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Python REST frameworks review

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welcome everyone the my name is supplemented schemes and currently in working get at the stakes thanks uh here I I'm on because this is a sofa referrals
from the I'm working for a client who is the 1 of 1 of the biggest met and marketing agencies and here we're making their of SERS measurement but from the the for them and based some might micro-services must the
so this is the reason that I will start with a short introduction and in the gold and then and the main part of part of the present that presentation the use of boats 3 frameworks uh next uh I'll be brief did this described in the next 3 and each parts that each speech framework for who will be presented that the futurist uh and there a crude example and there and the reason and I will finish with a summary and and and and questions and answers session the case so that at the time when I was designing the ICA cities and and I was a weakness weakness of of the uh designing new new new products I've always seen at the same time and in the same the discussions and which toll some are best for our needs will be best for the for the for the product and then on stories quite so quite often like at the same time that would that we use recently so but this the best solutions are that we already know that are already discovered and see if the because requirements that that's is that the business the bits as soon as possible but then we are cut off and go back to that solutions that that that that we already know and so I'd like to psoriasis through through view and then some of the friends that I that I detect um and not in order to to the to the something different uh so maybe you will be able to to answer the following question uh which has framework best that's used to my needs and I will start with that generous framework uh the giraffe is is 1 to 1 of the 1st that I would have learned a that framework has been designed for for Don gone he has great integration of Don go uh and then in the queue mentation is also a really the nice uh that from our framework is complex so it it also means that the Qualcomm with the comment the commendation and this is what what can you find here and ants and other fisheries that bro stable API so our GEEREF that follows you to uh to uh life and take their uh your and points on the web page so you need you need any uh impulse none or and then other people to to take that the request this is them that simple you set so that India if you you could it provides the because created them and points users with my 2 ways what 1 of them is the KPA views and another 1 is to use the uh you sets and use these cities is like they are managing that API use so the here and this is an example of of use of use that uh we have to add to methods which uh which we simply say and what has been returned on only uh methods uh it will be the result of the and of the least endpoint and see what's returned to in retrieved um will be found returned in uh in this case is user details so you seen the return the response and and put their head in that data that you and to our we have the 2 wants to your client uh they and in this case is so that the iteration true that for the user so so in least you you get uh the use of mines waste and in rigid 3 if you get there user name email and full name I piece with what the values for for for for a particular user and met met met is not mapping for view sets so you already know the least and retrieve there's also create for the for uh for for posts request uh so least useful gets because we request on on collection and retrieve the south ESA gets request on on item updates and partial update its he's he's put and parts and mapping and the stories he doesn't delete by default you get here that k but you can simply change it's that true there in attributes the thing you're reviews at so this is the model based you set that this is this is really our this is white way I'm using uh the DRF for for 1 of the products if you had the product well where there is a lot of a lot of models that you want to a all of rock with the uh with the crude uh and then and then by simple declaring that the 2nd class the 1st clusters this is so surreal either at 2nd class is just the whole you need and to a to the model the combined effect of the model to the known to to your API and by default he gets a full crude uh create read update and delete and so the call to arms helpless about that and their euros you can see you can use and when you when you're using that you sets you can use the the Rooters and this is like like you you register you you new set of no but you can also do this there with their known from uh so by uh because the use of the CPDs also that you class so you can use that as you know the bands and put it is that the the Euro that that that that you that you need and said this is this is more community that indicate example so we have to the 2 notes 1 for user 1 4 1 4 groups in and by declaring but by resident registering their in them the so the user and there's a you will get their bottom like users and the this is this is based from the from from the 1st regret regret expression from from the 1st arguement um the or in case when you when you need detailed um did action you get that decayed by default but but if you tentative you you can get whatever you want and this is in the and chief you you also have that uh the 9th so you can you can use it all all around Europe you'd you don't go up or or you can use the in the in the in the other In the case so about if you really if you already used under an and you need truth as I mentioned for for models but that the error will will do for that and it's is the is the obvious choice another 1 of plus crystal so this is the library created for flask surprised as compared to generate the generous framework is so it contains the meaning uh actually there there or some nothing for that often plus and you can be sites what to use um it's great for for been been doing flight weights APIS um man but the way to to organize your your resources uh get to be honest the system in the because value for for using it so I will I will go
