A Neurobiologist's Guide to Mind Manipulation

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A Neurobiologist's Guide to Mind Manipulation
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A useful-psychology double-whammy: (A) Developers are great systems thinkers. Surprise: your brain is a system too! Reframe frustration into accomplishment, and become a more effective and bubbly person using a frontal cortex feedback loop. (B) Want your team to be the happiest, most productive team around? Recent psychology research reveals one key attribute of the most successful teams, and it's within your influence.
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and home home right they're either whether by elements then the euphoria I want my hobbies is blowing bubbles
bubble party in park in the DC let's begin at 100 people show up image that I'm also really into dancing like partner dancing daily and follow both come from I worked for appeal i
which is on the and ask for insight and if you want any help getting past itself it's pretty straightforward the member of the working on I plan marching band the purple clarinet and I have a cute little adopted nephew that I have to correlate these of same and but he's some normal
I also studied at Yale University and then he papers which are kind of relevant to this topic and to bytes mutant
of I'm going to give this talk to you in 2 parts the 1st part of the restructuring is about new adamantly your mind yourself the 2nd part is about how the influence groups here and to make them more effective the representation had like particles and posters images that I want you to look at later so I have this document alignable about that Indian published online and I want you to look on this wanted to and then assigned homework the but for instead the 1st map and so and when Ricky up to 3 parts 1 administration example opportunities in which you might want to manipulate your own mind and a shift gears and talk about morality and how the brain works in your system way you your own self and I wanna talk about how to make a repair due which is near the top it's really how to do them in the but stopped opportunities and you the examples and you can either manipulator online in the moment of this event is happening or happened that reflect on it and this applies to all the let's say at work and you have an idea your co-worker has a different idea and you don't agree there having an argument and you make the kind he had once in while if you both know your right here that's 1 example will will get internally might do the makers of more effective there mountaineer error in your kids are doing that thing cool could snap them the reason that will for me I was going to out but had in that area and I found out there was no use of them you know like the usual of using that it's it was when it was raining acceptable I was like world everything the worst so I should have ended use CBT typewriters for that a window that sitting here sometime the brain but you might break the branch left and right half and spheres but I like that it's not as useful as inner orbits of our brain I'm illustrate the difference case to have brain with age and i have that poor kid I feel really
bad this don't do this your cat you really stressed
so there till after the brain and the inner and outer ring would do as a researcher who described in dual pathway of here which is a pretty like specific to that situation but the thing
generalizes pretty well so 1 the rainy in arrange older have the brain animals and this part 2 for sure Iet's this part briefly feeling like here In this much faster than the other part I see them what caramel theory goes from or in the middle to a nearby park time short arrow compared to who the outer rings
that along after through it's much slower that's the part of the radioactive think parts your conscious mind the party that is i k what's His I'm probably out of rain and I happen to know what's happening in the brain is set but also that the universe is out of range shifting years
again another perspective our systems thinkers in breaking down the systems all the time like a function has an input and output that the use of the system the simplest form of a system
to me in this diagram I learned in a pre engineering class which is every system as input output process the middle and the most important and often still part of the thing that some of the changes the environment and example of this that I had and that it 3 class was a promise that it changed attempted room that have to the room is the new input and it determines whether should keep eating on I with a model of animal and human
with same thing weekend and stuff went through but animals just respond environment they don't really think lots as it was at this after the kind the simplest I ran it just about but the process we don't have access to Windows on there doesn't matter they don't do much in inside the brain but humans like to think we definitely think thoughts and feel feeling the middle of our brain I accept and lower on a pilot there's kind automatic we're not a pilot feels very differently through control you thinking the thoughts actively instead of just of automatic
