Identity management, single sign-on and certificates with FreeIPA

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Identity management, single sign-on and certificates with FreeIPA

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Identity management, single sign-on and certificates with FreeIPA
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Identity management, single sign-on and certificates with FreeIPA [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-13 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] Authentication, authorization and public key infrastructure are complicated and hard to get right, yet crucial for every infrastructure. Manifold user databases in each application as well as ad-hoc self-signed TLS/SSL certificates don't scale and are hard to administrate. Users don't want to remember a password for each service, admins prefer a centralized PKI, and developers struggle with correct handling of password. FreeIPA is an Open Source, Python-based identity management solution. It is much more than a simple user database. FreeIPA combines multiple mature products under an easy-to-use installer, command line and web interface: 389-DS LDAP server, MIT Kerberos, Dogtag PKI certificate system, BIND DNS with DNSSEC, SSSD, certmonger and more. It provides identities for users, services and machines with single sign-on (optionally 2FA) and role or host based ACL. Keycloak and Ipsilon IdP can be integrated to offer OpenIDC or SAML. Mutual trust with Active Directory is possible, too. Installation of a FreeIPA server and integration with a WSGI application is much simpler than you might think. At the end of my talk you will know how to deploy a FreeIPA server with just one command, how to add replicas for redundancy, how to authenticate users and access user data like name, email and group membership without adding a single line of Kerberos or LDAP code to your application, and how to issue TLS certificates with auto-renewal and OCSP
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good morning how I doing I still awake sale the but the boy you to death so high and this I
must find from Hamburg Germany and some of you may know me I'm I think open to contributor on work on
mostly security stuff for Python cost so as all has slipped model and those of you use all use Python to alter hope you to do you bytes of the string prefixed important to think that so composed of ideas in the past so I've a member of and with a cat I could make it
here visually Handbook looks like that's exactly give the g 20
summit and looks like that so these are a burning things in the streets and rights and they don't like what of cars and trucks and that it was found the so my professional life halted due to
security things and of engineered for over 2 years our work on the surface commanding to present to you uh um so crappy a doctor I was part of free IPA and stress circuits management was also part of free of
IPA so crappy 8 case you
wondered it's not that it's not
Indian Pele also won't give you free during the morning sorry and that
1 so it's identity policy thing it's more open source all of lots of components all show you in a minute so 1st the agenda of the plan for
today or the morning so 1st I will
run you too small scenario where you could benefit from within the measurement will
this 3 l that explain what is added the management we go through months of physical free up aid the components and how to integrate 3 at the aid and then I'm doing a bit of domain so insulation on what should actually insight was going to take like 10 minutes we don't have that much time about I'm going to show you how to use a explain integrate that into like HTTP applications and summary of the yet so the
scenario very simple case you I have a bulletin board for a company wages share no what need so 1st of all you just need to walking and have the funds on correctly that's new how that works so that this we love him has worked for some reason the central uh you need a user database
because you also watch a real mainly moderates maybe phone number we can reach a coworker you need to helpers permissions you don't wanna have like the intro looking at each of notes from like the CTO and of course these days securely and I work with
property less units of the gets for that a private key in some infrastructure that you maybe you need to renew search around a while and finally for people who are going to apply the application it is a speech into machine and maybe have sued role to the can you
would privileges yeah that's going to be complicated if you have like not like 1 machine and 10 users Bob like 50 services like that and maybe 50 users row 500 rather than some info maneuvers so the roaring be having you wanna make 1st you resources happy so we know what the want them to add new users like to 50 databases and also didn't need router among places somebody get married change the name to
do when it like 50 years of it is all of a place just 1 wanna make the admins
happy so we wanna haven't underlies all the test control don't mess with certificates manually because of muscle MLInterfaces painful to use to have a for centers that would be nice developers uh usable don't wanna learn about all Gevers were assembled works or how to face a lot so we wanna use all income rose but then actually code that's have that automated and wrap the way for you very easily and finally the plane uses all you co-workers just 1 have 1 possible 1 looking for all the stuff you have company that sounds the familiar to you it was actually talk by corporal mine at 2 years ago Europe I haven't explained that using a Django add and you won't know more about a tree integrating out the whole spectrum look watched that talk I'm not explain like the difficult see part of free of VAT and a bit more with the key part what's identity management
so who have you heard the term of an
image me for a uses 1 and see hence were 50
% map are they this press . obviously Wikipedia diffusion identity management describe the management of individual principles the authentication authorization and privileges within or across system enterprise ponder its