through a few a few few examples but actually it's the it's a 1 example so we can treat this like like 1 page as so start from the from the top um to don't so the the just just um keep track on the uh on the users which is currently there uh mn the and constant use the the bark variable in this in this file so we have uh that uses the the dictionary structure and I will aka save users by their uh um by the key in the identifier and and and the details in in volume and serve look what is really nice to answer the well known and them and fast RESTful use at that request past so uh this is the way it works really are similar to art so here you can you can you can set that the arguments that that will be used and so the you can say what type of of hope offered this or is to . unknown an so let's go to their resources and Shearer uh we have them in the mountains called GET and posts and so this will become the least the resources for the collection resource and see if you can get an a request we will return to the least of that and uh of the year that we use of of the users which is only got tributes from the from the previous and flights in and so that compost will get there and the username and and safe uh and so on In proppants save today uh to them in all of already existing in dictionary and she you can you can see that's that's in the summer it's a relation is use is behind soul you don't you don't need to uh to to remember on a boat that in the center of civilization on on your on your site so that he will be uh just converted to their to their Jason and this is user resource so this is for for for item and Sheri we also have known gets the weeds and pop and put it's more clear than than the use it's for Ford for the earth but anyway and here you have a fever forget you uh you the price that actually uh you that aborts so this is this is this is the method from uh from from a flask RESTful uh which chose 404 and and departed for particular message and then on the lead to we removed from the user by the key from from the the for put we find uh we just overwrites that the value for for for this 1 and this is this is that in the place where we uh worry do all the set up so that the for the 1st and last last line is is flask and this is all you need is just and creating new API stance some on this on this last cup and and the resources you have to the control flow control of of naming uh of of namespace and so and no 1 1 will will of do this for you and so the so far if you have the flask of a it makes sense to them in to replace your API read the flask uh to uh to RESTful but 2 plus stressful but mn to have he thinks of organized uh but if it's still not was really needs let go let to go to that next so the like as they can use the term working on on on the bottom actually force and height and that's about but the outer recommenced to that to use to use its uh on on it's a good because of the of the of the performance so as the flow in there the fake on this newest equipped with framework and and really reliable and high at high performance so uh and the amount of benchmarks on the on the fly come and and page uh so uh it's in the outer really really are the it's great work with uh with optimal optimizing this 1 so that that the reason for this is just focus on on 1 single our case this fish to be at the ice and will go quite similar an example and then we go through their RESTful API so Tampa Fla stressful men so starting from the top we have that the same user structure and and let's go to them uh to the refuses you can then you can see that I will I only imported this play common days on that libraries and so then Bennington convention for them at the speeds it's quite a quite similar time but you need to add on private graphics so on get and you get you use of said the body and this is quite different than the NFA stressful that this because you get the mean and etc. Q and a redress and their the reference to the objects so you dont we don't retirement the that anything and instead of man uh so it's enough to just set that that that that that the body of tribute uh with the values and here and there is no serialization so so we need to do that day some down and on this and on posts methods the it's the this culture and make more complicated but it's still it may looks more complicated but he is still good and do the same so we extract the bottom that the body from from the stream and then uh the themselves serialize the body and then and uh this thing gets there actually pop that the username and and show that her her message if it if the you there exists and set up and that the value even if it doesn't so she we can see that there is no return that and this is because the this in this this because the the way of of of assigning that that that to is that it isn't in the was responses so if I would just forget about this than uh than another than if the user want exists the decodable try an this is the set the user and way this is that user resource parents here we have uh quite similar situation so um when the user that doesn't exist and so you you you you get the 404 and the message uh on the late as we will see that the user from from the beach and the goods uh we update the user and this is the this is in the same codes he's actually repeating cure so there the point of so relations so every time you need to uh read from a stream and uh loads of well that's uh there's a some and uh and then do what what you want so here you get if you add the additional steps and this is the way
