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Howard body and welcome to your bike and they wouldn't attend our wonderful interactive session and it is a game with you random people showing a bezeq communication we know that this is the sole let see how on connections publisher this publisher and how it is it it close that everything is the interactive so you're going to write down IP addresses and chugging it this if the flag has fallen there will there is more fliers there you should form tree your for
uh people teams and every people team every tree for people is as more uh local or area network connected to home 2 of us reach ruled out there and what the the talk is presented by the bending of bush on on the users it is our 1st from speak out the uh so all yield to welcome him warmly and that it is the 1st time that he makes uh these TCP-IP game so your feedback to make it grow and to make it better is really appreciate and so on next year we could do even more and more complex stuff like a lot of
balancing their encapsulation and so on and create some of the information the proof of the last year we made and again we there uh Matt covers citizen Bessie can get away people injured a lot and that somebody come asking me from the idea was that here the page with all the count of the games that about and while the left side now a better speaking I try to help when the uh when I meal thank you Roberto palid thank uh so uh this is uh what is PTA IP animated the interactive session arousal you'll you can now have touched days
deep-pocketed that's all trust me Tender networker rain and in In now being and the right to that or not be Vera Anderson lead to a how would this bucket that traveling on day in and day in that
no I am not many emotional and their work going now company part think it deters sponsor this to occur
and I and had a rebuttable and uh have made to this adventure of
this in so we need I We is started to 0 bring up to 1 and 2 at interfaces that we the ideas P
server and this is the disputes and have uh firstly we make handshake and we aim we see just they're they're layer of TCP and IP communicators some data uh I we introduces some communication hair are to uh a and this is what to we will see and then there are other classes signal by using a window closing of connection this is
just an overview of is Aussies 2nd is of I divided and by and uh each layer are encapsulating information
1 inside they did the next so that the next layer of so from both on the size of the physical layer is do there and I know the how would they PCR connected so a day at noon day wired there wasn't something announced the data link and network and transport uh 0 we we focus our attention in a metrically
yeah I would that be protocol high the and that does desperately era with TCP IP and then the top of this linear we have the application layer
and therefore not interesting there's some uh on information and are problematic so much of the protocol we use which was so determined that application as the reason is simple the simplest propagation I was said the just of transmit
the bite and so I lived
in because resulted was now I use I have to 0 0 then you maybe the DAC piece of providing you if you have a system that's that please remember that you should form teams of 4 people I refer people use our local area network soul uh check your a few mates and form your use then what's essentially the CPP is that this is the the provides the ability to have a reliable protocol there it introduced the connection concept that means that me and you will it's before starting transmitting data who we are division something that is not provided by other problems so With the is writing pockets with pen and paper we will understand why all those passages I important and uh so for every transmission in that grants something that we see in warm or the slide OK you Roger that and then the other say OK Roger that the distance b and B is something like radio communication during war movies between uh the search and there that the what we see is that after that His Ethiopia provides a basic education production using a around initiative with somebody that's something that we would see if we have time why we will pockets and then the body is check solely doors and knowledge enables rich of missions so then as providing you the pens
and paper disease all of basic the the topology
so 1 of your team should be the root of the 1 that enables other people to communicate please chose something that knows I beat all disappeared the about it's I
mean it's not compulsory and then OK now I'm going to have to in in making the themes so is there some already mates please raise your hand the 1 with the 1 OK so all urine steam 1 race on rents please give your name the know yourself chosen name the same for the other teams the so this is deemed to raise a hand came to what is the name of the the the the 2 to the 3 with OK it didn't 0 well yeah we have to remain you didn't really near a showing assume I love you could be a we um on the gradient and when the