with the goal of increasing increasing security and proactivity while decreasing costs down time repetitive tasks and the couple of terms I make bold some of you may know the terms of all of them so you on the same page what are they so
principle the it's just a fancy name describe some kind of entity what indentified so it's only uses because we
wondered if machines and services uh of indication just to make it clear and of education is about proving who you are so like using a password LOD main reading a smart card or some and weights authorization areas actually giving you access to something so you've ever example and 1 process to another country you show your passport 3 off indicating yourself such approving your name and giving it your authorized to enter and not uplifting remarks and is
often coupled with privileges to make a bit easier so you in a certain group the group has a lot to do something uh Oricon delegates to the permissions to summary temporally again now creating this Caesar what the web page of B A B 8 told you about free IPA
and so identity and a means those inclined post on your real from 1 simple location was he alive with Europe PC and and have a single sign on 40 applications so that the unity passed uh policy uh something in your net man uh also were important thing once you authenticated you want also red users comfort SES and you also wanted centrally manage like 40 web service whose all to lock in use a lot to gain root religious so you can do uh like Islington's rules or whatever route to give an of S 2 rules whatever and finally trust so pretty can
altered you trust them cross room trust with all of domains for example Active Directory 91 The Wealth VAD
with your that we haven't got that yet the we was sold of heaven and
actual auditing to the core of free IPA and something is called involve it's still projects for example comes all logging where you come to order when Edmund doesn't machine that's not yet integrated actually should you actually use free IPA I'll depends but if you wanna use free at a just as Europe's a database
for servers that topic and then that's probably not goes these days you have let's agreed to get a public trust certificates that you have like social walk in and get up Twitter Facebook goal they all have like
a menu connects providers if you're in university you have all of them a similar she bluff based solution an this view that you have just 1 public service but if you have lots control sources we don't want disclose your services to the public for example flooding crypt you have to actually uh traders suffered a kid with all the host names and then somebody could see you need to copy all so so publish their certificates and a lock although the knowing what concerts but
still while kultour a very dangerous 1 of your host gets compromised then you can throw away who why called 30 if you we're all you all application you all basically network because you'll portable comprised just 1 so it's like private key who sort of gets so From untroubled case if you have to deal with much moments simple web pages or more than 1 support case previous
actually good solutions so if you have more than actual amount of users fragments that if you want to
reuse all you information not only for just web service and for its speech lock-in but even for like e-mail or your double climb all kinds of light and you wanna manage your own
internal CAT uh Fourier so this maybe for walk in for smokin of education and also um Osama from my before 1st try wrath house on to get locked into all machines because the Internet to call the my property as h he told machines and users who ruled so you and alternate that simple way Freddy is also a very useful and finally 3 won't scale up you like the start up of things that we might go from how what users do you all users yeah that's probably might be the solution for you so what is it
actually and its aid of
sort of components so these were 5 of the most important components you have ABC and Cabrol's key distribution center given all over if a public key infrastructure so over the DNS server bold and and you have a set of tools both web based on common line-based to manage the whole solution and much more so MIT us and that the single
sign on and the of education
between machines for most parts can more than threat 90 s is in all over a version of Open Netscape and now maintain bread that but the top tech Public Key infrastructure is a job a Tomcat based solution and which is all 4 of a large entities not
also wrapped into only free IPA to give you a see infrastructure we have as onto although up there we have it as this the dual probably most of you don't know how that also and then we have a pitch ATP with a couple of modules so I'm
going to explain later and finally all the tooling around the glue code between all this stuff including the installer management all written impact but since you know so how cameras works good here again and so that terrorists is
a both like three-headed towns and also April most of you assign with enterprise and things already dead for use in its if you use at different reform windows it's been rotavirus and all up and in the enterprise you also use clever us it not that complicated for end users to give you small example how actually care worse mostly works it's good enough to understand how it works so imagine that public transport system so public as system like for example we have really need and you are right it doesn't really need so you
have been in Paris is called real mode
and mostly written old word in uppercase so either user 1
right of us in Rimini Soanian accounts so that's mostly written
like that so it's mean CI most that Romania IT that's my use of principle and we also have services and hosts so like a place like Boston would be like Europe Alaskan Qazi you bringing the T. et real marine in the IT and finally the server it's written
like that so you have like a SOS if I was it uh starting at different across yeah so in the morning like to ride the bus so the 1st thing I have to do I have to prove
my identity to use something called an authentication server this of indications once approved mn identity I'm getting a ticket back it's called the
