EuroPython 2017: Lightning Talks - 2017-07-13

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EuroPython 2017: Lightning Talks - 2017-07-13
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Lightning Talks [EuroPython 2017 - - 2017-07-13 - Anfiteatro 2] [Rimini, Italy]
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OK so in the start with these 1 that is that we must not actually in the least but that's the first one is not here will be selected sir breadth talk so please the
and hello everyone and aim
is to tell you what I mean I'm software engineer followed a lot so on so and to day I want to talk about how to create a telegram what actors yesterday there was a taught how to read it to you to write a metabolite OK why why not create a telegram 1 so and the 1st thing you need to do is you need to create a lot and the
mouse convenient is that you do not need to call your mom instead and you just need to talk to what farther south what father or is that is a special telegram about which allows
you to create and manage your boss so are you just tired commands you bot answer a few questions like that that name a few what and the description and that's sits and you get your talk in which you think you used to do your multiplication the so you bite you I the right tons of different Python packages which allow you to read those what's like as you can see that it's not completely is the but it's a huge amount of in this chart I would like to focus on the practice
which is called AI all GG cell this is sound a little framework built the over a seeing 0 which allows you to build an battleground what's really is of the so a 1st thing you do
is make you define a lot like you create construct your bot class are you provide till can and a name to to to the construct of then
you defines some commands handler I'm so that your thoughts can understand what what what it means to do if somebody call that hello command for example I'm and also you can define any other Europe handler and any other message handler for like you can define what to do in case of all do message I can see or video message or image or whatever my message comes in and the last thing that is left is to run a lot so it just runs an and a loop or like the in in in uh a cease-fire event loop and it's constantly calls for the new updates from the Field and in case all for our new message of Europe like at every message is sent to to to handle is defined to handle that are type of message that's basically it I you can find is that I'm false those codes under that and have a pretty name and let's do
some live demo but they think
you so this 1 was supposed to
be the 1 and so it is going to be that the like if there was a time of like to do them all right William of so many of you if you so I could must 1st time the the of from Sec yeah how do
I do me a what this I'm
going to see anything at all I call so on that this is that this time the through into group don't thank you
think it's OK fine wide about you the so that everybody can look at it the and OK so let's invites hello in the 17 about here and it bumps the thank so yeah should go to
the to the re Paul the the
reserve DOE profile would hear it you can compile your own took the image or you can just our prune the spot on the gender happened tried to so that's it thank you
think you have these here now the 1 who was going to be the target of learning to developed the
what you OK so please come to the station broad use of I need here the turn the light out you're providing the you have evidence about next as you may have noticed an hour and change of the you know and have and smaller and we take them in both the you that story that was the answer plot they asked me to hold the thing but the 1st thing I noticed that I have not that many jokes and I have I don't speak with that many people so I have no pieces of the and is just the latest we've I have no these stories have to do is tuning provides it mostly ideas speak with robots actually so this this thing and they just kind of but have very interesting stories all these days they have I have been in you any and it will be 2nd this the book but this is something this today it was great so this improvement so also there standing OK so that yes you have remained but this time it is going to be smaller so we have to be to thing constraint the bookie yet
OK so I 1 and let the inner hair
OK so Monday missiles I walk for
company could mobility of Germany and
I want to present a small that Python that which if you might be useful for other people to so if you walk communities so moon would be you know you can put and extend expired time
for an your keys all even and connections in the case of Mongol DB collections and but there are cases where you don't want to bound the
binding obligation to a the and the database all you countrymen because you walking and very limited environment so I was looking for a solution for quite a long time and I did know what to do so I found out that there's something called Time to Leave dictionary which is was not really maintained and so on folk did and and this knowledge by by did you read at the heart of in the
positively deposit do indeed have is also able and I want to show you this morning to them if you narrative me the opportunity I just need to look at a time the this of yeah
and the yeah what that and the but yeah it's is the
contrast with enough on the screen no OK so this but the
media media media a a yeah but
if it is a the at level
condensing the just 1 thing and all dictionary which remembers the order of the or our keys and values and accepts in explaining time so if I created like this with dead tree seconds values and put in writing there this now the I have the sky and if I with quite a few seconds and I would try to get it I get a kilo because 3 2nd of Boston's expire so just to show in the quickly it's still it's gone and the nice thing about is no trades no magic so please don't use it for thousands of values it's only nicer fall very small amounts and the model of like a couple of thousand so you can use it for kind of like cation all and so what if you use you see for this thank you some few
