The HLF Portraits: Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan

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The HLF Portraits: Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan
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The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation presents the HLF Portraits: Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan; Abel Prize, 2007 Recipients of the ACM A.M. Turing Award and the Abel Prize in discussion with Marc Pachter, Director Emeritus National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, about their lives, their research, their careers and the circumstances that led to the awards. Video interviews produced for the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation by the Berlin photographer Peter Badge. The opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation or any other person or associated institution involved in the making and distribution of the video. Background: The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) annually organizes the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), which is a networking event for mathematicians and computer scientists from all over the world. The HLFF was established and is funded by the German foundation the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (KTS), which promotes natural sciences, mathematics and computer science. The HLF is strongly supported by the award-granting institutions, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM: ACM A.M. Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing), the International Mathematical Union (IMU: Fields Medal, Nevanlinna Prize), and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA: Abel Prize). The Scientific Partners of the HLFF are the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) and Heidelberg University.

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the a loses a letter to the billionaire so we didn't really getting in your childhood in your household was it a household of intellectual excitement are you may outlier and 1 was a schoolteacher into English words in science what we want and elements of the education virtues of 2 options could treat English and she could create video whose seat of the node printers' used the task blue-collar training on where they area vicious for new or basically you find your own way other parents say they do this source said in Europe there all or them on the big words and that's the renditions of the of the use this most parents do who they expected me to take up some importantly important in the sense of returning Meyer reported the sense of chiefs of the world important news and so forth maybe the as a restricted in the column on a doctorate in the professional I I would argue the normal fish a solid solid so we're not in it was a curious and there's a loser and is like OK so at what point since we're talking about a whole lot of research the dual as the as the other person lessons come I have the idea that maybe we were that right until quite late it all through school I wanted to be a doctor OK and you this is the kind of Of course I used to not to high school and some of the data data and that written college sort of what was how Stanford University so many many years ago color to see and they show some did bodies in the play catch more from you and showed the use of the year and it was obvious that I had they often describe a certain kind of academic losses the cast outside a lot so you won't be up and so what you worried about choice or no not purely and you there's a live CD and ice so the integral image and that make jobs and the people in the and if you want to go to medical school there that day quality Chrysler wanted them to do that physics and chemistry is so it's so it's dramatic as stated in sort of stumbled and that I mean you you talking but not so if the latter careers just began using in junior college they had to use these tests and not to not backers as on them who do you have some of the sites already knew that but whether landing Newegg's were the and linear was followed by a rise in this mode and is as the name this morning histories that junior college it was time to learn for the world and to master the energy at accident and masters so that and then I had this ritual so that you can chew on 6 a medical nonexistent that mimics the real really known labels that name because it's it's not that it doesn't provide jobs so is the a new families don't want you to go to I think this is more true in India than in Hungary where your colors but there's a lot of in about prof rationally editing the fit sciences a considered more useful yes
than the practical work and and you know have the option that 1 of the good do in bring other things so now I see you the long progress what were you agree and eventually you get something that is not necessarily really want up but it is not the same as my dehumanized park that will mean that statistics the topic that person you would can we have and you seems to be good if I took statistics as an option so in a applied for former physics and statistics the the options then the competition is that it in this year was versus programs and so the chemistry errors to privacy physics people told me that I could get a C. if I promise to take it perhaps you could say I don't understand his success we did research that look bit extra to the Senate seats in inducing probably because Bachman it's import statistics a lot of the and in fact in that program and the statistics will automatically because the same experience in courses in class that's in Cuba I was about ready led the structure of the statistics so as I abandoned my medical training on any institution that so that you're I think of looking at the at the for a radical on when somebody either you or a professor begins to see you the rate at which you of at the moment the in you're a true in very few accidents useful when it is that we need beyond that which after the finishing my studies the summary sheets the errors of were sort of in the loaded usually take the entrance exam for administered uses the Government this is important to sort of carriers on time bring popularly sciences the but it is not only the undertaking would for 2 years on the watch to much so I still live in the dual objective you set seemed books on so I went to