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EuroPython 2017: Lightning Talks - 2017-07-12
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Lightning Talks [EuroPython 2017 - 2017-07-12 - Anfiteatro 2] Rimini, Italy
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leveraging made the protective effect about 50 % faster by removing the children well HMI my work but will my work will hdm-i were sometime in this century maybe but that's the before the the very very last nite I attended as a lightning talk man you have social responsibility is the party of the revised and the were talking beta vault romantic photos on the level of all their it is being the woodlot all hold up they don't elect we give again have it's probably more form but you won't understand the sliding talk unless you watched my talk from publié May 17 this year I mean that I give this talk about what's new with the colectomy back at US if you haven't seen that talk about this is you too late but I hope you can write that down very quickly anyway I only have 5 minutes and we'll quickly but here's an overview this is the last important slide that talk showing you that Waldheim the amount of time that it takes to run as the Python program within the black neighbors as nominal me has been getting much better but now when I was done with it and may I haven't really touch much sense on this black line is showing you what the collect is like versus the red line is what does he have like on catching up very quickly so what was testing during the end of May I noticed that the memory consumption sometimes a go crazy already was too high which I was really worrying about I was like topics memory later but sometimes it be too big a bite for this simple program and sometimes it would be 6 gigabytes is sometimes it would be 10 gigabytes and more ordinary crack I I knew something was going wrong and I don't have anything else to look at so what delicate this problem but on the inside of the pipe on there 2 ways to calculate memory there's normal C. love library Malik and then there's what's called the small block allocator which is Python's on special thing for small objects on from very quickly whatever resulting always memory was doing with this more like al-Qaeda and so I had to add instrumentation to figure out who was out all that memory so here's the result of that happened at this very pretty thing you can't read that of course is too small but 1 of these is a hundred at the next category of zoom in on that 1 part of a block of memory that these are these are coded by size so there is we're allocating objects in the range of 473 by supporting 80 bytes we allocated or 8 million of them the next largest allocation was on the order of 15 thousand so what is this object I had add more instrumentation and I figured out that it's frame objects a Fremont it represents a function call in a running Python process and at my Fibonacci benchmark is a costly loads and loads and loads of the function calls so but I have to figure out why rocketing all these function objects so I added some statistics to that and that showed me that we're allocating 5 thousand of them simultaneously now this is a little crazy because if you think about Fibonacci the bad recursive the much work to be profitable 13 there's that never goes more than 30 deep so why am I allocating 5 thousand at the same time this is actually a single-threaded program by the way I was even doing with the threat at this point so I have 5 thousand my only use 30 there is actually free list for a frame with objects inside of icon because they're such a hot object they could we use all the time so why isn't the free list working why mountain 5 thousand the same time so I added a bunch more walking inside of the light to me and I produced a graph so the way this is what the graph looks like bread and why did is it is pretty non-porous a red bar means we a frame from the freeways that something is fast and like that green using al-Qaeda frame from Malik because the free list with empty blue means we deallocated frame the treeless wasn't full yet so we put it on the free list and black means we doubted frame free was this fall and so we had to give it back to see we had a free formally and the plot looks like this it's super bursting so what's going on is but if you again if you're my talk about about this reference count manager this thing that handled reference counts and got rid of all the tension but at a lot of the like what's going on is that we free 1 of these requests and then waits for a long time and then they're reference come manager handles it and says 0 it's done give it back and put it back on another list and and against the out eventually so there's a long-delayed work at the out and the out this work it's put on the realist so now this is enormous delay between the last person getting rid of the free was wasn't interested and they were actually get getting on the free list again so I have various ideas on how to solve this I might very carefully what 1 3 was objects are ever given back and then the if anybody takes a reference to a free was the free list of frivolous objects need to obey reference count rules but if I happen to know that I created I haven't given it as a reference to it so nobody can have a reference to a right now maybe I could just put them on the free list and and go on with my life or maybe I just need to create lots of them and do it in such a way that I'm not spending all this memory like crazy but the we would the the purpose of the giving this talk was just to show you a there's nothing that's incredibly difficult while working on the got to me it's just a lot of work and once statistics a lot of thinking about what could be the problem in and figure out what the problem there's and I'm still confident that I'm not and the problem becomes so I can't solve new problems figuring out what the problem is in the 1st place and then where it has the little among them or you don't use up the wonderful of rule of thumb overloaded theory a little the given would again have had I wanted to talk about a new story room about the story that happened to me whom everything code of thinking was in the in 2016 last year we go along but what With the presentation of about Buchi soul and walk out to use them soul all this happened in my college and I was very interested in it why do you think I was interested in what mind might right and OK so