but I keep forgetting that I have a microphone
uh so these units that have no and I don't think I have but I think you know to improve my jokes by finding the from this by you so I said have domain may have right by the rate of like the 1st 1 is a being using to be for a lot and now mainly because they can be without help to exist now you would like to think he did that and not use the
the the but the lack of for
it it
and I will talk a little bit of a multiple of 4 workshops soul who has ever up than that as a student so I ladies Journal there's 1 called controlled by quot
etc. there is a hand up please no free for all x access the more so was the mantra
during those workshops please and more that's nice and was organizing Gore organizers to execute the workshops to free for OK that's less than I expected so for those
who don't know it goes like that 1st we
recruit the uh um the students and the man tossed uh and then uh organism can handle some of the same kind of pure market in funding and conceptual uh but honestly we are having problems with magical frank about places especially if we go at scale and and Paul's when I can be probably had like to
120 students and weekly sessions for for some time the drop all took the job of a little bit and the time a solution if we work hundreds events at the end of the fruit you which of classes and it's hard to marriage that moment of from the amount of students with all proper link so what we're
using for quite a ladies and also bring the simple man is Google Books will forms tree or a song on Facebook things are for for knowledge and a lot of smaller stuff so I was thinking about this all of our groups of journalists over the or have the single problem and from what what they currently have and we can uh address that the necessary link for uh in the foreground will Google forms for recruitment and she's especially not nice when they're reviewing the crew the recruitment process and also we having short was the storing the material which is mostly on the world cup with which is not so good for not save users uh the city and so and we could also use some more stuff that we have fears approach on and I quote current event we i've you registration up which all due to register and to review the it helped us a lot of especially that over 900 uh in people wanted to bring us and but they you each of that and the design is awful because I didn't like in 24 hours uh just got to use the Google forms so I would like to invite you to share ideas what you need to what do you expect from implication to handle the workshops today and lower soul 1455 or to a tool for defining yet uh American combined to break out for your own good that when we can create a bottle log of the features we to see an application that would help us the workshops and explain that you for a person serve to always had a thing
you and this that until you hear that Kate simple program and me and that led use the rule world would have not that much time because
he is going to use the gun back by so called final so I think that I haven't to myself and leading to more known as the mother of robust um you brought in by meaning the ships in this please don't do that are you right now I cannot see women don't know what these mergers and something of people going there was the what to will that you know that it's a as of this year because in the 2nd part of this 1st that the whole yeah
so that but can you will ask her is here we again use that so you are any of you who don't know what is so hinted that they if knew how they have and what happened there was that 1st line supposed to
say backed by firm yeah me double the and I will I work for bottom health accompanied healthcare company Digital they basement the and this is like can you see that OK yeah wall like it's integrated service can a self-replicating buyers that through and the very helpful coal-based you signed the I'm probably you like I know the big 5 integrated that's but this is a quote by the brains burden so the solution to this is to do consumer-driven contract testing and this is the part evolve but your services basically our with this technique or system what you do is that you have an API and you both to the contagion and every time someone is using the PID will they will generate a contract and then there was another content to you and then you can buy that that conduct every time you are wondering if but if every time you are building your service validate day that contract and then you can make sure that in the breaking appliance but the thing is that sometimes you are expecting clients to use your API long life but they it then the use of the use of in different ways that you didn't know that kids but they are still going it and when you have many clients is really important and you don't break them every time you update your API so basically this is a way to try to avoid that this is really simple you have a consumer that would generate contract and public to to a commonplace and then you have the provider that will know that contra and by the data contre for different consumers this is like the simplest structure our wall the library back right is justified and implementation of the back and the stand there let's say so is language and the stand there is language independent water we micro-services but you can move faster and make and be sure that nothing is going to break and as an if you have the problem of like when you have like 20 microservices on you need to do in the greater the best trying to orchestrate that on the sea ice really difficult by the in that held many times are from this is definitely a way to get out of it onion throwaway integration tests I wanted to go the library because this is like if I'm another cannot tell you everything about it you can this is the website that will tell you everything you need to know the
