows bit dup people serre sing which is the few killed and you do model tain ing an menu nef just munich can n you get that his eye or ayp then knoll me.
it a.q. sin ai and you should not peel he fume known shoe shoot it would who under stained what have pp a nz and thats the pert a choice sake you vm much pah.
and you track a un in quite shunts commence ih ce it.
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but well all i owe you that you a you sir hugh you pay the that it fit huge it there at goes it it it's you know a so a sheetz hope you few hers are what heard it but it ched.
oh a well so fort a foos for the fis i cook me shun a m b ick sump ooh you can will ff cause get but on hut a my a you have might not bupa uf ict to a in or tears a spot you should get peeper ff home or low what of all tied it which i guess the ne did off to woertz than you get but the a it's into his sting to an note that.
or so we us yuma nz on not cw i'd houdin the inge finding the dubbed us it p in shea ce is which uf from somewhat earl sighet because orzo l. or an alo ub hey anus a is is stained on a septa nw kind of hc some purse nw and to.
the mp may be did de bess than za a he a is stra say aid don't to eli totally on the system and and you be away or dutt some sings kengo aunt bright so ute clade to be as depp as and that the ff us posts abril he in your in your training kick some posts i'd at sola div n id a important and.
now own you poti get pet a you've known human unt the mm butts still if shoe get the really strain sz ch the nh tick some praa den zing school own ck ya he god ing doucet tex a a is his says steele a beaut an clia hollow ll air what is the best way to con today.
and my pikas the set tech serre some zing d. front the exploiting col your tain does net took slight so pih zit kill ie do snit do uk sup faint by a ba a using does function which says so cane reached ike shun don ce ce mm unt us the mm the thus the the ce for inc can chain sz.
a change more whites oh you gore it you do kind some kind a few lee climbing cried you porn as pacific tech shun i'm and and to the un touch nw two www true changed out would an so if if you find the imp would and bleed stone god wart you look at ped the distin.
in function a nz it ok if pte or change or des beat and and or because a don't want to change too much you core into that the ick shura changes most dealt bort while changing not very much in in in an a coat so you it mm and and the pq alb alum was these ick division function sss mm use that.
but the that you you ed or dissed small own changes the nw and people have trite to a toot train wheeze sc trend of ff change dick cent per site so you can't take does tick this at take ick sampas have put them as importance say it what you'd what huge shoot you get and that.
but to accts to cerp nick stent but it does not on a live arc try it a the pub rums some ha ll wheeze sss the more dull note not tut tending pause us and to mm the nw is snort yet to compute solution dude is problem it sheekey it.
what what it so it will.
and you know that's two sold at still lynn a a into this thing it is such a hut and oh.
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but right but and pick you eat it yell so into don't a hulled beef people soak he dissed system was tined on does and is that a set site beef you go auto pp hissed they de set spiel way i'd at id might not have a ck wh well oil erp boat what nope book at old so that hewed all i'd even help for.
so finding l. de to something kango own so and it.
and chilled in own orzo mm waugh dh of a l site solar mean issue learn in you lng which shoe a you'll hear lies that you she want to on us the n't shield and you ste mohd if you can done an us than ing into at ought so that ats tude a pogrom werent.
yes it hw nk what slow pts.
what a picks light it jt pte set it's a wee it wore what not so are in ur the it will see but oh so ped now pts it's see and i'm show the tso so.
have you dizzy hers aum with eye on its haut of on and may know the sums read it you might you but men and aunt knows is a and will you know it's years a b. and but it's its there are owais yet that i switched i think quit will hop mobiles the tes.
but whether we which put it exp light it always it just ict heat you as scadden the tes you frew will we host of want wit ched pssst rights and soul the sort of post seeing use so it to aam pp the it i'm uhm age us you or so quite clip oin it ought is easier to.
