EuroPython 2017: Lightning Talks - 2017-07-14

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EuroPython 2017: Lightning Talks - 2017-07-14
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Lightning Talks [EuroPython 2017 2017-07-14 - Anfiteatro 2] [Rimini, Italy]
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and so the problem of taking away Jupiter this is used to the guys with this you all think you have things have rights to quality of your whole them gonna talk to the use of all the lead of talk Python to type and Jupiter so there is an example OK for right so the point of this
slide is like you want to talk to Jupiter and there is no need to send them expensive rocket to Jupiter with our OK so what what what am I going on today so of Jupiter notebooks probability you use them and sometimes you probably have a use case where OK well I average of the novel but they want to modify set of arguments in the running for slightly different set of arguments and you end up creating a populated copy off your notebook so essentially when you have a same on coal-based spot you want to run the same code with a different set of arguments so at the at the moment of all the different models are not created the stamp was then the 3 that those functions it's small easy to arm inject arguments into them so all of those show you a way of doing that OK so our if you google the same question how to around Jupiter notebooks with arguments of this kind of job gives if that comes up on StackOverflow is good reports in on notebooks heats of does not work if you want to create a nice-looking looking Gerber that water does not work that because of the kernel is not accessible on through the JavaScript of what's on the other hand so the scope of this kind of snippets of stimuli in our custom gears so if you want to use it so well what we do not have a problem so there is a way and the actually of my slides a kind of meta slides because they already know who their solution and also this slides of actually also use so this is the key but committee that uh so this is the key part of the code so Our instead what we want to do is we want to all registered a communication channel solely the jobless cliques of size of the notable to start talking to the Python side so for that you need to so there is a mechanism you register channel and you aren't sends a message from the Jožef inside either and you register the handler on the Python size and then you will receive the message so in this case what we're gonna be sending is the URL of the and if we can supply arguments of the Ural we can decode them and use them as the arguments demo time OK so as I said like this is the same you know that I using so i or f 11 to show you that's not feasible is it so that basically there is a URL so you uh you were noble and then I lost argument saying widens food and water from about as and I want to select some of some of them through with the work that was produced in here agree on this and 1 thing so along this noble does not do much but what it does do is creates this multi-select rigid it gets the items from the URL and it gets the selected values from the URL and selects this those items are this way you can possibly because if you run your notebooks for different regions for different stocks for different from what whatever would however you slice the data this is the way how you can parameterise your Jupiter nobles don't make copies of future but an old use this kind of approach so just to show that it actually works I can the so the the years the so this is what you would do if you want to select a different job a few different sorts a year ago and I selected if 4 minus and old is aware of what you want to achieve rights the rooms and use these neural Thank you get
out they say well physical thing now we
have to get them well in this stage felony about then shot change so they don't go prepared have not that much time left so well as you can see uh how many of you were induced a latent
pulled OK but no that's
eating how many of you end it to move ideas that they've of the now I see so well and the 1 that wearing this the lantern Doug no mean and alleviate and myself yesterday but now I have a little you know because I feel that to they you were going to be built of Morgan I was staying
of phrase I too keen just to sacrifice FIL you prepare for data and some of its life it has rise a relief of our muscle is that we do in uh the social of the widest in aid of the presence of information but if you wrap the socialite from respect to you and to each of the is the the tone of the charter of of the uh um but so you might have liked so I can actually a picture of row columns you I mentioned the whites have acquired last year some people lost like well at some something shared the words with me about some nightmare that memories of of recurrence of his i messaging in 2013 conference that's the tree maximizes the advanced techniques um I did not want to give the impression that carry customers that he's as far as I know the light of my expected him this week so these in fact he's he's he's really helping the this
is the same that searching last year this is a the in Bilbao some and then this is also like to say a regret of quite a parallel system of messaging going on readings so they could mass audiences that's part of what so how much do we raise drumroll thank you have a continuous and 60 cents and a slide 20 published looking for and the so that change the subject and use some of rest my time some body and make these things program uh man and that for past thanks knowing is like participating in a week-long Python things programming competition who play with um and you are challenged to come up with a game but in a week exactly we form a theme that is given to you and maybe a contest starts from scratch when the majority of it has to be like that so but if you were around on Monday in the book and maybe to say that we learned that reply from this year that's what somebody has done the work to of make Python paid scripting language the god engine and also the Unreal Engine so you um this upcoming competition in October she's unreal which is amazing size uh thank very much to the people who you get back you these things like that into my next some more right will just come a time got and not long ago in about 2 minutes of slow the uh so uh I think you you a power this mirrored place this is an entry that's a white person who should but I write for that this is my previous entry it did a quite well but it and went so I'm looking for a win in in October so you if you want to you to you like repeatedly that bring bring it us so this is a murder mystery settlement ocean liner islands of these musicals so that you can of explore the crime scene 2 glasses of this happening the and cytokines that in but the law of the land it on the likelihood of the prior the at so when you say you you can download that look so it's and to limit the use of on the you you a and value you put can we have public space