yeah this is the the website you will find everything here but all the libraries for the different languages brightened about everything so the somatic using many languages in your company can always use that the Python libraries backfilling active development we definitely need people to get the ball but you can use number that would be greater than did few
tools sold then is uh but and analysis of this
so here computer really quick and then it's going to speak to us about how we don't know what because it really is that didn't want to give away the plot so the simplest of these words sort like this you run your but it so that money is then I would the residue reply Foundation and and getting the soccer title would have kind of giving
away the contents of the talks so and in 1 warm and so I do love Python numbers replying and sort of love things like this
so install thing and the way this works is that it browsers applied and all slash simple session empty looks for we'll file with the platform tag matching the current platform if it finds a match it downloads the wheel and souls that it takes no time that's what the wheel platform at the at the wheel as standard in in Python is full at providing tree belts binaries of of these packages if they are implemented in C you you have to rebuild that when you download if no match is found for the platform the on if they only provide your honor and a Linux machine 64 bit and then we divide say windows that T window 64 when you have a match you have to build and the thing from source that package from source and if they don't provide any source along with and that wheels and things then you you found you can't install it this is all
so as I type of a given
inside installment the and and it's a slot which type of X A 6 0 64 I you know I have a long so this is
what NumPy provides although these all different platform wheels for the different versions of Python different and combinations of all that and which 1 are you actually on
Linux army 7 l that's what platform as like what I've never heard of
that and his source still yourself and this takes a long time that it takes a reasonable man time on a laptop but an onerous reply uh by 3 takes about 20 30 minutes and and honor pi 1 it takes 2 and a half hours so really and with a single call very eloquent quite quite so quite slow clock speed takes a long time to build so just running it in some of they all this stole anything that relies on the you'll be saying I'm waiting a long time the so I kind of thought of final by and
package repository and so pi
wheels is essentially the name of the project and in the talk and so I have applied free my my living room and the builds and gets a list of all the Packers on pipeline there was 6 thousand time and I just sat there it's residue is reasonable that West building wheels of all the packages were attempting to a level the output from and the build process into database so I can look back latency Weiss and things available or look at any information that there is that and then on the same side host the web server and event minimal you need them and minimum you need to do to host a Python package repository that will work with an with PIP is found out that directory listing of all the directories there with package names containing the wheels or or the types of status distributions just which we all do have the res reply and rain grasp intuitively deviance and with an Apache webserver just hosting the files that is built and so this is on on government and it wasn't particularly sort of friendly is an open-source project intensity couldn't exactly declined essence of set up and build it feels as unit test out yourself and trying to contribute but sound but it was and I took 10 days to complete the build run so all 106 thousand packages justify was just another 10 days in my living room just building building building and I managed to successfully build some 6 % of those packages and the repositories Leiva pi wheels up and thus overcome enacted installment the if you provide and the the URL of this other works and it takes 6 seconds instead of half an hour or 2 and a half hours and so the to apply wheels and is a apply in the data center so there's a company called mythic supervised res reply free hosting you can rent a res reply uh 4 6 times a month and so using 1 of those and by and rather than those of the latest version of every package and building every version of every package and again I'm hosting the poster on applied this build build is like these take a lot longer puts and I had it's fund have result of uh come with a solution for that and there's a test we and installation instructions and developer game of as well so anticyclical back and it's a complete the no backlog and continues below the leases tries to fix anything of failed and look at things like that rebuilt the Python versions and see if we can into in recipe and actually uh configure pits to use this this additional index so that users get highways for free without needing to know about it and just last last week thing before I finish this and so we came across this project and ask the and the developers of the next-gen pipeline projects if they would and allow uploading on wheels and they accepted that so you can now upload on platform wheels to the next and pipe I and I appear on the uh the main part by websites the so that would be to get a project
you is from talk to me if you have
a few studies have been something of the system to mean so we have a tool used were for a day later such
