AAA Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python

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AAA Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python
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AAA Games with Unreal Engine 4 and Python [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-10 - Anfiteatro 2] [Rimini, Italy] Unreal Engine is the game industry leading platform for developing AAA Videogames. Now you can script your gameplay logic, automate your development pipelines or test your productions with Python too. The UnrealEnginePython plugin aims at covering the whole feature set of Unreal Engine 4 and extending it with the huge modules library available in the Python world. The talk will briefly introduce the Unreal Engine platform and its capabilities as well as how it can be programmed without the python plugin (Blueprints and C++). The biggest part of the talk will focus on how the Unreal Engine 4 patterns are mapped to the python plugin, what is already working and what you can expect from future developments. No prior knowledge of game/graphics programming is required, and if you are in the movie or cartoon industry you can get interesting infos to
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Tape drive Planning
but and thank higher 1 million and you know
OK so how many of you play video games of draped how
many of you devil the deviance
and how many of you would allow you to that of the divisions that OK have
gained out many of you know days tool
for those of you that don't know to look it is data and the free market that has been used for a level of the following titles should be employee should recognize that this 1 of them a war 1 of the most of this is for the
current exports that can this is the
7th experiment so if I hope
everyone knows it that
residents announced that this 3 these companies started with its own and with the previous 2 installments then moves to a engine for this is not so families but it
is and it is a Kickstarter that successful Kickstarter made by the designer of the original cast Albania
and even the Amoco Final Fantasy 7 that is 1 of the most famous and individual games ever made it is in water we into for in a lot more titles
ac so before starting working with
the real engine for need to get it to the for those of you that don't know only during knowing that the underlying just 47 source is not free software but it is open source so you just the Engine . com site and then you get access to the the tablet possibly where you can clone the source code of the whole engine and editor you can enter the need for Linux Windows Mac order loaded up 1 of however I can
accompany that material engine makes money bicycling epic ask useful for the fight % when it started meaning more than 2 thousand dollars only 4 games to make simulations feelings or where there is not considered can be considered a game it is free for use once you know the and you know you get something like that
and on the left side and on the left side of the a list of the actors and actresses something in you can drive on the ward that reward is a representation of your game it shock hurricane and its logic and so you can program them and when you had to play you again starts if those 2 chair table and I don't know what it is that train shadow on the table is does not impress you either prepare another screenshot I think is way better and
show you owe much powerful reasoning Erlangen for yeah we are programmers
so this is the most interesting question for for us how we program religion for by default that you can program at your game logic this success discussed the DB anyone know and blueprints how many of you know as whatever print is
OK no 1 everyone knows useless
plus right but this is out different
it is that individuals on the left uh you see our Evanston old it means when the space bar and so when you press the Spacebar your keyboard with do something in in this case is just so your character and stuff jumping even if you're not a programmer it should be easy understandable as it goes effect this is another example of moving we have
another event that don't show on your when your keyboard and and then respond so we generate a new optimum gaze side so we beggars and we basically shot aside from that was you shown that automated they get that the transformer on the lower left is to extracting the transformer transforming beginning what in the linear algebra of order is the description of position innovation this scaling on object in space the this is
another example of referring to the same 1 as before but without delay in order of knowledge that's node we can implement some form of what we've done for human so you can
start shooting missiles 1 after another module sold on them by using all the tools then you can
you may want to start working with the victim of it is very common Indian allotments of working with that those and then you can easily start with this kind of events by deity so you can go in Warsaw
now don't get me wrong in the
scripting way the grouping esthetic
programming at Rabin's remove only the syntax part of programming and if you respect all of the good the programming of it is very hard to make this kind of masses by following a
what common sense include the desire of
Riverside effectively regulon this is of the budget section so you have time little games you can see the nodes highlighting you can start when you can make that point you can see the value all of variables changes and so before start
programming aerial engine you have to know a bunch of concepts you object is them in class in the sense of C + + that is used by the by the engine Bezier anything using the edit or in your game that is a subclass of you want an actor is a subclass of the object that can be Spohn so generated on the reward was so it is effectively means you when the water the opponents as class a 1 active of opponents especially because it can be processed the Bible says it means that a controller or contorted read a keyboard and mouse and a joy that everything in it that can extract obstructed the human player or and the items from the for activision intelligence as a character is a subclass of a whole that does all the same character it's it's got 3 is these but for anthropomorphic figures so we have you 1 a skeleton that can jump around approach and on then we had components competent and usable of pieces of code that you know you can attach to all of the producer classes if you ever use the sum the engine like unity on Google you may be used to