that when I will when I heard about how what had much mind can I get from needs my eyes 3rd like sparse of mn k has been and but the yeah after I tried to mean I tried this week so that our organization stored in the image itself the I tried to sign on the use all also I was very even what the I have role I have will much he worked in my college soul I have to Don staff might to do work for college and also all that the organization and the EEG source all announcing they have has gone and what do you think so that those of you and then you get any to compare the and what did I was very frustrated and very angry I have failed it I mean I've just there obtained then then they asked the amount or 2 Moms I so I said that in stride to figure out what I I didn't 0 at the end the EG so I couldn't any so because I sat up and but today it was their full it was my fault game soul when it tried to belated sound thing try 1st to figure tool understand if you haven't got your save the around just now just barely occasion don't blame somewhat the after all this year I try again dangling EEG soften soul it was like something very difficult I had the 4 and I have a friend or a colleague that hit me a little of that pushed me so I can get stuff done in so long but then it does so all announcing they have has come In this while but yeah I N a MIT thank OK so no what do you think about it but I want to move around but I want done this way you do know the learned from need if you can maybe you know I don't know how I want 3 things the thinks that we would want to be a member and the Hey it perseveres vocalists indigenous is that are them more of thank you and I need a new all of and with that 1 is sitting up I've got an announcement from the right your not come to you build the informal meet up above all going on your own and not the internal it will happen in this city by the sea in front of a cheering on top of each are that the thing like you upload it was last year note there will be some Europe so the sum will will still be there but it's informal meeting that involve widely reported by the end of label from them but from the fifties eating these raise your hand if you would be interested so they can you know how much you have to order please raise your hand that eating can you tell very quick we have 2 3 4 5 it's around 15 to 25 of all but the thing that Europol right now now you began to them in a bowl that has been working you would been really you know the uh but they will be the comeback you'll you come back OK but can we have also gonna you although the unit of general of all of you you you can hold it but uh is the way we the would I will show you how to use and that of the I you know you know I always do that when you when you Rob made and what you have another 1 and another element the money so is it's really yeah I go in the colonies and so we can actually the then so you will like testify not the guy who has previously done so and they're going previously this was wrong columns the assassinated with the time of it of his great guy and he was the always carried on the contrary to to to my projects of the sprints alongside likely that you're a Python in 2015 and I think he would like it if we continue the tradition of massage is in aid the Python Software Foundation so what have
I a have I have for this we need you you were gated Marcellus's um be massless training will be tomorrow in the B of although all who room which is a break at room if you get the of the of out of open space bought them or will give so here is that the social all those things so these messages related Python's of foundation the practice of the foundation of but it protects the intellectual property of frighten them and it'll say so the fundraisers and it's grants full of uh by runs Picon US like it's grants to uh you'll meet sets to Python projects that benefit the community but PI PI stuff we'll use um so know it's a great caused by the presence of an edge a charity so I wanted to give you say I would like to volunteer to give messages and and and come in and learn it from and so it's like give generously during social um you can also come and just learn how to massage along with us he they have to actually volunteered to get messages from to change the topics lately I recently got engaged to a half and that is entirely due to more a mass or skill these movies talented has this like you know my my fiancee just loves might have soldiers and sigh thank you well columns what you told me that so uh yeah please please don't freak please prolonging learn has met so most of our own rights at 2 PM in all code them and if you don't see that I can think of is like so that you can just makes to the case anyway will probably live life but stop you and say and I give money from ontological else uh and uh buying like most people in previous years we got more money after people of leading having that sources because it is a like whether the heat's makes people quite sweaty and so you uh like if you if you there would be massaged you can give money to get out of having a mass of so that the whole on the of the loop I was always interested in is that the spiral of many page page-fault going away and home many people get him a fast interested on the updates of to come to the nearest and may be heard by the guys they have the same place coordinate I'm assuming that made up will be around locus is that correct there are a lot of my response than a lot of German time the locus all OK wonderful so yesterday we fulfill doing philosophical about things that are supposed to be romantic and I was 1 if there a lot of to highlight long walks on the beach I went to the beach I stood there for all of and expected thousands of young ladies walking long walks on the beach but the only thing that happened was some old guys with level of you trying to tell me the Rolex something never trust anything on the internet the we have 3 Q. all had a good that's why not do it OK but they have to do it without to do is outside the given so let me talking about the whole thing gallery learn things like that will give them again a OK and I'm going to present you a side product that has been leading in its schools thing scattering and the main idea is to help teaching you'll solve a lot of the because when you were renewed as upper brackets and you want to learn that you barely approach it that through the communication and I water is approaches you have usually I have a question of how would I do something and then down psoriasis back over uh but sometimes you don't even know what to ask and then it has been a wonderful resource I don't know if it would Jose map of the gathering OK on of the audience and very it's a very intuitive to me because I have more or less immediate of what I would like to see and then I visually scanned the gallery and you may find the plots that has what it would look like and then I take it and then the idea came why cannot we have seen every other open-source project that at least as and graphics or text output so why you develop what its stinks scattering which is just as things being that you've got and putting your comes up by just important things gallery and tell you well I have here a bunch of scripts and I will just in the new map of the gallery but for your project and you can always measure control this Python files and they will be always positive in HTML you can enjoy all there is the same facts so that you have really rich visuals and in text uh all the math courses if you're working with the scientific formulas and on top of that there's always an exporter that pixel your Python files to Jupiter and notebooks so that people use in Europe software can download them and try them directly out and yeah I'm trying to hold the being on the weekends if you want to join and and experience of the SoFar project you can help me continue developing this budget thank you thank your left hand and all other little right of of of all memory is about the limit of we regional and not that many what must I you want it all we really all day when it shall not whenever memory you lot of memory sum of all the dividends have my my so my work Ciskei and I'll