but what actually explain the past
several times you and we will ask me why my when the past and the answer is going pretty much gold and the release of the country and it's kind of embarrassing having compared to think at letter make people make it easy for me to be recognized problem is to take maybe recognize this ongoing of announcing the transformation and then I don't where which we nuts it's
me you and so on and so you see here is the but above all the non from all the up and please raise your hands if you're from although yeah I have 2 people 3 right no another responsive being tumult up book OK quite a few people that's great I give you a few more reasons to visit you so there's the as
around well there was the other window words I got a few more beautiful architecture more beautiful
architecture beaches and
developed as well java programmers so we're gonna change that by helping Malta
low by through the phone instead of like the music group it's called 1 them in goals of to bring their developers together the act as a hobby having into this by organizing made up social events and talks gonna grow or numbers going writing users of the other programming languages and speakers from around the world like yourselves right so if you're interested in talking to his uh like speaking molding visiting so please talk to me after but if you I'm out of is getting touch reduce our our contacts and that's it think you is the
land of the of the upstairs
and then comes the that I want to you I really hope we can justify the fact of the so we have enough that we can state so OK repair on so this is nothing more than a this finding and I have a it
was yeah i yeah will have no time is the last day people is getting nervous finding right I
think that you have a kind of a to be noticed that's the 1 that hi I understand that you are not running Python with warnings you should be running
our Python with warning so for the next 5 minutes and going to be your mom going to be giving you on a single piece of advice multiple times and you're not gonna get it so i'm gonna be bringing up like stuff from your past that would be so much better if you did listen to which along the same lines so you should put on your coat or you'll catch a cold you should never countries where you're going to fall and break your neck and you should be running Python with warnings enabled remember the time when you were
supporting files in the closing file descriptors and then like your entire grading systems and happy because you are using all the fire handles and like everything went to ship so Bell Tolling that happen if you
were running Python with warnings enabled because it would warning Ryan
remember when you're recording so hard you know focused on your creative aspect that you you know you were using strings all wrong while if you were using
warnings it with Python that would never happen you probably meant are also going there or maybe you missed the landscape speaking of
escapes remember the 1 time that your escape onto a known not to be as smart as thought while I totally
not happen if you were using warnings with Python and in fact at Facebook some of AT deviance tests integration that are in play on but and this morning discovered invalid regular expressions that never matched so there were unit tests that were doing nothing all this time on because people just new electro compatible on you know regular expressions or whatever so use this fall
and remember the time when you were detained by an unexpected bite yeah so that only know
happening is that if you using warnings Python so do that right when Instagram's which to buy from 3 some of our code seemed to ignore configuration changes in the Super confuse was going on so it turns out you was the regions in a configuration parameters as points so the check was always falls due to miss most types that was the most expensive these all the bicycle that we have a bearing on it's no longer in
1999 some of your favorite syntax idioms in the eyes of repeated and we'll get removed in future versions of burden so you need to warn you would be
informed which 1 those are if you were running with warnings and to finish it off like
remember that time when you feel to kill and often walled up to a nasty didn't let us say that a lot of wasted resources sleepless nights like felt holy not happen if you
were using warnings with Python so I could just go on and on and 1 hour but if I didn't convince you I now like it's sort a hopeless right so a trees do it during unit w the prints the 1st argument of any matching warning for each location where the warning is issued dashed the prince differs occurrence of bytes warnings 42 location where the warning operation and you're thinking and what I still live in the past while you can still run with warnings on there you have to do something else languages Dutch tea which is warning support tabulations and spaces whatever and obviously that 3 which means I really wanna switch to Python but I don't know will break so please as your mom going to use warnings with Python thank you very much
can we have yelling in Amsterdam adequate due to go on a state and the length and the new where you and locate is still in progress
we were it that young enhanced but he this is on like this no and I up on the is that your wife yeah the moves us to the general universal
and OK you read
so the almost really have OK I'm going to do now and so the if you don't need this