with the map and try to unify them because there were no witnesses forward so medium buyer and beta and you also have to be the last 1 was I know that you need to do is the use about the food younger also it's here and so on and words to speak about building the yep silly you can come here and everything then you know move you provide a written good no comments you don't get it so also we are having of other yeah but having so adding more just-in-time filled we're going to be less of a latent because now we still hear about it
have param wants to achieve a beautiful GenGO and needs to be of the global health
as of 1st um who here use gender yeah right hand OK and who is read the local so
uh it's quite an old books now that's the IG is each of theories
we by a different person as a subject is completely free could be actually Teodora about documentation about and internals of any technology and and the aim is to illustrate of what beautiful these so we get equal jingle which is a book for from the community and I wanted to you the exact same thing um so right now it's not doing me good because the it's still the beginning and making some time and money to launch this projects and some speculate project anyway and what we have so far we have the Gate heavy in poly tended 192 beautiful dingo that we have the websites manifesto that and the diversity statements uh we already have some devil bridges to help uh when we view the and uh we also have some good feedback rate now um sold but I still need use all you can help out maybe you could write a shifter a out the eating spreading the word and the 19 helpful reuse begging some feedback uh and anything else you can think about them last that these meiji jingu isn't the right subjecting he did say he would be better you choose with a biphenyl maybe you can do that to me about it later in Section need anymore in contact information you can go and beautiful danger that come at a meeting in Python today so he's just send an e-mail thank you feel
the I think that it's officially
lunch time now so I'm going to last you want to go to still see then lights in the latent at that level you know many of you want to sacrifice of each of the lunchtime no 1 1 that he
that anyway and the world will continue on the
little 1 live from yes that was so that she your about the thank you for using them now we don't care about building namely whether is hello I'm some alternative you from your lunch for too long but it's some the 2 but the new web
it's community of involved in for world of it's trying to build an instance of commercial social networks is simple 1 why would you want to do that then if you use any of these services please be perhaps right you're not using them anymore because the rules that if you've uploaded photos to them they gone if you uploaded application to the click of blog posts community forum posts or gone that been some set of which is another way of saying deletion stuff so they will probably written a blog post which contains the sudden spike the parts for a credible Jody which translates full we got acquired when rich would deleting your stuff of the CMeSH social networks have some other issues to they have to be but only censorious of 2014 Instagram to the picture of a newly gay couple kissing because they determined it was inappropriate of faced with written units such as a breastfeeding mastectomy scholars because their party pornography but this that so do I'm part of community that's trying to build alternatives to this article in the web but we have this rather criteria that you should put stuff on the web um and the maybe if we work together we could build something that's better rule the moral interesting than the than existing corporate social and social web but uh so we have a few simple principles publisher new insight and thence indicates the existing networks so people will publish the and set up to Twitter or Facebook but the HTTP inNational is kind of an office we don't need lots of complicated protocols because nobody understands them but we reject all the stuff around like Federation of identity because is way too complicated and need a Ph.D. to understand that and we've all been on medalists with blog about the stuff for years and nothing ever happens and and can implemented however long so Moses webpage past travel unit so I do in drag 0 some of the pitch basically do what Preston IJS whatever uh were against monoculture um divesting implementation is good but we build some very lightweight protocols because all of the existing ones will bunkers and would be we got 3 or 4 of them which now understands track of micro pop which is kind of an alternative to list all still that small RPC pose you post your blog API as web mention which is kind way to syndicate replies back to your site um and would like to
be involved in that's cool community in Wimbledon stuff of events coming up this year in the Berlin and involvement in some in some Cisco to baltimore bright London environment we have uh bi weekly club so people to come along and contract we have mercy from which a dimensional that which is hashed I have which is a channel in the web on Freenet some CS would like to get out of this systemic of full community income interest me afterward right or just go to in the web total and but this interested
so the and you know a man a London London moving yeah is that many of moving that I have to give the the model is that so 1 of you and so K is an this thank to be someone that this to allocate addresses so so you really originated so few the so I think of that let's see if the gesture
can do which the let's make more arise that we have here the visible yeah the not
so like um model I'm gonna show
you a clip thing on so forceful when like um I work for this
company called press labs we do and I'm such a developer of operations there we host WordPress what because
