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Optimizing Software Defined Storage for the Age of Flash

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Optimizing Software Defined Storage for the Age of Flash
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the aim to optimize even have to be pfizer reach for the age of flash.
the visitors. the visitors including news. you have a hand. again we are the last forty will put into the country in so the talk is optimizing is the is for the age of flash and basically you have a lot of cost. it's the devices coming in to use a look at the year. the work at had had with the softer defines to it's called la studies that the bottom of the slide and of the talk is about optimizing the softest back to get the most out of the performance that the hardware devices are capable of.
so since the multiple speaker is not just give you a brief overview of what to expect over the course i'll start off with an introduction and as the performance in the mirror i will present sort of a performance centric view of the problem that we're trying to solve. in order for this part you don't really need a whole lot of background of what gloucester details the architecture is like that so often that because going to come in with its biggest architecture a you know the flow of the request through the stack declined to the and the sell side and start describing something have. this was that we had to do in order to improve the performance of leicester for this particular used and i was going to continue with a focus on the r.t.c. their improvements that we had to drive in order to get better performance out of bluster and we have a lot can cool with some lessons learned and some of the work that is in progress and to say. and so blast has been around for awhile and many of you probably know about it and the traditional strength has been for use cases that are more large files to quench ally oriented so you have no storage for our c.c.t.v. is a crash test reveals all right. d.v.r. back up a lot of those use cases and that typically you would you would use you would back the storage with it spinning drives. it's good to have a good you know cost per gigabyte characterised by so you have a lot of data as a store and the performance is good for these kind of what lords and that's kind of been the strong point but there are some friends coming up on the device side you have. s.'s these becoming commonplace in data center deployments nice and some of these especially the n.b.a.'s as these can be really fast in terms of the the eye off that they can deliver and this is one area that had this have typically been not so good night's sleep you have a small random iowa workload. the overhead so just keep your spinning rise from the living in a kind of good performance and those that and that's exactly the the area where these flash twice as a really good at night. and so in terms of vioxx capabilities some of these are in the m.p.'s as these can hold three hundred thousand i opt right so as a typical hard drive would be something at around two hundred years not two hundred k. it's just two hundred horses three hundred k. or more to the other thing is that as glass. after some of you may know is integrating with things like when it is pollution is like when it is complain of platforms so the role of the of the us solution changes a little bit it goes from being sort of first a loud solution send targeted towards a particular use case like somebody has a. i pity you work or they want to back up with clusters of the the use that so instead of that kind of a roll out the role of leicester's us tennis shifting a little bit two words are providing s. storage infrastructure lair to those who were larger cluster right so dare you don't have your. what are getting any specific workload i mean you have what i want to designing the glut in the cluster you have to support any and all of those right so you cannot be picky about what you support val and and don't support so it's important for gloucester in this environment. to be able to support a larger idea workloads and some of them happen to be. you know databases you know things that are authentic and water that gloucester previously did not have to worry about too much because people are not so interested in putting those workloads and opportunist. and once we started looking at this combination of you know what how does cost to behave for these kinds of work towards on these kinds of devices we did notice and deficiencies and the part that we took to optimize the solution that's what the talk is really about and this is very much a work in progress but. around the time that the submission for the four for them was do we figured out that we had enough material that it would be a good time to go out and tell people about some of the for some of our experiences and observations and you know maybe get some feedback from us as that.