just experience I have white women really does not memory because Python show a great language really doesn't have memory leaks but a colleague semi this graph and from the end
of the test and I the line so you can see that the memories usage looks 12 gigabytes in the arrest because it will have no memory left and so why would my program leaking dropping arise memory and then having to kill but not of competitive was my 1st time the body a memory leak so this at the local 3 reasons when a memory leak in Python is not a memory to that 1 is really
obvious when he still got references to the object is an example from some of a library Jason RBC let the thing user and at at the office they I apologize but they keep all requests and responses in history so unless you want to delete them every time you make a request and is generally memory and that's really annoying because as easy just make request and think is it's get distaste just request new deal with a response save and yes I said this before seeing this I by is the object obj graph model other models are available that time the module and had about the other day and so by of graphical also sort of graphs show greater is this seems pretty dead and it's I could see that at the seasons some objects that I ran that during my test and I got let's say so looking at the Huntington links in the log message objects about 60 thousand in memory state good thing out can get I can use of graph to find out what referencing them so the random at and randomly pick a log message this in memory and that can pass on to crafted to roll me all references years objects so they appear with a diagram like
this which I have cells with disappointed with because that's exactly right that was that's how the uh the octet for shows the opposite to the programs of messy but it wasn't thank you I was in that the below listed on that that will get processed and and will free the memory at a time but that didn't fit with the symptoms of the but so too any doubt of the the KDE that debt and the problem still happens
and this is what my so printouts looking like and it was pretty rubbish right node right so I got the idea of a desperate to any of the thing I like about what have the carrier made this problems ideas and grub graphs of it and what
we'll do graphs look like this and in fact that's not even a because it looked like this also applies to the video on the screen because that's how big it was a 7 megabyte PNG and so that was useless completely useless I thought maybe maybe this is a abundantly with 7 program still all right side maybe is when the tentacles doesn't return your free memory which if you do this in Python T and if you make a list of a massive listening to deleted it you'll find a Python still using light to memory and more details of that they're applied in a detailed bull but costly that no longer case in Python 3 . 3 state data worry about it too much and anymore and but it was only side that some of the bits that is neither what I did well a special head and I can't see I realized that I looked it up and go home a is running a hundred and CPU all the time that's not great idea network I say it was happening so funny indicate my answer which accounts I still understand properly but with no meaning on memory leak when it's in the twisted TCP status send buffer because interested it was just something stuff onto this 10 data buffer which didn't seem to be leaking out to and but basically be careful if you're doing if you doing network irony running understand CPU you may find you but this the low and even when you applies disconnect it may still be stuck in the buffer consumers interested but when movement thank you thank your home
I want you all to comment that out and I need a letter are wrong last year you may remember my thing that I want to end itself of computer can do better last year and you've all they're all of the model of the robot and had a small rowboat robot there and I knew that robot will
sometimes replaced the like people men to be the of robot so I already prepared another period with you the care of the and there until that will happen will guide you through like talk of should there have been some in the coming days because of be leaving tomorrow and as an a student you have an announcement which will you borrowed in the front of moral using graph that microphone from that would revive I think you're not the removal of the of the soul high and layers instead and I idea centered at
small advice executed nice because to moral is this solution even tho many of you are going will OK so nothing important Friday next and I just want to remind you that this socially when it's not going to be a reply to misconceived is it's going to start that way but then we're going to open to the public on OK I just want you to freak out redundant to see these things the pocket there's exceeds all kinda so this a so there you have 1 and 2 this was against the we just want to remind you to use your common sense and is the only laying around look out for other by canisters themes and is careful came FIL have and they don't have so this is not a warning from those of
the can of course would of applying the king of Wu Walker and then people thought about the bed where they have a well you will stick with through the and the other guys you from it but but leave of all of you you will need to but you Avignon Human millions of thank you everyone so um this is an even more personal talking yesterday and it's kind of the Pr equal
to the trial tree that I finished yesterday because this is the talk how I found happiness life again but I use use the title anyone can to get hold that it takes a real man to call the tone it's a song title of event and I think it's kind of resonates with further the feeling a lot of people have that have personal problems which is to be real man don't show it keep it to yourself and to stick through it and I don't think that is the right way to go about it so 2 years ago I had a lot of personal problems which includes stuff like the feeling that I had no skill this is broadly known by the term impostor syndrome so even though I I was in university at that time and even though I passed my exams and I felt like it did pretty well I always feel I felt like a Cheech he never had the feeling that I really understood what was happening or I maybe could even use it in a drawer and the next thing what that's not good enough I was very very very unhealthy perfectionist everything and it was wasn't good enough to didn't live up to my own standards even though others told me it was good enough and then there's stuff like and I didn't feel anything was worth something if didn't suffer for it so someone offered me a job because he knew me I couldn't take a job offer because it was a gift I didn't work for chitin suffer from for so it wasn't worth nothing the and then the last thing for me was suppose some success that matters in my life the only thing that drove me to do stuff was because I want to be successful this had the positive side effect that I was very successful in the things I did because it was the only thing that drove you when I played a video game I was very good at it if I at the time pay pain pollinated and played in the national team of for short duration and everything attached kind of turned to gold and a lot of people told me you will require you set because everything you do you're being successful and it's and it's that kind of forced the problem I was being successful I wasn't being happy so over 2 years ago this happened this is a
