MiniTalk: Baby's First Open Source Project

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MiniTalk: Baby's First Open Source Project
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and my my my my 100 diamond engineered children but I work in a product
style which is a Rails profiler we
actually have a table online i've seen easing line at some point velocity is yeah on anyway so in spite of the fact that I
never seem to have enough free time
or any free time at all really of this last year I decided that I needed project us and I can work
on regularly preferably open source of I could improve my skills and maybe we don't like it will
provide a little bit and so I contributed to a few
small things here and there but I
sent from 1 project there really folic I could throw myself into on so is
asking around but if you need help with the text of organizations that I thought were called on so enter the indirect
so they are a self-described of friendly international feminist and gender queer added crop close and I
1st heard about them during their all gender restrooms stick your Kickstarter campaign on arm and anything really well aligned with my
values and ideals and so I reached out
to them just ask if they need any help with their site on Wall Iranian-held with straight on but then ideas for a safety that have
been scrapped a while back so obvious if I'd be interested in taking a product of my eyes lit up
yes this how do we prove a thousand times
yes or I have a chance to bone up from scratch in years were like you know like ever and ever built a number out from scratch so that was
that was perfect on pretty soon I had my
1st open source project I'm just
quickly show you the very rough mark up this is what it looks like this is a mock up of but like what they hear in an unsafe situation that early work on the please use that I wanna get a bunch of friends quickly to help you hold up space so you select which group to sign a lot to you and then those people receive an alert you can see where you are on Google Maps and they can wait another on their way or they can come pretty simple and so I have the perfect plan
I did a really basic LBP up and
running around a bunch of issues for everything else recruit people come and work on it
but I would just have to get off the ground and then try to build a community to help maintain it follows there would be a great reason to try some new libraries and frameworks that sounds easy enough right
on at much it turns out that building up from scratch almost completely on your own when you've never really done so before is extremely hard I don't don't so if you're trying to learn a new language in new things on top of that so I decided it makes sense to go with what I knew I
also started from scratch again by using that old and males Of course things were still
far from easy to enter the gracious kindness and helpfulness of the open source community I started asking for help and I got it
but what sold me a bunch all the way from Portugal on the internet is amazing of sometimes I can't believe the thing I compare
remotely with someone in freaking Portugal is so cool but as we get ethanol from other
people I met randomly on Twitter actually met this guy was I think all my view like a total thing you have to figure out what's going on with my also improve someone with helping you figure it out later that they
of prisoners being overwhelmed by lifestyle and there's no way I was going to get this thing in a workable state anytime soon also ask
for help again and I got it God team here it's a into a it way on get out great name actually put in a few pull request frequently so I was like in France
in the year 1 maybe be a regular contributor to my brother and work with a bunch of stuff and write it down so what we use free receptors so
that I have my 1st regular contributors Our
defining some things together while we were kind of a diffuse recall actually someone cement yards and looking to me for guidance and so on you know sometimes it's really a we took a for both of my best it also has some haven't finished the and the people were pretty close on death row and you to be like hooligan icollab enable them because it's totally not done yet but I would like you to walk away from this talk . 3 things 1 member is a fantastic framework to use when you try to get something up there and quickly and you're not opposition to teach a bunch of people some things that other 10 who had been helping the bonds didn't really know Emily so helping me use Merill's kind of and is able to get really easily in the productive quickly to the community is fantastic people are super nice and really helpful on every time and help someone has been there on as well the other from the biggest reasons only involved in open source to begin with was that I love the idea of a community of like-minded people coming together to get things done and help each other out just as they want to answer that's been the experience I had and get and especially with Amber of 3 I am Invited retreat you if you are interested in helping out with this out which is the mobile app I've been working on for the gender at all you can take a look at the repo of or DME on Twitter I have got sensor enough issues yet so dimly probably on the search is nothing all levels of and thank you so much
fast so well