How to make money with your Python Open-Source Project

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How to make money with your Python Open-Source Project
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How to make money with your Python Open-Source Project [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-12 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] Developers create new open-source projects every day. As the project becomes popular they have to invest more and more time into it's development and of course at some point a question arises: "How can I make some money with my project ?" In this talk we will try to answer this question. We will talk about different models of making money, their pros and cons. We will concentrate on Python Open-Source projects mostly and try to answer the following questions: What to sell? Where to sell? How to distribute? How to license? After this talk you will have a clear understanding of how you can make money with your project. What your next steps should be and how you can get the actual profit while still continuing making your customers happy
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the table 1 it seems that according to the number of people here most of the people I reach already and you don't get any money anyway um who has some open source project OK and who has some open-source project which is actually used not only by itself nice um so why am I doing the stock anyway the and the author of 3 open source projects
of the first one is was popular on the 2nd 1 is also doing good and the 3rd 1 was it was a mistake it's not used by anyone but anyway it was mistress interest in exercise um who at some point I started to think so if I have a successful open-source project maybe I can make some money out of the right so just to give you a brief idea about the cell Python Redmond projects the uh it exists for 3 years by now I it has to 155 starts and the top which doesn't seem to be a lot but it depends but what to compare because for example the most successful and each declined mine the exists already for 5 years and has 500 source to I think wedding good there I there and there are approximately 70 unique visitors per day and day yeah and around 9 thousand to a in almost a month so as you can see really nothing special here I mean any 1 of you can come up with a project like this so size 2 was able to make some money with it so let's see what I've tried so at 1st
I decided to try the nation's most of choice uh I remember this nice buttons that I saw a lot of projects and I thought this should work the In his we commit my so I registered at 1 of the services uh putty button on the on the what where website and that link to read the file and I started to dream of being about money um so I waited 1 month 2 months 3 months nothing and interests using the the nation in the by the way did anyone of you ever makes some budget OK that so I thought maybe I'm using the wrong service and I registered another 1 and the result was the same nothing changed in the no 1 even try to conduct me saying like him max and try to the neighbors something didn't work you know I was really depressed and I didn't know what was wrong I mean a lot of people claim that they receive the nation's soul unfortunate in succeed but In the meantime people were our opening the tap issues and download counter was growing so it was an was fine but still the nation's in work the I don't know why I don't know what was wrong maybe I just didn't have this nice users in my user base so let's go quickly through pros and cons of 1 of the nation's 1st of all it's the easiest way of receiving money and I can be tax-free if done properly what properly is heavily depend on your country so you reconcile video tax wiser um but these these uh becomes a cost so actually it's not really free of because these nations services of ask you for if he returns action so it's a someone the 81 URI you'll receive actually that's 870 you a sense for example um so some of these services require you to be yeah nonprofit review registered as nonprofit some of the services don't accept payments from all over the world to some users 1 be able to the medical and finally and most of the services you will need to have a bank account in US war so called the European Union Trust countries no so if you want to go with the nation's troduces uh wisely we the terms and conditions carefully so
the nation's in input for me at wedding you up so I decided to another possible source of money sponsorship so how can this work in theory and is very other happens but a company if the companies really have a user off your project the they can suggest you permanent full-time jobs to where the project the company or individual can pay you for implemented specific feature that is very urgent need or you can offer extended support for small the like 24 7 supported by from for example became pros and cons of the good part is that you have established relationships 3rd you have an order from customer and there a few do job a job properly and the time of the chance of high that you will receive more are request from this custom the bad part is that this will be considered as income so we will have to pay taxes and also you now will have obligations so before this project was just a hobby for you and and you could devote as much time as you want to do to do so now you'll have deadline for some specific features to be implemented and you have too many more time more carefully
so um yeah regarding regarding sponsorship of from the I put this link also information that I am ready I'm ready please send a request and so i'm the patient person I waited for 1 year no 1 concept the mean ever it should literature there was 1 guy am he contacted me and he asked me to implement something but then we he just disappeared and so didn't work for me as well um so the next thing that you can do these to use advertisement for neckwear techniques the so that is single you registered some of AT has work like Google from from EU in for example and put a ban on the website and you just and some when someone science and you can also look at the snake way techniques new project meaning when as a where constantly but let's say pops up some window asking to be up to get rid of this being the window or you can insert some random time allows for some other with things which can annoying user and make them pay the so regarding pros and cons of
everything is obvious here by it's very easy to do and it's basically do nothing come because once you set up everything you just need to wait for our for my to come but on the other side it denies uses users and you may lose them completely and these of course will also be considered as an income so be prepared to pay taxes I didn't try to introduce way of making money because I don't think this will be appreciated by my users 2 or started to search for something else another the option of making money is collaborative funding which is very close to the nation's with the only difference that in collaborative funding you are response for specific feature to be implemented what is about to be fixed and 2 there are several projects that successful uses way of making money but like type I or jinglers framework and a lot of projects of race response on bond sources but from so our yeah um
