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Python on Windows, Like a Boss
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Python on Windows, Like a Boss [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-10 - Arengo] [Rimini, Italy] Historically, Python coding on Windows has been kind of troublesome, but not anymore. Since a couple of years ago it is possible write awesome quality Python code with Visual Studio. This is good news for Python developers of all levels, because Visual Studio offers and incredible set of tools to enhance all the stages of product development: from managing virtual environments and handling package management, to writing and refactoring code, up to testing & debugging - all of that for free. In this talk I will demo how you can use Visual Studio to boost your Python development on Windows
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was morning everybody and thanks for coming leads into might look so let's start when you did the diesel fuel cycle you know in the
reading and the list of we the hallway and which is kind of an uh the point of this talk because i in I mean it's being called that we'll go once by a guy I told them I was explaining what I do the US really the head as not really but I'm going to tell you so I will off by soft closer to a lot of Python you might know some of my open-source projects I in II and and and the old although the evil recipe i framework which is based on fast and also several which is a bit of additional library for Python bosses have quite a following in a community around them but also I do a lot of stuff in C sharper and other languages and uh and I you relieve the development of an accounting application in my own country and that's basically all this he sharp manner as shot functional languages and stuff like that I I got visual sales so on also very active in the in the local community very uh um but that's not really relevant for a for this talk what really matters is that I do all multiple languages and the user uh takes me it's the frame window so on now but we're the lands where basically I for I mean forces on the the fuel wants glorious civil uh to work on different platform as you can see I'm speaking about the part window so Python all windows but I'm using a match here which is kind of wheel the being with an yacht I'm doing my son development in Italy from machine on our sakes of Western hostages which is kind the wheel with a gain and so enable Python I use all the typical of Python uh stock uh staff so use lean for a text-editing I tournament banish always then already looks as if anybody I'm SS aging is somewhere so or not so and the typical uh Linuxa hacker but then when I see it and work on a C. shall I and forces to work on uh these were still you which is by the way it no so much a The but if you are using a text Pegasos and the you are probably not the phone the found over and formed over ideas and I hope that this talk we kind of change your mind about that I also use our from phenomenon uh the manner in which the 4 of these were so this so these they can enjoy the avian key be at 90 my February 2 and idea so if fuel usually RESTful you'll as and you also like the made you look it up is called West Emerson wonderful an extension for a major studio and yes I work on the document framework and of course to work on Windows and that's been the story basically for all my life working on different platforms uh 1 day there they or even by now and by day on on a different platform so uh basically and nightmare a few of are like me and they happen to work on different stacks you know all about the these uh just south of GRE was the how many of you uh work on Windows machines of wonderful and how many of you would only know only this machines but quite a few so it's that is not bad not bad at all and the we also do other languages like C sharp for maybe other languages in maybe not the great how many and using literacy substory sorry place such evidence so you see is quite a different war-divided water and there again the point of this so basically has there are difference that's for different languages which is kind of strange in my opinion shouldn't be like these um um so I need something something that could could kind of making this tool different wars collide uh converge in some way so that I didn't have to switch back and forth between the sexes as we have not quite there yet to be honest but we're making promises and they're quite impressive promises in my opinion and let alone and did the mostly lot for me at least we use of that change of the way you walk on by Italy has been on the Python tools for wishes to him so if you a seizure guys and probably cut our kind of forces of to using using the tool to use religious belief you are not as he library you'll have about major studio them with and bread thinks probably uh but and I believe it can be a nice thirsting alter right now Windows and although only for shockwave sharp types the the about also for 5 hours and this is the 1st thing is by the way it a school your or I should show actual say that Python tools for schoolyard open source you can that only habit and contribute to the project is made with the law by a guy monopoly and I use of small team the within Microsoft about Anderson party here is that they are also called contributed to buy from uh in particular uh Steve dollar which is the lead brought about by some tools for future studio he's according the opera Python soul he kind of knows the other you know and he knows what Python music is we're not I mean the point is we are not talking about Microsoft Corporation guys assigned to do something just because we need by 20 meters could about have up or developer wanting to use applies nineties these and it changed the perspective a completely for me so makes everything more interesting and also only a few we're ago uh this is was religion but in our community edition which he's actually 1 the per cent free to use of there are some caveats and a fury up the yard you can use it for education proposes you can use it for free for open source projects you can use it to the shore individual even if you you'll told that for business so if you can build applications and business for yourself these applications commercially no problem you can use it for free and there's maltenes half to 5 people of uh working CompuAdd tree on Visual Studio and the key here is concurrently it means you can even have 20 people using visas to you commit edition of a problem as long as they do what CompuAdd and so it makes me just put your the pre additionally studio quite usable for a lot of use cases might be a 4 is simply my company it is just 6 of us we can use we just you commit edition there are no differences between the commute adhesion and the professional regions so you basically have all of your studio the only exception is the Enterprise edition which is if you will and that advances options but it's quite usable for everything you need to do especially if you want to work in Python so this give look at the future so I'm going to the mall uh some future open I will want Baumol mean so uh for me around the so we have the most out so the
