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Improve your developer's toolset
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Improve your developer's toolset [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-11 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] For Python development, we mainly focus on IDE, browser and sometimes a command line. I want to focus on command line tools which seem to be a bit forgotten these days. Let me show a few tools I'm using on daily basis and how they helped me become more productive. I'll prove it's possible to start up a new environment from scratch that feels like HOME. Finally, I want to convince you how important it is to constantly challenge yourself and your tools, how useful is a custom toolbox tailored to you
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thank thanks for coming um the visible I get to say that I will be talking mostly about but I retain as so 1st of all on need to subtitle uh that I'm going to talk about come online stalls only so who of you is using mountains lines mostly persuasive hands
but they pose of the medical profession said graphic graphical interface the working on that and just a few of possible so I want to present you it also first
1 is the called T max who of you users demands on the OK probably the school so to Marx is a kind of replacement for screen screen allows you to live your session opened to detach from it at that's
later on but the reason why I showing you to is because it is still actively and developed uh it's has much but the memory management and you can devote his demands for the programming and when you try to attach to same session on from different costs you can see the same thing even if you're not sitting on sitting next door another person uh so the the more the the 4 seconds the next next thing going to show it is so positional worldview knows
and uses the show OK so 1 4 4 against so this is really recall alternative for batch or replacement for batch anything everything and I will show you uh of
more something social you will be that are possible in batch but it's up to the much work to a script it's to prepare everything and for this so there are many tools like all my z so which is suspected of fire prepared configuration that you can use and they have many also features of of the box OK so we're on this start by showing you 1 says
Digital's the the
and see it but not nothing postscript I think
this should be able to see what I'm dumping uh so there is no magic involved there was again see is a basic z show the terminal but now so the cell body showing you some of its features like out to complete so so I'm
dumping something like this and will make it stop it up to the companies to fall back using just let us i is out if their properties if the past could be extended into 1 unique path than it uses that we've done many possibilities it will ask you to complete in the past so i'm here that's the basic this from Jim obligation production
branch of science confirmation nurturing so uh the to say I want to change folder without going back and going down again so I could do suddenly this thing that are being different direction about the same folder been so what did that it just changed there brought part of the path into the death and that's very good the space and yet another single link to more vigor aren't induction directories is that instead of doing this you could do this or if you want to go back to the 1 for simple about so quite useful well those you sure Frenzel lopped off blogging
does the top repository with beans there's so some bargain for bait for by tone for violence uh out of the page yeah there's a lot of coefficients here um and
so the position going there has kind of out the prompted uh with navigation in which uh so we'll want to go to the but I am not sure what's after the more right so and it
suggests 2 options for me and when they could start again I can never did the options which is 1 of them and then just go there it's a right so you sort of have long names or similar names and you don't want to type everything and keyboards just navigates to the preparation and and the go follow from the
because now you can see my please say so for
those there's also this and nice Nice to cold to the out to jump it can go it was again what it
does it remembers the parts that visited
so you can uh go there faster just by typing FIL others so what I want to go to the dictionary called alter economic value so many I just type this some some of the uh
some part of the folder name or the file name it works with reality as well and other things and it just of the compute stood this that because it's 1 of the most common that earliest uh and here's another feature of the position of its has get bonding that shows you you are in a gets to and what kind of branch we are using and that was whenever there was a some changes In uncommitted or status that it can show you that there is something you should you
should check it out are so moralist
answer does it for now for for the position of the uh other 2 is too much yeah so this this accession
is the beats prepare Figure 2 that's what you can see uh different colors down by default and some dates of spam and so on but what is against it is that in the status bar it uh at the bottom of the slide window name and finally so let's change their final name but that's windows
so on so agenda their whole team
accession name uh just 1 window name the same as in screen you can create additional windows I use you the default a screenshot is control B I guess what I remarked it's another to the best so it's a faster for me so you can create as many windows of as you answer never did them the by using connects next to so next produce the same
index of the window you can Split the window horizontally splitted uh vertically the yeah and you can know different things in
different window maybe not that
useful when fully so they have the yeah and this was at the beginning is that you can detached
from the marks those something slower and in the marks attach to it
attaches to the fall session you can occur from multiple sessions and then you need to provide us an our session
name to attach to a specific system in uh this strategy attaching to the same session in another
window yeah because it's
what you
that I have 2 windows here the same session at best and because you can see that if I change some thinking 1 of the windows it out onto the uh synchronizes with another 1 so that's some kind of way to do by programming King
causal uh when you're working remotely with somebody on has it that there is no this set of integration and plug-ins called or show but there's also uh thing called pressed or antigen basically it's you quite similar projects some craters some by somebody else who for that uh from as itself isn't so
clean isn't so well kept and should be retained the more or less it gives you the same features same thinks that it's maybe that the exist in the 50 up to you whatever you want to use some people think that's oppressed or antigen are faster because there are less bloated um yeah and at another alternative to that abolishment visual as well is shallow
