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EPS General Assembly
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EPS General Assembly [EuroPython 2017 - EuroPython session - 2017-07-13 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] This is where the EuroPython Society (EPS) board gives its reports, resolutions are passed and the EPS members can vote in a new EPS board
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right this is the official part of the PS analysis a bit boring but some nothing much we can do we have this agenda in the in the
in by loss and and so we need to do it this way the how do we have the fewest members all sitting here if you could kid the voting EPS members pieces in the 1st few rows so that it's easier for us
to basically the voting and then of course everyone else is welcome to join we don't have anything to hide and uh if you find this interesting then you can become a you can sign up to become an EPS member afterwards of course the the OK well try something which
has may not work unfortunately we have a number of uh and people who are not here at the conference but
we try to use Skype 2 4 2 in this region the the
uh the the the Nikkei censoring the
ministers go ahead OK so 1st of all work to all the new APS service that we have we sign of a couple of more PS EPS members in recent weeks we now have 182 members the hi this is much
better without the transition um so meeting business what we need for the General Assembly as we need to basically decide on a chairperson for the meeting we need a secretarial we need to check us of the minutes so the 1st thing that we need is the chairperson of sharing its I would suggest that so a maybe Alexander can do this we don't know but but but
because we have a microphone and on their way the Secretariat someone who can take care of them who can take the minutes taking minutes basically means you have to take time what we discussed and you then you have to uh recorded 2 votes to reporting results that we've that we have and so we need to stand to chapters of the minutes so basically OK so do the
minutes and then we need to check as basically say that OK these moons are correct diarrhea and wells Christians Christian so
the 1st task for Štefan would
be to know the names of the 2 checkers the secretary and himself but the the meaning of what's the a piece of paper and normally this is the sector is the chairperson of the Meeting also does the voting so Alexander the 1st thing that you have to do is you have to establish we have to have a motion establishing the timeliness of the call of the General Assembly and then we need to vote on that to so just to have as many as reminder introduction to how this works timeliness of call the the compiler say that we have to
call for the General Assembly 14 days before the actual General Assembly and up to 5 days before the General Assembly we can make changes to the agenda and the like suggestions from the board or a board candidates the story this at
specific types of regret I work but it was the it yet so the we want you all to say the all of this meeting in time not all like the all the weights not abstentions all all of that it's the usual kind of processing against abstained and 1 was saying at all the time also the time you like stains all without have like the not you know like you say yes I Stephane what would also need this
we need we need a list of all the id of the EPA estimates was attended the and and that the General Assembly so please pass around his cable the people in the right all these things are OK so I think we managed as part of the so let's go to the next man a spot of the everybody said yes the abstained notice like checking all 16 games OK so the next thing is the and a report by the board so this is what I'm going to do a new show you the preliminary results from 2006 seeing the the actual 27 about the 1 that I just showed in the previous talk and and then how we're going to move on so these are the preliminary results from
2016 preliminary
because uh we don't have the complete we've not gone from the completes balance sheet with the local organization EAC pious assessed in and from Bilbao yet but this is what's they
reported to us so the EU conference made a profit of 471 thousand 481 . 5 5 euros but this currently includes 17 thousand 920 euros pending a sponsor payments so what's the the there's having issues getting all the sponsors actually pay uh we've done the run of the e-mails so we managed to get a few of them to pay but this amount is still an physically blocked if we don't get all the
sponsor payments of ProCDP as share will be 50 % and then we get 35 thousand 740 on and 77 cents from the AC pious as and that will go towards the GPS budgets that we have and if you compare that to the previous years it's a little
lower than 20 16 and the reason being that for about 20 17 the basically spend a bit more money
on on nice things like you know for example the the booze so that we in Bilbao uh this was actually good investment because we have also sponsors really like those pools and they sign up again
for this year so it makes a lot of sense to to do this investment yes sorry and about last sorry yes yes yes you're right to 20 and
15 um we just success whom
room like to fix it no
competitor to the 2014 as much better result and as you can see we actually getting some money into basically for the work on the mission the new mission that we have that we want to
support the coming of the organizations in Europe right now we still have the the OK what we have in the bank right now is so we had in the back because we give loan to local