ticket wanting to get like the cats so when I want right about us I
showed this ticket rotten take it to and seek it Grunting service but never start 1st of all I have to storm article like my wallet it's called credential catch so that so on show my tickets Matija on
ticket to it to keep running server and that 1 gives me back a ticket that's only valid for this of us and finally I show this to get to the bus driver and he has only like verification thing equal the key and became brief I buy tickets stick it's a Yalie valid for a couple of hours
poverty and that's so single-sign-on work so if applied present when 1 time used to have a me this markup of indication and then you have something you can use all place you request new tickets and we also
have all information stored whatsoever so that civil database and all of is an oracle database like the a tree and with thing is it's all rise to both of particles and right so you don't need like in the Siegel world the prosperous Riemann-Siegel driver yes please on a private can talk to any over also the database schema is standarized for everything you basically need so no matter what if you talk to Windows or a Linux if they implemented correct scheme part posits user the world works and helps every optimized for reading so you you don't write it off until all and also can heavily optimized for reading operations and replication so you can have like a distributed network of service we have fine-grained access control can actually and combined with the delegation uh make sure that every user only sees what is lot to see 2 delegation
means depicting replication you have uh a user that lot of replication the you have from the replication to
data receiver and it agrees to the for that replication began to that the user walks into the replication call and the face gets delegated through the all the database the ultimate only sees he actually you but no panel special so user for the database connection and so we can actually find which part of the features
users can't see modify Curie so any kind of Siegel and injection when work for all up to get even let the end user directly create self the other observer at the country in half and the from and
thousands of 2 extra pension or humbled by the database and finally there master master replication with the replication topology that that's so let's
hope eligible looks from uh so 1st I called at the PicturePress to you on the left is sealed the
tree in the right you see 1 of the leaf nodes with my use of walk and
parents of course and you just have 1 at over wouldn't be very redundant to 41 have like 2 3 5 or 10 users at cancerous or more so
that's all by something called replication and use of 2 example how we would
do like replication between uh for data centers with 3 or 4 so break up for revision agreements and they will distribute the data and the load of time this gives a worry
nicely you know example we did for a performance test with 60 uh servers at each of these small
green phase this over we also have
a necessary make wonder why DNS server yet hostnames also identities so we have postings
and the thing is over and also the rows so you don't have to pretty onerous on mappings uh we use the DNS for service discovery and the lower so um we are able to get all white all observers
from the NST location-based and some fault then we automatically try another 1 we don't have to configure that um with delegations support will make sure to try to stay in your own data center only good from 0 1 it's all the so was locally fail we story U S H of the fingerprints and the DS over
and we also the D N a set because propaganda that use the example we can
get from electricity like there was information the service record fold up
and as h and I think Dr. at that aura of CA and you
like it's the certification authority can have sub CAT so you can have uh I can do all the life cycle of this it for a server and can have different profile of the special profiles we began so server or whatever other so you have still 1 of C is key to review and certificates and step Oracle used by Osama things the machines and also a way to use it to a scribe if you want a group
data and store it in there has also ages and this last mark-up
support but that's not supported with free at the ages was standalone doctor and
finally and as as the that's a daemon running all the machines among the client machines when you're all client looks into ham and and as s and thus we look into the into machine on the console right you know or as age you pass check and assess the name service which provides use information like the username give me like group membership give me elegant well you oughta have as mapping for NFS and just getting and lots suffering and finally
with the use the face that's all written in Python little bit funny and muddier on mostly and management found in source and a bunch more stuff so much of the support you key supports and some integration the
math in and an Android Apple at 2 due to be like will want but actually I was work was shot to 56 it but if the so we I
already mentioned that you can integrate the whole static alot cover as into all the things because the rise so just to give you a couple of ideas
example what you could do you would customers did what we did its duty rate that can story only e-mail information and the ob and you that a covers the single-sign-on you can have reuse for uh WPA enterprise 40
wife EC can have roaming users PPN and for some users like a novel based even for a committees OpenShift to you sometimes need and of as the scabrous qfs whom used internally so a lot of the no How do actually
installed why this huge stack if you lot saying the also
recover server Venus over a public key to capture heated psyche key you come of visual services sounds complicated let's not say quick demo
set up so amusing Federer 26 at any 5 because it simple like just 2 days ago didn't want to update my then was set up now and but I'm using a new version of
free IPA that's usually not in Fedora apart from a copper selective private repo you for testing and covers streams politely and pianist same case all the machines