of of the yeah in the sitting standing up there and the euro's Curie also have the full control of namespace so I and the me the best practices to to keep it in 1 place time or just stood for just an shared the way of Sharia puttin with your ecologists so uh this is great still if you do it room if it if everything interviewees he's API and and Europe you really and focus on on the performance so there are a few more libraries that's that a 5 of of of strikes and so on notice I don't have enough time to to go through and to to to every every of this this is the thing that's why it's it's an together so a for this is that in the in the so so-called framework for human beings so that a general idea used to uh to easily built and deployed custom usable API and and a lot of time and a lot of things are set up in just Jason structure and of just the big structure by them and this this is the native and this have 1980 support for forward B and about so as a extensions Um k it it it can be used for us to urgent and so I and another can't and another 1 that they see buying and this is the a few years ago and he was that the uh um um really and I used is the right they used it for for 1 of the jungle products and so on and Steve Waugh where where all confidently it's not of the and it's not so the develops and more so diversion freeze on 0 . 13 and its dual simply uh things like that year after I mean that they really a treaty did a lot of that for you but that's uh but you had the units are really there and you you want fast and they can maybe start this is actually uh this is not the framework for uh for for being with press who other obligations is is just a frame for for B the NEB eyes uh but I think it's it's sort mention and Spencer uh in maybe you would be interest it's been
in more modern on more details on it
and so this is that delta is the same for for for uh the arrest and that they be framework designed for for quite and 3 lights and and in the analogy in general helps building at the radius so if you want to follow through the rest the RESTful button then you need to and take care of it on your own and the summary so the
number number of RESTful framework is is that used to and so this is stake in this is a good way to think and also the but the the that that thing that so and the bet because movie we may expect any other but at any other time libraries or frameworks that that that that we could use them but much much from the other from the other hand we have a great combine uh which is generated framework for foreground and ups and there is currently no competition for a for this an mn if the flake only still the best choice for for for my micro-services I didn't find any other the and the other focused on the on on the on the performance and the thing sought some dimension is that lie water libraries just supports the you with writing RESTful API but because the framers created gaze for you and this is this is this is the difference between that that that the different frameworks and and and and to the and libraries and set where they currently I can say that that that's the framework is only uh that the the idea from from from those please it so thank you
few if you have any questions or or just a just you want to show that and that was libraries that and that you know that and I need FIL the yeah if you have a question please raise your fun we have time for a couple of them the you're me think you a talk but just a quick question uh have you I was wondering why you haven't considered me more pyramid framework in your presentation maybe there is a good reason for it but I was just that so as long as far as I know the pion-pion means uh I think it's there it's again and so that it's more that um web framework rather than a rather than that of the framework for the library focused on the on building that RESTful API so so that's why I ski bits and but yeah so does the substance of this you think I should the razor 1 more great framework at school to lost loss leads the written up on top of a a lot of people as as a Morse to taste the future of you to use model specification and it's like documentation generation are genderist framework has John got a arrests about the doesn't handle models generation in so I guess it's a condition and Velázquez was doesn't OK and I consider using it in real project and this is really great OK thanks it finished and it it I and so 1 thing the 1 fragment that we use that this not that RESTful 1 but we use a lot of to apply because I think the most light 1 framework that's available and what we the recipients an but that was who what I want to mention and I have a question because an those frameworks they have a pretty useful tool psychology or or and or routine other stuff and but I think that the really important thing 1 designed interest at the ice is the rest fullness of them and so the question is to use worker or or any other tools for curing the most like the I being the restore what your experience and that no yes so for for uh services uh and we use that in this weather as a set uh but for example the way more and more analytic service service based on John at that broke the broke label API um were fine for us so so yeah but but in July in in general and in the it doesn't have much and so that was my name of this uh this framework that that he started to live turbine get the thanks if you
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Metropolitan area network
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REST <Informatik>
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Titel Python REST frameworks review
Serientitel EuroPython 2017
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Abstract Python REST frameworks review [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-10 - PyCharm Room] [Rimini, Italy] Number of libraries for building RESTful web applications is growing up. Selecting best framework becomes hard decision for web developers. During the presentation I will go through best libraries I can recommend for building RESTful web applications. Selection of libraries will be subjective, based on my experience with building microservices in Python. I will share code examples, weaknesses and strengths for each library. I hope everyone will find something that best suits his needs

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