picture I drew is 1 of the the counseling sessions I took afterwards and and those lines show stuff like how happy I am at how successful life held over time how much responsibility it had and as you can see that small lostness monster which was where I hit rock bottom and that was a time in my life for a getting out of a getting out of bed was very hard thing and there were multiple days or even weeks we didn't eat anything we just laid in bed for several days without getting up without doing anything and at some point of I uh I was a tutor in my university and then we have had like schooling for 1 week that because we the 1st semester students and we learned how to work with groups so what we should they show them and stuff like that and after that week and probably because they knew that the woman that was our chef um I got the courage to ask her for help so she
gave him the tools to build the letter to get out of the hole and that all that took almost 1 year and that was last year and they started to go to conferences unless you and I what happened at that time was I started to think about what I value in life and how I want to live my life and what I want to find in life the usual question you hear about stuff like this is like if you're 80 90 years old and you look back will you be happy if you successful or will you be happy if you had a happy life and and so what changed for me was that a change perspective from being the only focus on success hit that change the perspective to being focused on being happy so it wasn't important to be the best that it was important to be happy well did something so they started to take on how I started to meet friends again and so on mainly just change the core value of my entire existence you could say I didn't want to be successful at it wants to be happy so would like to ask all of you and maybe if you know someone that might might need help them get up again even if it meets a helping hand and I know that's probably the hardest part asking others for help think and the
quality on the need for
well we will be in London China's the planet you will set up a system similar or you just read and the you cannot that In this work the way that we were few and this is my very like and all and when I talk about
something something that most of you might consider stadium it's called energizer and it's kind of a 2 to create a very and productive group down many and to get it out of your comfort zone and agent announced a lot with that in pupils and Python workshops so when there some programming and like this by using Python and they're sitting for a long time and and and and no staring at the computer it's nice to move in this especially with the bonds of Lysander whose home level and urged to use like a normal height and and yeah I like to show you and how this works and therefore I want you to stand up so many elected get after just a moment yeah yeah energy
use something called the microwave it's an energized with 3 levels so make sure that that you you and you don't hitting your neighbor with the others the well yeah that's wonderful that you hear about the service substantial level 1 level 1 goes like this and moved I think that use like this issue thank you get like that used yeah it doesn't work the way doing that that 2 again using yeah I and then we this think yeah I think that 1 of the energy that's again and that faster than the 1 I move it to you that we think they all in 1 last time at the wall move them into the moon and I think they yeah so uh um Jews who already had something like this before you get about 10 became a knife and I want to introduce it's an because think it can make you feel like being part of something bigger which is a nice feeling and Ernst & and development set that I really like to push people to make its experiences like that and and this is
also kind of the main target of education on cell length making people and discovered something new
plates and it stands to endeavor and and so on and also the method so think energizes are too long method to the church people and more and getting more self-confident and so on by making it doesn't matter if you left it or hated like migrating because you just learn something about yourself
an and learning and understanding is like the confusion use discover something to be amazed or interior is irritated fascinated anything that captures him is our pushing learning and understanding for what so it an thinking of vectors you might be confused right now about this being in education and people and teachers can be confused in the same i have a coding which is a shame because we see that coding is an everywhere anywhere in Europe I can see that it is in politics and economy given in architecture you remember the talk let me talk yesterday ends and so it has to become a bigger part of education has to be more important and that's why I'm here I want you guys to think about how you can be amaze made in making people more curious about what you're doing because what you all volunteering is amazing and every like to get more into the education level so thank you very much we
need to create something sustainable with education and cutting together and
we just have to do something and get out of comfort zone so to go along with
the people as to which of the project in them and if you have an Indian related to the kind of making you just like me that's may managers and implement the laws my from throughout the 19th of employment for
the is running to the page and all rely on but they already found in the set up so we're currently head 1714 read that military time for quarter to and we're currently a lightning talk number 19 off mentally read I I I I I how long and you should have you don't have the doctor with you don't know how I operating at its yeah right but if we have many like and not a lot of time we have this when you followed along the effects of not fell transfer of feeling should be shut down child and think that local please raise your hands what did some people think yes I should we take another half hour or more 40 minutes or more although the majority of both Don between 30 and 40 minutes I think signal understood I have found in so I find it out there and we have to sing to a Paul is that correct yes wonderful Paul will be talking about life in carrots that's rating of for all the bunnies with us you cause uneven character unexpected you help the guys with the set up their own when you were standing next to them it worked fine I came of not what and maybe take away the cable that of must however it's a dedicated that number people left behind to do with take cable
away and you take it down the hill a cable and cable a couple of are on the rise of people use that as the number of influences it's smoking it did it did you had that thought anyway what you get if you cross yes we you that is what you get if you across multiple than a call and here I think that was from the ball and a accounting of all your funding yeah it