have the same suffix so it's like a name by the example and all to the masters kinase over available some this Linux flags and firewall or open yeah so insulation it I these 2
commands in about 5 to 7 minutes depending on how fast a machinist and you
have a full running free the exist at the easy
enough the 0 you don't even have specify all this lexicon even do and actively so if you don't give me any flex they just lost a couple of questions and you have to type in 2 pairs works at that's it from the therefore for
running a lot of appearance over and CA into only of course of you also want you enrolled you clients you can use all the future on you apply machine to renew the service social Kline gives similar commands for client packets to run this command you don't have to specify the use over is effect shouldn't do that you don't give it that the so the
name vote just use DNS fund the next over and role and will ultimately fall back to novice over them want to refer to just maybe as porous to your doesn't anymore and I want you to make sure you create on the trees look in 1st time configure Firefox user GUI and will also also update DNS records you machine changes that the looks like that's so what running through that because it can be the chosen
time uh for automatic enrollment
so we don't want to do it manually you can also create create the host before use like in so one-time Roman passwords and add
that once Roman work and the host name to Europe picks other file or a bootstrap father of the limits for machine
and just enroll machine with that so you don't even have to type in your credentials you enroll machines so now we have a mastery of a client replica ceremony replicate all the data to the machine have a back
up and a field what would you do this and now that the machine is an epitaxial at the IPC was host group and wrong idea replica install building of that have a password I will set up a field would units over also recover us and CA that
the interesting time who works demo time so my name was our all the
parrot so I don't is soulful stake now because would takes once all script with and I will add you all to get up repo of mental playbook
of shortly before all of the slides we can let him to you and so
I'm going to show you that can't
interesting uh how you can run an Apache a
service to the website on Apache without actually doing any kind of the rows and all up in your application but just use Apache do that
lifting for you so the image of TCP I am on a so encryption and
constants that for uh of indication of authorization and still look and also explain this the set up a couple of users in groups so I
have 3 users submit the use of let me user results and usable or and with free of Andrew so we have that admin do we have what happened you administer the application on the server and Moloney user uh machines those who don't have replica here right now because taking too much power and too much CPU and memory and after just group 30 service group about so group and a couple of H. back rules with a host based access control to we can control which use what to so in which host with a special you the fall of the replication and the to the old so all the better and takes a walk into the machine and I also have a role based success control that's full roles inside the piece of also is that men so you can delegate and create at the commissions to user of our to a group of users for example you can give
a used the permission to manage your user account but not measure machine accounts for many services were Manech enrollment of posts on K this change in
nations see yeah perfect
came to all wrapped in and notes the if you agree that we want to show me the notes at
numbers so to the commander right or so 1st of all you're the show you the the interface so now I'm using taking
units to get my you granting tickets so you see here the big enough for you to use the letter uniq effects from the
from the back so we
capture BTT that's Montague gonna take it from my domain a model of an and an atom Edmund have and so
that the interface it's refresh because the I'm not going to use
my ITT takes lakes have the web page so that the in the face of creating the interface you'll
began we see we have a the ticket for the issue peace over for
master I think now let's look in on a user to show you
again what so on the web and men served to fluorine my plea cation that so it's true you
know you speak clothing works I see you see here it from by analysis the fingerprint of the 17 SMO them lot in there by she's not enrolled in the domain I'm working on your so it would be a world in which on the
ideational track the domain of would not even see that would just uh ultimately approve heats the so now when and then we also need to use
to do so but we already
have a 2 rules from a user
categories so I can watch it but 1st see I delegated also might think it to your machine and I you to go online to notes to correct the demo and the environment and in some of then well so we have no
serious and it's managed by the machine so that machine it yeah of so now 2 . evocation it's
rights and what we need for the patient 0 we will have a cell so we need to fetch as a all but I don't have at the very threshold CEO which it Exley good thing because I don't wanna get the service and key tip of the service among user I'd rather want the machine to
manage them so a lot in S machine so now move in
and visual machine and grown to commands I've prepares to not making so now I'm using a tool called idea gets the and certain longer so you get my certificates for machine see here story like the storm asserts I asked for a loan children to fname DNS by the
example our users uh maintained by the service and every time this is downloaded were renewed and when a reload might be so server this tool also track the sort will do ultimate renewal in case um use runs out again that is a required
while work fine see so when going from from the search and that's how all the services to interesting
part is where do you want to get at here said yes name the color a names that also support opens all that's the so information again now