go get a last so I didn't have you lose that accident in your life you to Yau he progress made in the administrative study subconsciously as the using Linux he of getting again I today explorers suggestion and man pointless if for some news of research doesn't work out is all OK so when you arrive at his his fluency in conclusion later in the area of interest for in this place at some point of the cyan dishes but some boy you there and has rounded out the people that that in unleashing energized was to use the model it's just mainly because of some kind where you introduce a man thought that outlets statistics in jobs and modulation soaps that I spend a humans I tried to read this so it's been minus term meaning fiction the language then there's some colleagues the flow research scholar William in the Manteca Strip on aspects of probability units the mathematical and the person reading being best student this time and since you were a result so suitable OK but of Celanese started learning that man made its modernization about although the college days give me the strong backing of endangered badly you further current status there's lot to be a teacher all fired up later but it seems to be 1 of the roles of teacher is fine talented individual and she tell that we see this in the and again I have feeling that they have the is seeing something you about where you might make a good contribution while the faculty at this stage is for the Institute on about Us good faculty but there none of them that Amendment so the world produced the so the globe in mathematics is mainly the that used to say on the on the subject they themselves you can work and so I joined that group so we use jargon is at once and it's let me just show you the and you could be come back and a book and then don't think programs to accompany came the new world on those grounds so these are the the 2 factors that encourage you want a what the ruling and there's there's event it's good you're doing were brought per se but there marginally inspired enough in the area to guide us you can so you got yourself in the so at what point you sense this could be a career think at some point
I had made his history and a certain duties in them and then got it the them you there's the difference is that you will come here from India and in in 1 of 2 here for improving work in unity here you come you are in hundreds this is a community chronicle created on the and then as a All-Star he wondered if you would engage in new positions the lecture futures going to be the bachelorette confident enough that you are going to be able to survive before I mentioned India right here here or you you you wouldn't test yourself famous stories told about you that you are with the got examples of the great Russian mathematicians means present he taught me a little bit about the suddenly must've thought you belong you that in on the user visited Comoros this should the kitchen and and that and yet very close ties so it to you so you know this is true that some of you just in and so he came to visit them up of that I just finished thesis of so they had a very good human stock of the pieces and so I give my dog but the dot went on for too long Mr. phonology lasted for it and people in the audience became restless lessons finished this time after leaving the room many people have government that I've got not to make a comment and these are people needing the reading for this government because energy to the job of the flow market style does the House Greece scared that's the end of my PhD so the Indiana native along its that is true is that the end the mystery of the missing the city was not I really mean because pressures of lost much longer but you know I need the audience so lucky to listen to but he he answered the door YouTube data isn't isn't it what's called the characters for in the network and so before we go to America and other should go so to America let us you already have an idea here and what might pursue I wanted to pursue a maniac on Markov bases which is where the understanding of something called differential equations and the best place for was you so told that it community so you rise and what did you is strange from India you assign a how he meant for this and this and that there wasn't too landscape on the constraints in you can also get you know and you will begin pills for and they want to get a phone number years that I kid you know that a lot of money in the so the lineups will go down in my thesis was on listed in the point to go that so I had to find a slightly different here to work so there the problem with which Donsker as to I was talking about the problem you set your pieces and looked at thesis then just a problem with the substance then I know in the problem and felt that a lonely a solid they could be solved by a different and usually needed medicine meant into all of that the will of the the new problems that can be solved so so you have to try and do better roots and there is still a problem you know so I strongly with the further and his problem and connected somewhat versions of the online longer than the men so the Wendelin Sea time independent but in some sense that's the warp which later Deligne then this attitude and the other it's so dangerous that insight in the world it's less your contribution in that so you want sort so there's something new he had just sparks of light and then you know you got it and so on your quite famous workload which many was also related to the fact that white I have an interest in writing and they had to have a we use essentially is not really that you write it out know but that was not working in your own life to say that I'm interested in this process where you are you were taking it outside of that being beginning to explain and is and this is the point where you work it out I think if you know that physical room that discussion about politics and so it's and decision in the process of how to how we face right the movies as a student is really symbolic said explaining some INI isn't motors is very common but again express
