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Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls.

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls.

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Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls.
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Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls. [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-10 - Anfiteatro 2] [Rimini, Italy] One year ago we started OnTruck. Our CTO had previously had some success with DRF so after discussing it, we decided to give it a try. After a year building a quickly iterating startup on top of Django Rest Framework, we have reflected a lot on it. Even now, with a full year of development on top of it, we still periodically discuss going forward or dropping it. For the time being it still wins. So we think we have learned a lot about it. This talk is a walkthrough of the discoveries & learnings we have made at OnTruck during that year. We will cover different aspects of the framework, what advantages it has given us and also what tradeoffs it has forced. We will discuss both how it relates to Django on the inside and how it relates with other systems outside. We will approach it both from a purely user perspective and also discuss some of its internals and the way we tweaked them to make it work for us. We will cover the pitfalls we have both avoided and fallen into. The tricks that have helped us keep our speed and sanity. The tools we have both used and discarded on the way. And finally the tips we would give ourselves if we were starting all over again after this year
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so some some of you for being here and the 1st thing I wanna start with only the direction of the elements of so I'm going to be the development item that has been brought aiming for the little in 2 years 50 novels for personality in the last 5
moles of those usually mainly by and and just for the context of what I'm going to tell you what's on that we that I've stepped up less than 2 years old his city in money and we had a tagging tool would take into their logistics in with this are very funny most of course because both the technological and stuff like you know people doing says that I mean that's or fully automate the robot sorting facilities and stuff like that but then on the day-to-day operations distal walks mostly as work that the 50 years or so somebody colors and last quote from diverse so what for that's the problem we are trying to solve so can something like the idea a half of all we extend that the the leading the platform and it's a deal proposed us to the use demographics students who had used it before we've sections we analyzed it and we decided to go with it it said this issue of common to both produce the great over the last year half so lots of good things some things from the so I would just I to will show you some interesting stuff that happened last and show 1st of baby see the naive assumption we be so we expected them without the main quot application and you will have to use the city of writers have models and we extend the British model maybe lead and we said OK we will them when we breached that was of course the point demanded it was it was quite so model naive assumption 1 that's so was his yeah and you know that when the nation from the generative framework so it doesn't of us we would like to have this option of setting up late size of seed old and getting everything when we use that date size
so we went ahead and did it we admit that people of any but the area that is heavily would be from the Denver framework doesn't usually let you do that and that's because when you are getting some thousands of heavy moments
and they say the annexation goals completely getting heavier Mason but so 1 of the things you need when you do that is their famous the emperor's 120 problem main way of solving that using prefixes and so on so the sum of all preferred things look like these gets and 1 of the things I want to
mention there but affecting into I have revealed were the babies have very very useful to think of their so basically has you assume some of them we want to do what I but I made at the looting their mother and then we go from my deep the models so we always have this so that so can school discoveries have been using seek we manage to solve for the Emperor's
languages problem of model
like the the emperor's languages only and got some of the most important for them all with the mean it's all there so a it's it's worse making then the next thing that happens to have your baby nice place to be a lot of baby conscious about the and then of course the mobile applications Calment you have to know what psycho political that really be and I want to reduce the number of requests comfortable I don't want to have requested depending on other request so just that doing so many different words for the mobile apps and then you might run into something like this and you end up since the more line and point B. it's glitzy actually say of the standard employment you mind of extending the Malayalam point into this that and believe me that's the wrong way of doing that and you will be repeatedly that people use when you're running from Flickr use bundle these it's but of course reviews the standard employment and how the other way around and talking about being a beating let's mention a little thing so
when you are trying the uh the fields and expect what's in there and in this analysis and remember that you need to copy the semantics cost it's a very simple before and you can be a pain in the ass with you start adding random at humanist Europe 40 not model then another thing that happened to us when the moment there is a gap what devolved and this is giving me the Fed and they got for the least than for the you know what they you could you do differently with but it's on the desk of international trade so that all of that there's tainted dynamically what's idealized we'll then about something like this the says that that it's baby undocumented in the water framework but it's vacant for for this kind of music you when you have a lot of you would have that actually going to use a local populated than it units so you can be use to and going with a small things that can go wrong which happened to do what because is these by defining point in the movement patient of in the framework I don't know how many of you are not you use the speakers but for us it was the defining moment when we agree realize
that but that's says that is not the uh the look out you added is what he's saying before looking to the gate us the look at it but they actually performs who want their values you hold in the lookup tree of worse so you can use for this is that the was most base of of ASR end the then of course once you've there's we use separating the important going on that traces of the of cool do with the students requirements that come from the business side of their of their combat so for example for the first 1 of these cases things I want that was that they say that at the beginning that they want to use that of staff so basically they wanted to divide into the people and make sure that whenever somebody would call for that there would be no being that the appropriate and what not so we ended up creating these case of indication method and the