nice you can do without them to is someone that it's going to make them latent of with those slides think about it can get laid out in the list of no help in the size of the by the computer people history of the following new is the thing that drove entities prefer maybe we can just because we can stay waiting for a long time we need to know you buy from a known you want to state the null that you want to stay forever but we have to spend some time can we just leave the any system uses leaves something the by all
3 of these 2 was so and what we've got to
many tools to different rates of the little robot telling you that you may hear the next speaker is a method of teachers and space is you think yeah I mean yeah and now was to the land yeah that's him not OK really you can maybe doing with those lights I can let you that by them if you needed to appeal but still or something yeah no this is like they don't want yeah I know how in these kind of places you you see a problem they're like lots of people just trying to fix is the numbers here you like ideas of course but only and the OK I think I'm afraid that you know what they're more amenable to run on thank and we know that it's kind this actually I think you're quite 9 years see on the island of all of the electron to the emissions from that anything things and who comes from there so I respect your point because it was in the strategy used in
now that and thank you and came to light so many might way people who like the global and the red thank you the I like a global and they're very so we remove you I know what I think that it's not that simple we need to think about language among because right now we have made with semantic if the if you write threads that class you say for not great and we need to think about the movie theater performance which requires a little bit of thinking we need to think about moving through the poles and so just because you have a race condition doesn't mean you can be divide PDB right now we have someone and let everything else which is not always the desired behavior so that the things that still needs to be done after we remove the guilt we need to think about the pregnancy extension models which was supported by the state and and that probably requires an extra log on bit of thinking here and there so we're looking to raise 50 thousand dollars you already have some pledges you remove the dual by pi and those are very quick like about the developments have
been used to mean that the that he then now you need to know this need to learn from a where are you but it is very and I'm sorry PCM brother who has no life going to give us a super about something and now what do you have to do to give the great task at you to conferences there is an easy recipe the 1st give a lot of cost and 2nd get about way this is why we have the tall people back here Over the past few years I had the opportunity to actually actively evaluate 500 faults 200 of these where on Data Science but I did for clients 100 they where talks I gave it public speaking slots 100 at international speech contest and 100 where my own talks that I got revelations to and I made a couple of observations it's number 1 now is that usually structured beats the slides so if you are preparing talk try to focus on making your structure various you're having 3 to 6 main points not more having a slight uptick is not a structure 2nd storing these see the a story can something be something very simple for instance a claim like let's see whether we can get this Python package installed in 5 minutes makes a story it's much better than starting a presentation with a little bit about myself number 3 take away well you know be completeness usually your audience won't know what you did not talk about nobody is claiming to say everything in 5 minutes I I had the feeling that improving or speaking skills is something that is worth doing in order to have better conferences in the future and this is why I started collecting materials to make speaking workshops speaking clumps of events on to improve our speaking skills and you find them on will if you type speech underscore projects I repeat speech underscore projects it's and get help contributions are welcome thank you thank so the glass can use a lot of time and my commitment right you OK come here and prepare yourself I
really hope that you get the message from the top we have just that you know most nights think and there we go I think you alone time a sort of about TDD are years ago
I went to a conference call your Python at the time it was in Berlin and there was a keynote lectures about the topic on the west together to get a job and 20 24 1st long due to the right so the ceremony in Europe Ivan and there seems to be in my and didn't see any thoughts about that in and In particular has a lot of talks about testing frameworks and the techniques of protest and stuff so I want to find out is a just because everybody's doing otherwise nobody Morgan wanted anymore so as you would help me out
1 of 1 of these statements and if you who would agree that this statement is true about yourself just raise your hand right I use the receive almost no obviously don't perceive him get so in the not everyone is in the hands of still and I'm just taken Donnagon if you don't agree with it's and the next statement as our when I implemented new feature it's of ICA right a test 1st so I don't see that many hands going downwards from so this was a really interesting and quite often you see people and you they all year and and and the intestine and and and will call and sources new feature coming and where it's it's just it's is all that I just need to to write the test and but as this may confuse the because you're not going test-driven development you're during our development driven testing or testing really arXiv got them in years 11 unit has in the end but it's not really helping out your development so yeah just I just want to move on quickly to of my against frescoes of tests from developed so the result of a on the same page here right you
want to new feature it on really not hard I will look in the end but you know what it should do so the 1st thing that I do and I sit down I think really hard about test and I want to define the