the same thing in a few symbols that affects and it's independent of language always changing is the French German and Japanese symbols of the same so it was a mutation with that you can wear intuitions and don't speak your language how important is it for you really it follows that in resource you find that committees established to listen to the work IT support you and so forth Our our supervision to communicate and build a company of applications to work have you found that to be of easy to do because you had administrator you were and this is for all to and so this is the real question and in in office thank observe that recently support for mathematics many comes from the of these days what a reason that the current is not the case to support to science lessons he sometimes you can to consider the really shocked right the insertion oxygen policy because of the gates the years you know the kids do the theories of use muons how we want this question of sure enough that this will soon part and his father parts of mathematics in the today than started to be applicable to repeal something any distinction between pure that Lebanon man it's it's not black to go so it's a blend using had not from the states of the kind of thinking work you looked up and he remained in India with a different says more you adjust resources circumstances or many the axes of life but you can use post prosody to say here finding thinks they're just staying for the 4 years and then go back so why didn't you well the that is the reasons I like to hear life it just started and that it be to traditional from then on it said that blindness already it didn't check for the and the set of his or her reading wanted to be and the in that many places world critical to in the my being there's only can it and I and in mind this key coconut elements so several reason to the side view of the and also the location of the Institute in Cocoa said to the it's very difficult to if a student in the kth from that area we a young Indian mathematician that is in something of parallel in his post doc here would he have better choices then and yet another node affects the lodging the institutions the quality of the institutions universities common so that are you chances that not all to back are considered among the most see that relations what what have you seen that others had not seen before terms of the role of strategy were theory sending them about to be in different areas of difference in handling some contribution richest seller change of a people look at things 1 is a description of some random physical systems the change in time and you can on we really made these Langdon thinks this probability in module it can lead to some probabilities but this presentation the system is to use a log of all this is being locally than it is here so the the surface offer up from this local beginning in yeah did not have think globally and so yes you establish a connection between the 2 yeah if you are in love converts organisms they India the and eventually creations in this collection so along with the college variance truth being discovered the connection which is more probabilistic lower-deck which and the use of properties and interfere creations and so on in the end the connectionist stay with in its environment company It's capable of the extension to various situations by the classical with those 2 that's used nowadays this will be a standard release of me in this connection hello me understand what a new generation of mathematicians has i is is very different from what you worry about the different tools the different aspirations how how we think about mathematics today the that the young will highest as being
different from the other many not if memory is hot It's 100 because to Yoccoz said in and you have in year year to understand what's going on that in mathematics lots going on now is very tough what went on before so we have understand true data on this subject so the cell enters bacteria Newell then you'll know that much to back but to subject is the note on for a while and then you spend a lot of time learning this what about an intuitive firsthand word Laureate the a gathering of young people of nouns and probably edition what you can do this have these hats gallery on to the personal and the expose people this follow in acting it can be it looks at others happened to me more here about the some of the little red at 290 people especially if they come from countries Outside consistent so what that means you can trace the main proves that much since the 2 that contact me still think is it possible to say that the relationship at gradually assuming that Professor of handy collegiate that higher It's an accurate in stock better down the student finishes is College since then only emotional and creative modify its is there a way to imagine where achievement at this point in your life where Mathematics low and the field or is it so much a series of accidents and personal question so what did you would not you know people who at there you go there's said no unsolved problems in that case this to them in some of the in some of the increase in 2 years other the issue in the history of time there is a long problem which is sort of a chain is that creation would had no tenure position in that is some small colleges you look at this problem to legislate complained is sound is the example of somebody sitting in some common but also there are other people who have pronounced last its use must must the images of famous problem must some some musical words content of this year the that requires a lot of machinery and of in this in the little things that happens to be solved so the book kinds so there are is it possible that they're in in a number of problems in the cell and you could pretty then there himself because you know it's like building a structure solving the problem this transformation complicating the landed indicates and yet destructive Morris complete except 1 small pieces 1 come you don't have it if you have money you have this structure them and fight that these the lots is a kind of joy in here and you can be obscure and someplace without Bernoulli resources and so on and make contribution larger it's it's almost like a situation the all the poet is not be automatically an enormous structure around in order to achieve something remarkable so
mathematics holds that many more than most fields you know is not the kind of experiment to it to go an experiment you need you need the group but facilities and infrastructure all mathematicians as the presence of imagination and that's true 2016 were speaking at once you get them that hasn't changed the
loses the