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EuroPython 2018: Help us build the next edition!
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EuroPython 2018: Help us build the next edition! [EuroPython 2017 - EuroPython session - 2017-07-13 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] We need help with organizing and running EuroPython 2018. In this session, we will explain how the EuroPython workgroup model works and where you could help
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so a short introduction about the your presence society we started in 2004 and get a book in Sweden and we had we have monopolies it sorry for that some uh we started in the 2 thousands uh um the a 4 and we formed this so your path society provided legal basically an entity to run the conference and the EPS in the early days basically was just for deciding on where to run the
conference next the actual organization at that time was basically completely done by local teams of course at that time the size of the Council's conference was much smaller than it is now so in half like in more than a thousand attendees like what we have nowadays these years it was more in the range of
let's say 203 hundred people so it could easily easily be managed by a small local teams and then after its st
the conference grew we then founded became increasingly hard to find local teams who are willing to run a conference of that science and so what we did is we
basically then decided that we need a new organizational model for all this and we started with that um in 2014 and since 2015 we basically have the local team be integrated into the peers work groups and so it's not the local team running everything alone it's the local team helping with the onset questions that we have an on-site task that we have for the conference so so what is the purpose of the PS still waiting for the slide to come and go before so it's running your present conferences of course
but since last year we've extended this this scope so we also want to help the European Python community by for example string grants to them helping them with organizational issues like for example finding venues or of helping them by integrating them into the conference and providing them visibility
in the community so for example we have quality here at the conference but will be on
provided for the for the conference to present the project here we have clone at the conference so that these are things that we're currently doing we also giving out so smaller grants already and so for example we the Pike untiI last year we gave out coupon codes for the conference to user groups this year from and we're trying to basically start this whole process we don't have a lot of money so this knowledge is not like the PSF with millions in the bank it's just mean we have maybe a few 10 thousands of years that we can use and we have to be very careful at the moment because the budget size that we have compared the available money that we have compared to the budget
size of Europe present conferences really tiny so what else are we do we also do some boring stuff like trademarks logos and social accounts for your Python we protect those how do we we have a model that's based on work groups so
we set up quite a few work groups to work on different things that are needed for the conference and going to show you a slide was of the different work groups that we have these were steric decentralized so mostly remotely that except for the on-site work above cost and so it it makes it possible for people from all over Europe to participate in these 4 groups and to the if you have a skill that fits a certain workgroup then you can apply for that work
group and if we don't have enough people in that work group we're over break glad to basically signing up for that and then you can help in this work groups so we decided to use this model
because it in the previous years we always have the problem that when moving from 1 location to the next location changing the team from 1 location to the next and a lot of
institutional knowledge but last and by using this work model of a task basically we we've seen that the true loss of the knowledge it's doesn't have many more and we
also try to take the financial risk away from the on-site teams we try to do everything take the financial risk on the EPS what we do right now for example is we have local local organization we give that local organization money they then enter the contracts with the venues for tax reasons because
Texas overcomplicated when doing cross and you kind of contracts um and then the ticketing for example is then also done by the local organization so and we basically have a contract with them to match everything so essentially even though the the local organization will have to enter the contracts we provide the financial backer for everything and we make sure that the all the cash flow of works out they don't have any issues so what's the structure of the PS and
before the not used hate for transition and what's the structure we have a board we have work groups we have members of basically anyone can become a member of the
only condition is that you are you've attended the present conference um and what we also regard as basically not really in sense or members of the your present attendees because that's essentially the community that we have and the committee that work for so let's have a look at how the conference developed over the years Ch you go so we started in 2002 in Belgium we show 1 who was at that Conference 1 but
OK so since then we've come a long way I mean this is the 16th Europe parser that were running we further down your presence every every single year we've had many stops
