Ember Conf 2017 - Opening Keynote

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Ember Conf 2017 - Opening Keynote
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an huh huh huh that if you also must be here for another member companies 17 you can see this is a really big group which is really exciting vibrant Austin community were back on track this year so theories is are and who was here last year alright I I really 1 track because it makes us feel like a really fast and the together and we would like it to me that all the types of before everybody it is at the point the oflife announcements but 1st of all you probably are aware that there's lots genes that there was a slight about it you should tell your friends etc. but but also probably have try not to be a bond with 5 while you're independence and so forth so Polly don't look at the lights in wired as that should not be necessary to have the same year drop off that's about this they will not find anything else that might be happening because aluminum and can look around that's a unifying view to the BitTorrent final kinetic well in yeah so that there is that and and the last 1 other thing I wanna say is just there is a and recover as the core conducts it's actually were and that we follow but I just wanted you of personal I present I feel about it and so I I personally rock as a word that's true as a which is of booze minority have allowed experiences from my life so I've got rid of right there in a room and someone said something that you think that much about and I just felt like 0 I really going to be in this stream I really wish I could escape this room and the somewhere else and usually not enough because was on purpose say something that has that situation doesn't I think in general and the way I think about codes of code on that and being good to your fellow people's if you feel like you're in a situation where that's happening you there as a participant or as an onlooker have you see somebody who looks very uncomfortable because there's a thing that's going on the probably nobody intended but is causing someone stopper try to do something about it and you can be nice don't necessarily assume that some someone's doing something on purpose but also try to and help people feel comfortable in their in situations and so but in terms of logistics the website has a full enumeration of it and if you feel like you need to report something that anybody with a staff like the red saturates I think on the red this year brain and even if they live and you end with a green stature is is around to talk to you can also you know that you know that on a website and that definitely there here help you if there's anything that you need help with and so on feel shy about talk about enlisting their help in any situation that might requires OK so but we are here this as some so what's our 50 year year and I was actually preparing slides about 5 years that we here and I was actually mostly pull that pretty much immediately after we got started we already have pretty good art so like the whole five-year the whole fires spectrum has like wall clock and so I Mohammadi were never this blog posts yeah people so the the beginning of them were actually was we had no we do as proper and it was a convention that every new and project its proper may had of your name and many of them like the burger isn't that annoying status yeah so we internally called proper to amber and then we had talked about that a public a lot and we really ready to go ship and so we announced evidence and you like actually there's a small talk implementation written down script called evidence so you can have a name and we have to rename every quickly over a few days I would be always silly but whatever evidence that so anyway this was the very this is based in the beginning this is the birthday December 8th 2011 all it's and and here is what I remember at the so look like in the very beginning actually what the amber 1 that's and documentation told you an abrupt was but the sometimes known by some sense but you can see that there's like whatever at the time was a very much a product of its time right there with you had a script tag and the way you create and simply as you put the Mr. Faggin we yet have a precompiler so you just things happen on the flights and so we were kind in are operated teenagers at the time and by what is not official are realize them like this should be official then they should make this part the of its friendly with children and and basically at the time there were a lot of things that people that were very awkward about remember light in order to type actually just used by data and syntax and there was this thing there was like no more so I I found a lot of luck with that memory had in mind at the time when I was interested in so this guy's like embers birthday it's so easy to use but that I would've done inspector and 0 my god it's like that that's the answer right in the beginning the way that we dealt with them properties because the bacteria that string templating engine at the time was to use these script tags which had the nice property of being allowed to be anywhere in the dominant very a nice property looking terrible about that and so the there were a bunch of being that we did in the beginning that are like kind of each 3 probably a lot of people in this room have never seen over them but were kind of their at the beginning we started doing so here just like a quick whirlwind tour so at 2013 was the 1st member can't ever and we had like camp mass that's and the gods had this great Bob like cats and run in the middle an answer for him I'm and actually the last the left thing there is the original consultation this came from like we asked when the to do some design work for us like a clear examples which the front page and the thing that she give us a productivity was so good that it became the master Amber sprinkle I am and what for so 2014 was basically like we start going to the swing of things and actually worth noting 2013 when we did on the campus like 2 months after that evidence enough of much so we have been going pretty quickly but and so we add like 2014 we had another ever come from we at created the relational process and we added some features we see a number of 1 of the details but we like at that point we didn't get have on the LOD helper and we don't yet have like the each upper didn't have that might lots and that's and we buy in 2014 until no more switch and we're happy about and by the also and 2015 was basically a so sugar pirate and dumpster and acting by 2015 Michael we analyze user groups so there's like that's when we start really getting the answer that so many monsters and and we start I think 25th is by the beginning when you would consider modern amber light we started talking about fast food as the implementing will yet and we started working on a team of ours and we talked about number 2 . 