down into sometimes experience automatic thoughts and feelings is happening there basically inputs here function as you don't draw them it's happened to you and then you have deliberate about of feelings what you can but have delivered feelings we have about the defective feelings but sometimes these automatic or deliberate thoughts and feelings and all the feedback loop in a downward spiral so as the model that me my bad news already works of I'm stupid and in the words the words of the worst things about worst thing his work to that the downward spiral that the thing I think we want to avoid and if you can control your mind from the control not doing this we can be more effective think more clearly the situation the once everyone intervene this downward spiral situation how you do I kind of behavior therapy which is our next I what is CDT CBT is a treatment for mental illness is it trees so many of them super affected it's like 1 of the when I was studying psychology and ran the test answer was always see how liberty repair it would just always circle that wasn't always the correct answer it's amazing but it's as effective as antidepressant drugs for treating depression although ideally user both that's even more effective they worked in a really well but I don't like to think about is just something for people with mental illnesses it's really really useful for literally average in benefit everyone to understand your thoughts and feelings I would say you want to see Bettina some good linear more effective person let's do it install that's it unfortunately unknown isn't supported my brain of yours so we have to get it next closest thing of but if you learning make something like this it just does something funny it's silly women of about work on it by 2 years how I describe the duty of 3 to these but 0 is you have to get into Cytoscape of introspection and then once you they're thinking about yourself and monitoring and you're like the border inside your own brain then you can take my your input motions adults by so have get inside the introspective state I recommend using the wood technique which is something I developed with my mom so my mom was yelling in my little brother he didn't do something that is supposed to do and she felt bad about afterwards side for the next plenary I have a little brother you should notice that notice that you're upset and frustrated neuron and the snake is the you or the 1 year who the that once you notice a precedent or a literally will out loud because it is funny and the lack of the environmental then it puts you into a different state and you can finally ready to think about what why my suppressor not right now he just that was a big deal but very frustrating and she can finally Intraspect herself what is in the woods state and my family because of my little brother and father also need my mother often bet she would itself the most really of when you're starting to learn how to get the move data weighted congratulate yourself anybody notice bayesian will herself the good job I noticed this is a moment which I could be introspective like food control my own mind and often really hard to do the 7 actually control do the processing notions about the game this notice that if you'd 1st is the hardest part of this whole thing and I would say it now here in the state you're about to yell at your son when you cut yourself the hi how to get here you most start with the inputs some inputs includes the life from environment like a little brother didn't shut the door that 1 time but could be anything that the nation will probably shouldn't have a cup of coffee with all the events that happened to a or whatever but you can think of that the I'm going take he was really different from that of his her automatic thoughts and emotions so the fact she thought old Dalton not again that's the automatic thought that she has unit you'd think that well there she was thinking in that kind of like that too she felt frustrated in moment now that had been put on my favorite things the bodily state you from this word for angry you have all males my brother she's angry because she works too hard and get the mail and when she realizes his needs as I have meanings are and the signal honor elements is more effective than others and that's it we can now notice him but where we state the following all the words that are possibly affecting us rated grasp the emotion that we're experiencing and look at the big enough odds to better that I
recommend by expanding your lot of vocabulary city you can describe the emotion words that's really powerful really helps you 1st understand it and accept it and go to work with have so this is 1 of the things I think you should probably read this out this is our notes does like I expanding your vocabulary using lists that help is 1 way to do it there's a more effective ways I do the
processing techniques to better at processing motions like talking close friends if you don't have a close friend you can talk to about your emotions you need to get 1 of the really important for your health like psychology studies proved the more close connectedness you have the healthier you are the 1 you have less stress you feel you need to have like if retained close friends that little is always I'm frustrated William listen and supported the canyon you you make sense the the label for get friends to do that for you and you should offer offered friends that if they ever want of alienation having things that's not the best technique as with everyone other let's say friends are always available and sometimes you need a friend to get through it you can journals yourself I did this by opening a do-not-track because for something that's actionable and what I so the idea of wrap myself I pretend I'm writing a letter to Casey what's in the past the future or a friend or no 1 and I just write all adults out all my emotions I frustrated about this man and that may be disappointed and carries