and so just for the sake of companies and what what we're doing here is just taking and the basic local five system and the next six of us find system it is backed by a local a and b s's the drive and we run at random iowa was small and i were test on. it and this is what we can get right so. what you see is use so on the x x is what we have varying is the number of concurrent requests made so the number of concurrent jobs that are issuing ira ques and that we are increasing and then when that number is low if you just have a single thread. application doing small lives that is a limit to what you can get in terms of fires rate so it is basically dictated by the latency of the stack and even for a local file system you not be able to push something like an indian years as the to the limit but as you increase that number as you increase the io depth or use the term interchangeably. before the number of country and requests you will see that the i also have steadily increased up to the point where the device saturates right so you you steadily increasing the point of device that duration ended the week you can get something like three hundred k. plus i also notice that the y. axis year. his i have seen cave which is no three hundred thousand in this case right so this is what we would expect a good solution to delhi and obviously we don't expect gloucester as a scale now distributed solution to match the performance of local find system because it provides so many more features. but this is kind of from up just a performance point of view what you would expect a solution to look like at least in terms of the shape of the of the of. yet just for reference i'm i'm going to put up the test that year that that the previous flight was based on and the important thing here is that a couple of metres here this is an f i know job find for read and write a couple of parameters here that we are waiting to change the argue that the number of country and request and flight and one is the number of jobs. there's a number of a fire jobs and for each job there is an eye on sept but i muttered which controls how many outstanding requested can have it any time and that is possible because we're using an io engine the libby iowa which allows synchronous i owe a couple of other things the boxes just for cable to smaller friend of my own like us. i'd be using detect iowa because a lot of these kinds of applications tend to use that director you to do that you like. and so so i'll move ahead and of. configuration that be evaluating hear the numbers that are based on his is fairly high and super michael system is just that there's not a whole lot of stories you are we are particularly interested in performance on in the media says these the fosters as these and so it just has a single india me dr. system and we are looking at a fairly decent release of of bluster and some of the enhancement that are still that. the use of priorities that the performance and handguns and they will eventually make it in but have not been done that yet and bluster as critical explain has got a number of sort of optional what we call translators that you can plug in. that add functionality to the to the s.d.s.. so you have translators which to read a head and i behind and cashing and things like that in this particular case it has been tuned for random my or of which means that there's a paramedic was tricked friend or direct which make sure that would act is respected properly on the climb site and also the mo d. i was disabled which means. that direct available is all the way to the brick made that is suspected all the way to break the most of that reading reader had eye catching translators and things us to turned off you notice or so if you so this is back when we started or this is the baseline performers before most of the in hand. humans that we're talking about were in place and you see that the top line is the accessory performance that we talked about earlier that that grav and on the bottom we have. the same test done with its luster and you see that you know the that doesn't look too good so one thing is that as you think is the are you that you're not able to scale up to the device what the devices capable of in terms of our society of flattening out at something like sixteen to thirty. two. your debt and at that point the eye of that your delivering is just a small fraction of what the devices capable right and so we'll use this is a well defined problem for the rest of the presentation to see what we can do here and one of the changes that they have to do in order to make this better right. a couple of things to mention here one is that like i said for sick when she lie or this is a specific workload a small scale and of my all for sequencing like you were the i request part is somewhat different and you'll see that gloucester will perform well even with andy me devices so deep. begin you're able to delhi where what the devices capable or what the network is capable of. the other thing is if you run this on hard drives because the device capabilities will know in terms of vioxx the you would not probably note is that there is such you know that the glass to performance is not up to them are compressed to even if you compare it to local custom because both of these will be able to cited the. ice quite quickly had anybody i have said that level. and i was so couple of other mitigating factors like i said the new workloads that people are wanting to run on solutions like gloucester but right now what we're seeing is that most of them are not really interested in pushing the performance on with it so their new things are coming in but those are mostly. the applications were performance is not that sensitive but that's probably not going to remain that way for a long time this once people start migrating the more performance sensitive applications come in as well so we have some time to get our act together and fix some of these problems the other thing is in environments like you know in the in the could win. it is environments people you you might know what take eighty and how that cells are bluster stories to do when it is clusters. sometimes the devices these devices are carved up into multiple gloucester walliams and mounted in multiple places each why i'm so when he split things up like that the actual the aggregate i have that you can get his is my still be quite high some of the the numbers that we are here that we're looking at here is basically. the single client trying to push a single over as well as much as possible so so there are some mitigating factors but even so there's an important problem for us to solve and we will look at what worked and you know some of the lessons that we learned here and i will hand it off to a critic article. when you with the cluster texture. some of the and make. a clarification.