what Europe we were weren't in belgium we were in in Sweden and the UK in Lithuania in Switzerland in but in Italy twice now um and of course in Bilbao in the Basque country in Spain
and we were in germany rights uh and so this you can see the the the attendee counts state the increase every single year except for the last few years we basically we it this seems we reached some kind of limit like 12 hundred seems to be
kind of of limit where we're not growing any moral courage trying to figure out why that is this is it's not really bothering us much because we think that a thousand the conference just fine so when we're not looking for becoming 2010 the conference and this is
true this is well manageable but just just have like thousand 12 hundred people at the conference if you want to go to the size of a pike yes we have over 3 thousand people and then you can no longer do it using volunteers you have to this key ominous everything professionally so she a short timeline of how we organize the well it's a short time and of how we
would like to organize your present conferences is not actually how it happens this year and this year was we relate with everything Due to some issues that we have had uh but we still manage as you can see and now
I think it's so we we we did succeed in making everyone happy and I think it doesn't really show that we have so many problems going but basic reaching this point here as good so this is but this is how we would actually like to do the conference so the 1st thing that we won't want to those who don't want to have a basically an
empty timeframe between the the conference of the previous year in the next and the selection process of the for the next year so we want to kick up the selection process were very early after the conference we want to finalize at very early and then of course we want to start launching the previews sciences signed up signed a new contract when you contract
was the main issue that we have less this year so we're going to try to do that the earlier than than this year so if we're lucky we can get it signed up to a wall and then we have a good
basis for everything else that we need to do that we can prepare the sponsor brochure we can ask sponsors to sign up for it that we can then in parallel work on the website finished that's a ticket prices and so on so that we are ready for basically launching the website in January yeah and what then starting the ticket sales and do the cold call for proposals start the recognizer ticket sales the EV tickets sales this
year they were our over in a day so useful to undertake is in a single day which was amazing and so I think when keep that note so we just said in a certain fixed number of tickets to sell the it what
we need to do in order to improve things as we
need to get out the scheduled earlier so we need to the to the whole CFP process the session uh list selection process top Ordinance so we need to hear about earlier so that we can get the word out and then we hope to basically increase the ticket sales as well because ticket sales usually they usually pick up at the very end so during the organization of the conference so when you look you look at tickets sales we often find that well if not so if not sold enough tickets sold everything looks very risky what we're
doing but in the end it usually works out so this would be a pretty confident that we will get at least a thousand attendees
every year and of course you have to do some extra work like to have marketing and design work group which does the conference booklet Tulsidas becomes the sponsor
booklets and we have lots of design work to do like what you see right here the venue the signage it was all done by the marking desire quote we have a designer in Spain that we're using for this and for the for the T-shirts we have an artist from spends well so over the time we figured out certain companies to work
with so we don't have to sector a begin each year like for example the printer for the brochure on the printer for the tee shirts of this all basically set
so there's nothing to worry about their which racing makes things easier and then at a certain point you need to go to the to the venue and discuss things like catering because catering you have to tell the caterer well if you you have to give them some numbers a few months before the the conference and then a few weeks before the conference you have to be the set the minimum numbers the way it works is that you to tell them OK on than half like 750 people attended the
date the number of people who attend the day's not equal to the number of actual ticket sales that you have so what the estimate that we usually use is the 1st of all we say
OK on Monday tuesday wednesday we have more people on Thursday and Friday have fewer people sprints we have even less uh and the general basically maximum number that we useful for the skater in numbers is 80 per cent but for the for the most active days and of course you to print everything as for example at this venue we had a we have this puzzle company
that we have to work with so we have to send everything to the apostle company the postal company tells us you cannot send things uh in 2 early so you have to wait until about 2 weeks before the conference we can actually ship stuff to the conference that makes things very hard because you have to time things very carefully for example the printing of all the marketing stuff um and it sometimes works out sometimes does in regards to get things shifts too late and that's an issue but is something that we have mean with the existing approaches that we have we now know how things work
out and we know how to time these things and they usually than to work out OK so
how does in Europe Heisenberg group work so each workgroup has 1 or 2