we have certain up to to the 1st demo step act he the thing and the the right we also indicate test right
because every care work the rest so that the key to and get he kept now I think that you did so I created heat certain the file and down and now I can actually do the 1st demo
steps so predictable from the clouds
and on which works as
I came in Figure well I look then as many users the screen
so I have no right the are there but
just having the users be boring of lie my complete named 1 of my e-mail address thank next step we don't
idea a tool called models a lookup identity and that talks directly to assist deixis is the uh downloads all information from all of the need of caching and use a tuple in piped to you that the information to you
my repertoires so and now see with the need to all
and the accuracy more information about me where on the
chip on toward conflict settings of which is
get the information from my user and so on was was time to buy speed up a
bit and next thing is so we're trying use a block you a bot and is actually not and they represent what you should be able to exist says the application but in
fact it can so missing
something we think a check of the authorization that's done by the actual hand model but to the
extent most standard no the above is no
longer allowed to lock in but
actually want to use a bot to lock
in certain principles of this it
is above that book to you next user groups their way into the what users safe what again
I watched so this a couple seconds to propagate information now use about
what in the so that that the they the city have a very simple Pam service and again all the examples are uh
and the will playbook taking all of this information so it is for that occasion the confirmation at hand as as as as
as the and work to its yeah so i Polly we also
have a way to maintain certificates so just to show you will be when revoke a certificate this a while maybe he has been compromised cost-of-funds message so he's to
compromise now since Apache all
those little of catching attitude that new when they're just couldn't take like 2 3 minutes and full Firefox and that show up
and but the window but the direct checked and I see certificates been
revoked but we can use the so manages just to search to we see it just resum a new requests
of moderate of magic reloads she quits you sit there and you in
new private key and try again and knowing that then but again it's a roast again I 2 cameras is nice but that applications of mobile phone and relevant EU similar old money connect share of or and we always have that
cover is to it's all to also the state
Freud brother when used the live that's new shiny thing year Fedora contributor announced that the linearity you priority you know it's on project it's also an old might be
connected sum provider that you do the same featured adjusted that so it's is the uh the model look of identity and uh cover us thing to provide assemble assertions nobody could make information and if you look in directly with the cameras take then you just get directly in similar solutions to contribute their 1st yes have side to it's monster
over just log n under a lot and has a lot of men go to site so that users know much of melanin in the to talk to
the uh epsilon IDP Semel and get this information here that's cover and finally these days all
what containers so containers is still a bit of an issue got to behave differently and they've transients than that like persistent machines but with and work on that
so our I'm greedy teams to blowing up a new team she tried to integrate the whole that just showed into OpenShift abilities
and predict makes so OpenShift Origin British atomic uh recognize so joint venture followed by Google for running containers and because into that if you
cook summary say again free 8 managed to user's group machines and service account centrally you can and several control access control and policies inducing or solid Cabras with the about extension also some nobody connects and if you
don't see a totally questions
like 2 minutes of our to questions yeah at the end that that hi thank you for
this I was wondering about the Hadoop ecosystem that is heavily using us are you guys looking into a tweezers major had the distributions like low all autumn lots of something did I didn't get the last 2
His Bhagavad things hazard of like I can I can go through the I was wondering since the Hadoop distributions use carers heavily and it's kind of a mess over there are do you know if you guys are working with me had 2 distributions such as drought there all on what to get free IPA in 2 x they don't know anything about had even tried to deploy pleasantry IP a lot of they just use cameras should recall box
so they use the same tool set to yield a result up what vascular co-workers the integration into that's come to think in any more questions so and among sit down and on the other like I have a couple of stickers year ahead in from material about free cases is the and and the commercial part so IBM format that it's the same suffer just was commercial support all way you when I have some more information know uh which the name which is the name of 28 mpg modern uh modern for
it and use for authentication that was just of strain it have to be
slow it's mobile and said that no 1 to it can be
both you uh authentication and authorization and communication with the other
modeled in so we were running that of time uh we can also do do director of education but deceptively oppose requests and having want of what but victory see how the looking works
L. watched this slide beyond Sauer and about the doing application that UXi 1 2 or the log in when you look in the 1st time do you all get all the way for every request the fallopian reality of information Eastern Europe Django clone flake flask whatever the system login system and storing information the 1st law in your database and the next time use approximate and thing and I'm ralph time you catch me invite me by my not rhetoric because just too hot in the summer but other 1 and receiver regret on me to be we'd been so when the fj