goes quiet and black and white and like but yeah it's very fascinating it's still with us the 1 thing detected it as a science-fiction then what I'm very very sorry of all those that we don't have a lot of told in science fiction from the only assumption that fiction I can hold of my head which is popular is start right they have you know where people of the world that we live in a very good thank you to a with what you need a lot of
resolution for our people come after me it doesn't do full HD it freaks out of what full average the resolution it says it can do it but it for a child for the next like flying anyway how to find the new things lies the of 5 minutes to that of a project yeah
I run it again I have I have I'm telling you about a new projects by the planned community which is you you you II and that we are currently developing it's going to be radically simplified and you may think blown has been around forever yes we have been at some people say that to me as if it's a bad thing it's not a bad thing it takes a long time to learn to do something well and if you're a sushi chef and constraint for 15 years to slice perfect character and that that wrong the alarm experience we've been around for 50 years and we've made some really that user interfaces uh mostly because developers wrote them and then there was this well it kind of worked but then you have like these users that came in and put content in them and you had like I had this beautiful set up with like catching a full orbit pages if it became more than 20 and end users can input like 20 thousand documents in and it also working so we are now rethinking the way we're doing it's it's shown in the background and to make its radically more simple um because yet we need to and also yeah design is really hot and you tend to do you why designed and everything fits on screen and and somebody goes and translates your software in Finnish and it doesn't fit on the pop-up box and this is there any other language that makes a really long or happens to write stuff in a different direction and so it's it's kind of hard to but we're getting there have been getting a lot better at thing that's really important is to have mobile 1st I mean when playing began and it was fine to do it on the computer and and somebody came along and invented mobile phones and now everybody's using it and it's especially uh uh important let me I work for a nonprofit and most of my users are in Bangladesh and Cambodia and their phone is the only computer they will ever had so it's not enough to give them a stripped-down version of side has to work it all of the functionality has to work all mobile otherwise these people cannot use the website as intended so um that is also a hard problem because clone is a rather complicated so the content management system you can do a lot of things with it which means you have to redesign it so that you can do all of those complex things the complexity is needed but you can hide it and you can structure it so that it brings the most important things to the user 1st and the people develop developing this uh this new do I call to Boston that that which is cataloged for character or to a nap at the Catalans are not quite sure which ones and they come from Barcelona and most of them have worked at the University of Barcelona which has a year in which the site so it actually also studied the behavior of users and where they struggle so um gap the whole thing and that by uh reduce reuse and recycle we can cut down the complexity that a complex piece of software like loan and needs to have to make that in a way so that it's usable for people who are all about people who are and desktops people who speak various languages around the world people who are blind people will have all the accessibility issues and and yes uh as I said before and 50 years clone is a long time but sometimes is takes you like the 5th or 6th attempt to get things right I'm not saying we're getting it's completely right now we're were making a big step in the right direction and there's more things and from going on we have a roadmap come on friday and if you want to have more good weather and more nice who do we have a conference in October and the welcome there will also be permit checks and all the tracks thank you thank you know where I found that out
on the set of
all make yourself very good you don't have that up here we can move along much quicker an less than that of the Great War implemented the so you from the UK on the so from my other hobby boards k-means of mean votes in the that the ball both whereas right um OK you're talking about so time as
timezone is confusing you in yeah yet that's confusing again
we have a global company we get confused with time going all the time we just read to always have all these little UTC and even that you got wrong sometimes yeah I once
again they can walk into a bar at the bottom of the story we don't of breakfast you you let looks
great and man I don't see it almost seems to a Roman walks into a bar raising 2 fingers and get 5 years
wall of the given image red have I have so if you look at the screen is uh OK here this is from a node to grok encounter to last week and which to new all stormy to most of my life and they it up some money for mentions you soul adjust the context
and beginning of daytime daytime library what of present everybody knows what does it do for us because the context it's on my laptop it's Central European Summer Time 11 o'clock in the morning as we would fall care import they time and so on we say a give me you can be the current time is UTC users of the mind by which good and then we say OK no give me that and that's a date time away are tied the timestamp right because it has times on attached to it but I say OK give me the current time knowledge from an at time also find and I and this function UTC which gives me again see Timeline of dropped find but this time without an attached and times them so it's naive uh so then there's as time zone of the Macedonian daytime objects which which basically converts the day time you have into another times or fine so let's make an example OK daytime give me the current date uh times so now in all converted into times on you to see what happens and presents refer informal would you OK trace they value error as times on cannot be applied to not use the time so that a small times on information attached to its soul and as time zone doesn't work which is fine because that's how it was always null fast forward to Python 3 . 6 the exact same situation daytime knowledge times on you to see who would works and section it's correct it's when clock um and good documentation about the time as times on says and what the change the model 3 . 