problems all covered wouldn't by that we run other people's speech because it is that we run our own CDN and for hosting so ideally we want when someone wants to access 1 of our hosted sites when the when you do a lookup you wanna take you to the closest glost weakness he edge but in we've got and we want DNS this do this for us on streets because of that and not going to fiddle with the projection now but in we also wanna have some redundancy so like you've got multiple edges in geographical cations alleles 1 all make sure we load balancing and specify weights and we we we basically through the anus make sure that the requests have all edges in a certain geographical area the location so that we could use right 53 is false records for this we exactly this however the cost about thing to put up your is that actually US dollars but still 50 US dollars per record which if you got like you know the apex that w CDN domains adds at about 150 dollars just for DNS for 1 customer which is ridiculous we couldn't pass that cost 100 years so on the solution of actually if you have a look at how data we yes implements those false records the document pretty well and the like you basically kind of roll your own so it's just a set of aliases with you specify latency in which location in so we roll around it's called zinc it's open source supply countries has got a simple recipe the I pretty good testing I think and as inch will so but from a quick
demo time find the
stairs this is if you see here but this is this year's CD on record occurred in a demo site because he's is just an alias An alias to all this stoppable records now if you go in and change like I wanna change the
policy and switch it over to some different policy and you will see that good it's now saying it's not saying we got we to offer reconciled to basically we solve this problem for us and we go it's now
mean for refresh here yeah in a very very simple different policy now with only 1 IP so there is a rest
API we've got swagger you can check it out there's documentation and all that on you
help you can check out the code here when this if you need this user thank you have
tools so our 11
is linked to and then and then you the the of cool all can you can you can the Europe of the slope and he's going to lose the about what this
thing yeah right cool so tell a and have high this is my 1st ever talk 1st like indoxyl hope it goes well in Canada like them was well the a shorter so high above 0 and I'm the true the right audience who here uses sublime Text yeah burden that some people here good who right status a lot more in a great so managers something that sorry that goes alright so can you see this
the bit OK so we got a little project here it says that some work that needs to be done there are there's a couple of functions that do work and there is a test audio so we test the word but it's a bit slow and we need to wait for it so so you want to do we have this we right by just here for instance a furious by this from testing it's good and then you wake basically for all the tests to finish and some of them might not be as fast as you wish to do it so you keep waiting and waiting and here you see a lot of fails
which is which is why we have this this slide if all of them failed bands it is not gonna work with
people so there is a better way to
do that we know that so what we usually do you use do we write pi test and then give us a specific model and then run that module it also takes time the and what it takes time by the having jokes or anything so basically was a lot of time and we failed again how so we are well probably we should
fix some of these so here to yeah like new cost lightning the hopefully that's right by from is larger than also and in europe had at least a lot of this only works and and I actually didn't get that far so yes so you could run a specific module and specific test I'm sure you know that so for instance strongest this test yea it's much faster because you just run 1 test so everyone knows ensure on as few just as possible right when you iterate and work it also passes so we could so we would basically this is basically a plug for my blogging that I a built for this thing which basically allows you to there are on a specific test in supplying by basically just going to the right location and you just do the right test and you can also build whole module for the whole project and a half since these 1st tests we have another
slide With this not for with this is going really well and all tests passed a half an hour I think you that's basically it's OK sorry that's the most important parts of course process how
long the link that's not what to do right and here's the length
surgery subproject just for starters we'll who hadn't started 1 of them's mine thank you very much this year in 1 of the this anyone else go to the talk yeah we have 4 times myself to you know anything anything that really going to have to make a full
right to these 2 so it's cool so we don't and we don't can you have a OK the test going to speak about the book as saying that yet I is going to be doing very selective about it's still I think this good will like now it's more like only colossi if yeah you right so you know almost you have to be fast the then the rate of the use of migrant I'm ready to data that flow of through here uses a sink I 0 1 person to who here wants to learn anything and everyone of course everyone out so here is an even sadder projected has 1 star but so it's sort of a tutorial on how you can build in a single application and it teaches you to build all and as the video player so you can play movies in your terminal because everybody of course corresponds out so you how this is a small repository that shows you how you build on a single server that can stream data to multiple clients to become active Mattel matinees plays movies for you and the terminal so you might want to check this out if you want to see how do you how to use a single there's like 5 or 6 types of which lead you step by step through the development of this also here's the link again and that's all for me thank you we give it some for us so that the harder to OK now we used