the. the issue. firefight. this is inclined are connected using a server and so what is the network like. what is a network that this is the clients are figuration white so in this particular case we have ten big if the met in between declined in this over. i. i know so of this is about so it's a it's a four k. i owe right so if we're talking about i've said so so with ten game you can go up to about one gigabyte per second in terms of to put right so this is still about less than two hundred or so. so it's a network is not about mechanisms. yet. four. yeah but i should have put that on the slight what the network gets its. i will just maybe it's too late but can you define your depths once again. what is the are your debt ok. the. i would accept is that time that you so so if you're using a fire which is a popular tool for benchmarking right so fire job if you're using it with and with the libby iowa which is the synchronous i owe framework i would that allows dictates how many outstanding i use you can have a tie. i made so it will so if you have a job with identical to sixteen a fire will allow you to have sixteen outstanding i was before blocking more i was being sent so it's a measure of the number of concurrent request that you can have that that that the system will experience at any given point in time. ok. the. a p. the far right school i'd like to think some minutes talking about what is less to an endless to architecture as i me that i'm going to understanding the rest of the talk. so what is just a study of the scale are distributing storage system for aggregate stories across multiple servers to provide a unified means is just one example if you have five so there's usually shell has i don't see why did. we'll storage attached to it what bluster does his school aggregate gone all of these all of this into one single one to me times five which is five p. we named babies and your applications and he gets distributed across the east of five. does in a way that is transparent to the user. so blessed that has a more extensive malarkey bank should be achieved this using war because translate those i talk about conflict was more in the subsequent light so blessed error is the only are all in all in this crisis. instead support its interviewed so what this means is that all you can we laid on most all in this quiet systems that are available today are just heard has the plane said. picture where the client leads requests from the application does some processing and since the request on to the appropriate software and decide which is doom press is there actually. excuse the actual system called their the implication requested and then returns the response. all so let's talk about some luster terminology the first we have break through a brick to basic unit both stories each so it is nothing but all fires system that is exported from the so it would. and therefore it has two parts to it one is doom machine where it is exported from and then there's the pot to define system that is exported and then we have bills a word for also a worry. with the explore all your greeks the group also wears a record as a trusted storage school in gloucester parliament. they have the wall you while you is not a name space represented as a blitz most boring it is basically nothing but a collection of bricks stewart is the wall you that is all moment they built on the clay in two axes to the ball on the list of glasgow. i was so then we have to translate don't translated is ill stackable more do it all very specific put those school in in gloucester architecture all the different on say to the us back one hundred with the other perform a graph to each translate to receive seacrest from its parent translator does. what it needs to do and then say and do what was known to extended so i'll explain the problem or a bar that the picture was just a small war because we simply no less a concert to stack looks like so on the left we have to lie in society no stacked on the. great we have all do so or side door translator stack and two are connected by a network which is out of prison divide is not to do with the center of oz or at the top we have laws fuse bridge translated around which is responsible for reading all of fire this is too. i requests and all from slashing and slash fuse and then in forms the request and sense of now on to all its chinatowns they don't fool do the new operation to flows from fuse bridge all the way down to the rest of two. france it is in the middle and then finally reaches of plain translator which is at the bottom of the new planes that their the translator that is responsible for sending do fine operation or than it looked on. the bricks i could request is received by do so too are translated which again to sex do all position into all the different better me to sell for the final position and then sends it down to its child don't think that and this week to the final operation fuel we don't do. those extents they got rich is to arm more dual actually exist future for a system called three fewer application requested create then known it was excited the bottom ritual executive to create a system called to create to fighting and then nome this. this is a good film the on this planet system that's layer on top of leicester and then it returns the response and the response floors all the way back up from bowls weeks to sudan and then over the next group line with you. and then he reaches fuse bridge again and then the film rights the response back to diffuse and which is are going to the application.
so i took a bit about how distant planes land of their rules.
so first we have the fusing the trade so few seated trade dog is actually part of the fuse bridge more you like awarded the top.