6 assigns all method can also be called a native instances OK so fossil wood that's taken 1 step further but now they find UTC no also again remember you can see knowledge UTC timestamp but again in naive an instance although the NYTimes on detection so what doesn't happen when I say to see all and then converted to to see what would you expect but 7 o'clock yeah that's not what I would expect but OK yeah so readily essay give me the give recon Time UTC then converted to UTC but that's what you can see anymore because you can see it's like the problem of subgraph and that's the 2nd part of the air and thus the change and tree is that all that can be called instances that are presumed to uh to represent system rule time so it takes the times or process Rocha and converts it and so on and then converts a basically again which I know from he doesn't really make sense and all the questions I have for 1 thing doesn't make sense defaulting to assist the broker time and now maybe probably what's the springs basically or called broke on the assumption that there the value our should be raised and we relied on this infinite field and I got time since which where false off and I was looking into this and could make old wine and the questions of what's the best practice no anyway so what should we use they time always was an explicit time zone UTC which then gives you know the state the times on the way on stamps and all should maybe UTC no returned and where they time by itself and isn't this a breaking change the therefore changes lot mentioned in Python 3 exchange revenue and the prolonged change talk more in need what's new section it's really only mentioned that's the daytime modules as times on documentation so their answers for me why this was some change like this maybe some surprising core developers your also too good for Bach and that's tree got this change I would get into more why does this like that thank you thank you much
I'll give you a lot making the with
people who believe in novel removal of a of a very and now will be listening to order the best about what is talks the talk is to reduce all the all of all so you can thank by 0 yeah I prepared slides and everything but seeing this technical catastrophe unfolding so they don't do it and actually I realized I wanna talk about something as anyway I wanted to explain to you what talks and how it works in whatever but it's actually not really important and I think if you're into testing and automation or other kinds of things the probability is pretty much 100 % that you will stumble into it somehow and then figure out if you wanna needed or use it but just as a hint if there is a torque start I and II fiber in any of the Python projects that use or than the project Use talks to automate their testing and to them whatever you can do everything with it and building docks deploying them but but that's not the point the point is I'm I stumbled into the project last year and I'm a big fan of open source software for a long time and I was sort of you know that there were these personal talks it inspired me a bit because this this this feeling I'm not good enough for it I can contribute anything of value was things like that that a long time and I stumble into the project last year and it turns out I can help I am not 1 of the core maintainers ends of yeah and to me it's very important to make of clear that's a I think if you really interested in this kind of thing and you want to it then you can do it and the other thing that is even more important I think is we are all pretty much of some what all the technology companies are all pretty much and the wanna say anything negative but I mean the work parasite comes to mind when using open source software so we all using it everybody takes it for granted if things break people start complaining on the issue trackers and expect they get free support and I think there needs to be a change of attitude and especially from the companies and I don't think that happens from the top down that has to happen from the roots up and so but I managed to become convinced my implies last year to words that I can use 20 per cent of my time for the to open source development many talks that I was really surprised that it works I tried and tried and talk to them and it went up to the CTO and added optimally listen to me and he understood that although we don't get any money directly out of it we really needed and things break down and so we said yeah go ahead so I would encourage everyone has these ambitions and these ideas and is working in a company that is heavily using open source which is pretty much every company and they wanna give something back to try to take this route and um if you have questions about it so that I can give you any tips or something just approach me yeah this is in the form of a lot of data the model Paolo you may give was of a very good of all is the of again that came later dinner party the cold shoulder FIL mayor of love will give up 1 the all they all are all 11 of the 1 the ball to rule them all here but then I don't have my computer with me now because I need your come to see your computers how many of you are using the standard you was keyboard layout all pronounced I like this keyboard layout it so simple is the basic 1 uh and what they're like the moles that every key has only like to the symbols on it uh and to 1 of my or my favorite editor was so built for this so keyboard layouts HAK l and the break is and everything is on this the right place so me thank you an open OK so I I always use English layout my hands are on the right position I can do everything a from side to side with the other 2 by the vision of Monday the Commission like when the shaft is when the nation the and again the me especially in the product the fewer following reason there's a society so I will from this course to shove it is give you know uh when thus customers get it again to each I want us to then have to be committed that work on Dundee contains about Alice leak given the Einstein under its the what is especially the church ATV are not onion and its k emittance can mystical reasons in understanding the nominal sensitive just muscle in school in language usually used to adjust the choose some of these such human growth of my previous callable previews usually George people will will be doubles K all being back pop the women for 1 score which is glycolysis thus a the credits should the market so that there should be in the interest of needing get algorithm which is laughter about her because she from fact physical condition exceeds uncle of differences when sequences of because if these at as much at the at the of a user love the idea is you have the thing and then had as the problems occurred to the angle the onset as if you let Emile Adams amount of union uh the belong to continue them on a deductive envelope is what it is for the use of overcome she 1 has suffered from 1 demands uh the man the also be shelter stress measures proposed corner Mumbles go coming to the end of a expecially Cuba's coefficiency the logical jintishi give each image caption show should support of encoding but the butcher we the set Boston that and that is the gladiators a nematic on Apple's competitors wish to individual and budget we should not vanished tradition so for purposes of SMEs natural appreciative score it would apply to I should have done it an apple in the middle as and the above all a remedy merit order quite a bit of and alone not little amino so that the list is good enough because they are not in heavy stone at the club locus the unknown is by that that up K is Koivunen and has the honor that is so the mini these event in Italy and is the