them to go on stage state and
then at the we were the sold problem of the the last Wednesday of the job you know these you know cool it would have been less than regular
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realities that we hungry you ready for it full and on the other hand so you have high everyone I am things and not that sorry give sees Adam of the victim is under you exceeds is that the mind is very quick go to this URL take my survey I need more responses and doing a community research project and I will be publishing results next year but I really need people to take this survey as many different people as possible and I'm not collecting any private information I promise I swear I'm just trying to get the word out there so please go there and then retweet the links so that other people take it and think you the and now we just go to speak about all he boring they free did you cool and the last 1 the black
really we have these 2 1 the all of them the full use of the store of all the different from delicious and rapport with the walls it also it's underfunded in most operating systems you have that compose the usually abuse it's because like was due to rule over the basic stuff moment units so I want to take you to the prep for Gerald toward a different group of languages were also stuff does not help uh so that's host maintained originally and that's how it's used in Hollywood and the normal English so through a group of languages and groups script so if you always orbit for robots and what it what it is that you only friend of this when they're grown the gate right and what I think this actually probably version from of anyway some through college and it's kind of similar to all right that is what all Greek uh which is not the case uh generality and the worst case of kernel conditions of no is a via fossil would if you yeah if you can see uh this the because of others so this is whether or not the weather was the critical 1 event it is sexual different at the same because it was and if you need more hardcore that were what the books almost the same as the Latin and 1 is different and just as there's no interpolation for that is that total different and that you were loyal to different central uh which is yeah so rate for people and efficient is good enough to know all this uh when we all this script that came after and change this 1 so and it's uh so uh the idea held the the global standards even unit of cohesion its use it if you know what do we got use use it uh if you don't learn about it is great uh next the you induce this is not the worst part uh you bought there comes to all the people really do really and the ratio so that people who use to work and speak Russian bring some through language uh you know that they're using vendors centreboards as uh people use would embrace the languages so uh 1 of 3 use for the for the for the words and uh through pernicious mall the more there's the most within 1 so that the street and more than 26 in emerge so rest useful the special symbols and you want so all the symbols you can see the yeah sure convey that if you use an you bought all there and if you're a developer or if you use in a program was used yeah you can work from operations the square brackets and also causes stuff so so pretending I guess uh more hardcore if you ever sold the Iqaluit keyboard you can see the small he was built and core and the core in all the correct layouts isn't properties sold to enable the community to retrieve and book and if you know something about 1 wishes come what is more common than so suburban design because and what would be the sole 2nd media if you would've opened something that from will stay around for all them on the are single fit because of the the moment you really some some global tools the from time and sometimes you can but uh if you will be ever heard of changes in probably string model in bright answering 6 uh joining in or out of but then came into the which can grow because of Saudi in when and the source the uh if you're interested in such stuff read the book called and the farmer intravital of the day it shows that the station for for Use military incidents were uh virtually 1 of the 1st people understood that our research videos like you take hundreds of people only the ritual anywhere from 1 to and say OK then in is was for uh the city's social sites and the uh from the time people talk about a quite those still uh like an old cells and off policy in years the military forces died in 2nd world to because of the protocol which was due on various orange logics of all pilots and the source code for everyone from the point of usability and so going waiting to what's that if at all partisan is an in most cases any keyword by all of the is but for you because it was developed for people caught using the typewriter but the text uh and source code is different in text so uh what I can propose for you analyze the text like and see good your keyboard and your way out want to go to world suitors we work that you can always lose a lot of software that can actually immigration for works well taken in vain for was your picture with a sore spot where you can use by construction culture uh was your source but understand what's and what's symbols for you and you see that it's any keyword layout using super but for you so what kind of out of if using Microsoft Windows you can use less Kelsey which stands for Microsoft you work we'll put the crater uh so present all that so can actually built in your yard for your that's let's say you can move your kernel braces and the this break it somewhere in the middle of Figure we could be and Ukraine have assembled cleaning Salazar peaks since wouldn't and you
see fit