their teach paradigm so you basically right a single function of beta decay depends on how the editor of the use of in in the in the single function that you make all of your game logic that that function is wrong about 60 cycles effective and % and the frame rate of the religion for using the T is considered than on the bottom you have to rely on events on the left you see a bunch of events of example events and define the sole explode move forward faster and and so on so you should always follow given topology
wide for support for code organization we have already seen how easy it is still a generates by directly with blueprints so thinking in not issues simplifying the organization of Europe called the provision code there are even some friendly and unrelenting includes an of stock of the boxes and whenever you see them so that the lens can be propagated on clients on the set of the broadcast of the total declines provinces clients and so long as you really seeing that you get time management for free events can be triggered by an initial so for example if you're running initial you can trigger an event when the photo only of character that is on the ground that and notions falling particles so could doing noise the most important the game development is done by a lot of different figures from programmers like this there's some designer the level designer architect and and so on so there are a lot of non-programmers the unity so the following given part and simplifying the explanation of the neural programmers when a wide intuitions blueprint they're supposed to unfortunately not all of their C + + really really the i is exposed to movement only on a subset the the underside of the writing what you're ready she that's materials and their Erlangen general is extremely easy with the groupings is extremely odd suppose or even other languages options the interfacing with C or C flies library is vesicle in master it is very rare all included the library dangers will be enough for your for your work the root that good design printer of recently that informal program this is a version think routines are sometimes too much sigh for me doing this is the sense of the camp in addition to suggest last improvement we can now program knowledge in logic or interest if and with Python is is that it is on open-source projects going through the logic that supported on Linux Mac and Windows why I did the 1st of all in my dream was to show the Tivoli level gamer with Biden's they of simplest last women's unfortunately I miserably white uh when after the 1st release of some of the project that I'm obviously started shaking comments on reddit facebook and all of the Chancellor's really was the announcement of the release I did that realize that from the game industry the coding is the 1st class is not seen as a problem something that is slow down here your work obviously there are a lot of more or less on my your peak programmers that really well in the beginning but the vast majority of macho programmers through she from even without thinking twice so instead of stopping working only of I started asking my colleagues and the audit company doing games how long it should be the change the direction of the development so author of much of chapter and in this people so I came up with this list of all us 1st of all of the main project and if in the sky is managing and tonsil lost that all of a lot of times you shows that for all of us it's in the project and the that's that must be managed to live around the assets can change in the program gonna have to change again but what is not losses and so on so Squeaking doing the orchestration of your development pipeline and it is something that really want to play the game industry especially for for artists that in there to the ideas modeling animating the song by them is already present in the development pipeline a lot of money with discrete working pipeline so having the ability to use the same splits the single base even into the engine the dimension I would be really you know and they're interested the direct testing as well as function of testing it is not really diffuse properties in the gaming industry most of the time because they're riding testing silk at especially on him fill best generate meets a segmentation fault of Trescha up to the start the water from from the beginning so he meant having the ability for running the unit test there was an interesting thing in there's a lot of you know there's a lot of the scientific and academic world and the batteries so it's a shame that is another interesting topic for them so handing out really powerful to the engine that would be really usable to show that the work another almost it is simply find versus versioning of their work on the part of the game is composed by a binary doubt that you cannot pressure long so well so for a lot of areas in it would be very interesting to write code that to regenerate the than the status of the of the approach and that eventually right to Booleans the the engine so I started we know of was the last year the and you have a highly placed official was more of a joint project from me the 1st step was obviously embedding is applied by the only to machines into the engine and having a console for issuing by from common and obviously running code in getting out of uh if you don't know I am they're all 4 of you with the project so uh about really huge experiencing embedding 500 chitchat a sparse set of conditions so it was pretty easy for me to
reach his legal in but the couple of hours of development and here you see uh uh a console
also be useful in the matter a real engine graphical user interface the issue should the imports this is common that and they get their dealt it was a really really really have but then the hot water starts this challenge but I
already told you that the