although the bridge between the fuse going to argue land the blustering toughest stack three times late to try to requests from diffuse to actually justified operations which we call is for us and its of the top of the classes stack and at the moment we have just one trade that are doesn't. all this. then they have warmed by you tents so i think this is a trait full implementation in dust and school did the traits process the final patients sent by the considerable richtel was essentially does is to make in a queue of it all the request saudi. been cured and then we have all about just what the traits that because all these a request in battle and start pointing them down on school the number of trades all are still believe the according to do nothing or because that is there so there's a lot of fluid than. now all do before number of trades will be actively ways it has the capability scale down whereas meter there's we need of so in the case so far little requests saw two thirds had been finding one of them mall and badly. in contrast to what would happen if for example in the stack that his client viewed from cell phone to call plane stack rates to the floor planes trains would not do it then don't know all of them do sing the fuse readers trade would have to become the request insanely paul read all the planes he too.
and then come back up and then become the next request so with blinded thirds that longer on the gates awarded in the sense that the questions could skew they live longer usually year in then no he just goes back to reading the next request so we have warm while trade zone would the client them the solar system.
back on disorder it is all.
look at it quite close to do too little solar conflict with all the city before that i knew traits.
so we can have a maximum of sixty full view trades this is a country that have an option in leicester. then we have even played for even thirds is also a third full implementation but i decided to do so it is responsible for leading good decrease from the socket between the client and the sword when it's so this straight called is again going to be rebuilt and before is too. it didn't exist in with the clinton said works with executor do clean and they don't and neither can say to that level.
so if you put all these trades are into one single picture you'll see that adopt we have a single trade that leaves only request and then the public was good distributed the level of playing two thirds and then when the christoph close to the server side again when we have palin requests. i'm sorry but i have tried zone can become market will request in battle and nine them down and other response processing have been can happen in balad the protocol solar into called plane clear that we have multiple tends to receiving a panel request or and it broke off. so it might seem like all of it all these trades along with the should be getting of good performance but unfortunately that's not the case fooled. so all but what we found was that of all this money flooding was sufficient to such a wave of the hardware when we were using spinning his cell. in the brics but as with any means right before that the hardware was far from saturated hostile we set out to understand why so as part of this of the had to figure out whether the bottleneck was on the clients i have the brics i saw an article this. odyssey before you all job ball was executed from two different light. on a single brick wall you perceive added the number of oil has increased so we saw that from thirty thousand i also even able to get sixty thousand miles which meant that the break was able to tell you all all these requests what will it with a line that was not able to go. same enough requests or then the we decided to concentrate on fixing the bottleneck on the client side school one thing that was very clear from this experiment was there with multiple trains and a lot of globally the structures that is bound to be a rocket engine which can cost more don't. foreman's obstacle to the world go all the doctor didn't initially used to build cars will you please whom you receive the new takes profile that is used to track down not contagious study provides sebring don't have to move to continue takes us to it. the puzzle. did give some useful information call one of the top ten know music's lockstep with most container how often if the law was no law didn't know how long do in the entire time the music's was lot of stuff like that. so we that new prius on to blindside harm.
i'm probably got the word that i really don't want to do so at the park would do would be willing to the already exist in the bluster today for performance hours of the n.y.u. profile will all come march which provides of public view statistics for each final operation so this includes the. the mission like all the number of calls some the minimum maximum an average they can see for the final operation. loss of this is in implementing a translator dollars i use facts are and three he nor did this i used as translated to all my hacking the wall failure will be is on the stack to see do. between two times they don't sue the this expanding million dollar indicate it was the two highest they can see was coming from to bottom most densely built on the plane stack and the top most from think they're on the service attack which is the particle collider group also. translators which operated in italy. levin.
so i don't agree to order to enhance means that we have gone in the process school force we have lost fusilier increased the this is something that was ordered to it by your new trees spilling it appeared at the top of the list of most hundred lot.