means by which by the way in which the Bologna born the ball on OK just like spike chemical music you can the OK so what OK wonderful so the team Router Switch but you rather switch while great I'm just I'm just watching OK wonderful no problem you can join without you whenever you want it's just something like blogging another dies in the a job what OK and and others by the arise with is I don't think I that this is what I would love to read with whom I areas of was which will all you have other you can't have a eroded reach resources the well at yet the reason for this is thought of as they might be then they must be connected to something that is how to enable so we couldn't have ruled just wouldn't the the case and as the packets are and what not many uh you can reuse them and maybe for them 1st connection that you can use the just 1 these of paper and then 1 then you know it's up to you OK hello we we and just created the the subnets uh in the day topology like this so we does our uh want people is their rotors me to this day uh rule 1 and that they're all day harder people in the some that are connected to that is reached that Garuda have they had the and so we did 2 0 5 4 and in every subnet derived Dutch 1 there and there he is the data that several and hourly Singa on a path to 20 to tree and I will hold as our did make users alright OK fears
good place to make can the handshake and shaker essays user to his abuse should not disappear commission around the network and it's also called a dead tree way handshaker because is needed to transmit to 3 messages so 1st Lonnie's Sina uh this 2nd 1 nice from Arruda tool to client to the in the eighties it hacker and the last 1 the fact that I didn't do this day
name out of the pocket and I wanted this 17 of flakes so we re explain later and on the day and the goal is a whole Rousseau Wheeler is a bit our connection today than it's ever uh every park at the mass of the every park at the Moscow office say to the root of each of then
today to the server this is just the and that grammar of IP I P he'd error of the information that the we're using this speech rate is the source of the US and the destination this so you have the tool compiler they pocketed the source and destination and they are ordered
pastor of pocket these sedate TCP data grammar uh and there we have tool users tend to treat him as a decission part uh we
so sponsor you'll you can write on now random number and now and the forum and a we use those so TCP and the data for testing data
the In this slide that you can see a day handshaker communication between the client and several of client in the 1st pocket no winded deflect Siena it started the scene is foreseen for annexation I mean I want to out a synchrony
with you up so you can notice such to write so socp dismission EPD of seeing freight and the trend to tree as this initial parts of to determine 7 then the determinant several of the people don't have data the hi p and we
know insulin wanna have tool response we need another pocket uh we don't see in and hacked Fragen the and
the OK results
go the you have a a the European Union you are sending the 1st packet gets
there is not like you know the number the not you yes it's empty rights immediately it's not serious all of this here we present to you know it's a mean of the world like this so the not is you might not think of this as we will this is this is not is not right of the speed the hit right of the theory of this and not nothing because this area is 2 there were lots of hydrogen and we wish to the I about it as we have this being we think that we simply that you already have a meaning we keep the time here so it's like you you get if you do with is you whatever is up to that in background you don't show them you know yes we OK 1st exchange done OK so you sent scene but
you you shouldn't have provided in the them because OK because it's the and she you don't know it's him didn't already started something so you can't rely that that the message have been uh rooted to that position which you might not even know that he exists the OK so what we just reuse of blankets of 1 so now you should know when you have the center of the on you so if
it's you that should send him he has the weight he's Your the so you just these for you wouldn't of now you should wait pockets come to you with the OK the planets way it was printers light actually the client to the server is always good double yes whatever you want 1 you and working you have to get and he makes all via Europe's stuff
can provide OK you're just yeah so in this case you you don't you don't need to your own this in other networks with don't you don't come next because it's always so this in some sort of leadership OK the value of money it's now carry OK OK now you should have its excuse me you just through a path of the side of
the issue that have on the 1 that was because the 2nd part of the game is connecting 2 would act socially change but in the end we no exactly I'm feeling you made with within so all kelp effects wonderful so can you just as you did not that was the point is 23 yeah because government this trend for you and then you know OK so when you receive this problem will get Windows you should knowledge you the neck and that's the end of the day and send them back you actually should be right right and who you all your of this to work and how can we have everything back at the time so we save it for the center of OK the the yeah exactly and and the just use lossless think OK that since here everything fine How did you establish the connection period and the reason the OK so you didn't have a mean following very good then can I see the first one of this was him but the Nigerian on food I will see mechanism and finally important uh I think use their uh as he showed a client sleepless and service the several of us after we do this close the door then you know where that done it's over comes out of it and the server having their listening go on departs 23 on the client their connections they do fiercely close the send this scene pocket and become seemed center and a set of overseeing see after shaker after an arm and when then shaker have completed the they all of the client and server both on training and this A-B should connection fate OK the arrived to we can go on the theory of some of all the so