organization for this year uh we had in the bank about of the 46 thousand uh and for 40 thousand we basically gave loan to the plasma Italian organization so that they can basically finance the the initial
contract payments that we had to do for for this venue so let's have a look at
the actual time of 20 17 so in nest in July we had the election of the
new board and or researcher October we did the selection process this is the selection pressure process took longer than expected uh because we've had a few issues with the venues that we originally at the chosen or looked at this but that way so
reshape the idea was to do and call or do it in the Lanao um distant regard because too costly to reach twice as much as what we pay here and so that wouldn't have been sustainable so we couldn't do it so we had to go and and find new world locations
and Christian and identifies some more it was think get while which shown and remaining and another 1 wasn't ghostly and then eventually we then decided to go through many we had another candidate which was so Bruno in the Czech Republic but but the the problem there was that the venue did not really I mean the the venue is is it was nice venue and have enough but there was no rule that was available for doing large plenary sessions so they had a room which was very very long and so the people in the bag wouldn't have been able to see the screen in front and so on that was a pretty so this is always important when you go to when you select venues that you always have to make sure that everything it's actually student for a conference of the
size anyway so we decided on Romanian and then we saw that the whole process of basically
getting everything going with the contract and so on we launched the preview of the site of early on but we didn't put any dates on it and the reason was that we had of course not signed a contract yet we started the negotiations was the venue in November and and the delivery took until February to basically come to an agreement and then the final agreement was signed in April so early in
actually signed a contract with the venue and that was based you start for us to actually do sponsored agreements because of course if you don't have a 10 year agreement and you want to enter agreements with other people relying on ads of agreement you can't so this cost a serious delay and everything and we had to basically postponed other things because of that and by December the refactoring was done Patrick basically had to show was perfect there is uh he finished see 4 to jangle 1 . 8 and we now have the you know I have current gender CMS version running on on on the website as well which 3 they should deserve account for that but right so we now have
a more the website again we had a fix a few because the some things left from the old culprits over the various lasts a few months we sorted out a few things so in generous of the active work in the work groups which was way too too late
which we've sort of much earlier in March we see the sort of the websites done in April the ticket sales needed to see if p talk voting in May and and schedule was also made in May and then now you can see as you during the conference so it
was really really hard right that we have there it was really a lot of work we do not have enough volunteers to do everything and which is why several people had to put in a lot of work especially Christian who basically was our interface to the to the venue because unfortunately the only person at the venue actually speaking English was the Secretary of the manager that we had for the linear which of course did not really help and
also for sourcing all the local and the local shops like for example getting the the water
dispensers that was done by Christian and there's a huge list like he pretty much matched all things that we have to do here to to get the the conference off the ground and um and huge of things so you really think he did use the hands well that few right and I was sitting here the mutagens and so this is the tickets considers development the African the mouse
somewhere here to so to In this chart the on various conference years and you see here this is this is the this is 20 17 the screen screenshot and this shows the ticket sales for the conference and down here these are the social event tickets and
it's not hard to to see that year at the very end the this was so these are the dates from July 7 so just before the conference as we now have a spark you're going up like this but I don't know I
had that perhaps people found ceremony so nice that they all different won't come to belong to the social event of maybe they just didn't know that there was a social event um it did or if you get the past
years it always seems to happen like that but this he was particularly strong well versed on despite the but if you look here the slides by the way i'd are alike different special dates like for example opening of the sea and a see if p opening
off the top loading of the early bird sales were here and like I said it was a new thing can do
the same thing I did not I the very word sense for 2017 was literally just 1 day so we got sold out in 1 day so this is the spot here and then we have with the regular since we have a very slowly and start and that means the nervous and then after we had the schedule published which was around here somewhere then what the socialist thinkin discussion and later on all that it sort of picking up and as you can see it
ends here but now right now we or this is here and so kind of the same level again as we had in the previous years but what we found when working on Web sites
by the way is start and this chart I think it has all the ticket