test so that they really fits what's what's I want the future to to do in the and and a rule out all the things that I don't want to do and I just go and such that my leg the house of my brain off and and think about what I'm going to have to dinner and just develop on and on and on the test has probably done so last year I went to Australia and everything and maybe I can just use it as a on a test and doesn't work I because the amount of things and need to re around right of them so it's a good to another thing after than work in non to get creative to something else that's interesting ideas further on the test set on that came from my that crazy but have low blood sugar now I'm hungry so it was the thing and I think even I don't know have kids has so again at this point I need to take a break of this is I take a break and have a coffee and come back to think about a bit and I come up with this thing and get affected tests work so and then cooled system development and so we have tested in a moment if the test passed by the average correctly right as point case so remember that the tests have to be have to be so the test so really the thing that you need to concentrate hard on right test and then young and then the room so remember writers some of regression on the people of on the moon and something and profit for thank you few
use all my communitarian you and Alexander where you where you OK so here we compared to the Quick mikes
approach all OK there we kill your
essays by their have allowed so your the conference and but they're more pleasant conference and Európai bone and I would like to introduce you recite Khartoum's on some 17 which is only a few weeks that I shouldn't have any anniversary there were tents edition so this will be over special conference and it will be an island in Germany at the university and they have a full weeks of his father was 28 and the Finnish September 1st at the conference has 2 days of tutorials so we typically have a gain of strike and wants strength and they had their often have all of those of open source library introducing things like non-PPI and us and many other scientific libraries that these 2 days of followed by 2 days of talks and they have presentations but also post was so if you would like present the postal and find Friday where friends and the sprint on scientific libraries so the registration often so if you would like to come please register now you can find more information and is linked to concede and areas of high or to sell some to bit of topics to be covered pretty much everything that has to do this something it was pipeline and scientific computing array computations pro-competition competition stations data flow kind of things but also something about the scientific present community and never seen general-purpose tools that can be used for science to so if you ever program wonder what % something that can be used for scientist you can also do this and positive about algorithms and Pavel topics of the related to persistence and the public a problem for them to be published soon that they currently in the face of a review in the core of the proposals that have quite a few proposals and the heavily working on the program your server interesting you note so we're all this talk about how to fix a scientific culture so if you want have more teachers this could have something and you can also become a sponsor so if you would like to support the scientific part in community you stopped me Paul Somerson e-mail and you can reach their to scientific pricing users in Europe and only thing now that's left over which you have to come to and yourself I conference and to remind you that and mn 0
sorry it but if you just wait for OK take it away no and I wanted to a bit about how the cultural background effects the perception of music and had and dealt with this topic in this last year for a project for my school and for that have made a survey
so here you can see the a scale and I use the scale to represent the music people in different cultures this I have transformed into something you can hear and I use this table here and the
that the frequencies for each note I use
this program out density and made the scales for you they might look like blue boxes but actually if you zoom in you see this OK they might
look like lines now that a system in fact that you'll see this it's which is quite typical for a sound if it's a piano so I made the sounds and I still needed more for myself and I had to
decide if I wanted to take a that picture the world of that picture of so I decided to to take the 2nd 1 so the bottom 1 and also
found out that Google had this if in newly Kunduz like this and because they knew that was a rum and after trying and trying and finally got a survey that looks like this and I would ask you to please take part in this survey and ask foliage friends to take that as well he is the link and you this during the light
until it's like noise a a have thank so technically we only have time this next so that would put into the but we can stretch 15 minutes maybe get another 3 to it's
enough to this result last I can also that case in the performance right here can like is they're Marti and solar cool just get the preferred and will give the area use signal is that to lead will move not working and also yeah that's eaten of that article was we have no more jokes about what kind of peace pool of standards so if this is said to wander about new actually and the I think that's the way to who like really got the thing about the 15 minutes you yeah this is working you all my list is food it in your mouth have it's not actually working sorry but also Anthony Geffen this it's going to be a node to miss the next the quality of the cook I think this is where we're supposed to make a joke about yeah we should you know 1
violent DVDs I read it when I don't did this comes were like photos we only get
the whole world just before I
perspectives OK we cannot give you more much more seconds so close you it was like getting closer and closer of basic anyone model can you the dealt with this life maybe you don't have a gun so if the barrier and you give the talk without slides no many
the sum of the 3 yeah merging has the is thinking of pressure and
