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MicroPython Workshop
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MicroPython Workshop [EuroPython 2017 - Interactive session - 2017-07-10 - Anfiteatro 2] [Rimini, Italy] We will program some ESP8266-based development boards, make them blink LEDs, move servos, display pictures, read sensors, react to buttons, and, more importantly, talk over HTTP and MQTT with servers. This is an excellent occasion to try your skills in building and programming small electronic devices. No experience with electronics is required, everything you need to know will be covered during the workshop. You will need to bring a laptop with a USB port. If it runs Windows, make sure to have some terminal emulator installed, such as PuTTy, CoolTerm or even HyperTerm. On Linux and OSX we will use Screen, so you don't need anything special. I only have about 20 kits for this, so the number of people that can take part is limited
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welcome everybody but so I welcome
everybody that we're going to have some fun with Michael point of view know that this is added to the data and to become a talk because I don't really have a power point here or on the other slides that means that the I have those this hardware you that you
are going to take your hand and
actually do something fun with it
and then I have some materials prepared for instance with instructions on what you can do is that of course but if you want to try if you are more of interests and already did something to do with this stuff before so that you can also do your own thing so you have your own ideas about what to do and there's also some which stressed out there that you can play with them so would have about 25 people here I only have about 20 keeps so some of you will need to work in Paris so can you can you can use it so that the you know begin let let let's let's do it like this uh take the kids that are here so you need to the plastic bottle and and the brother or so would use BA 2 6 the and that the people who who didn't get that 1st win win season together with someone the yeah what do you think that they this and and the the the the the we and the the 1 time and it would the the the
the the use of the the it is the the the the the the the the
the and again he so there should be an micro-USB came in that in the plastic back and you would also need obviously a lot with a USB port and if you have Windows or marked uh you will need to install the drivers there would like to the
kind it if you have been non-drivers unnecessary
it the the market so that address for the for the workshop instructions is here I don't know if you can read that easily the if not then we shall I will try something you know that the end of it and did that and I was preparing my own version here
and the the and
we in the OK so tolerant when I switch you don't see who in the and the the the the the the agenda can reduce the number of the let me let me fix that for the growing and the right the OK so let me and you In the
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the proper you're going out but
at times affording convinced of the they moved to the eurozone when I wasn't looking we there are you don't need that foreigners we express everything beating in that can know we we're only be using a similar consult communicate with difficult and all the code that we would use with run on those boards the the then I'm going to do while you don't understand everything I'm going to give you a short introduction about the what microcontinents what how how it may then what is good about they're good for so our about several years ago was 1 of them that they came this gas in then Georgia who decided OK what data we could use on microcontrollers no more you know we all this stuff and and he says it to look around and found some old projects strong attempted but fate the are doing really has a very small amount of memory available to people bytes and a very slow process so it's 16 megahertz and the 8 bit processor so very slow I have however turns out that you know what is not standing still and new microcontrollers come out of the time and sit down and decided to build his own microcode report that is similar to what do we know about the that is a bit more
the advanced and can run the his own version of Python so she started experimenting with that and he started to write his own version of Python from scratch In the sea and there are some point he decided OK I can make it work let's make Ike extent of and he put it on Kickstarter and it was a great success of course and he made this I bought fate that you can still buy from Michael pattern but all the project which is a which has a quite colorful entity to microcontroller on it and and spike on natively has an maxima in a room the and as the capsule a bunch of back you can use and the the a lot of things you can connect stuff to and it quite powerful platform and everything was fine people started using it the come into started to grow and sometime later uh there came this year's BA 2 6 6 that bolt that's was initially invented as Wi-Fi bridge for Arduino however people should without doubt that should be on this is actually 10 times better than on what do we know and that people have figured out how to program them the instead of Arduino and that at some form of the done Georgia and and people the 2 people decided to try and implement to make a point on for this sport there was a quick proof of concept implementation of the date which worked surprisingly well and said that they set that the 2nd
Kickstarter to finish that and polished
and the now we have a proper implementation of Micro pattern for those balls why we're using those bullets and not that pipe at 1 so the thinking is uh that pi ports it's a very cool and development Party however it's quite expensive because it's so powerful that on the other hand the S B 8 2 6 6 Importance is extremely cheap it's produced in bark in China by detainees component called expressive and so you can get that development board like this 1 for about 3 or 4 of the last so that's why I was able to make all those keeps for you to to play with to uh so we're going to use that however there are also other so you have to remember that there are also other books that you can use when when you all to grow that used the 2 6 6 and when you need some think more like the race's open and the board for instance that has a camera on it and then you can actually detect faces or or you know of stuff of computer vision with and race so who hasn't you started to drivers in it's a case that I will come to your actually it would be easier if I just come to you and and have all of you I'm not stand here so I for the camera lady and I'm very sorry I'm going to be walking around so this video is probably not going to be a very good the recording of this talk and some the the the the really you the the you know the and the and the the the we the the and a the you the the and and this you have the we and the and the the the the way and the the and the and we the and the you can the the the the and and the we the a the the and the the data and further but
use this 1 in and it is you the the here just put it on the
on the stage and genotype and to uh we can you can if you didn't finish everything that you wanted to do or you want to do some more stuff and then finally during the streams and we can continue playing with this and maybe do some more advanced things Anchorage me in the