1st thing I want to tell you we that path on the store equally futile Python windows of and and in doing that for a wide you probably know that it wasn't that he didn't you it wasn't that easy to do buys on winters reflected something and then probably if you wanted to use the deeper you also have to start something guest and a penis and that's a strange things called uh as deep as we know the limited memory now by is basically in literal for Windows so you could use of it on the command line and yes there was some work to be done especially in some here civil now we just we office you a and they're seeing and them
experience I'm going back to box here and
show and I wanted to show you the this list all the here you see that when unfortunately we have a video or a solution here so I hope you can buy you probably can't read very well but I have to a lot so you see here that when I installed resist your I tools to install the Python development tools and these we live is still applies in full you we feel that buys on the machine which is the interesting especially for the genus of of people coming from the RESTful school UNC-Chapel people who does not know not so much about pattern and that as that I that and as you can see that testing them place here you can start at 7 by some distribution for example article and our cookie-cutter and the are uh different versions of Python and everything the easiest old seamlessly the letter with these school you or if you have a useful urine totally you can just go in is still there and I did that by some workload and it would still everything for you so you don't have to do any kind of strange things said goal to the command line or a downloaded in the executable of Python alone to not only for the most of you this is not an issue but um
poor people at new land this is very interesting and I believe I
am then we have
a a lot of all 10 plays really available we we see them in the they will in a few minutes and then we have
a package management support and directly into we for your so here we are seeing somebody trying to store gentle with you know uh the song positive and there is support for regional
environments so even creating a view to environmental installing the package is of the view by our people you can do that from within these loosely as well analysts try
and deal the website with Python we we use since we had I mean he less and he the coffers not in the room probably the less the that the that fast website for example by using your you
so let me switch back to reassure books some visible to looking at the source for your installation here if I go to the File menu 0 by the way that our other options if you want to do Python in Windows for example may you since most of you are by some guys probably you know by are for example which is a super cooler very nice beach about 4 applies to have a civilian I started writing my case I wanted to I what I do every day is told you is seizure so I wanted to use my own uh ID for Python as well but if you don't find seizure so you can look at that entities like prices which is very high so obviously you called for example is a so nice property is not really an idea more text that you thought about the powerful and is gaining a lot of traction also in the Linux community so that interesting so he says that the EU project I get any and I installed the by some the uh walk along the 4 users to you when they go to other languages I can peak by from and as you can see there are a number of them place you see that there are time place for bottled for John go for flask and also of course consul applications and stuff like that there is there are a lot of them don't pies you France's is that by game acceptance now we're going to be a off last work project as you can see there's a preview here i.e. um just he took a pin and this is very nice in my opinion as you can see if it go here to the solutions but I can't because the foot the winners of basic model of course but it school your moles that I need to store some stuff from people and it offers to creative you try environment for me within my for my own project so as you can see the support for it for environment user butene and I'm I call Click here and it will ask me how what what do you want to call this the the environment and in this case and that in this case and they p to the interpreter version it except that they the differences by version stolen my system in this case they should be kappa uh tree file the official but beats because images to you here is that this will be if and as you can see here the elected officers to download and install the packages for me he can do that because the damn place includes uh requirements 5 requirements the optics the as you probably know everything about it so if we go it on all the requirements for this project now I'm not going to do these right now here because I don't want to risk of their Wi-Fi to pressure me I here and you can see that here even if I have aborted installation I might be Call the really but let's go back to the uh 0 cool these 1 you apply some there basically the same except project them but as you can see fable implies environments I have environments that based on binds onto the 5 and if I opened is uh branch here they see that all flask dependencies are installed for me and it is of course the local environment just for this project I could go here and see if it works and uh will this will be an open forum the fight exploded as you can see we have in Europe and you buy something more for that and we have an answer for that and here are all of the packages for my IEEE act so just look at my old project the letter you would do on the command line only looks sort of 1 now and always stand excessive and so you see for support if I go back to Python environment I could switch to another uh pies invention for this project of a cool will and look at the packages they still political back to my environment actually and the from there where some updates for this package is it we show up here and I can just click on the practices and updated appendices so I don't have to be a cycle of course a lot on the common land to the same thing but it is also supported by your ID an intelligence we we see what it is about if you not we already you know everything about it in that sense let me switch back to the slides so I don't forget anything probably