a few days remaining in the history we also love mostly same dawn one k. operation that has before he has appeared before the tracks every all fall progress before being able to request a response spot the problem with all this data structure is that it is. the old protected by asking the new tax law and this was causing a lot of contention between the fuse he did three which was operating in the quest for the blind even trade which was operating in response spot sold we fix this very disabling this feature by before and since i have to do teach. itself is not so much useful loveless you have to be bugs slum idols and plans to me shoe sold with the same really rich history here and found that for this is the impact of disabling off using history through that and everyday obscene prove dog.
of by around in the and the random great iraq's improved by around fifteen thousand. so then we'll make thing we did was all of that there was another the i.p.c. late fix that the he added in the middle and the commission that the driver in their we talking border with leaders from a combination of that work can defuse all.
the real history of bad show to give was not go so i really tested with saw combination of these two factors we found that one point defuse the death rate started going to mean almost twenty percent of the c.p.u. this mean that we could not proceed for their unless we fix his soul to work around. this will be added would lead to treatments to process requests from all of her day fusing back in full the impact of this freaks was the dawn we got a on eight thousand miles in countries with all four hundred three. knoll it was time to use mutely side again to see where the water like was next and he be actually lose good. so in the denial dept of sixteen we saw the show. you please was supporting i have to look at the top of the. list and then we are given increase the i get to talking to see where the. convention immediately. d. degrees to do contingent aim was not. school dismaying that we had to fix the liable for body like so what exactly is a off so i off his way to structure that is used to pass off and leave right before between the client understood what food is not implemented as deeply integrated ball will slow all your boss as with. the most biggest cheers in less than half his ward the cost is still doing them a lot to see if you die. this i give you a single global rules which is why i'm here to clock this man their own will do fuse and of trade and the killing the winter games and been on the same block hard to locate or the look you have to just six. this is the only country that we fix to see all know what impact will slow be creating this convention so we created might be liable to lose in the court for the child welfare location request all the main changes in the court that it would be very closely. i don't like that i'm all out using lot on robin policy sue the law. what kind of sky so instead of all trades contending with the same low now we had a convention distributed across multiple points so more bullets in place through a contingent so with this freaks me out and the same if i have been studying and saw on that and indeed i hope simpler.
to buy more full the end of the human right eye on my i don't think he just might not seem like a lot of improvement but. the right to put it right to rule out. i thank you. them. ok so i live now in a time when their talk about some of the a silly improvements.
but you nearly one of them so or so the popular is basically though our own investors saw custom implementation of so now for the sun not p c r c.
seoul for every the connection a socket connection between the clinton side of earth days are busy labour he loaded on planes as well as the big so or and thus is a socket sun on blocking the use or based the appalling mechanism i and our data. as get commissioned we have what the pool which we call is even traits which is global for the entire process in the sense that the four days a d.h. he claimed to be speaking to fight breaks so that the bullies so basically read saw or all the requests from are all. to find a sponsor from all the fabrics and since it was to the fight breaks so are as good commissioned a year of the gloucester one profile information shoulder high latency is between now operate a complaint and the said was the child basically means that. something's not right in dark days earlier which can also mean that there might be some issues without implementation of. sockets that the how we are using their sockets for communication. and so the first think of each other to was basically be event and saw ok in the request of mission part where this blog and in the replace a mission but also be on my dislike the same block so basically we might be condemning on the same law which are which which might be happening. don't. which might be making the request and responses content on each other they have a slowing don't the performance but unfortunately when we made the fixers and brand that this again there was no gains are so this is basically one