now and they connections what
the the now the Commission is this envisioned and now we can Saatzucht toolkit but the mayor said they did the messaging go is the my name
is and the right to your name on send the pocket I always them years on can send it by did we data 2 to the several
event that received their pocket and come back the of the vector we did a pockets read the fact vector so now uh I want
introduces a under that Suu or fiercer this sequence number of but actually acknowledge number the moon so did she would
stumble the just I mean together when the when the source from 0 and there's uh an increment plus 1 I've read every time now someone send AB pockets of I CNOs number there is another of fears of and in in Dayton TCP header tool
check if they pocket out of this you do where like a mn or if that happened something goes wrong go like a lost data or around pocket loss a sequence number is so so you said that tool in the before I receiver pockets of not in order to so is is it too soft to they my response in this slide that you can see it there and shake it but and shake with I and its order to per meters set
but now we have to send this this information to disservice term that information is my name is then you know and the south the sequence number of 0 this ever have them at the receiver 0 2 CD tools 16 bytes because this 3 NGO my name is Danila
are succeeding as 17 bytes this this then at this server and see feedback it to the client we did a flag factor and the number of bytes of receive it right so this
is the policy will look to send information uh already after they disappear peak nation is exhibition there the
kind of thing and have tended to event then took the novel you're names the the the and the the
is it has been clear for now we are going to 7 0 clearly for the game but there what what I can say is the 1st see went to number is a random 1 because it helps to avoid other people e introducing themselves in the communication and the 1st value of sequence at all above costs are used it just like the correct between the client and the server and what we can start writing offers data packets containing my enemies then providing tried to rely that sequence and then knowledge number in neural communication if you are not able a it's no problem just try to do it the the the the someone needs some the the and to the the the the the and and and to and the and the the the and the In this and case the
and and and the the the the and in the end in the and the this is the
and you in a and this was this is the kind of thing you and you know the the the the and the media and so on and the use of the state of the world and the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the same thing and and and the the the the the the the the the the the do and that what it is and what the and this what is so there's a which is the packet did you receive that OK so that they could sustain those are 2 different strains to different connection while from he's the number 1 and to get a
wireless from number 3 anymore every connection has its own stream
hand as its own through of sequence
and unknown the OK questions the so a question for all all those units guess where our all those the projection and unordered 2 bytes although the be address is stored In client and server yes where all those to
see the data tolerant In the servants in memory exactly so remember if yeah certain how to manage thousands of connection that need to use in random for TCP IP you set up a load balancing there have been some machine that is a lot of balancing just don't think about how much of patches and more and genetics Romney's or a proxy run has going to consume but the can check how many concurrent connections you're going to manage a cat because every connection there is going through use memory now in the loudest means version they have reduced the beat the foot print but if you're interested in the reason
I'm in some are kind of mechanism that is named them all this a fee for the prevention and have a look at it it's it's interesting OK because some years ago or they told that it could be uh removed but after some stress-testing somebody said OK even if we have removed that lowered the footprint on our servers steel we have all benefited in having a sinful branch in yeah what part of smoothing OK hello and no there is no seen flat there on the 1 hand knowledge so the sense the thing is if someone tried tools and a pocket 2 orders cerebral but uh for example uh Brungart datapaths number of the alright this ever died and was what was up in the the the 1st SPARC at the send to to to the root the root of the nor day and they out the did decision at the end give their pocket to tool to December then the data there's you depart get about today and Noland 1 services are in a listening go up on that's poftal and that in this case the and this ever on our is at the pocket Becker to date to the client and the client this is the case of for the connection I refuse a day right to of uh 2 but to but I tried to implement this case so a client sends a packet to dissolve on