no specific emotional words really understand another technique to improve your ability to process emotions infections like reading books that here in the summer mind really help to understand how the mind works and how they describe the alignments super helpful you will read more fiction literally have higher emotional intelligence so try it's not useless while you're manipulating motions in your mind and holding them in thinking about them it's important to view that as that it's a type of but is really way too easy to be frustrated and then be frustrated that you are frustrated and nicotine awards so it's important to try and not judge the fact you had on emotion it's a separate thing from you you the thinking part but has dual response dominant motion is a separate entity and I understand many is covered a lot in mindfulness meditation city going this is skill your developed that way to work but I know I can manipulate thoughts of
this chart is the number 1 thing at the print is a list of ways you can think that are not helpful speech having all of these examples the let's
say I'm but it when you have meant that the model of set I could say it went to the worst and so obviously that's magnification they're not literally the worst to that and the family does not go on that's what my thinking you know there's a gray area problem into yeah you're right other case Uranus pockets say today's
sucks that's what I overgeneralizing entirely disqualify the other things that happened earlier in the day and working on the rest that is also new bad wolf case you what are you doing I don't understand are useful because they express to someone else that I'm having an emotion but I might do the weird thing of saying
I am feeling frustrated it feels left the parrot but more accurate and stop the endowments violence or I can remember something useful go aII for that when I get there I can I can take my shoes off and by my socks off if am literally which you know this in mind the fact of the loss of once making that so
often that they used to be used attending things the of so this is the most useful thing I learned in psychology books and I you know how to get the moves
data you have some idea of what inputs to look for and how to deal with emotions about slow the as with all these put together you can choose a response that more it may be more effective productive makes you happier capsicum downward spiral in you are now more in control of mind your mind manipulator contracts can get even better that's that's
tools I recommend if you think it would be useful to see a therapist even if you don't feel like you're a person who has a mental illness it going help with the help their CBT and little across all of you have at some level of anxiety higher than the average person I would suspect so with have you don't see it there because there's a book that's pretty good and highly recommended by some their best friends of mine of feeling then that's linked to units to their city maps that I wanna part 1 is had space which is a mindful with meditation and the other is enjoyable which is an apple that CBT for social anxiety so in a conference were talking the stage sounds like it'll make you really anxious this that would help a lot I have a friend who did it and she's changed a lot since then is the 2nd part 1 to which a thing here some brown talk about groups instead of an individual person I the topic of the 2nd part of psychological seeking but I wanna start by telling you it's not it has on safe and but it is not equivalent to state space I love state spaces out 1 of the know it isn't in the state but it's a different area as a space I defined as anyone would feel safe this group With respect and identity so a new people coming in and would feel safe and that's now I'm talking about I'm talking about a psych state group which is that current members feel safe in the group the category of people were superb bigoted like this theme of 4 people or super making it all like anyone is not like that but I just funny they could be an effective thing I'll give you a more specific definition of site safety by enhancing researcher who did a lot of research on this originally attached shared beliefs held by members of the team the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking so it's a for taking risks with a period of the modern economy you in Figure bad terrible things at the same time Google was doing research what makes their teens before matter they didn't have a research a lot they did not correlate that you'd think would personality type student or made as much as you thought and they thought of skills that countermeasures style experience a lot of things did poorly nearly as much as they but the 1 thing that can put the finger on this the group norms you describe what the group just feels this way but with the we we do things is nice but when this other person comes in mosiac ABA wasn't bills last year not totally change the amendments as research distill this kind of idea into 2 parts I was application of about empathy communication in terms of you do all members of the team communicate with each other throughout the day or week about the same amount but they're all expressing their ideas and keep them onset and empathy in terms of the averaged social sensitivity of people on the team how where they are of each other this and so team that has these 2 cite the traits at a pretty high level and safer for interpersonal mistaking you can say they have a higher collective IQ but not all people are going to bring to the team that's going to be a