chairs and you can have coaches for example the programmer could have had coaches to coaches of it's
1 chair basically then because yeah of course you you're working with volunteers right so he's not like in a company can OK you have this shocking you can do this for the whole organizational phase uh you do have to take into account that there's a real life to all this and people have day jobs and of course if they change jobs so they have different
mean basic changes in the person's situation then of course you they may have to step down and does the college for that so usually have to be you were groups need to be used and organize dynamically and the chairs responsible for everything that the work group has to
do so if something doesn't work out the chairs to step in of course chairs also has managed to members and then assigned subtasks to the various members in that group to make everything happen and then we have voting and
non-voting members this is more like this and can organization thing that we have to do in the so some members are allowed to vote well we do vote which doesn't happen not some members are not allowed to vote there have to be made voting members by the EPA board every now and then and then of course what we've seen in last years we always get in active members
some people basically and they don't tell us but they just don't do anything anymore so every now and then we go and then we identify the inactive members and then remove them from work groups so that doesn't look like we have lots lots people in those were groups uh so we get more
volunteers who then basically come to us and and that's where they can help which is good so these are the work of so we have
1 is for conf conference on administration this is for like signing contracts evaluating everything uh 1 is for finance so the funds were grouped the budget and
controls that we have 1 group for sponsors which is the 1 that's basically does all the sponsor contacts this usually a lot of e-mail going on and we have a communications Workgroup for all the way to social Web sites that we have the chip social channels that we have for communication on the mobile app that we have everything that you get from basically from from Europe and is organized by this communications require as the support is for organizing all the support which includes everything that happens at the
conference desk at have includes the organizing the help desk that we have the online help desk as so everything that has to do with
supporting attendees or supporting speakers of supporting and the sponsors disk always goes to the support were group and then in some cases for example for sponsors what we do is we tell the support required to basically even for everything to the sponsors were because they have more and more knowledge about these things and it's similar for other work groups like for example the speakers uh the support were grouped knows who to contact that's important bits so there's something so they can do themselves but in some situations better
choose 1 and 2 you put the request to some of the work group then we have a financial a work group which financial
aid and we have a few more
OK we have more design marketing and design is responsible for all the the booklets that we print all the all upset you can see around here I
also responsible for designing logos for choosing the colors for example for the website so what we do there for example is we usually work together with the
designer and then tell the designer roughly what kind of style we want what's what kind of the the 1 we give them information about the location that we have and then they come back to us with the proposals and then we work with them
to will with the designer to make sure the decide on on 1 design and then we improve thought and then design comes back to us with a complete corporate identity she which includes everything that can only need for these things so here not only get a low in various different
formats and sizes you also get a color sheets so that you exactly know which covers to use and now we use those colors on website for example so this is all done by the marketing and design recoup so there's 2 things 1 is designing everything in the other thing is printing everything and then we have the programmer which is responsible for everything has to do with the schedule so they essentially
take care of creating the sketch world of finding the the speaker's selecting talk space on the top running the top 9 quite of quite a few other things so an exam probably talk
for an hour about the things that we have to do this lots of work going on there then we have to work as the wet work group which is responsible for the website
so that the programming the website
updating the website and and basically written in case it can it it goes wrong and something goes wrong with it and to fix it um and we use and we have
our own server for this will reuse of Barker containers to run everything and all of this is managed by the the work or that we have the on-site steam uh which is meant to
be the work group for the people helping locally so those should be people ideally
there was some people living in the location where we actually run the conference but it's also OK if they're just not too far away let's say because what's what we
expect from the onset team is that they actually can go to the to the venue and sort out certain things problems that we have to ask certain things figure out things like I don't know whether some power sockets are available for example all the this model the terrorists attack of a lot of time and so these things are or need to be done by answer t plus of course we also have the issue that we need to I will need to shift things to that location and after after the conference we need to store things for the next year so for example on Friday tomorrow we need to take 10 down the quite a bit of of the conference setting that we have here because we're just going to do the sprints in the in the other parts of venue and and for that we need