not OK we can just go and
look at this template if I go back to my solution and click on requirements you see that the only requirements was fast of course fast as a number of dependencies itself and this is what the artist the forming you earth unless the goal the and look out packages again I want to show you that you can also specify by dietary info the ID for a simple let's look let's look for a general most of the not only to you OK so I can't be pissed off at pi pi if they click here if we just installed General for me to my you try environment so even for looking up into by by direct lever viciously can do that directly in within the IT the have been OK let's look at the code now the which is probably more interesting around 70 . the identities of the fall of the uh freelanced as street the created by David and as you can see tional fast is very pretty stunned the coding here and what I want to show you that that in the fiscal year useful in that sets which is basically call complete completion and you have that and you get that obviously as well for example if a go here an important I don't know why I can't is which look them not anyway you see that I get a menu with the options uh and analysis and thought random for example and then be equal all this is horrible sorry about animal was happening that can switch it off I yes what what's going to be to take too long the list just thank you and I and the as you can see a that is a space available to completion how does it works since inspired lines 9 have been and language and these 1st you use it works on compiled languages but basically and this is why you didn't install the project myself I switched to they already 1 because when a the most the the packages he goes and discuss them be use up cash all the system and then it it can again at that point he knows everything about the data packages and again offered catalysis for you so we we for the 1st time it will probably take a while before IntelliSense picks up because there's he has to actually be that cash about your system and every at a specific a for the environment and so he of course when you create a new browser you can use an old environmental and in that case it will people want to risk on all day and the environment but this is a very nice math of the tool to get a focal completion within that obviously of 4 python that's what is a random like these or maybe and now we discuss locarna is going to be I use problem so about that well my well but this is a nice not a problem OK so if I managed to get out of these OK so maybe start that this doesn't work adding not checked the post fixing to save his not all my go OK we obligors sorry I don't know how to fix these these anybody can help me it would be appreciated you want to all my god really him as you just turn it off of it is accusing works that's only read the box of effort with fixed at but it's it is going to take a while let's try that that's little box for you guys all the maybe just looking
out might do the trick about I we just 3 started and we're going to win the waste a lot of time so research luckily we have the
slides that go back to the slides because they are
much so a school but here we
get back to them once it as we start the
we talk about intelligence already and also and then hopefully I can show you how they support for unit testing within these were school you which is super nice fuel already use a unit testing we see shot we can use this except the same interface and for testing in them he by some so you unit that support the pipe that support although you want to leave the university you can do that with but with Python and there is
also and this is sort powerful because 1 reason why we 1st users really appreciated around awarded because of this the power for the bug tools and the good news is that and dividing it by throwing these rescue duties X other dishonesty is you get with she shop and that's sharper and whether they are set by users who support which means you can set breakpoints you can inspect the local variable so you can uh um changed the call you right and see what happens and stuff like that and also is of course a embodying before you ask if there is a nice article on a available
here you if fuel would up that these these and really the bargain price of model not only looks you just look for uh by the tools for users to remote the body and here there is a really nice so you cool we'll on how to divide the Linux server up touching the from of the source your and of course a applies out 1 of these on on on a remote server only notes so you get really call options here
all those by we might try again the and the use of officers control this
is not an option I 3 over uh and by councils about these exclusive supports a source control so you can use the and there's a spot and all the features from the the within the idea as well of poverty again show you in a few minutes and that meaning that
the half the more that we saw before and we created a new process starting from a team play but what if I want to be imported to use called which is already existing somewhere for example on the top or in summary their remote repository open for that you can do that that is a new portal use of that is only you need an import we that is because these a school you need to be of the sole owner this call solution filing for people coming from the shock of the noise study willing and so the twins create an additional file you're in your for that which is uh the I P R J I believe file which is basically solution 5 for 5 1 you can add it to your version control and then check it out to the Committee to so that people of sharing your call don't have to reinforce the the core the next time I we show you if we have time and yes
a is also wanted to sure want to show you any importer let's see if at at which
point we are here how many minutes we have defined we have how many the probably I can't even drink some water I look at this did I show up now we just to you is no as that thing up so he doesn't have you guys also I with the inevitable assumption of course if you if you do these on an at the Windows machines going to be ways of their process so Monday the sad because I'm still here is kind of wanted so a what they wanted to do is show you some features for example uh what what can we start with let's say that uh we launch this application so this is a typical application I'm not going to show you how fast lots of course uh um I just 1 tool and show you that we have for the here we have the sum is the amount place we have a a you don't PI filing here as as you can see you familiar with the plaster units are also and here you see something function called when their home cities heat the body the browser except the now site and onto to the that as you can see I just use the usual vicious