of the to get things. the face trial in deepening the performance issues so we spent quite a lot of time on this but it turned out to be a are not much of an improvement. so are so thinking about this so in the meantime of an unrelated dog a problem basically which was a off. ms problem on now. the average according to ask sector so basically there were books complaining that the performance was not to go with the average according to human patient as you all might be aware of is a good lot of processing happening right court but the edge of courting so you have a computer all those matters isn't a lot of other stuff. so they age and we had made a fix and it had been significant boost in the performance was wi-fi. my knowledge it's it was probably and three to four weeks of performance improvement back in that demand that announcement was already present in the three door to one three one based in the tree of elevating for the successor is so so too do we kept how disappointing model works basically you get. and even. that days a message incoming message. teens based mechanism is a one shot mechanism t.v. i backed the socket for polling by calling a policy daily system called we won't be too many more events of from the socket which means that any messages coming on that circuit will be breaking. i feel we add back the socket for pointing so the fix which i just hope our what it made was to try to reduce the time window with a particular stock it was a lot of pulling for incoming messages so since it had given him a significant boost. i. that's that was one thing to basically maybe the bottle and ease while leaving the messages from the socket. i'm so we were discussing the problem so we thought of basically. hi validating these hypotheses using got test basically so all the way we were testing on a single brick and a single click model know the top of his killing two three big distributed model so that you have more number of connections i'm directly for as it gave performance benefits. so it's kind of pointed out that may be the single connection is not is not easy a bottleneck and we need to add more considerate are so one of our colleagues million suggested that probably be can have multiple of connections between the scene client and a brick so it can be had when he won connection i and the. that multiple can actually afford gay was the same benefits as the three because the should you go. improvement. of so so to recap these are the improvements so we did one is basically the human history before we say we'll eat. the second was so adding up country and see. while leading the requests from the fuse condone morgan by scaling up to fuse the death rates the third announcement was so. eliminating the law conditions in the year before says i and the fourth announcement was on a basically adding up move our connections between the a single become the plant and so after all these enhancements are the car to dry number to europe's so big don't seventy k. europe's. as compared to approximately thirty k. i hope when we started the year. i and our for the animal rights it's so saturated on the chaos as compared with forty k. a year so one point to note is that this is very much a work in progress. so we are expecting go further improvements and go pers does so conference also going to concentrate and caring for his work. i'm so so one of the mean things is a of me being god developer for most of my life there was some insight into how all the. people but the performance problems one thing is a van noten critical showed the as showed me the law. can we trust all put basically i could see there are lots of lords which are highly contended can now the question is should i fix all the laws in a typical. software like less surface you would expect. at least tens of maybe hundreds of logs in different corporate social i want to go after although contended locks so how to differentiate the locks which basically bringing down the performance i and other highly congested roads which basically not affecting the performance at least at that particular point in time so. far from that thanks to manage so he again pointed out that time maybe we should go to your with multiple datasets of results by adding that palin is i'm so this is what the draft looks like so we are considering to looks year when his i overlook and the other one is the memory pool. so the memory police again basically pool of be commonly allocated are all objects so as we can see i have used a highly very highly contended rock and dust second place was memory pull law. v. so there are two of time because he had been is basically the numbers day the trade six and six rate so one rep and and so plenty of interests and the other represent a few streets so when we scale that from six to six to twelve blessed. well be sought able flock conviction going up but not the memory blog so we really see the condition going up even though we have increased the scale so which either points that are disappointing time out i have for a locus of one which is bringing to the performance.