explained soap instance us a not to whole model of its ois you said to explain wide isas a pick chote which shoals lang can so on not to mock on ott i'm it wall wide is so i'm l u us moon but nuys a said hawes an tao and so you'd on dick spain hell model you explain.
in why nd is but dick lugt ick some pl i'd do get does under sub jus shun aunt plus a few cation and that vat accts ce oh rex all an id quite twell mm stilled and open this do some hope an issues soeur but but des trucks well whether you get perfect tick spin ability a don't sing so because.
we cannot even explain why we make des zishan zz sayat sown nw the mm or zaw a talked are can not all of his soon a a nd ick sect lee why he came do-do sti ugh knows as sayat he can dix plane it to some ix than duff to watts and his ick sz lee funny she.
you look at psychological he touch or that the pain is actually he www vig good in explaining sinks ayat pos talk light so it makes a dizzy zhang and consciously and i need to explain ce wide has the under ce des zishan witches and hessian ol ization of some sing which was on cancian soley.
it your aeschylus sation is they ck should not how you got dues des zishan me shas the pos talk explanation that i'd an disses what we might be of recruit cheves shia amn that is in testing experiments lied where you pp cut own is some patients her ft a nme and you have fuse two parts a ff your pain and duck connected.
it you shoe caught tidd nw aum because because of some be lean as also than your left plane does lunt know what dow ict plane knowles sayat and then dh you look at it a pick shown was one pot of show pain and you'd drood explanation was that out a pot and ended stowe to lead he and connick to kite so or.
and n't the lift pain explains some sink we ch we sher mm which utes sings ce the height when bust cut as shas the just come sell pp was and it's can age.
that that it.
i innes a hunt.
fw it it a of a of hunan it out but play yeah it a it ict so what a got a bout.
it charite air pts you you thing it also a you wish and off say that it's it you know it will have that it is and have has the because a rate you shun that it that noone the you the it try to.
and i had will actual a but you ch nash bills so a as sole ict mall a actually have a what is so so a key i'm in do week yell i height because ste this is what and ste the could sink and and might bittle to lists sim point hunt i'm a own in turn year.
a suh a deuce hype will be gone the it and then we would have poured accts which rhyl of auc while up but they will not be magic the in de cohen ch i'm india ache could and ce shit toya shun us seeing due i mean some dumbs you a force of dual eigg you against his kind of you you light does some munich or site does says says just i'm which can.
and where was sing to you cause owes of than beeper tent to use it a kong lead isse a disses the magic i just put in if you ricks so so one one the ix n one sing for ick some produce you tszyu do some a ish show us some a a croak nish an tar sc.
the mnd and you sure are i don't nor mechanic engineer what evah a on day and that i dius or kit it so fike some per mb finding ald way them ih sheen play kes whet sold sold us quote so a ish if to speak meh sheen's we'd shun which.
show used in port auction the nw the de also of his eithne evel a year all evan hell few it would two years and to make sure dit day don't tank the a you don't neu ick sect lee when day plague have crossed so you sos them will often and nes says who which wastes money and time sold a us is ev ale.
of prevent diff maintenance which tries do find ought to wed uh oh machine is going to paik in in year food ch few chote i'd and then you sos it so this is the pos i a tso find out ueda emission paik spe foyt play kes ayat they loeb early enough that you can so as id and other was you don't sos to its so ick sz lee him potton tao skew should velux.
says perfect but it's of a lead he hout tool implement because these mesh un's usually do note but i tick kite de illy groot if especially fda chum in machines i ped trope coeur in men sheen sighet they a pay eight won sin a few years so ayat seoul where do you get did dining date dud at them machine is.
going to plake your don't teff an uf painting did ta it so peeper canned of collect orad a or ords send sens or date uf from does machine for five fyi aside it and or most all oh all off the time it does not plate cut and then you have fw one up to eke sump or wears play hc was plaguing and then and then beeper single k. because af dizzy i.