poets a key but the server has not web server listening so he doesn't know what to do we get packets cases also happen and and that for example of fire will learn that through his DEA incoming get married with so today and to do some costs OK not
the server replies to making the rest of this that no more than half of the but of what this and what not always discounts the packet that well you're going see in are as the flag then requires that we are and respond to the the when server replies with the rest of the market to the you see that information if the the information you got the that has never exceed OK and is very useful to send packets till now releasing parts if you want to this call them and network topology OK so you don't know which IP addresses on their around so you start trying to connect the front part and the weights for all residents target to come back there you know those costs are alive and maybe even if there is no more at nite people parts there is some other parts that is listening the no no well being there is something different there is when you Peter Haase you may have their holes that don't accept only done for applied to being requests but if you have a system the does this leaves on a house that doesn't allow being requests will carry so it's fair wall in some way that ask my see reply to there connection attempt on different coasts on different ports OK so maybe our firewall that disables
being requests and responses but they don't just block all costs around so if your network is firewalled for being you had tried to troll to other parts and scholar and networkingtopology these is what phrase Rulz that is another client program thus it does it with you GPU and would disappear usually with this if b is
mob probable that you'll get
it insights of an because you to maybe you still warning it's not easy fool have disappear firewalling will call on our part the because there are much things so maybe sentences that mean for so follow every because the In this work and the story and and changing because it's it's a part that is
not listen the the everybody residents the parents remember that all these residents what when a client receiver recipe let us use parts what happened to the drops the connection OK so if we have exchanging communication with the server 1 party and they
receive a ransom source import taking ideas drop although they all the rest of the data that so yes but the December exceeds this 1st would be a use this server that the response to that but I I can't even forged packets and send them to clients with my uh 80 parts so there are all kinds of just the right but from legitimate server this is how are them using the random synchronization number helps because a client that set the rest of but it's only if there is a synchronization and red in and knowledge flag match the 1 of the string they are communicating on right so if I receive a residence from a server but the rest of the world but their knowledge and synchronization fled doesn't match I just skied use residents as a forger part get to get a good question I
yes the it did this mission is the reachable lose so when you try to choke tool or another server data root their received at the pockets about the rude and uh can you don't don't know all the way the where to send your pocket handed the rooter uh give you back here and there he p pockets not TCP IP just day he p and so we the data on we do have however now with the error no routes to host the OK remember e if you're looking for those and back at the it's about abominable source and so on if you have on your own laptop and you're locked up a Europe's PC doesn't resolve the these address it's your not having interface replying back the uh on what we do is novel tools so if you use TCP down trying to get those kind of targets probably the best way to track down these so tcpdump listening on all interfaces not
just on the air out of going into freeze so if you want to know about best insights while traffic and i cmp pockets I simply you it's out of scope for this for this talk we uh actually should know something about the normal to all stuff there but we don't want to to build on Monday I simply stop there you have a lot of that kind of errors and there is a table where you should Chaka mad each kind of other words
on what could have acted on on the net there's so check out the mom page fuel men cmp probably you can just get all those information in the try to deceive them stuff to in together that there is a very nice book that is TCP-IP illustrated where you can get a lot of examples actually 2 the first one we check referring to is a very simple very
straight and this is very useful for LAN old stuff and resells 2nd release that is marvelous yeah he used that his visit Windows client uh I don't like you very much that is very comprehensive and it can be very useful if you have many of you want to check as a reference then so let's move on with their so hand as demand about kinetic Shinobu uh always now we have now will be ruder link is to go there uh and the nowadays subnet can toolkit want to hit up to the charter and the date goes of this scenario is there our client telling a some net have to Lewis of the ship are connection to attend 7 uh you know another 7 at and this which if you want to so you can uh the you can no speak about 2 a tool some lesser 1 group users them on these 1 to show the old 1 is the next 1 and the last 1 that is the last 1 is very little difference the I think this is the the all the