norm but other uh voter uh there's a change in the cloud or about across the state of the art uh Italian active and non on there maybe start of my uh wall the wall of all the always covariant early on after all these prompts 2 years ago I discovered through things for the back it was slopes messages and for my hands if also the compose key the this is the key that was around 2 in Unix's is already makes a terminal so in the eighties uh and you can install its were activated now in your Linux Macintosh or Windows again it truly it is 1 of the key that you don't really need to like next to the space of windows or or menu key um and then you just activated once and then on your keyboard it would the use German French or English or it was once and you type 1 modifier and then there the lecture so it means that you also can write like of the characters like a like also AUROC small and so on uh but also if you type composed of style to get results if you do composed of 1 to you get the friction and someone just will before the compose key for operating system and if you have any questions just come to me as an extra people for those who would like to use the CapsLock as a control and escape the at the same time ask me afterwords thank you but here and what you should do a lot you know that many languages or to the whole of the union of all the blood from language anyway rate all of the that you
only need 1 them and every language
and how long can you your the so now we can also think probable about
yet another way to weigh that we
always think of identity they can have a high and public and I'm gonna talk to you about raising they also you have a loss of all the single you don't during these you apply reduce your poison and from the 1 force to to come up with a waiting for you right so we know all about the weights now how many people have heard about a weight balls all right OK so 1 these are the 2 patterns that talk about the weighted balls that implement awaitable the ball so I'm gonna show if you things are basically along the game plan is so we're gonna take the usual like iterators of them that turn on the next and then what anyone want to guess what this code is gonna do this is the dividend of women here we go so we take our standard done the methods and so append aid and we turn them into a single addendum efforts right so let's see how we can implement a something uh was those than the methods he has bursaries on yeah construct from the few the power of within we right um yes so what are we looking here is like a so you take the usual kind of so so these these a facing generator this is what I want to talk about so you probably uh and you probably heard about basing generate AC generators during this conference of the reason why I am standing here is because like I came across the pipe by package from are presented I think even Picon 2016 which is called a synchronous generator but now it's in B of standards from central library implemented so I'm now a civil code words so basically our it's amazing generator that's a is gonna you'll some them and we we also can inject values back into the generator as we use as we do was called standard generators OK so let's make sure that we create is generated from so what you can see these these guys going John 42 for when bar and then point again is also gonna listen to inject values I the strongest by good was Williams we we actually need to run these guys so yeah there and weights 1 2nd after feature value and basically in the meanwhile is free to do other tasks so that's the beauty of limit at a sink I think I now how many so I support it you hands when ask about a sink generators how many people have actually used facing fall but if you know of was going to say on like can that money in and so as you can see a acing Fordism eyes construct of obviously is also expects some awaitable and yes readable I so are here this was just a single so we just use it as an iterator in the next slide I'm going to show like how we can communicate with the uh generator so OK so here we use the standards are from come on so instead of sound is gonna be generated or face and so were always prevent in a word so we use in a sense so the generator is the commander and on the next iteration you can see the injected from 1 so now I'm printing the topples and are you can see the injected values here so it's quite is kind of useful is so it is good to know that these machinery is there I mean we use it from time to time right so what else is there so they can be done them method social shown so there was in Hampton context managers basic concepts on the time it is so what if you have to do some heavy lifting up when you enter and exit of your context manager is a on this is it's skewed is gone and the supplies so now is basically uh code similar to the 1 before but now wrapped was the a sort of entering tonight's all safety on our entered an act entering context leaving context they don't and this is always think all right so some of low so this is how you can reach me presented on Windows and if you're getting and all of
the above and want to make you
know who will import gone run so was waiting the involved will talk about a lot of libraries dividend thank you and high I'm a physicist and data scientists and today I want to share with you a small story about some former colleagues of mine and about a shot of the k to go to college to it from a colleague started their PhD they figured out OK what kind of language to work with is now on dates quickly found out Python got some some quick got some C and the 1 started out then to didn't find the right libraries that were just being developed in the quite mature enough so we turn back to Matlab and did his stuff in there it's a great was said and was fined on the other 1 didn't stop there he had started out to build his own project on the developed he got some really a sleepless nights about that developed his open source project and now and not only he himself but quite a number of master students and bachelor students have been working with his library creating some or some research on what I want to tell you is buildings these some libraries is and nowadays it's there isn't great abundance of that I as a data scientist can go there and have like an import a few libraries just run a few lines of code and basically my application is done and it's all thanks to you were really about who are working on these projects creating them brings infers a it's having them staying alive thank you on the have you don't have a lot of what I will talk about going to another reason tho so you can do with by people who the go to the will of the protein to be greatly but as we will see what you will be doing with cycles on right to their people and I just thought it until you get this thing running on your computer did you know that shot have been longer on this planet than trees the that's correct now you know why they can't climb trees and the that is the 1 trial of the nation yeah and remember the full toll which set in and reception of asked do you need about to help you with your luggage and the Fulton told Nolan Korean that go to the work 9 you do your presentation without all he also that of my the from a lot of you think the other the broken 1 again a distance from the any that work last time in 2 thousand 5 miles of display async yeah that comes from multiple sources of in in the size of this report maybe you get out there and on the other tells us something about like when you pay don't they don't have it up so that gives some idea of what you need and doctor of a mini DisplayPort through regular this that of minimizing the record is a of things a case somebody's bring Banyan has the the