to basically then put everything back into boxes put everything into we got a storage box here in Rimini we want to get abandoned move everything over so these are things that the on setting can help with i
and this is where local teams can then really uh and show their support that we have immediate team on that say we should have of media team right now we don't have any um
because essentially the volunteers we have there were not available to provide much help the and so what what the media team was supposed to do is there were
supposed to do the and take care of the video recording that we have of the you know basically preparing all videos flapless U-tube matching the whole process working with the video recording companies the the people you see here recording everything so we hired them to the this few think that in a very good job with the livestreaming a thing that works really well and so and so basically everything has to with media is this should be handled by that's the that team so if you're
expert in these things then please do contact us to because we need help um right the next Monday is the last report that we have is the code of conduct workgroup this is a very this is a special work because code of colors always something that you where you have to all you have to have lots of experience with that you know it is to
be a small team because you in general you need to discuss the issues that happen with more than just a few people but but not too many so the don't have too many of opinion so you can easily and quickly reach a decision
and busy but that work does is it it works out the code of conduct uh updates its regularly so we've done so if you updates of for this and it also takes care of handling the issues and and also
reporting the issues in the closing session so fortunately up until now I'm staying up until now because the social end up until now not had any
and significant code of conduct issues which is really nice but we only had a few collocation things such we're going wrong with some sponsors so sofas work out well we don't have much to do in that require OK so how do we work together
we used to use just mailing lists and so on because many analysts mean at some point you get so many
e-mails that you simply you just don't care anymore and you can read them so it doesn't really help in communicating so what we thought it would be a good idea to is to have some kind of messenger and because telegram was new thing we saw
last year was that was new we chose telegram so instead of slack for example because like would give us a nonprofit account own so there you go slack 0 we use telegram now and has been there really gets it rate of success so the the interaction between the recruit members has increased a lot we can do things a lot faster and we also Lester started to have a telegram group for attendees and this has been working really well we saw that ends experiment because we weren't sure whether well you know I mean if you have like 304 hundred people on telegram group or just any social account for 160 we have then of course you can get some bad
actors and can go wrong so we just summing every now and then we just keep an eye on it so we make sure that everything works out but so far we start at the in any major issues and it's been out really well and missing indigenous like it to so you can see that the because real data using it a lot but we also have a wiki for the internal things that we do need to organize we have Google Docs quite a few of those spreadsheets for matching things of
documentation for things that are based on unstructured uh we used to have guidelines we've not really kept them up-to-date unfortunately of we what we always try to do is we try to put all the knowledge that we have into some form of documents because we find is very important if someone breaks away then knowledge makes ways to and we try to make it possible for others to pick up and then and continue the work so that's all I have to say are there any questions
FIL the we don't have a session chair so many of them at the so a yeah that so which what groups the development momentum intermediate and get across all those all which work groups need help at the moment the the width of the welcomes you to help you mention idea he needs that yes yes just a 2nd we need to have been used to go to the slide again but
but highest so I can tell you we need help with the well of course the on team always needs help but I'm but that kind of depends on where we run the conference of course we need help in the media the work what we need help in the collocations were called uh I think the programmer group is mostly fine we do need a lot of help in the sponsors the sponsors recoup was basically myself and Soviet this year which is mean insult communication going on is just simply not enough
um we it's held in and see the administration group so basically going through all the contract work and make sure everything is all right and uh signing up the administration were also takes care of signing up new volunteers which is not a very complex scalar process but it has to be done and time and what else do we have the finest work group would be would be good to have few people more there especially ones with that have some idea of how budgeting works and and of course we need