most important class into the engine is that you object 1 which is the class where all the other ones you know it's so I needed to find a mapping between now you object in plus plus another 1 on another the following Israel's Bismarck Ramasamy fast in this style of development that I was really try um I was still trying to use these like the into right people again so that consumers really really important marking must take into account that the bottle relented both by the garbage collection C + + as obviously not get rich collection but a real engineer limited 1 a filing in the structure is that the properties of classes and functions and classes of these like you object so I needed to find a way to map this at review even provide an observation by the both classes and properties can be of those are the solutions for managing it by from you object the mapping and user looks at the sparsity level no matter what 2 directional suggest plus all the other thing in 2011 standard that the ability to addiction is all the precious when there are related by the object goes out of school they get much collective item would very probably destroyed the I prevent the garbage collector to destroying you object and market to eat because unrelenting made a different decision by the divide and little machine so I must ensure that you object and not destroy without a real and you know you goes between inside pressure that would stop whenever combined I access the by you object the mapping if I need to or we checking that the market you object is still very because if it is a it is not valid it is a engine as you get out of the 2 objects so the by phone mappings maps to something that is no more and then I the schools properties and functions despite agreement after archival I came up with this so
lacking directed would for of the Erlangen not event next epoch there
are I think hundreds of C + + classes into the work I I think there are thousands but let's the hundreds of classes into the and engendered of an engine their in the not being the age of them at work by phone classes the which force but what could it and don't want to but the real engine exposes a reflection system so I can now bicycling get a reference to a a class using history my objective was to do something like that so important that character class like you mean it is not a matter of classes and so must line a character so on Eastern sort characters into the the miscarriage of
things like that this is how you write extension in C 4 for Bible on the interesting part is lying 150 that find object CamelCase function this is how we access the deflection system or of unrelenting bicycling would find object that we find a reference for class with that thing and online 155 but we build them up and we did that that object and induced by the real so now I have a way to to get a reference to Unreal Engine United classes using history in by the what it would be as I don't know if you
will generated it took over that this is basically how hackers for Fiji India vapor system of white basically whenever you important so last line from what fake important but classes that get that naval or Figure class in school so I use this technique you to fade input so whenever you report from unrelenting not classes especially get that's me that is together the timing of the review and classes
incredibly incredibly I'd you to unexpected results positive and expand the use of the same approach what could be infrastructure in a real engine and the objects and their sort structures are often value by that you like and most majority of languages and even for announced so there's an approach like in the Porter bitstream instructors only legend and that we don't know we need to out and again at the edit I would be really reached kind of colleges 80 per cent of their religion for infectious is that was really soul with my part of the game was a really able to do all of the things we can already do with so it was a huge so 3rd
challenge the in scripting that development pipeline includes Stevenage generating referring to and I know it's it could be something strange is like during a language another language and but this is what the people are obtained developers me especially either unity Erlangen animators and generally of the logic of the animation using so for them it's we will use these to despite on to generate this and that notes the results of a not really
pretty for companies with these these how this is how we can be the of which by the what needed to do to reach the point
and it implemented by from the class is abstraction classes for rest the grieving grounded
in the notes there be
blocks and is there are
also and the thing that generates plenty of time the current state of the art
optimization in in this tutorial betting we'd only Python you can generate almost all this animation the vein uh when we add on member here to the really lot things in the cities of the future of the tutorial as
before I get unexpected results in this time of the positive I get them you need to do is create the emission just for free is good the diversity of the we know real engine to write out of teachers only in intelligence they all I can say the state machine on the roads unfortunately I started getting crushes all over the years without I was obviously working here you know we know the expected by it became developers so I started messing with the golden and started playing at the same level as the sparse so we every error results in a group of crashes the engine I was playing get out of this type of so basically everything into from vitamin should be doable below even India into the edge which is not possible at expects only from from religion an expression the reflection system it doesn't look like messing up after about 10 years uh the system has become really what is like the 1 year and fined development for challenge
of Euridice yeah you can see how unit test the checking that when I create a new material and she therefore your profits gather and they give money into it that's name is effectively put into the the engine design of reduce the of 1st of all of the