sales so the numbers are not really 1 option correct the sink they the ticket sales include data gets off which we usually don't Seller not but this year for some reason we still quite a few of and also include canceled tickets so we do have this refund policies so that people can up to within 1 month before the Conference they can basically get a full refund of everything and quite a few people do this so for example the binary the ticket and then just wait
where they can actually come and as for from
just 1 month before the Conference and this is not included in here um it is included in the number appear the 1011 that's with the refunded tickets removed the chartist
natural this so I'm kind basically if you if you compare the various years we always have more-or-less the same outcome because I don't think
they had in previous years we had few refunds OK so what did we do for the organization and of course we invited more
volunteers who work with with us on the organization we removed many inactive for the members and mean members Debra so marked as being members of some of our groups but we're actually not anything we'd this each of them into inactive so we had to
fix a few small issues with the website we found fortunately found if you more very active volunteers so Larry she should you use not here anymore she just left so she was very active and doing other things so the yard and things used here and considers you help me with the sponsors marrow his moral they are he was just he's our and what about old man at that that should so because of the many have water in your bottles essentially 1 the and anti idea bed that this was sorry yeah this was of course that this was just at the conference and pursue help before the conference every time you went to the you had a ticket open on that help test and he was 1 of the most active ones and string those
tickets in dealing with that and I think he did a really excellent job and I think he's a handful few then we have uh manage supply that he could not attend the conference unfortunately but hopefully next year if you can make it and he helped a
lot with the programmer and of course I and communication you use several broke law post at we impose were written by him and then we have Piper there's like a virtual volunteer so this is something that Alex rodents a bot uh the bot was actually very helpful because it kept so just going to the help desk for example and just finding out with new tickets open and then posted them to the telegram whoops which was very integration because it because you don't then actively have to go to the helped us every time to find out whether something new is there and that's that was very good for the
sponsors the Piper dusty sponsor agreements so every time we get new sponsor them we just say OK they give us a sensible in details and the Piper goes away and injustice a PDF for the agreement and unfortunately Alexander could not make it to this conference because he has been enjoyment and uh hopefully
maybe next he can he can join again so that's really very fortunate that he change shops and couldn't help us could couldn't
continue history active help until then that point these are the most active team members in 2017
so as you can see in after many people uh and this is the reason why it was really a lot of work for most people on this list right then ahead there's an issue of course and I don't want to hide it so this is the present Italian of set up that we have a richer we stop because by the time at 1 present for 3 years in Florence were successfully with lots and lots of help with
notes of and enthusiasm and we originally thought when basically working with them again for this year that everything would be more or less the same and it turned out that so was something we didn't know was that path and daddy had a huge issue or has a huge issue with having bunches of finding volunteers themselves and so essentially
uh the only help that we got was Patrick who worked a lot on the website and so you also because he's now the chair part Italian he also uh was word responses and in inside the the contracts of course and we had Mateo help with the bank transfers and the finances so this container was our interface to the
financial side of things um but essentially that was about it for the for the help from President channel we did have a lot of help from Francesco he's not here so here on site so when we came to the conference and just
Francesco start it's basically just living up to being really volunteer and he helped a lot on site so essentially basically are expectations were not fulfilled and so this has huge burnout effect on the active
organizers so what we did is known to as compromise for this we basically changed a contract details that we had were the the idea was always to do 50 50 split between the local organization and them the EPS for the profit and we've now renegotiate attached to cap the amount of the profit share of the new present idea to 10 k and we both trying without missing here we've basically
I think that's a good solution to to the basically the issue of course that this whole thing reminded us that we need to rethink the whole way of how we do conferences because what happened this you should never happen again because it's simply if it ever happens again we don't have volunteers who are willing to put in 3 to 400 hours of into the
organization then or your present won't happen simplest up um and so we need to figure out how to win going forward how to address this and to make its to make it less of an issue when basically voyages break away the and we're going to discuss this in this open-space session and want so we don't have we don't have any good basically recipe for this of how to do it