blue stuff here it will not launch outcome and then the should probably open them in browsers yes it takes a while the 1st time then it becomes faster OK as you can see the look velocity as the error running in this case much of ads it has been launched on the right on the port and here we easy is our website which is running of course of Python from within now if you go back school them to the source code now we can go to the onset of API for example so certified maybe this time OK a list of the program go back to the layout ACM 5 which is basically uh the master data for HTML pages and less for example changes again because you you get IntelliSense support the all where the way I'm trying to see if it works you have to use either using theme here as you can see I type of the CT and the the space and they can it is interesting if you come from Bachelier scenarios tool to be my you don't have to change your head is I mean once you get interview me you can't get away from it and at the most you share my spheres but while you have that Moscow memory your room basically you can do without swim so this is a peak my editors of this on the demolition of women and it is it is good enough I can use it it is not good enough I can't use the simpler probably you will you ever seen a spin has so the initial focal bubble know that you're going to get addicted to it that you can get away from it is just so powerful to be true and this 1 not just in this and we want our method also something gas let's go back to the views basically so we have an about the age adjusted to speed up here we have the and there their well for the about page let's see that let's say that we want to change the person you value in the state of this is that into the plate that HTML as you can see with ginger support here and again is not treated to what we are doing here what they want to lose a is that a is show you that we have support for something like the user uh let's call these variables I don't know it will buy and then let's go back to controller and add a new value to the topic here and say that they were 5 he calls so I'm using nice hello so basically I'm adding a new value to their fate yes the this here let me go back to the title tag right the the new vector just no OK let's see worked we managed to crash to break the the you should never do them was white speaking but I can't resist the odds that the landing at this boring if you bump the limit right as a as a program I
want to show these to see called like clothing so here it is too bad ah yes the title chance of it is that is needed didn't change because I and the the the key to receive their about page as you can see here we have a user halo mass of that we just and just to show you that this is just a regular Python but then I think is that we have and we this we can use 1st your as we were doing a she shock or or whatever OK let's go on this then looked at these and I have the use of the game
and we I rolled with my side I would like
to say that my system i.e. built the growth of but actually we lead to the use of a simple Python game against the number so it is the have I wanted to be in uh to use you can be stressful you cloning time and work on it so the let's go on copy the Lincoln but in the Windows by the way another billion as feature of purple windows labeling is bad support for Windows so basically you can go and using your your badge within we in those and this is still so you will interweaving we in this as you can see now ingoing and to their them to the in Windows file system but I could use that use 1st system here I have a number of full this list just the clone our world so this not
not with not they the time there is a
marking going IS yes so thank you now hopefully we can know how it is the half space simplest case should be fast in why clause let's go back and look
at the for example of adding some tests to our application here so like they go to my projects and the and let me stop it had a new item and I should also add up I saw you invest as you can see here what it does is it add gain a template file which serve as a basic test now if I open the for within these are still you mn kind as you can see it is working appears trying to understand what's going on we should show our tests in a few minutes maybe in a few seconds um Of course this is a failing test OK here it is if I run all my tests he should probably failed OK as you can see if I go here and look at these lower solution is killing me OK test phase not implemented but we can go in and do something about that respective fixes this let's move this call up here or as you know it won't be seen not 3 the 1 day something like this and then let's assume that OK thank you this safe wrong there as used to see that is sitting going on imports cost and bought have for example let's let's certain and troll that cost the course look at us maybe and that the it because part French will be hi-fi financial strike that fast as you can see all we train again so as you can see that thing is exactly as you would do testing on own Linux machine about within the gain the idea of of interest for you and if I go about my last create than that put the bright point here and loan to my the
issue stop when chiefs might requirements in the open with low for me OK as you can see we he could be up about from extraction here this line I can go and inspect the values directly by following the model of the the application that values and that if I go here I can look at all the locus where you can inspect every single value here go deep into the tree and all all the user stuff right will be the nite by some for example or other powerful ideas this is super nice if you do the body you can even set conditions here uh like uh for example some of my day and I have to this is why I like 2nd hostage he corpus and tylenol cost and so be going break this condition is still accept so it is you can see full support for dividing and for a unit testing with envisions the let's go back and see what happened to our work alone OK stand
so as the vector will resist clear gain