memory to lock is not the one so that's of he added that let's fix our global fund go hide with a. tears and so the next thing is a venue have where you can currently woods. multiple traits are necessary you want for the related to ask if you observe the that were done by the fuse read that it is very small which is basically leading the requests from the fuses diffuse and to get a dire straits so easily bought the assumption is that probably not doing the much. and i and the you can you know pick up that concurrency but that turned out to be wrong so we got performance implements of the killing of the future threats. so the next to a drawback we face was basically a wily. were you trying to collect information about the law contention mutates itself i did some warhead and that potentially skewed the bottleneck information. i'm so at as so was the cause of time we found that there are multiple bottlenecks and sometimes you might fixing the bottlenecks but not seeing the results because that bottlenecks their out but the next which needs to be fixed before that to see the results of. the announcements so for every fix we make we have a wide and the take the although as months we have discarded and see that they become visible at this point in time so one best example is a basically that the three big distributed to test what we had done right. so we had done but even before the wedding day even the street but unfortunately that didn't give the performance improvement up before disabling the event history so once we after the table to even the street turned out that the same test the better results because the value of the bottle was the client. even history so once we remove that we can see the. hannan front also given the reserves. so he could have seen that it did the gains was mauled the gains is not like of one big which he was like twenty five k. i also something like that so it's more small been signing up to a significant number so simple tools like systematically it is like top give wouldn't say it's like you can't absorb the. but those utilization of eternity speaking it's reaching two hundred percent probably extreme card move the traits. and yet so we we had our share of michael optimization that was one was there for hiding more countries between request a mission and to play reading a p.c. out so again. though stepping back and having a high level view of the architecture and coming a bit more like a tree be distributed to test it helped us to have violated the hypothesis you and before the tango the fix actually so the point is we don't have to come of it takes us already if you are correct more. it's so the future work of so as we have been pointing owed it's very much a work in progress bottleneck analysis on the plant and the brick strike is still the to be calm is not a completed work it out the book below has concentrated we were concentrating. on the plant. another interesting thing be absorbed was when the scale of the fuse reader trade are the evil a day there was a significant c.p.u. cycles consumed in a spin law so the spin lock is basically are quite in the reading in core part of up to slash diffuse we need if you don't like what is that and why he is adding consuming the bay. a thing of the c.p.u. cycles so and the law convention work especially the mute access is not is not a complete work so the next lot be she's basically die no table lock and it is contained it quite heavily and of course we need more late great racing tools and probably be need to do some work or they were there. the improving the existing new praise for up a new tool of we don't know that yet since we encountered some inefficiencies the r.b.c. label labour he probably can evaluate the opposite up the celebrities like g.o.p. she with a day do better and there is the. the copy idea which is basically to go use place so that you don't cobb capito right and retail or so between the cannot before sunday usable for since less surfaces so use a space based file system. so when you read from the colonel a request and right does same data to the network to transfer it to the brick basically days is back on photo copying between use of space and the canals places place helps us toward that so days of work in progress we need to see how we had. and of course all this work has to be merged into the masters and sheep beach in itself to take a considerable efforts and de force can be traced in the badaling car but feeling even below so any questions says. oh yeah. there are certain values also worry that i have a question thank you for all of this microphone so thank you all three of you i would talk and also you work on the surface i have a more general question was cluster of us i was wondering how realistic it is these days so how well this would handle bricks and notes coming and going i mean do. you have dips in your browser or is it worse or is it. the issue if you show if you have great how high available it's cluster of us so an ideal well was breaks and those are failing and that can stuff they give me an update on this yeah was so so basically be have are out to hire liberty like it lasted as one is basically the if. but the trickle replicate automatic qualification to think on think of no separation model so you've be explored on so i've to call in number of excess still up it can still service psyops so that's one thing and of course of one common complaint veto artomatic qualification it's because it's a middling solution so he tied if you have. the replica i could emulate all that the norse so naturally people complained about basij of the storage space so the next solution know we had was average according to so that again brings in high availability could have stopped so so that's all surface and and style. not sure don't see this. so i'm not holding have you tried them this is all you ring if i own a single mom point have you tried mounting the same export multiple times are running every across multiple instances because you would get multiple fuse instances in that sense and as a scale that. their that way with multiple directories. the so the same will be monitored multiple times and moan determine pointed out so so that's what i was saying of i was never quite it was talking with some of the media getting factors did so in environments. things like that happened the incumbent is environments where multiple walliams get monderman to put on quite the same while you're getting money to a mountain multiple on points on the same client that tends to sometimes destroyed the picture in terms of the free space the decline has available. and things like that so. and though those might be workarounds but i think it's important to us all that the basic problems to the extent that you can do so that's important as well but that there might be those might be working on is that might work for some specific users so that that's that that's good and. we should not so people who need to catch a train or bus from leaving so if you still have questions come and ask them from the speakers the at the podium and let's give them a big hand for the presentation. you eat.