when we run the test the from the command line with the best way however you generally do from shot and strong and you by the invented and new form by the interpreter is generated on your system so when the test and then all of a and that are generated by then is erased and story we cannot generate the whole new by the interactivity into a real entity from its generating I when you come here and genetic or for running a single test so my solution was at generating up by incident the by the CBI allows you to generate a new copy of by the little machine that can be destroyed without destroying the main little machine so when you run test was written in Python on a new pattern based machine exponent of destroying the original 1 entity to run something just some about and some of them are mapped to the engine by the console window with the before and I they should best the official on test that we do wrong this is the 1 of the future
of the unrelenting the shot you most it is not documented so well this really and I discovered before for case I checking sources and a found masculinity it should be shown in the unrelenting and or is at times the from section 1 like you know the the system so I can be as my test and roll-out public everything they do in the end of so I I'm free to generate the actors the into the wall check that that good and and sort of
obviously the they did it begin please do something and really want to do in the bible so I'd start having the reason abstraction the subclasses of lexical and character by the component and by how the see the world what is it
the error Rockafellar did NOT the counterpart but the moment with the ability to call by control of specific events after our conscious test and crushes all over the place I decided to
use of proxy for not being the classes to not in real engine object so basically you right and I think by them classes a special activities injected in this class so you get access to their not by the to this is an example of an actor
fully written in Python the beginning play me the use of the money that he called the when the game starts and take me about the reason it isn't apart and it's called up the reflection of the of the new the they're interested party or in that set you object you can see the right through to the Haitian so if you object article that is injected by a real engine for when you mark and I think last to analytics is of
why used his approach 1st of all for on most say freeloading at each day duration once a lot of the model classes to the bottom and before machine the model is resident that killed his residence but during the development of you want to change your when you the Web développement generally you will restart the application said that'll to see in gold modification we can't restart the whole of our land unit of because of the rights of trust seconds to to support so in this way I can call a simple and the daughter-in-law them from from by them to build the called the what proxy Augustus In his way out of you but consideration between and fought in Bible expecially from the garbage collection point of view as their classes not really tight enough I can destroy 1 of them without bothering to match the Euler 1 this is something I found really interesting here but all those don't once factors to again you have your executable we all of you by this fits into the project that actually you are free to change it off by the by the fights and basically modify your begin logic and logic I understand is not that interesting thing to do for a human development or something that he doesn't want to do it from its customers obviously you're free to include not they're not trying to find some of the things that compiled 1 the but could have an on the advantage of using a proxy fight and in that we use that they can change including game played by the class not to an object a character could be mapped out out sometime in the game to a class and then remarketed to another 1 thing in the this is another
challenge I'm still working on enhanced affinity for those people that don't like the proxy basically I want to allow the developer to subclass so not a real engine classes we buy glasses did something you have to do strange and immoral or for some people come as you can see it as a in unrelenting that uses super sparse in the city that the ideals of Python 3 on notation for specifying
material engine what's a type of value of this function the care and talking about on the phone those of us that's
ideas is of foreign reaching his broken
have resulted uh I use the presentation for enforcing types of go and by the beginning of something like that description languages so I use Python to inform unrelenting on out of the intimate classes I needed to rely on programming it a lot in a lot of pain for reaching there's a white light on whether a new
because the character the class from which
most of the newly is an object that is another class so I need to write some logic to he married from 1 object to that is another class and generally a new class this is how you can take
the note system was you into the findings of class is a child of fruitless that is an instance of the basic it could blow your mind and stuff unfortunately
it as evidence that this is the thing that really by and between crashes the system incredibly as different bureaux some different engine that should I really have an ideology and inductance it is absolutely a good exercise to know how a real engine of work in I think it is not so water because their proxy that is way more safer in a solid but is of Zilog a really really cool so I I think I will try to improve what is the need to do to improve the project I would like to start realized is uh subclassing the I I would like to introduce more mobile integration because can even games or the whole of the you know so Windows and Mac here I would like a stronger integration with BBB forces divided by Dingell by the sky into the engine this is a really huge task called the the 1st class PPI the I was the bunch the adults 1st of all I should they follow in the ceasefire continuation of vitamin it should that follow the vitamin C coding style so on this all lower or the C + + 11 with food committees in their example code that you've seen before this implementation of inflectional not seeing the through different style in the gold it is something you really really idea but uh character the miller decision should they invest more on threads threads are supportive of of the boxes the big alert has become not a huge