we know a couple we have a couple of ideas how far we can improve things but it's it's it's very difficult to actually communicate because on 1 hand we don't want to make it look like
so their children OK let's let's start differently just to give you some idea of what the issues are when you're passing goes so to a country then of course you
presents a large conference and see a lot attendees there when that country has and as a local conference that a local pi essentially means that basically Python overrides the local the conference and and it's it's we've seen that with piosson Picon Italia when they did Europe I
and then your press moved on to uh mn to burn in that case so what happened for Picon Italians that they attend accounts they drop by at least 50 % probably even more on remember the exact numbers but said Giovanni told me that it was a significant hit for them and it was very hard for them to basically reach the same levels again as they have before the conference and so this
is 1 issue the other issue is that of course you when you have a local team where you want to look at entire should participate in this state and need to be available so if you have a local conference and eyes and be too short after each other with so I'm not enough time for for the local team to basically recover and get you energy and so on then you can basically not rely on the local team anymore so that's 1 of the issues that we we have to address the other issues that the local teams often don't have the expertise to to talk to venues like these because they usually do better the conferences in much smaller
venues or even hotels where it's a
lot easier to negotiate these things With these venues the type they really tried to make a lot of money and so you have to be very careful when setting everything up we do know how this works and so we need to basically we need to do the negotiations
directly with the venue instead of just going by local team anyway I let out about more that more about that in the open-space session um but this lies already shows a few things that we need to address so we want to not rely so much for having to rely so much on the and on-site teams anymore we want to set up the whole process of selecting venues using a commercial hours p
process had enough you know that's how that works so essentially you give them you send them a stretch it was all your questions and they have to fill it in you set up a timeline for that uh they need to send you contracts
and then they basically they are competing for you so they would think venues will be competing for your present conference rather than are saying we want to do with it the conference at your site which puts us into a weak position
because and they can be because they know they are at the only conference venue in that location which care should do your present in only don't have to in in a single location for more than a thousand attendees a this process would make it better for us because they would compete for us and so we don't get
the prices and then we also want to move away from this profit sharing with the on-site teams instead what we want to do is or what we're not what we want to do but what he will we think would be a good approach would be to issue grants and was grants I mean just a few thousand dollars a few thousand euros but I'm like significant grants like like 10 k 20 k depending on on how well everything worked out so these are some of the some of the
ideas that we have nothing is set in stone yet we need to discuss um so we think that we want to get into contact with local teams tests basically meant for later
on in this open space we have already we already discussing with the people in the Czech Republic so recurring looking at Proc as 1 candidate the other candidate Edinburgh in Scotland and we don't have actually done have groups area you can talk to but we know a couple of people well which we can ask and which could provide support for us there but of course we
then is an the the hours p with with more venues and just these also to to get a better view of what's available what we can do and then we were probably have to decide on the venue basins of inequality in the cost that we have and then talk to the local team to make everything to to work everything and to make sure that we don't override their local conference and that's we don't get in the way because we want to work together with the local teams uh because mean the the whole point of the PS is to help the community not to work against against right
OK so need to speed up a bit um we still have this issue is a domains with repressive or domain but we've not done anything we have a your present in the I domain which basically goes to the you trip General we use your present I office
systems to present you for the website and we have the trademark of course we tried to for this conference to create a new logo and the process
we work out that well we tried 99 designed circuit a new design I didn't really help from them we basically hired to design and from last year again to update the logo and we
came up with this a which is inspired by the sea and the the umbrellas that you have him on the on the beach so it looks nice arising and relax and this worked well than for the PS organization um last year if you remember we discussed moving the PS part of Sweden and to some other place where we have more control especially because we at that time we did not have any axis to our own bank
accounts but fortunately Anders have hammer listed volunteered to help us with this he works at open and and the organization where uh we have our or registered