5 maybe in your project was 1st of these 1 you posit this time we want told import from assisting called as you can see you had the option here don't do these because if 1 pork yes at social control what work that way but if you will hear you just to you and impostor the we developments you'll pick your project should be somewhere code for the guests you just think the for the and I gained since it is surprising project each wants to know which kind of interpretable you want to use the you want to use the global 1 for the old do you want the tool created by the try environment in know them and we take 1 is that loan screen for this project the as you can see the effect of you try environment to here and this is the file mentioned before basically what what name do you want to give to the social fight for this project and the unique feature and so thoroughly come up in a few seconds he we here is as you can see we have our best the I 5 here the close the test is a very simple of the game the less logic norm the so what is your name is the unique about the so we had to become a between 1 and 20 now since we are program which number from we speak here 11 anybody else that is good maybe 10 might be better your guesses to low so not 11 was had had had had had there's still 15 go back so school maybe you walk yeah I know I don't want to do that because the maybe we have again a fact below the so the school 13 but he did force for the OK I just had a fight guesses so we want just by speaking of OK the what point of these was to show you that you can use of course of that user code now if we go back to the to the for that
here there some fighters so like and the answer is that me go within the frame and by the way using batches you can see the OK the course are horrible about the mind that and them as you can see that there is a licensed pilot phyla that it was cloned by the by you from the harbor and they don't show up in meaningful for you
but we just we can simply to well he had existing item the to amount find licensed this is because they need to go into the title 5 for Visual Studio so as you can see that they are here now a and and we probably don't have time to to be little connected a resource control but I could on now I commit to these changes so that by comprises the 4 reviewers tool you will a containing these fights the next time they actually begin my solution without any problem as you can see here we have the power keep the as situation and it can go and the committee staffer and push it back to the habit of meromorphic as miss which Beckett believe we're almost done right OK
so we play the game we want of course you have a Python said which is within with loses power of the most interesting of these this because if you go to Python environments here and opening and interacting we have depending on their own they might you click here now we don't have the time I am at the because we are renowned as school back to chief fire an open interactive window or is it here brain so up with water so you can do whatever you want to within that you don't have to go to the common line you can use the shall we think is still useful for testing your uncle our and you can even from so I guess a loop doesn't work but it should uh if you dataset replication we sold the earlier accord import from several important my function and that's it here right away uh so it is a super powerful and there is also the school
but his life that is also supported for IPython so if you use a few is that you should use a you can use it uh IPython within a viciously as well and yes so basically as you can see my toward the the the we in the swarm will RESTful you'll see Shep starker and the the fairly Python war the Weaver the mind and the the top floors come online evaluation are finally kind of go all converging which is so very exciting for me also because we are just starting we're starting right now is a new product this new norm for a couple of years but there is still a lot to be done you can already use it in production and embarrassed that are a fuel references here I'm going to upload these lights on my and we've tweeted a link to the web site so you can use in would be your point of that so you can get them so there is a very nice of you to this section we the also a from Steve Dowling said is the plementation side effects at the will operate for
interested then look it up on the periodic might be hand those if you want to get in touch ask questions so except that and thank you in the few of the crash but we go the other way
so you know uh thank you for in terms of the the if you want to if you have some questions to the end of person in the world is you is no that no you no you can I and secure mental told directly I also have newsboys kinetic sometimes calls under Linux development works in a cross-platform to you windows sometimes In the only slight problem that I still have around the platen tools is that I like to write tests in my tests style and the test explorer only recognizes traditional unit tests yes you know if there's any friends who also from actually I believe that uh by Theseus already supported by presence those I spoke to the lower fuel i wettable and he mentioned that he was working on it should be already doable as but enough sure I can look it up and if you greet me or send me an e-mail and let you know and I believe assuredly work I saw a guy playing with it that by going to the and he was telling me that actually it's or it's support candle by test from within we are so you soul and not 100 % sure about if that it isn't working it we work real some by thank you it was thank so demonstration 1 question that can Visual Studio produce and install that would install the whole project including the dependencies on machine that has no other connection and windows actually not but this is the bad news is not yet right away so you still have to go back to the common life for doing that uh about again we just get this stuff assault robbery is going to happen on soon enough that they give color uh I have another question so I so that you have to choose different apply conventions yes this when you build object environment at the you is followed before the part versions yeah yeah so always stolen the bible river for reversible you which by the way walk this way only few of users you 2017 if you are a business would you 20 and you can get the administration the Python tools for reasons for the extension but you need to install it as a the extension basically it doesn't come within the installation of experiences of is satisfaction basically uh yes when installed these I already had a few Python here and it's simply we simply picking them up and show you hear them in the least and again you can choose this study new by false but from the installers something beautiful you or you can install them from the command line or with the with the classic instead of frication and we just would pick them up later on 4 has another question thank you OK I think you again and and