problem I added a bunch of tricks to reduce its inputs by default the binaries you download from these sites had not trades enable them the Ombudsman trends that enables and when I started there in the project the lot of of by the developers really used to my home to this studio MaxEnt I want to use it to you in the project sign that's the law of the amazing traditional including between by country and by size the into the engine and know what is the idea of exposes the cannot have a graphical using a new user interface of engine that so it is closely so it is not a good solution instead of being the slate is visible on the process of assessing the steelmakers of so you can write some kind of readable interfaces and implemented it in my own about trying to give to the developer the same taste of this successful on this is how you can generate a window in there and unrelenting without bottle money-center when the button is clicked the same opening function is called the into the bottom there is a textbook with a simple string guarantee and dreaming about other more orchestration beginning to see is the log of men were working I would like to integrate the acting for a year at us another dream is to be some kind of uh uh domain-specific language for writing the socialist so material and Rubens and obviously someone using using 4 to bully please this new company ideally from the his under less and the think is from Toronto come about the have responses of the the open all the project that at least that of those the doesn't solve company really heavily using it but the school other ones that this morning into therefore the if you are to the scientific academic
work there and would like to start throwing your academic research results into a powerful a graphical engine is our really gentle introduction for by the news that includes model to leave it to you game so basically whenever there play and work over 1 of that's the correct you but they grab something got it is updated version adding in generating and you know when you buy just but
I need to which lack of because unfortunately unrelenting feasible to melt down on my hand pro
so give me a minute and or but in the in the the it but I think that but so can the so this is
then but less so simply you again generate from their responded and institutional I added on the level of of a bunch of phrases from spaces so when I play the game in in toward stalker understand what a 200 200 chairman sort my and objective now is still a little bit player monarchy in to see and recognize faces the users using fossil recognition included in openness in the computer vision or inquire 1st step that is adding it up by connecting into this in the middle of the implementing the
hides the size of all over the place so in the list of vectors my search for the act of and it's running this on the right you can see the fields where you can specify the model and a class 2 months to his factor we will start with the with this simple code into the and it's made of the really you initialise
the dynamic of 1 seconds begin players in the spring of some messages into to the console and then use the value of Table timer is decreased by the Rijeka and when it reaches that is your it means that time has elapsed and start it is out a simple covered just check the by the lack his work so if the model is
was the 1st and the last site this is all written so faith play and on the bottom you should still red the lot sometimes so however not so easily working but
that's since that is not just a special component for what it is that scene captured complement to the basically you can see that the reader allow that strike anything it it sees and say the into art text text is out of memory onto the and you've got it's got that can be drawn on the screen the ization that we generate a hot special text known as around the target these where I was captures conflict we write the dog according to what I'm saying I create a text file and trifle from 1 the 2 you should always try to use the power of 2 which excellent doing in development desire transient object it means that uh it is not enough so that a new pipeline when a game this object is destroyed this special case is called automatically if defined before initializing conferencing elected so we want to have a new compensable we use these used to create this is how we have a component in order to the center to form we specifying in which text is just like they data and we specify that we want to the linear values of the because this is something I would not want to invest time and is the EU it is another topic is interesting for for us
so figure of the the change the model to balance so I'd played and here you can see by our with the new
component scene of 2 on the
right it is a really striking what he's seeing it unfortunately we cannot see what the players this is before about doing we have to fix it and the problem is by or as an opposition to the world our objective is what statutes over the head of the phrase but the hero is the same once the game starts we get a reference to the opponent used by the nowadays demanding their the robber what working on the on the
screen and then we have got ourselves on the object of is the injected the field to the proxy classes in that to that mesh component of the money being into its head bone what is a bone here you can say or it may have and on
the left you see the bones not to its mission the bones of vesicle
and objects are mapped to a group of so whenever I move a bonds that it is the following so objective is the batch all rights to the head of of so this is the so if
we go back considered for that 1st time that is monarchy as pilot person as its China because yeah you can see it the toxicity of the character in here you can see the axes of lower by connector is against the it is moving because the head of the mining environment while unital up to spend some of with but the next step