people from the from the local in that group as well because they usually then have to do a bank transfers for example or the 1 that you ticketing we do we use their pay pal account for that it's going ticketing and their stripe account of the ticketing reports the things the support workgroup can use more help marry after working a lot in the support repeal maybe you can enjoy of course just shows the chair of the support they can always use more help green usually what it is is in the support workgroup what you do the most of the work happens on the help desk before the conference
and then at the conference it just goes crazy because you have so many attendees as questions you don't know what to do anymore uh and so on the having more people on site to actually help with the support of this very important and case let's see what else punch of financial aid was done by 2 people by diarrhea and Christian this year and they're also helped later on she can do she joined the she's not here think
Our diarrhea instead the um so yeah they they can probably use of uh maybe a few more people probably not too not too many because there that was me um because it is something that's well you have to decide quickly right I marketing design yes we could use more people there especially people with the with the well that's a good taste by them but that said yeah
people would know if something looks good and and say OK this looks get rid that time people uh because the actual design work is done the designers so we we're not really looking for designers but maybe people who have the applicants with good taste so uh yeah web developer workgroup we could use more people there unfortunately the website is a bit of a mess to be honest I mean the source code is just the you will see that the crew organically explore that way and it's not well documented uh we had to figure out many things ourselves by basically just doing grep and trying to figure out where everything happens in the source code but we've
managed to actually get working and we we now have a few people who actually know how things work and missing Cervantes spent a lot of time recently of working on that so the finest and here and Patrick of course yeah
they are and Patrick has been working a lot on this year's CSS and the front and side and also on the back and side he did the porting to China 1 . 8 this year so last year he did that and then for this year and so fun is working on refactoring and so does the from factor in because it has of code that we the I mean don't use anymore so to me that can just go away that the it
and here is that the don't looks like a problem with that of the we we must integrate stuff we use them together because it's confusing make it look like example of management speakers that presents a lot of of work on the fly with and stuff the analysis so essentially what you need for the Web workgroup is you need chiral skills you need to be a not afraid of entering a code base which is huge and not documented and and has several packages which should be 1 package for R in fact 3 packages then laid and 3 layers and then will you actually only 1 layer and so yeah I mean it's semesters beyond standard you
if you're not afraid of that you can really help thank you but I have a question regarding the maybe you can help line some challenges regarding what you want to use because as they get matching what you we will do use this kind of unpredictable stuff so they I'm pretty sure that right up to the conference like the little people type inside out and say OK I think I want to help you but then eventually with time people will start spinning away and this is a very challenging task for ideas for the head of conceived to get things done and it's probably much more challenging than getting things done in a commercial organization with our employers and they can commit to something how you how you deal with that specially the maybe you have some secret or on you know where use water as everyone else but uh it's this yeah it's a problem definitely is but what we found is that it's especially hard when when volunteers who do actually work so the breakaway in middle of the organization and this year this has happened to us a couple of times and it was really hard for for then essentially the chairs to basically fill in so where you had to do a lot of work this year much more than this really sustainable when a volunteer and so we have for example we had people working 3 to 400 hours on the conference which is not something that you can ask for volunteers just way too much um essentially what you have to
do is you have to just or what what we found is through that way you have to tell 1 choose what to do what we use in in in in the last few years was an approach where we tried to receive well all we thought that people would work in the same way as we do as basically the main organizers so when we when we see a problem we approve we just take it and we fix it right but uh normal that's a volunteer does not go into a group she does not know and then just pick a problem and work on and so we were expecting that didn't happen so we had a quite if you want your sign that that they were not really working more actively participating and so on which we
found helped is actually telling people what to do and it's it may seem strange but because it's like a top down approach that you do not know if you do that it works really well and people like it's people like to be told what to do and then there's dates dates done everything and then they come back to you and I want to get a new task and if you do that a couple of times and they eventually star commonsense things themselves because if you more confident and then they know things how things work so that approach seems to be helpful yeah and what understand other
semi sort Alex not could I but it but