world hopefully
you from that is that we work will also yield all the
all right they even Avignon but it was doing
so and get things to to about 10
pi so
I am I
a I think the there was we
the rule now
of the of the a and
you and the and his talk about an unfortunate incident that left us feeling rather bad especially those of us who discovered on the 24th of June that we wouldn't become second-class citizens of the living in Britain for 31 years and it's some of us of better than others but the thing is that gambling is terribly destructive addiction and um politics and our world is full of these rich eviction victims of this terrible compulsion like our former Prime Minister David Cameron who gambled away the future of the whole country in attempts to win a battle in his party and so this is the Commission and term of glorious prime Minister for now Theresa May who gambled away her own government so um she to his uh anyway while this is a chance your very welcome to come and visit us encoded full Picon UK 2000 and 17 and 26 of October to the 30th 4 days of talks and it deals with the tickets on sale now our call for proposals is open because on August the 12th and as a set of schedule and term the black that is in recognition of our loss and pi UK don't walk come see us we will reach ourselves thank you kind of her and from the
recommendation of a variety of following the payment because I think it will be on and it's in freefall out so what I home my love will be remedied through and when you want to read it even in Birmingham anyway and with the pollen through the Icelandic krona you that we make money you bring your annually we we're trying to
all that let's go now the only
talking about the thing about goes and other regions of the of the year that went through the would anyway if the trying to me
in this the fact that I itself running and on it
the the student the the the of
so on what you things that this court is actually whether Tyson bicycle so what exocytosis you might know label and go to form C and other programming languages so we have defined unless there and the other labels and if and they're part of the kind apple is the causal stuff from interviews some tools the EMF labels arise we move on this encode dependence of well you choose a result increments a counter and then jump up to is begin again I'm pretty much straightforward traditional programming style you go to and this is actually well at high support so I think that this course Our go to door begin and labeled not begin as is sexy well at some texts for it to look up but in this case those why ovals don't exist so if you try to run the approach it'll failed was the name Arabs however I've written a library and in and if you decorate that's functional and sentiment it if the thank you and the way he just words is basically by rewriting bike and mn what this what to say I was was go to fine-tune the greater function endocytosis also catch coat functions which samples finds label labels and go to and what this function does the houses of call some other factors that pulsar by Croats and so now rectified labels be densified milk global and load name um operations a followed by load up to 1 of 2 or 4 and so full of bundled up to and from top instructions since this is about group that is generated form atom would look up and if they are objects that it would look at was performed on has the right element label or go to read passing are such and then generate new byte code in the and and the and it's so it's on type in you can install it using install goto statements using the that it and production it's i it's also get up and it's
competent was ties into 6 and what that also pipeline so 1 of
the 1 on which of the peppered where we have to bowl Portugal you
might you want that yes I will I will 2nd set up bucket there would be a proper request to get in Python 3 of and maybe will be turned on maybe not the power of D will talk about as to me saying who object-relational mapper by the way but the name of a lot ring a bell yeah that was the only our while that of the grafted beautiful and beautiful is
beautiful wrote not really a stub this so all people of not being why I walk along the state so much than other than field there are 2 reasons I have at the tracker something like that and the other thing I know from relativity when I'm moving subjectively my time is moving slower and contrast uh getting older faster for you guys of something around the fairly along with model what we have in so it so
we need to use jungles sometimes send Jonathan many problems and is 1 of the 2 it is not very fast in some cases for all of us especially when doing careers so the the song complex so the conditions on the also yeah now so now what people do usually do the all the just the right always co-occurrence of but I don't like it which because we lose the power or for scale construction and it's not long and the people what it be recall there the man was a the result of this fell compile and this is a plot just apply parameters afternoon but it's not to be so using gender because gender does parameter applying it in the that of course that and it's thought to whether to the to users In this way but there there is operative and less you'll find chemistry there is a thing called as cultural to the it is well aware and the 1 of the layers is of as a scale constructor this for the scale where you live there and we can use it to relieve the gender there is a of library called intelligently which translates to the jungle models to this culture tail will tables and the the very 1st thing UNESCO well for me that's called the break queries that minimizes the use partially minimizes the result of compiled of a skill or else a skeleton crew is so we can combine them yeah and I don't think so like verified all with almost the if if the the same query was happened to the before we can just to construct the key for key cash and look up into the In the Trinidad through a special role is to help and those who executed in the jungle or the role quite requires so and so the overhead that using minds of the i-th so here is a proof of concept concept called and not too well written but it works I hope so and in this company worked for some the good news of the few anymore and year of the normal
forms the you and
I've got that new with light and or or will be but we can use the optimal you can think of no
you will you we will get in all of the other good news they'll be like tall on Friday where a year over the whole thing then how defending the Friday with my father was the agent or in the fall of the never know because of low point 1 around from memory so all believing that you remove any given the form of the and the during evening and always you where your pocket it the see you that you're all aware of the 5 new life