so let's connect the rule dots
so you wonder what and now you
should populate is 1 the the we support you know we
yeah which what then that's what you the right up here and his name so you know how to let here is the name of the other rooted christian name of of the other
root OK so do getting catch on your network OK if Weber maybe here we can and that freeway route with the stuff so 1 connected with 2 went to connected with train soluble in me s yes this footrule roots internal
electric question started shaking them
so something shaker we the server on a different network a different summit OK it's that but 2 and 3 right uh the 1 on the work can that's
what makes the the 2nd the it was
the and the the the and we this is the of thing so that
we get the the end of the point where we stand but it can also work you would think it'd be for example on the different network and that they speak on the different networks
not always assume liability for example the private room the network I yes so in a way that all in DC fields are only
between client route of just CI on less day do something like mapping again and put it in the it's In the end of the scene the I think the the thank you OK as long yeah and this and the so he's always saying in and essentially only about 1 part of the so called it yet and the OK this reading can happen on the networks thank you for that can be a several of what would you would buy that that is not a new 1 which plants were connected for example this is this can be out of 10 they out 1 9 8 network so you want you want can get a return cable where they the and your mind goes through your interest on that network and you know what to do and so you can in the end we will always be the same for all those 1 OK for a while than in the hopes put of the the and OK if the connection is so OK you can start to understand yeah how
important is it to start problem network and if the matching flow tried to send projects to other hosts and try to get the arrested to check if the problem is the server on the routine if the packet from In if there is a faggot comes back then probably there is a firewall on DOS otherwise that also would have replied with the resent
over their knowledge OK trade understand try to to what you you network we the next year was doing it with 100 people friends on what happened it yes was we have to do with yet to gain people just not
uh not complying with the probable to win the game we we we made a competition for the team that was bent it's changing packet faster than they start to get just like the disease Frank John and just goes yeah but is that 1 that we examined examined all the kind of hearts they do to win and tried to me similarities we the difference between House root
there and so on and so on the somebody just from the columns to be the smart and remember that sports I to 1 other reuse but it's we hope that they to these experiments this year we can fine-tune the game to have something like that you want to do just like not allowed to read man catching buffering and so on but then the problem is we should we need some refinement and if people
get the 1st impact public this is the it's very hard to introduce important concept on this kind of the you yeah that's that I don't know if we have this case we had this activities with them Europe to also known 1 that can so the way we yet the rain triggered the retransmission both saying yeah yeah it was the were probably if somebody wants Friday's next year we could good plan for 2 sessions the all 2 different section 1 this is the best and the other 1 and we this object by with the same thing we can do this with exchanging a bond between and it would be very complex so not only the are connection Hogan and it's time to close the hits and and this is there in the data rule to close the on and their submission connection it's made by 4 pockets of the 1st place femur and effect seen no on December response we did talk and then up another thing and not because they connection no we had this ability should there is a bidirectional so uh if we we have to do tool closing the 1 from client to to 7 and another 1 from server to client them it's possible to collapse of various 2nd that serves the messages are you know I just wanna we both flag a Hough and seeing so uh AIC in this this morning modality you can close the connection at 3 pocket exchange extending to pockets the I 1 I want to assure you would be a client state service state of also and Starting from Mr. should the connection of and the and then passing from 0 lose weight and the time weight to say and then throws and because the i the uh after the closing go at the client could be this line added that that the message is a kind closing go connection and uh so in a montane day wait a weighting go for 4 of for a time of this disk deleted messages and sometimes the onset of error we have a lot of connection in a closely to sleep there and this is have found when the day when they closing a when closing connection I'm not completed the so here if you will want to try to close the year connection you just send Fina receives hike error the yes because essentially fee means I'm not going to send you any more power
