MiniTalk: Ember + VR: Bring Your A-Frame

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MiniTalk: Ember + VR: Bring Your A-Frame
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prior you can listen and onions you like the on talk today about using ambit build the I the a friend is a AVR library
made by Mozilla the best way to describe it is an HTML wrapper 1st 3 JSN went beyond now if only there is an ambitious tool to many of the other feature now so let's see what it friend was number
looks like knows a different test as because there are
in this example you get all the benefits from embassy and only right the folly Franco to but when we start embracing concepts Amber gives us is my research give on here's a sample routing component up
top it looks like a normal link to the
bubble invited the R. allows us to build new
virtual areas in our site it you can see the
URL you most around changing a in this
video the emphasis is on your all query
brands they are tracking the position and
orientation but this axis as a rudimentary
save game system when a refresh the page the scene is set up exactly the way I left it
because the rout brands it's also
insanely helpful when you developing and using library load .
component teachers can help us in the here's a customs guy component the it's responsible for fading out changing the sky material and feeding back in all it's step really quickly for the
highlights this is extending in a frame primitive components also macro setting
up the animation that fades out than in but this is an energy currency task that spot so the material in the middle of an animation to and this
last bit of fires both the animation and the end currency cast that's just a sample where you can do with custom extended components in the r the templates especially on a
hierarchy of templates was also useful for the ah this example we take the concept of menu headers and footers and any content that lives in top-level templates and the related to objects in a scene that still alive but as you swallow child templates this is a list of other people seen there is always active topple template as you change how about now we can see other people browsing the our sites with you I'm using a simple WebSocket server up for social
experience this also showcases the r emote on a phone Madison helpers were great for this use
case for all of these 2 examples are equivalent in that they build a quarantine strain-free
by securing about yet American currencies is also great are linear time based simulation here's so examples of come across what the inquiry brand cell with a reasonable interval is not press a browser sending location data a lower WebSocket server Web RTC the and scheduling something around like we saw earlier running code in the middle of an animation so let's go back to the
idea of Social Browsing the here it expanded the
concept of browsing with other people but to include routs being different spaces for gathering
as you move between routs you leave the old so people and you join a new set going in around the
or they can change you throughout likely in this example API synchronization last resort
is maintained a copied API 8 frame as points and actually use that I need to replicate at 1st I tried initializes the register components by inspecting the a frame API I it works in templates but you can extend them because there's no real file import so I well at build time file generation using broccoli 1st I isolated patches a frame to allow to run and now you can use brought the file creator but to create component files and 3 forever undersold on the atom nodes track away from you life you wanna join the others during the work is being done in an called a frame so you can just install at on project and you can have the your sections in your other project works but it's still in its infancy so there's lots of work to be done but if you're excited about the ah like I am becomes a I thank you and I that lasts only done you want all hang out in the states of the and server feel free thank you
how to act