address so that's very helpful uh he can get all the paperwork for us so he you history what connectives locally to accountants and 2 banks so what he did is so she essentially said at new bank accounts for us at the SEB so before that we would expect that switch bank we close that account for those accounts with 2 so we now have 2 new accounts for URIs and for
SEK at the SEB and and setting this up was very easy because the person knows people at the SEB branch and so so this really
me things not user he also helped us get the VAT ID this was a bit of a mess before because we already have tried to get a the Uchida ID before and they basically decline as giving 1 the client uh giving us 1
um and usually if they decline once it's hard to use and actually get 1 after experts he mentioned do that and so we now have the HEAD which makes the most possible for us to for example sponsor the inverse the
sponsors directly and that's what we've also done for your Python and 2017 so all the sponsor money goes directly to the PS so this is so very good news so they essentially what we did then at that point was we
postponed this moving to a different country um what we still have to figure out is whether we can by using that PAT idea that we have where we
can get the a T back from other EU countries and we had the accountants and she told us that it's not possible to do this because the EPS is a non now we have a new accountant uh and they're more experience in EU VAT issues and perhaps we can figure out a way to make that work because that would enable us to actually then enter contracts with the venues directly rather than going from the local
organization BAT in general is a huge issue and it it looks easy to handle between companies but because of the EU regulations for conferences um the regulation going like this when you do a conference and sort location you have to pay the VAT in that in the country of that location so EPS being in
Sweden in this case your present being in Italy it means that we have to pay taxes in Italy in order to pay taxes in the country you have to have a local tax representative for that so we would have to hire but now we have private challenging this of course which makes a lot
makes things easier but not only would have to then higher local text representative doing all the tax reporting and then we'd have to get the taxes back again from from Italy basically against all the expenses that we have and so on and and because we don't know whether we can get deity back in Sweden for expenses that we have in other countries we
basically decided to go with that local organization dual everything by that and and um basically do not have this issue so what we did in order to make that happen as we get for k and
two-pass Italian and a 0 % loan and basically in order to handle the initial
payments for the contractor but the all the direct contacts were done by the by passed Italian and so the basic signed up for the venue and so going forward on as we get this whole thing was CDU would be a
sorted we have to continue doing this to make things easier so right now present a listing the ticketing during the the local sourcing of things that we need and we basically get of the sponsorship money directly into the penis and then later on when we basically than decide on how things should work out how the
budget should be used for the profit and so on we have to then do 1 transfer at the very end between the 2 organizations to me to even out everything OK so read talked about this CPS wants become something like your present
in European Python sort foundation someone to help the community uh short we find that PI County 2016 we find that John roles of your pass on with around 7 thousand euros and we have this sort of take a discount could
fall of activity that so we're busy we we send out e-mails to user groups in Europe to give them of user access to the European Conference right and in the tires of NASA time for all forms for the Treasury report
yes the incurred assets in the bank
account right the and sent
the the details this by
mouse the this he sent the details just a few minutes ago and so now we see that they can't find them the interest in the interesting part OK so thank you I can see what you see so let's just say I
showed this red hair but that so
like I said we we have around 40 K to pass on Italian so beef before we add
the and the payments from sponsors coming in we essentially uh well we didn't have anything much left in the bank accounts so I think very should be something like 10 K so I don't know where that shows up your summer but
that is a good question I think we can see this carelessness so somewhere it says you up there not you I think just so OK I'm a
common report this afterwards when I have actually had the time to look at this from anyway we have enough money we have at least 40 K because when you get that back when a get the extra money from from 2016 in the next few months and then we're going to
finish at this conference probably was a profit as well it's not clear yet how big tent profit will be but
but it's it's going to be a profit of at least of these 10 K think for
a more like India reflect 30 K so let's say you have so you can take what we had in the last year right so we too high we have 2 bank accounts as the key SEEK 404 and Swedish kronor as we need that account because of the local tax payments
go a plus if we want to send money elsewhere we have to like for example USD and we have to use an account and we have a your account for everything else that we have paper of Schenectady as you count and we have crater all thanks to Anders