you may OK I have 1 I'm among of and we both work at airport civil uh dense ever civil really like fighting working not but it's kind of models run it's and of analysis that it's but very looking for more people in the aviation industry that's also like using spices and so in order to achieve that we need in order to kick start that we created to with salsa problem which is already come for many people working in the aviation industry uh because whenever I wanna do an analysis I asked a partner or a carrier like water your plants and they give me their schedule year in a very sadistic file
formats where my colleague rock and I have developed the solution for that's so as you can see the the flight industry started to introduce and to scan to kind of saying the state of which flight is coming where at what time of day started 1st
working worth of
teletypewriters unfortunately this slide doesn't sink and the formant look like this so you see it's a like a medical string that says something about something that will happen no sorry a lot of have so this is the 3rd is much time has spent most of the the Tony things that word now there's a abundant by annual conference which the sink there's lots there's also you know
in some way the Articles of there was 140 conferences already so far so think about that uh and so the the form of this the same so so
this is the expression of the form of lower start with that action codes is so this means we add the new flight the this is the flight number this is the period in which the flight will go this is the periodicity of the flight so this means it will only go on Saturdays have 150 seats and it'll be the Airbus T 1 line of code will go at noon to land on it so the charter so she like a human readable where a condensed form of perfect if you using telegram to go along with the new 1 there so this is 1st around us share files uh and this is how they look like so we have a header of and then we have the the kind of the the description of 1 fly at the so this is a called a slot actually for the slot is composed of multiple flights sometimes so what about this this location so we can really with . room of its formed by by so you can use it of so we really did so from the from this can we get we see that there's 1 slot and they're or they have the alerts like this the the slot itself looks like that great but how many flights is this blog we can expand it uh and this is actually done flights of the fun of so what about the rule use case so let's take summer schedule 2017 for on to the so we see that there 20 thousand lot of slots and there's even a warning because the times of really likes to put to a 24 0 0 instead of 0 0 0 0 for the time and in 1 of the again there and now we can exploit the expand these slots into flights and we see that thing about 4 sec loads into 300 thousand flights no yeah but I
what is put in a you can you can bet is all this tool can learn to do the uh and and least all your friends in the aviation industry because I can imagine that your model using sir falls at the moment these anyone you know tell them about this and I hope we can get a good cooperation in the aviation industry for by the hair
King all know diencephalon again an hour on let's
see if we can do is fastest
and give very cool uh then this 1 is John Jr all on yet you were going to yes
OK so all all understand and you think it will work the OK when you're next time there we go and a bonus and I by them a I 1st of all I would like to thank you very much to time into 10 I met some of them last 2 years and I'm very happy to see again can but in some the mn guy that said it it does times here so I would like to him the huge tend to them because of they're ghosts and require and thank so I would like to invite you to beast this is a conference so that those conference was in 2014 and instead additions were made by itself and you can install them the prince don't by jokes but the problem is that we dont have more jokes about peace so please come and help us and why not but what does it s in in our name so we dont eyes as as the safe use and on
it because of this be gets so these time we invite JC come at the other that it's very nice open source and software developers called beta 1 that it's very famous guy from continum Analytix sound the problem not very known person and beyond the wrong bet it's about aerospace it will be called talk it and you will
have to as such so events and it will be being chose as most of you know and say the house and that was the had beats and
had 3 of them and the the best features of the Europe entered very well known all the food and uh very that the people and very calm and friendly so in
them but he's come to our conference eats on it seeks from 8 of October the caller proposal is open and it will be 2008 will be tutorials and it will be for free and then the 2 days a week and it will be dogs an
and then commons to be and I
think you know you no yeah might think merging there you go the so how large only going to move with the times I would have gotten so you saying use this to sell all you heard that Martin and another can to walk yet falling still there we go so even
tho most of which of them a better read not by phone conference you you
have to learn about context so then
we all into this flunking a half so there while I'm at non you by the low vitamin jumble I'm going to work because that's all which situated in Bulgaria on such a beautiful country I'm also Völklingen knows fully well use of of in Bulgaria told and it follows that I was still of coming up to give written in this great so what this itself is it's actually but this with gorgeous that the wall the right what to do still call in piece of it but In the gas it actually gets 5 principles known as causal which for postulated repeatable and silver did you give any time soul you shift all right to but which are obsolete she goes into some problems of the coming of the dividend for like this a function that goes in our country which actually is referred to cops days because of how you get these ladies related and stuff like
this your portal function and model and go to know sure on it you get this to bestow function which actually breaks this principles and the solution for this