Coulter fish and use of personality but it has quite similar features to users so it's preconfigure uh
out of the box it so uh it differs in a way that it can be configured using just with the roles of the soul Use going interface tho to configure your thumb online shell great funny but some people prefer that to the uh through Gaussian I yeah this benchmark
useful and stuff right include the the marks uh like you want to kill some it's also a king suggest was to kill so it can choose
from a nice list of running processes instead of just with
selecting process ID from delays so the
2nd about still sprites quite useful and regarding the marks
so there are some tools like too much T to Marx natal Tim also to mark semantic and all of them all you do save your right anti-Marxist session and started from scratch whether you restart your laptop that you
just call that watching the Torah creates no New you predator uh the other being
beginning your gear and the contribution file when where you have to the better your configuration of the marks uh paints windows and so on
you that specified the layout of the screen what you want to have
running in every given a part of the panel um yeah so and that's what the
Soviets the the 450 the
wrong then so the a good
differentiable and so on what pure and I
would so while I'm still trying to learn the beam this as you can see uh so uh those are the payments
consider itself has stopped replied then it starts with word
for the acidic information as possible the
chart can yeah this the
density it that divided the screen into 3 parts the left 1 was right 1 with God got which I don't have result unfortunately in the long run that art should that's another nice feature of the show that whenever you
want to run some application that doesn't exist it's tries to alter approaches so there's no succession cousin REM so maybe you meant to remove it and you can say that's no has always and something
that's that means never against so that the uh so uh that I could gain came up with this so so because in the last few months I was working a lot with a lot with uh come line instead of no
instead of radicals because command lines always gives you full power graphic interfaces uh we often limited to some few options only our OK so we had like the more and there's also 1 last thing I want to show you uh
the size of the online so you'll be able to find all those links later and rates and all the resources last think uh I wanted to show you this but
price and who knows what the prices are on the great to people so
basically don't files are all the files in Unix system you nodes migrants that start with Dr. and it's like adults Tymoczko and don't abolish see and so on and all those fires storial configuration your preferences for applications and on things that and every time you will saw this is termed stopped using the laptop or uh gets in you this ever you want to I set up everything to optimize your preferences he uh
instead of doing that manually you can uh I keep those spies in git repository on the topic up whenever you want and the idea is to uh start up a new environment from scratch that due to the point where you feel from a large family of like at home so you know everything is working the way you
expect still all the packages are installed and you don't need to that care where the user or not and there's a lot of proposed tourism giddyap and that's a super useful places where you want where you can learn about this for podium configuration of
marks options available uh manual isn't always did the best thing Our but you can learn a lot from those those repositories yeah uh
so on what were they billed basically is I have some just simple script that copies all the configuration files in place uh another approach would be to keep the adult twice directly in beautiful story about it could be tricky because you have to be careful not to store uh things like uh ssh keys or passwords
and so on the level of a lot of resources you can read around its and its us we don't have much time I guess it's all I want to say thank you
future yeah what it thank you so much 1st questioned be thank you for a talk uh I would like to ask you for about to see the the shell in the beginning you tional ensures that show that uh if you that type only the 1st part of of a path with the letters which slasher legislation and it is unique it will be automatically expanded their great uh you can also configure the prompt in such a that it shows just the parts of the of the past do you or anyone else so this so Roman how to tell him in the prompt to show the unique path to your current directory that is shortened to the minimum possible number of letters that can indentify uniquely the whole are you mean you want to see on the 1st let us all the best I want to see if if that if there is only 1 directory that starts with an a I would suggest that a if there is 1 of a peaks and the peaks I want to see a or a B which allow me to copy and paste that these bars and then just the breast pad and you the whole involves automatically does anybody know because this is something that I am talking to you about its
sincerity seconds but it's nothing that I was not able to form a light correctly and will to find an answer to that thank you well uh position there are a lot of findings physician maybe be 1 of them does the think you must think about natural so the day until we have a high so with the don't like this and the but you know the yes I did this looking at and then there's a that I forgot to show you about uh history so source like this you died uh some comment and then using the arrows up and down you navigate history front that that command all again thinking In moral question over there and the hi
did try playing with Exxon shall social written by tone and where you can write and on uh the as so it last year on like a duck uh as Europe I done uh I try to play a bit with its I can't remember really what was it was and that I switched positions that the now
uh ultimate maybe a lot that changed during the last year or maybe it's worth trying out again the thank you we have time for 1 or 2 quick questions as you're showing us that the indicated that the Ricoh has changed you had this like small unit code makes the have a terminal the support support cynical Tony what is the
relation thrown only minor doesn't have that uh it I'm not to but but it could be the matter just a matter of the the font used in the abdominal there's a bunch of different teams for residual use of them might use different font my do require different font to show all the things like the arrows thunderous hearts and so on there's a lot of the a lot of choose from OK 1 last
question so 1 the I hope this yes 1 of the that was they've got started man unintelligible readjustment that same but I was wanting go in that it and by the time bit of any kind of London maybe I'm confused that want basically the same answer in batch so stronger and you'd try to
search 1 thing with you and me but that there was a lack of a login yeah that's get blogging for how they think you so much of the