freeing doesn't mean I'm not going to read more OK so to send the beam just means I can't receive more pocket from you the OK the but I won't anymore this is the reason why we need Xu packets of feeling that he is I'm not going to send any more and then and no that you had a lot is done with
70 can this is the last
part of the in famous time out stop is very important because as you can see the the had I quite along with OK they had 2 steps between client and server and in that case but transmission was Israel the In this case this pattern way enables to get laid pockets to reach the
client in this case without there is a connection and this a soccer to be reused by another 1 imagine that we reduce we don't have that way the connection is closed I use disorder sort reuse the
covering of the schools in the definition parts the definition part received our delayed packets and what does it do with a pattern that he doesn't know what to
do he sends back a rather is it you're not the connection publishers to me so you should close so a new clients sense on legitimate connection progress for example and get better results if the that the server is not responsive is that he should be but differently so it is important to have time weights OK they 10 which could be problematic because it means that there is a sort of news on the server and if you have a server with ball up proxy yeah
OK between another process that is local OK so over example I've unlike which a proxy on the same server then the bucket
salaries when connection starts to get close I did not the connection with in time weights again Wi-Fi firewall so for a lot there so we you again and in the address in a mechanism for server reuse when a you think that you can a lower time around 10 weights what you should do it only if there you trust that your network of the low-latency so you won't get magnets very fast very would we have been the OK so if you trust your network is very fast so you don't that blood and see if you can reuse targets for example luckily and so on there otherwise if you have time wait just uh stick with it done just make your use magic in into your TCP their configuration because it's it's probably getting things won't work and what that you you get while with test is true your
this is the environment uh before during don't you this is the uh onto regular stuff because it's not going to work as a temple just do if you proving it that it's better for you OK I think you're
and I think you will also hold of fuel and for attention but
in so beam of his who had few health I would thank you very much that needed because at 1st that he in this talk should have been
there are brought to you by another colleague that had any issues and uh bravely uh then you know total dollar uh maybe down there all with that starting at 1st and tried to mention it to to make it the other day with time to to have delivered to you so all take it any lower but to you see you all next year and had to thanks to you policy
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Gruppe <Mathematik>
Natürliche Sprache
UDP <Protokoll>
Business Intelligence
Ordnung <Mathematik>
Computerunterstützte Übersetzung
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Wurzel <Mathematik>
Arithmetisches Mittel
Projektive Ebene
Nichtlinearer Operator
Physikalische Theorie
Puffer <Netzplantechnik>
Physikalisches System
Leistung <Physik>
Einfach zusammenhängender Raum
Physikalisches System
Kombinatorische Gruppentheorie
SALEM <Programm>
Offene Menge
Formale Grammatik
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Streaming <Kommunikationstechnik>
Metropolitan area network
Dienst <Informatik>
Rechter Winkel
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Automatische Handlungsplanung
Abgeschlossene Menge
Dienst <Informatik>
Arithmetische Folge
Protokoll <Datenverarbeitungssystem>
Patch <Software>
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Data Mining
Kartesische Koordinaten
Einheit <Mathematik>
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Proxy Server
Gewicht <Mathematik>
Kondition <Mathematik>
Interaktives Fernsehen
Matching <Graphentheorie>
Dämon <Informatik>
Mapping <Computergraphik>


Formale Metadaten

Titel TCP / IP Animated
Serientitel EuroPython 2017
Autor Polli, Roberto
Abbasciano, Danilo
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben
DOI 10.5446/33793
Herausgeber EuroPython
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract TCP / IP Animated [EuroPython 2017 - Interactive session - 2017-07-10 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] This interactive game teaches is the follow-up of the Router Game by Roberto Polli, and teaches various TCP / IP protocols using paper and pen. Participants are divided in teams, simulating exchanges through various protocols (DNS, TCP, IP) Every player has an L3 role: a PC or mobile phone, a Router, a Load Balancer ... and must communicate with the others following the associate specification (eg. a TCP client may buffer frames, a Load Balancer re-encapsulates IP datagram, ... ) The team which is faster in exhanging messages wins

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