better team and as if 2 people literally don't look up talking that cannot intermittent fearlessness brain that path so if you can make team feel more site safe you can make it a more effective business you just you want this is good yes so 6 and 6 was 17 birds in the weights Martin environments it's 1 person doesn't know of people right we the I the America through 10 techniques in 10 minutes will pop up how I'm we take some away with you that this is something 1st time about the communication of things although I can deliver it happens so in these categories unimportant but here's 5 earned dogmatism effect is all my favorite psychology terms someone is exhibiting this effect if they are really experienced in what they're doing and they are closed minded that here because ideas that they know what they're thinking is the right you probably have some workers who pretty close minded think the right 1 yeah and some of the people in this room or the person happens to me sometimes to our net groups on the way to get around this Some was being super close minded idea I would recommend helping them understand there's information and missing there's something that they don't know as soon as they realize that and realize you can help and see that don't be more willing to work and that information to and maybe change during the war by stress maybe they're being minded because they know things you don't know and but it's important for you as 1 of the team to figure out why they're choosing also the antidote to the and opposite effect is revealed that there is information this and then hopefully it important for the development in the usually pretty good about declaring unknowns especially start a project start what are the risks involved what could go wrong this kind what things do not know about of so nobody Dallas were pretty this 1 Our not always going about it after the fact after the wedding we don't always remember to keep declaring unknowns allow were sometimes maybe it's embarrassing way and realize this project I said I could do really quickly you I realized that the the off for all the super area complex do so if you can do something will tell your team all we don't know how complex or could maybe not but the wealth and then the team now knows that worked on better better than if you keep quiet yourself and struggle lots so that creating culture where you declare unknowns more often is probably helpful to increase the amount of communication with each other if something goes wrong you could frame it as bad wrong bad terrible which is the naive defaulting humans like to do or you can frame as learning opportunities when the everyone down last week for and a that habits realize that our deployment infrastructure really wanna last and we can improve it so we learned that improved the jump to us if had probably up the little that bad but you don't need to kill somebody a downward spiraling and make embarrass and not talking about so much work 1 person and the claiming of they feel like they were too involved then you don't have the right arm so the burden of and feel comfortable like they can so contribute things but I tell people that you make mistakes tell teammates at 5 minister I make mistakes and I know it tell me what you notice but if you can send entity teenage and feel comfortable saying it then there were more likely to give you feedback like things that they see them I go wrong but you're about and I I know what I'm doing don't tell the things during this that information but the 1 for communication is mulling curiosity the gun also increase communication of ideas in a team by asking questions yourself you great cultural between ASEAN questions to each other and then not increase in kitchen as an extensive is work in a product it's not quite related we're doing but you know so on the you other panic curious going to after class and ask them to explain what's going on and del it up until may contain more clearly you might have some ideas of what make go wrong so experience we have generally communicating more is warnings following a 2nd the kind of thinking too much but I have not seen people do that that seems like a not very severe arrest you but the next section is about empathy but this is another 1 of my favorite psychology terms propinquity propinquity in social closeness C of high propinquity as someone you live with them talked to a lot you have low frequency of the neighbor we've never see another technically close to you have higher rate but if someone has its nest next you have a good people you have lunch with the same half-hour our time of the lunch hour which time aggregate people who were in fluffy tax like channel repost cat pictures to each other and a lot of things that can increase how often you naturally people and people he apparently with you 1 of frosting more to the communicate more easily than men of higher and the infection to so if you're having trouble working with a particular coworker perhaps you propinquity is low and you can improve that which increase your ability to I the mnemonic for this case this idea sticking with the that but that's a weird psychology propinquity in the brains propinquity and bring any time you're talking to someone there to channels on which for communicating the task channel which is the content of the things that actually saying you're all you're always thinking about that and the 2nd channel you might forget his there may you never quite knew was there like the fuzzy but that's the part of of the year communicating relationship type and for which the person so if you tell someone that their idea has issues and you don't already trust each other time they might hear some pretty bad things about how they are as a person in the field of and so there's a structure that I like some psychology researcher