so and as as watching this on videos and given the conference without OK now it's time for the auditors report auditor this year was the fun the
funding of anything to say the the as I discursive
understand with mark of the Deccan and and in fact we have no issues with that that can think that we need so we wait for some and worse of for course amendments but everything is OK for me this goes the coming of incoming envoys and home going the response time and accept that for the the conversion from dollars to euros evidence of so you with the the molten salt so so the next point on the agenda is discharged from liability for the 2016 2017 bought so we need to vote now the so long soul we discharge
before was old he lost his work on everybody's was in favor please raise your hands I think the board should abstain right will abstained the good thing all things like the the the you think on
and all of this there that all for of the takes the OK thank you very much um and then we have the candidates for the board 2017 2018 and
as you can see a couple of all members to not run again for board a couple of people from the existing board and so we have a
Christian we have diarrhea we have new Canada's Jill Jill maybe in tyrosafe few things about yourself the this book of deal with flow and you
and like and and I be out here the as is a few suited for residual 1 wrong to call spend all of the this serves the support the work group so you to do um then we have address and this is
not your fortunately up and as
I would like to run toward as well and he measures basically the uh the financial side of things and he would then if you selected for water would
then become the treasurer of the PS uh Alexander you know myself and alex of you he cannot be
here uh amplitude so once to help on the on the board and he has lots of in institutional knowledge and contacts and so the existing Boston said this new borders actually forget or something that had so now that's that's vote for the for the individual members
so we gonna do individual votes uh um what's we are going to do is we going vote for each 1 of the positive votes abstains and and and the no votes and then someone gets on the board if they have more yes votes the no votes and topics so the it's all the we 1st of all Christians this involves so those in favor of all this embodying born and a lot of it Christian Europe euridice all soul of let's say 6 the favored results there being any staining not favor case 16 moles question the the of course you can use I don't want to build on yeah sure recombination Additional what land that OK
so that's the that the idea on so that they were old
barriers saying of being of people member for this year abstaining really the
same rose all who says no so basically it's source what you lost all morning for himself OK then we say the Legislative itself yeah I think the all right as next hour still so that all them on In contrast us so it's a very willful Jill and that 16 the founders failure so 16 yes like for the record of the no longer 16 in favor of and that for understanding of common quest in favor yeah all it's 16 favor abstaining no 0 but then I would like to work as a barrier to
do the next autumn identical so cannot be the position and all like during so this favor
we all know that when toward the more he I extended hand in the bottom of the next piece in next year of it who the that's what we have said
something I would like you the robot you the and think the OK let's continue with long life Andrea member or care they were so long with 17
yes abstained and
they're not as an example of something who is in favor of 17 in favor abstaining known so that's something favor OK then we need to to elected elect the
chair of the Board of basically nominalism I nominated myself again uh and I have
which I mean you know what to do this so if I was in favor of hallmark memories there's oral will love chair so I see 16 and 17 in favor just like abstained
no vol 17 in favor of of the user and then we have something new this year this is kind of like a bit of a last minute thing uh we want to add a new position to the EPS Vice-Chair position
because the buyer you only have a chair position and because the chair is rather important for the EPS because the chair has essentially signed a contract but if the ship breaks away then basically the PS becomes so dysfunctional so it cannot operate anymore and what we think is it would be a good idea to have Vice-Chair position so that the Vice-Chair can basically fulfill the chair positions in case a chair has to step down on the just is not available anymore so did says please fortune haven't seen the changes these so the changes so you can just like industries
and so I want changes that we have been on the agenda for the for the General Assembly with an ad election of the vise chairperson of the board and then the position of 13 it now says the board consists of a chairperson vise chairpersons person and 2 2 7 board
members previously we have just a chairperson and 2 2 8 board members the chair not being counted in this case as board member um and in this case in case the Chairperson substandard during the election from the best approach to replace the Chairperson for the remainder of the term guess case of ice process opsonins well board may elect and intermediates chair for the remaining of of the term or call in the General Assembly to vote in in Newport so this
is what we need to be of board would like to suggest this change we need to vote on this same we have any issues with this same interests your questions before we no OK that's bolt was in favor of all these bubbles change yeah so that the favorite abstained knows so this is the effect of now we need to vote on the Chair and examine nominated