yeah we want to develop will have the head up display some kind of a 2 D graphics onto the screen so we can see what the media seeing the we model the skill so we stone and you want to go into the scene had these and other factors directly specifying the Python model independent last we get a reference to the proxy class and not to do so how this so we we construct injecting users into the and we specified into the crux last which is the text of to and finally we tell the engine that these new life and how that should be that the period 1 so the default treated 1 is destroyed the so our by the 1 we used this is all have had trucks glass expect you to define and you have a metal that where you can cool graphics primitives lecturing text alliances rectangles and so on until all the text to the 0 I remember who it is defined in the class it is not defined the Texas from the main unit of if it is defined start doing it but the 0 0 additional top but we decide so this is so the
OK so on the top left you can see what the Paleocene you can see and advancing it went on and breath so basically we have other textural containing all of the peaks so people using makes sense for good results
all this is the needs are scale of image so we need to generate at every uh and and of distance this pattern is on this is
that you don't this time we that city so it is the proper form of incidental and by because of its to the user's device for years pulled it on indeed the myth of or rises we get the they got a job like a really all the text of the other leaders seeing we inform what we generate a new new inquiry giving special dimensions so we have a 2 dimensional array weak for conquest energy he re and the 2 sides of the text and we use this oversee the functional to combat this text from the jury to grayscale so that we have a bite for a single pixel of the image on the other side the other class this change if it is known to have 2nd moment we created the text or we just single channel for the for color and other passions that sometimes in Texas this time we need to cooperate with unrelenting garbage collector because the sex is never used by allegedly begin indefinite no indexes so after a bunch of time to destroy we don't want used so we informally dismantled that we are responsible for the slaying the 2 when they buy the object is destroyed the and in addition to throwing of what they're producing intra color we draw another text you know it we don't engage your interest finds channel because we have a single for also and the 2 obvious additional values so this so we have the
same you know but in greyscale now open city is able to recognize faces from the below image this is the last
version of the gold this is the user remain the same all of the overseas logic has been done in the house so we set up a cascade classifier it is the way of instantly uses is the guy which instance uses to get something in these cases I have fitted with information about from 4 phases and then at the tuition I tried to detect faces this function of what is given it really timer and not for the dimension of the array with their information about where the face is you should
say grandmother same thing when Erik detected faces with whom we can recognize spoke here this is in recognizing or not by Bush sport the great people will bear a reactant organized this time is is the view of and I don't know if it is a good thing about it is not able to recognize a suddenly with you with it is interesting that is not able to recognize cervical I think it is because of their goggles along the bottom governments so that really strange for forgiveness for function less than then by default on an engine know as no features for using the Web come out of your mobile phone year of your laptop but obviously the is able to do it so I've created is and I add up Mycro-Comp where mapping that you would use that come to class so that initializes the
video capture creator constant textual we decided not of the text of my web cams you moved to to manage and I assigned the text to the material of the shape your assigned to the to the queue at every frame wanted to capture the image from the webcam I converted to answer the performance for my group is gone but in a sign that the 2 with X OK I think you should see
so thank you OK it is the thank you what
the but no 1 in this work by who
has a question for a of how ah I had been working for Crytek for 5 year and I know what game development is and I know what brain at this
so called can would you can sue + + who was really the and the however the call our unit dam on was who is also the full this is the yes yes what's in there so I sink integrate in given game which at the end for the pipe and is really great they do yeah and eats absolutely variants of the soul mates Brera criteria for 2 years and that I wanted to ask you did you have any performance shows a especially in t km efforts calling the so you know they can have 10 aircraft performance issues
yes yes um I've started having performance issues and when I started doing it too much the begin acquiring everything the lays 1 of the most of the end parts of incident by the little machine so the default being the you you get from the size of the capabilities it will so you cannot use but interest in being part of by the is not so that the last theorem groupings so there was a an interpreted language in Python was faster than real brings now groupings are compiled to not it's us school so unfortunately a faster than the Bible to encounter further questions but what it come up with the just a quick question
I hold that the people interact with the Python and suddenly it was dead on the rebel Oreste also an ability to maybe extend the ribbon barter on top by putting little scripts and to read only if I can do all start a dragon but I was wondering how people would interact um but the Python inside and real estate error on so I saw the radical obviously and that's this is so also to a thing planned to put like code snippets into patents on the top of the Redmond for users that are maybe not so much also deep into coding we don't I have to test whether you can may it hard the head of
the yeah I Our so as other rebel so people wouldn't and interact with and Rio in Python by rental and maybe there's some recurring people half and while working on real of wondering if that was also plan may be to have some of these buttons that I see on the top 2 2 4 8 cooperate hyphen typically in there will you yeah you the yes I imagine a tape and other question no and I don't need to run it that's fine thank you America and