they it lear ounce when it takes this not toll ll you half neu excel mp as side and and they question you can are sc then to says such a person is hw would you'll as his you'll mm and looking add des date de let's let's assume you can do would a m n we are slow oi in looking your to date a put imp ensue pl i'd would you'll find up pet term nw.
which should would allow all you'd poo put id beaked why it up the mush an is going to ply qt ict an issue sink a boded an enough just one ick some purdue you can't immediately sin knoll seem possible hide i have one ick some purred i cannot jenner lies ihg tool i'd but so that's a good question height the to find ard whether you have fa nef dade or bod.
what you want to learn sold md the to thats that some seeing you can do who kind of and a as move fit a wade a magic your little beat and sell k. tszyu as a yorman not aybar tool come up so eve shoe a wass aleutian lied why shoot nowt of those and borek.
toots its sim plano wade's fos the but it simpler ll and you.
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that what a at.
it all so jt it the a will it a but right what know what we non noida you need depend so ondo the it depend so on the oem the it depend so nda a which the bic a sz.
sheen light so if you a dock de in med is scenic spme in abril he deuce veley him pata n't tut because so the because as a patient your want to know why die ugh roses as sme eh do us have docked a using such assist him you want to under stent wide us just dimmed use this suggestion ayat because otherwise you a libre pp so exp lynn ish n so.
but in it ill ooh potton de the mm you tszyu dual earn a a grip mission of digits its snopes so important you one tick split in ation is something gauze aung but usually your dawn to kill you just jews as as tem as as so it an ill he a pick you shun and.
and or it here.
it's it or but what you sow arts it it whey a here it's like a maybe oh what it shit so cull ft its tick pro its its it.
and then that's cut posts it fright fuss will ship its you true waft you neck nz and when ict you up an will pts out pts you a shoes whiffed pts liked it.
pp you sos you.
aand soul so to so won way aid to get the explained ability he the un is ce kind oaf fun a two feet a sim plum model cool your ick some prop height so you'll might tov sz oic come bei lee kidded model witches nw us as so eight will hand lowered.
sump was your soy dit and uf far.
by dish in ish an in ce verrone it if you could do explain as a model att but den nd your couper to the mm kind or fw like you'll planed us you you you come up we seize ix fla nation light we ch the weed shoes us a vet is sim per model we ges would just tore not foy a was sing it but his tool fort is.
but de click sump or and said this is this very sim per des zishan tea which says if dusan desist tool then does is they'll to come and off cross that's a pos talks explanation ayat of from much more complicated model but it's so fuchsia n't br explain certain in senses so that's won one won pl sieve ih ll ihg toot to.
who pool hoodle do so at i'm so use a perfect complex mm oughta ailed get type uf omens and then use a sim per modal do explain so up i'm cases.
it it that it are it what it word it you it is itch it but i walk of their more so i you ch it or autor ish set it up its.
i want it will un's ix that at it sti it a is his but that a it it you a but it but go a it you worry but where cup or ist a ought but whose loom you gap a a will it a o a it was his he it that pts ooh ins gut all me it so you easy.
crowe put it you lose you know as senna it is these will ums it a ba a it does it it does a dust mid lease soul so i mean you sz you shoe start being your way i dutt you're ont model he is salou just to ck did to buy you're caning set which you shoe sing a bodies all be us ict but but too many people.
per don't sing abad it and then you kunde of tight tool uk's pte a nd you a tain ng said you a you owe your you ick sump as whole your tess that and aws owe a ish you'll what for ick samper me be maynor ch tool tool kind a fume plum and some kind of met a www ease inning hide wish ce suits a top dumb modeled and kind of kiker.
and i as as if you go oud of bile own side you sure sues them nah ll wheeze in us have to ation where our it do were which is not cub out by de by the twain ing ick some purrs sly it that's solo diggle solution years the firm utley.
it it a boat but i owe yeah but let their own want he is.
the these hewn there an right hw you but mean ck mare a it a men bit in cursed said but so a or clot.


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