made of pearls understood when the first one you can look at this in the notes the if you work with someone and they are feeling defensive anyone help stop on the road channel that you could system like I really work on this with you I'm really excited that we are working together on this this is exciting this idea has some issues analysis maintenance advances there really able to hear your suggestions ideas because if mean in the relationship cannot instead of letting it be implies if you have a really close relationship you might not need to be explicit about the was to help the this already facet of the time that probably like close friends you're more immediate feedback from 1 presentation workers portable and some stranger you just value each other a lot you know and need but if it's a corporate and well I think it should tell explicitly principle so knows more and
when you read this article it's pretty and the the the next 1 validation you
probably think you know the definition to this word I hope I can change your mind a little bit of validation is the recognition acceptance of another person's thoughts stealing sensations and behaviors as understandable whether or not you agree so you can put yourself in their shoes and assume that they have a background of working in a model of the code codebase and the thing that is where the last week took 2 more weeks than usual and something else other situation and all this but together then of course you'd be afraid to try this thing for minimum sample at the and if you think someone else is there something stupid which to me translates to you don't understand why they're doing it a prominent your missing some information that goes into wider choosing the I and it would help probably the validated the thought stood up and the last defensive more about you with you and some specific recommendations on how to communicate validation someone is a list of 6 ways number 6 in the most powerful way to knowledge someone number 1 is the least powerful but it's still useful our madam somebody's valid passed away and you notice say we're sitting next your friend comforting them not helpful if they're telling you how they feel you can report about them all you feel very sad and confused right now the below better we doing their mind get other feeling that i.e. feeling and they're like yeah that's even better that's another level validation all the way up to you if you were rather mastery recently may know you feel pretty similar to how they feel now that's super comforting to the other islands in as well levels in here to them of the through this article also totally change the way I communicate to you my friends on daily basis if I can define a set of 4 out this which is analogous great results people like 5 and 4 4 3 of it so and Nixon when I suggest an idea the meeting people love to called cases idea from 4 cases for studying is the 2nd idea and I'm always thinking on on on on animal a 1 this thing mean even 0 that's good yeah I figured out how to work at all and I in 1 instance this and not quite sure why but I like to replace it with IDA word the off idea that users a simple loss like something really descriptive to the problem and then this is a couple that things in the couple's my ego from the project so I'll talk about people are complaining about it now some of you will be about saying negative things or critical thing about that idea to without it even heard me I said may still assessed discussion up a little bit to depersonalize edits tha here's my last 1 vulnerability really increases the amount that people can trust each other so if you can share some like anxieties you have project about work or a personal life of co-worker that'll increase amount you trust like your friends your closest friend the people that you're most vulnerable teller on your whole life story I work of and this is an extreme there but that you can be slightly more honorable or coworker and feel safe for them you'll be but there is your other so much research and how ability is useful in good at workplace and there's only so many notes surprise some videos and articles memory so I hope so those were some ideas have increased psychological safety is it a to balance all right in this area I'm giving a simple work I'm not
totally thinning and 1 freedom bookmark this document which is where have all these links there's a lot more than a speech of course the couple landmark in purple their principle that people told many printed in really helpful for them so they might be for you to and I recommend you read is quality articles like I mean recommend validation 1 if you just pick 1
on led to figure last question that I can't run 1 of the many CBT the 1st AppleTalk would have on effort extraneous to know what you're doing and it just it takes i'm affraid energy to do with non-African bring things to finally we knew that you can do OK so I get a time is how I get other people to do this are you can't make old people do this you can make yourself do any of this you can just influence that's you and middle and that influence the culture of retained despite actions even monographs in all those things you can also maybe for presentation your word co-workers and maybe get on and you throw off them difficult when you can't make them do it you can only influence the that set for me I think
the film