uh the people themselves for I pushed into some of the least in favored and it's an attendant that could thank you we think don't OK next thing so we need
again an auditor for the bank
accounts and we need to 1 replacement in case the auditory becomes unavailable to do the actual auditing and
approaches for this the souls of favorites the farm was the the winning the debt was that there was that the farm is the altar of all European society this distrustful for 1 year so it's and vol 17 yes abstaining ability against people and we need a replacement or basically a back-up yes I think you what the maybe more more of like a replacement auditor so we need a volunteer because we're all going in the forest plot here unfortunately people may actually have the job I actually am I started at all in order to buy it and below soul it's that fall into the all that is all we need to speed up the bits here is over here it must model you never know no OK then of moral
volunteer to be audited soul was in favor all fall while you to yield to become the best on all intra or like make quota AAC 70 in favor of Spain in it is just to double-check because there is you had like the idea EP as numbers I am already appears members like these could could I just ask what's what's the next session after this 1 the spectacle case all 17 yes there are things in there coffee break OK so can we can we go over Campbell overrun that are isn't it OK so as to speed up a bit and then so that which some measure so the next thing is are optional
election of nomination committee the idea being that we have a committee that's the cities in them text of the nominations and uh
proposes them to for the next election we so for never needed as we don't think we're gonna to we're going to so the the board thing so this is not needed but it's really up to you coming we think this is the list and please pick up otherwise we can vote on not having it the schools and who is in
favor of the set of that old all let's say who's who's located there's small off an election committee bill
of the nomination committee form of 4 as proposed by the board OK and that's something yes I abstain no thank you OK we're almost done so budget presentation so this this is what we what we did with the money that we had I like is that we we find a few small events so we also started buying for this for this conference
started buying goods that we want to keep as EPS those or will be of will be and and so we bought power strips quite a lot 150 of 140 of those we bought the roll up displays that you see around here the schedule banner large 1 outside those all body in a way that you can re-use them in future years so willing to put everything into storage box in Romanian and when we have the location for the next conference I I would assume should everything over that we bought a tedious bought protease that we got to them piece for the wireless back up a piece using mobile and some cards so we rented the storage parts for everything and we have regular expense which is only regular expense that we have this web servers about 100 euros 4 months and everything else that we did was
basically handled by 2 from past Italian with help of Christian uh this crucial this credit card because present tell doesn't have 1 and for buying on Amazon E 1 so what you have to let their the so this is
theorem basically the but presentation that we have a could also show you a
budget we don't have time for that now unfortunately I can show you later on if you want
to where you can just come to me so we need to vote on accepting the budget plan we need to vote on the decision on the membership fees so for the membership fees have always been not always actually were 1 neuron and the
radius and the 1 actually collect the year um and then at some point we set it to 0 which is more the stick right there was no yes votes yes
those in favor all that we accept the thought of as proposed the abstaining OK that's what I was against the budget of the long I do and and I unaware of what it was like all the other budget while soul OK again who's fear of this but it's fine for all that's just my soul 16 abstained 1 abstained and against those who knows OK and now we will to well all membership fees load on that use something you wanna a word like this process the you the on to the set of all the the yeah I I I I I can hear it and see if they're in the same way that he and I think he here and I don't have a lot of the people I all the he is assigned a and B the the the the the all the other thing now the thing is the mean and the Univ like 1 its 80 members all legal
180 2 is also and basically collecting the money 5 years which I think would be a fair amount but we also have would have like a lot of administrative stuff and we would carry so basically I they basically all i've I I think we should probably stick with 0 because the the administration at the and of the usual to do not like the people spend also lots of things that they say don't think really making money from it would be at what point of being more common use raise it to what's Europe
and then the the sol dying realistic amount in art was a favorite meal of the membership fees they said 0 0 euros from next year OK the think that's the farm like 17 of of stains now like something in favor for things like the forget the police told here because we have not received any motions from the members of who can skip this and we're done so if you have any questions so please ask
now or if it's something
specific to 2018 and he's come to the open-space session otherwise b and thank you be theft