quizzes based on getting some but I might understand a thing with that but even th I'm using the the user was not the way that cost but it was the thing of this they would just simply giving strong and I know and you want to the believe me these kind of things type of auditory the then you might end up with this thing valuation of light let's make sure we know we will not change the past the so interest all of course so personal and then a week later business columns and those who hate by their we we need to add them to be able to use the plastic these that these are the 2 of them so you end up having to do with way of going all that money and then you might end up doing having state of the art like talking to these seems not so well defined and it's not a student to read so much so let's just go ahead and put it in a case of and then where we will just leave it as the total using the relation and you end up with something like that of horrible and compilations at the simulation level dB gets some data that it's in now this this for example has we not only have been common but especially it was quite painful to then and do but also quite binding the data that we have and we ended up having to people being brought that table was focused on and this so that's a what some of finally I mean that the stuff we've gone through with this year and therefore I would like to mention some of the tools for the credit for using this year of lending and finding out the stuff so for completely new would have to use the reduces emissions from work but what was going to be processed students think that there's that you find let me show you what you could be used in your model and that of the units of its feet with and at least I feel that I am the repeating myself quite a bit about what what was it that was modifications to the south the management of permanent thing and I had for controlling both modifications on the thing that it's with with with present all the workers framework then they in the the statements in causal mentioned we do have if you have really nice out of the box and the statements in and even keeps track for stuff like the cold war and requests and stuff that then came from the library if used with the longest name but is that and worst of trust all spoke the usual basically everything you might have that need to be labeled with that of indication of you that the issue about this and see that they mentioned before but it's actually really would profiling beats liberalized lutions but because who thinks it's quite deep and it's quite good the so this of the time mostly like event of this presentation is that need to use the work so a lot of things so that she the people that take effect and that I can use the however they want to use it you need to live in the framework you need to use the different parts of the way they are supposed to use the internet of course you are fighting framework then it will get underway and then it's not what they thought of use so basically that to find 1 that adapts to your signal stances and then use it properly for what about where instead of trying to fight the don't with cross that be somewhere framework around the the the view of a lot of nice things a little further they speak a official in particular in my experience with the water framework we talked about getting rid of the quite sometimes on for that then being the bandit is of for which reflects their priorities and of course a question if they should pass that what what with that of the letters in when you actually LAC we moments of gold and white the consumption of resources but in general it's water and so that basically title use haven't for comes for the menus and as coordinator for the
rest of otherwise would be school so yeah that's no popping up that was only when the world this is we have that idea with generous more and
this both have company because the so
please feel free to come on this is that we have focused on most us will happen and you just have talent initial cut prices and cups of the nice being honest people don't we with on that's it for use in and questions the action or the eventually made me at test of yeah thank
you make you were looking to users
are there are some questions of any questions but the Christian the
how you think usually top friends um my question is if do you feel that there are changes in how you use the framework and how you are adapted to the circumstances today as opposed to a couple of years ago their are so 1st who clarify a couple of years have always have and the use of force
from what it so dead dataset of different from how we are doing their stuff right now and how we would we need the idea will be a handful when we're stuff that show that that the input of whenever you try to use a new framework and in this case it it's been quite interesting findings with so for example where I was talking before arrival at the border of the credit and that's how they would be so for example this the there we would
need anything in the growing magnitude for a specific case the mobile was the basis for the standard case was the simulation of initially that made your movement and then when we were when we take this in the mobile 1 we would not counting with the other 1 American from these and complete get sort of something that everything bulk silently and so on so that you get a staff and you'll learn from your mistakes it's important to it that I can
make mistakes for the weights you're
not really that that and get it changes how you use the stuff over and yet Allan higher thanks for the talk is close quite informative but that's somewhat
open overhead off by using general our framework and just for and making the models are supplied that's our 100 feeling and you would use it for a small needs for example just needing a chasing all put from a model for reading it or something like that I myself up just kind of reading that any small MeV hope for the China model to Jimmy and Jimmy the change itself OK so the phrase fundus to good reviews and you are asking about that smaller the in and that so the but only for a small thing I wouldn't go with generous framework and you wherever you know what I mean think he sees you ugly had been working before with quite a lot of playing angle and the role of democracy in their own book was not so high so that with this is that those who will within Our about probably for the small thing it's not worth the 4 Gulf Levantine will reduce this was giving the angle itself it's not the last is the framework so far from the example of probably you admit that all usually flash of something like that I think that even some of the framework of the so the problem of something small and its duality as familiar with the you get more more than what was and what I will go with the that the FIL so so I want to
ask you about emissions use conditions on different methods of the endpoints yes of so what emotions and how did you implement them so
in we used the word some different ways for compartments and those who will use that I'm going to be useful information slavery which this basically the hoax of the order of you're more than 1 0 you do defined at the Commission's so this is the limit of modeling for you can play along with them so for example we have the following Beyond here's necessarily know what from the relationship between the best and the labor and so on and it got means what that at that I had plenty that holds the what the what it wants to leave a little bit of context and for example and then we have that museums that quite complicated course at york me that is not the sign can be seen by any that I read in about the uh if it's assigned on each so I can see but the knowledge for the sheet that she was being that your me can see that the you of me so and of course for this so that users can see that your knees and even the we have some rules about when it was society in so that you can see the last season during is that whenever a level and stuff like that but all over his theories behind 100 with these In the and I permissions for the more it also there very seems to cross the gas by I hope and so the question any more questions so this is look place thank you very much again of homes in few