it would yes regard pros and cons of and it's the same as the nation's loss you have 4 obligations here because you or you raise some fonts of course people expect you to implement this feature of or fix this but by specific date the this is also something that you want to try because I already had a very bad experience with the nation's so finally this brings us up to a freemium model the idea is very simple you have a free version with some basic functionality and you have a premium version with some additional features and that you know always find work so this is what I will talk about next but because it's not that simple sounds so our regarding pros and cons
of these Freeman model of their own obligations no deadlines through the boss you decide when and what to release the you can choose a proper payment gateway
and which means that if you choose the right 1 I you will be able to accept payments from the worldwide and you will be able to stop some additional payment systems and instead of the usual user or our MasterCard on the policy which what services have no and you will also be able to up the the price is the country for example if you want to support people in Africa you can set up a low price for them which will be controlled by a chicken that the card was issued in this country and then of course this will be considered as an income and you have to of species for the payment gateway I that the transaction or 2 months it depends on the degree policy so ugly side to go with this for a new model now we want to find out how can we restrict our free version so the most obvious is to make it feature limited and in some features will only be available in the bring version but it can also be capacity limited of let's say you're writing some data processor tool and you can restrict free version by the only processing files not larger than 1 gigabyte for example In another option is to lean support channels so it's the users of on the receive support our on the top with version for and that with bring version you add the main mail or telephone support Ward users of free version don't receive support at all but you can also add a seat restriction which means that the so the free version can only be used 1 computer but not across network and now you can introduce storage space limitations which is suitable for software as a service model and let's say you have an image processing of service and it's open source from GitHub but you can also hosted yourself with a nice user interface and users can upload files and see on 5 megabytes of with a free account and they can others can be other restrictions as well of course of that just depends on the the product and your fantasy after my brother they choose chosen features of future restrictions and support limitations so the next step is to figure out the licensing problems the common approach here is to go with dual licensing i which means that there are 2 licenses this 1 for free version and the 2nd 1 for premium version of the so I suggest you to have a look at these 2 websites I'm the 1st 1 is from Open Source initiative which lists almost all possible licenses and the 2nd 1 is from our did have people it is very nice and intuitive user graphical interface which can help you to choose the right license and you can also see here at least 0 for most popular licenses of for my project I chose the Apache license which is also used by
by the requests jingle for example uses these do 3 and 4 basically you need to invest some time and to acknowledge licenses to figure out which is which is right for your project after we chose license for the free
version when choose license for the premium 1 is more complicated uh but the reason is we are not there is a nice of lies generator of which you can see on this slide it's just a part of the form and you just need to fill the form and you will get the generated license and if you few paranoid you can just insert something data and then just modified and local computer so the next
question is how can we how are we going to distribute our products with free version it's using all those you just uploaded to PI PI so we how to distribute the premium version so what the answer is to host a private by Kyocera without indication to the of different options are available for this purpose some of them has the and more features than others but because we just want to start selling and we don't want to invest more time into setting up the spike our service and we know how good our sales will be I think there's no point in going with the any of these options so there's an easy way of so which is going to use a
pages is our prior pi k I sort of what you basically need to do is to create a pi k
folder in the root of create knowledge htaccess file with the contents shown in this slide and depending on the better version you may not need the last 2 lines but and create a greater folder which has the name of the project input approach to files generated by setuptools insight and will also you got this the password file I would access data for our users let's celebrate quickly
so on the left side you can see it reached a password file with access data for 16 users the data encoded of for batched on a standard and on the right we have annexes data for the same 16 users but it's not encoded this is what we will give to our users when they will buy our premium version so the question is how to generate these codes is there a quick quick-and-dirty
implementation of this generator of you need to specify the amount of code you want to generate of the the BOF paths to H 2 password and the fry with clean passwords and that's it you basically run the generator coat once and and you you reach the specified in a number of sales you don't have this problem anymore and you upload generated coach to the payment gateway which could to the distribution for you and I use an example of how we
can use our new private practice server with people basically it's absolutely the same answer so lost and the people stole he just have to read minus i option um to to tell people that featured excessive private pipe and not the public 1 but this approach with Apache Server takes 5 minutes to sit up and we can use a better files to track the user to the and if we if if our sales will go we well we can just our and a full feature reached by price Kyocera transparently for our users so we're almost done last question is how or where 2 cells