ball of problems Our looking so what's actually making coming of low grave by the How will is actually this technique that the walls of tool on figure functions and by thinking of functions I mean you can manipulate your the borrowed the function and also the other side effects like the reason that's in exception and things like that but I would but the needs of simple examples to maybe is theory represent my thoughts on how I think such a low small function that just fills me if it's of so I'm importing data from the big band to get it done now sold display that what if I don't know don't get now my function of my peers all new boss if it's woods July joining 450 more content that it's so produce lose all like in the folding phase but here I'm just watching the coal dust but most important did the usage of of was duke in my 1st alone because so I'm not just the function which cigarette you give knock its goal and it's simple down by integrated your function and after that you can say what they're done viral your more so congratulations you just look at the present here in this
room much weaker the than the universe stage yet and
winning John Jr all came
from here the difficult would have thought you attention 5 minutes as usual practice
all forming it's good on you
I you know there was times you don't know it seems like there's something there um yes you're ready then we go but pick favorite on who this year want invited to like about and instead of talking eldest show so from the mean and
the and
if at the time
the path of the light is a
lot that is dedicated to see whether the thing is the final where
it is the it just the way I would like to do that and the
and this is really quick can win I mean together to
discuss this the topic of items on
the web without being isolated about to all the other on the communities
that states sharing the same
I know where we're going to the this is a
great to be here and the weather is the
people field new energy value
these little developers interested in learning more about it
and and
not a technology is not want isolated in
the idea that the that
community by combining best not
begin next further knowledge and the insight to the
film so who knew that this is
really a lot of time on this is happening in
many of these here the other 3 of them so that is the goal with the thing that it
you and that may make here unit I hope to see you right you know a final speaker immediately I'm pretty sure the video was made today you know like the title latent untouchables still doing the same date them pretty pretty sure that that media was just suspicions
so you're ready he no maybe keep the log and that nothing OK this is going to be then as we can then we have that the pollution system so sorry about well it also more than half of the leaves so we can be pretty proud of using a lot of OK you any we you know we go see this last nite so yet and they said here that I am and I have we come here to invite you to go to resume uh to Mexico for instance then in of phrase in Brazil have the a lot of reasons to go there this is you might see that is known to be the 1st to reason is about the event of the 2nd reason is that is is the capital of bias in years in Brazil and the forgiver Demanet people have itself the reason that the is that for Brazil in the DC US which could be Brazil lost for Germany by 7 1 and it's not good for President people there and you visit of people we
have the Agra are great in the history India lots of by leads into general goes and that these very special from you the covariance there is you know that by 2 is not only about the technology is of all the people to eat is very strong not being our commitment the ESL last year this was a picture of our conference last year that was held in Florianopolis and we had 17 that TV tease out there between talks and tutorials that were presented by women by our prior ladies and DC yeah we had actually seen 9 activities to be meted we are hoping to beat that nobody's year with a lot of girls and talking ain't giving tutorial besides our did of the grows events that are happening in Brazil right now but have probably the you know from Brazil they would listen how mother that the use of the of the image by tle ngt venomous and noted that the that the profession in and the red is the power of the Rudy about right and the here we can
see our volatility did many itself I think Brazil because by he is very strong the commodity in Brazil so here is only the main conferences in Brazil that had about any Doppler India and and the general goes the and other events uh in the here is the number of both the covariances wins that's in Brazil in the this year we the ability seeks to have the best of I'd like to invite you to go there they do and how
have so where do you see
that in the latent level and what happened and was how you think of it this is this is the level of demand where is the lead real-estate because you're quite the front here you quite intimidating got out of the you screaming out as they go OK so that this talk is how to get your front stalled the American bonds but that he has but American not British will all that much more reading and and uh have I had guys so I get these kind of strange thing happened to me I wanted to share and raise the knowledge about some dangerous things happen in really so basically what I wanted to do I just wanted to
cut on this social event attended a lot of interesting people the event was
actually really really cool thanks to the organizers and credits for the for to a list the photographer uh
has them so the that was really
lots of this is kind of representation of me having fun at this event yeah but the way that that's where wide so then I decided to
go to the beach because they met a real nice person and we decided to have a swim and what happened
then Douglas came take cost stuff
and when we came to see what's happening this is what we did
and while the honestly I really had to walk without my bands of 2 it will tell yeah so some lessons
learned 1st of all we responsibly don't come up with ways you used to keep in mind that it might not be that say you and I think it would happen to you
if somebody much of what we somehow you talk to
me right up to the U N I think we have about local big thing