so the easiest option is to sell at some Online Marketplace of the problem with this approach is because not many people die trying to sell their present projects there's no Python-specific might marketplace or at least I wasn't able to find it to and I usually marketplaces charge you more per transaction for our introduce the additional fees because they don't have their own solutions for a payment processing so they need to pay some payment provider their fees and no yeah that also limited customization options and limited options to withdraw money basically you will only have only 1 option just too monthly transfer money to bank account to the next option is Internet acquiring of this is usually provided by a bank our where you have a bank account and basically is just a page where user interests of the of the codecs as details impressed by button transaction happens at the good thing about Internet acquiring is that you have the lowest possible feast of but there are other problems of 1st this is a very low level solution on which means that you have to write some code to
integrate with this um and because this is provided by a bank usually on the cards are accepted of mean no people or other options and to usually there not customization options available at all and that the money the money money will go to your account in this bank and that will be on option that you have so
and finally how we know it's the payment provider and the integration is very easy to usually you don't have to write any code all of though most of the providers also give you an API if you want to implement some low-level integration and to control all the aspects of integration but there are usually several options provided to withdraw money and there are a lot of customization options available and a lot of different payment methods but these are usually higher than Internet acquiring or but but still lower than the marketplace once to attend brief overview of some of the payment providers
and 2 here we have a list of some payment providers of together with the value the charge per transaction Aisha customers be we have that these are all MasterCard but they'll be charged usually depends on the payment method used by a
customer so let's say choose of Braintree uh and you customer will pay with American Express they will charge you 2 . 9 per cent instead of 1 . 9 or let's think paling to customer pays with American Express are here they will charge you only 15 your sense without any professions which but for the our for Jason you for example which is widely used in Japan are failing to charge you 3 . 6 per cent plus 25 years hence so you really have to choose your payment prior carefully you have to read all these terms and conditions and regarding for example I am engaged the it the test the the highest peak but the thing is that of the work with almost all the countries so for example if you're in Russia most of these providers won't work for you but and and it will be because they think the word there probably um and and it also allows you to send you money to a special prepaid MasterCard option which is provided by a company called Paonia which gives you a number of interesting opportunities as well to forget altogether the 1st step is to develop a new version of the product then to prepare project licenses but then you need to register a domain name and set up as a cell certificate for it because without that it payment gate we will refuse to register you and also if you want have a GPS support then people 1 be happy and you will have to add the special trusted horse option then you need to sit up private PI PI I and a plot your premium version there um nature need to sign up for the chosen payment gateway anabolic your of generated coast there or you can also set up dynamics except excess coach generation mechanism which you fit supported by the payment provider and you can finally start selling so what will happen when someone wants to buy a product of they will stop they will feel in the payment details and then they will receive an e-mail with that uh instructions how to how to download how to install the application you package from your private Piper repository so you customer can just copying based this and install the package with people you know the so what if you don't have a project create 1 but I mean the mn afraid to try out when I started my project 3 years ago I in them an idea that I would be standing here in front of you telling you Our succeeded on the it takes some time of course to successful success to come but just find the right idea and be patient additional work and that's it
if you have any questions must be fair thanks amongst their interests and implementations of many questions what hide them what do you think about the bomb sources model the thing because uh as far as I can see it's not 4 use so they think it's the model that it's broken or the site the service well I would question good question and yeah also notice that it's not really really popular and not really used but still some projects use it I don't know I mean from my point of view the model this nice and try it but I hadn't done a white people just don't use it I I I I was led the dilemma lot to monetize open source actually twee yours and donations and on my is open-source developers may want to ask what you think about takes of a say 8 is soft and this and this if you've tried that and but if you know about the model fall open souls thinks that there I mean and the can you can you repeat that the loss might like like open source is common like having like an ideology and want to know what's your opinion about like doing it is the software as a service is physics class of services yes yeah but actually like this this idea of a much because as a set time in a given example so you can open source of the like the court may be of the project on and on the top and then you can buy implemented some nice service for users on top of it this way you will have so you have a lot of users in the open source community will send you patches and fixes me before your box and so I know some projects that use this model successfully so I think it's and spice I would also use it but they just didn't come up with the idea would I was wondering what about bitcoins or stuff like that for payments of you thought about it doesn't work no I didn't do think about that and I didn't see did it I mean didn't see any payment provider that supports it I'm sure there are some but I didn't through research for them the yeah OK look at how the 10 11 my I did this yeah you don't I mean you can use a payment provided with their stuff like this but you can also just give you a bit con Anderson's and something and so you would need a payment providers we don't they have the or feeling the bank account or anything like this on people from all over the world consider money without currency conversion issues of look at 0 it maybe maybe something to consider things OK so that we don't have time for more questions and you can close has to that stinks and again the Marx will lose their engines and things 1 is Fj