0 Anderson general at the amber project including things like in Brazil I started be thing and there are some more features happen like I have to start from the winner down the exact list that I see here but like for example on indexes in each loops were a thing that was like a highly desired feature before we did it simply is not anymore but not enough to take preventive but was the thing that took us a long time together right and like the component and chemical by 2015 which and musical logic involuntary controlled by 15 also great um and then last year was that we choose only which great and this year we introducing the only as a life-size of mass you can take pictures with so you should do that we have and so I would say like 20 was by the beginning of the year that we will be talking about today in the in the keynote I'm trying to get more rationalize about what is that lives on even emperor to the 1st 2 years and we'll try figure out what is member at all and 1 last year we started thinking about like what what are the building blocks and they commemorated how can you start using them so at that is it for example is an API that lets you build things like fast food not everyone who's doing things like method is using fast they can use different that we built that we put them over time there's things like that should comply so we start getting more on rationalize about what it is that we're doing and that is really and the pattern up today I'm so we introduce the we we also got glimmer landed we started on using yes 6 features like we can actually if possible
on and we also let us started doing the obvious releases and you can see the level of the semester long Mr. on the bottom and as we start doing that so last year I would say is like really matured as a product a lot of the things that end up being reported under now are what we did last year I we also killed the render which turned out to not be informed but as laughter to offer some and so this year I have photos visits were not here yet this you were in our analysis here that I and II photos yesterday for today but this year our our activity messed up upper is answer and so we have a bicycle and also this year the user groups are allowed commission answers now there are also lot commissions always if they want to they can choose between constants only as the official mascot which files this people and before I move on to talk about 1 and the stuff I wanna talk about a little bit about the origin is the usual porting announcement stuff so and this is the core team the last year it's a we added some people but I think last year was a pause more lesson in the composition of the team I think we had we suggest security yeah remember the remember a and after like 3 months go by like an old man unanimous slept in 3 days of after and so this is the last year and there's a thing that we're going to start doing on track was 1 of our early America well rampant Emeritus I came up with that came up with a point so we used to call these things attract up Mum pointed out that actually emeritus in general are actually still pretty active they're just not doing necessarily be ultra day-to-day activities that people are doing all the time and and so there's like a will not it's not like 1 1 minus school where you like went this woman you start thinking about it ever again it's more like an emeritus professor where you like still crap people to talk you have people respect you your nanosilica part each class the courts in a large so and so basically I can actually watch life example I'm not use giving a talk today about American currency which end of him becoming emeritus Stephen like many emeritus professor it's time to focus on something that was a pattern of is you say even diverse group it won't and I think in general that sort of on this set time and that is that sort of our expectations like have we don't have to wait until someone like complete left the community to notice so you actually no longer around but rather like the ones people start becoming more interested in more focused work on general United to do all trajectories that the the fire them with the murders that so on this year character who was actually like I think you the 1st 1 of the 1st contributors to amber and always on he's also always surrenders business through on a brand of talks a lot of people think training of the always represented the the voice of the user round heat and then continues to do that actually and he is going to be on with emeritus status and the the folks I that is that there are 3 new core the members of Keegan where chat Ayatollah and requirement as you probably know requirement is is lots and as so just quickly kd doesn't embarazzar which I'm means she has somehow would prefer he superhuman effort red every add-on and and turns out to be a good quality for party member someone was red every element no but she's she's great stunning loss in work and show that has done that Chad has got a huge amount of the heavy lifting behind the scenes and onlin refer like it's very extended through time and end this 1st review and and locks is also has also been doing boxes is a 24 hours like what exactly who it turns out also is a assumed technologies is incredible yes and I would also add a lot of of the and strong passion for people proximité just paring down both learning experience which she is and 1 of the 1 of the leaders that team and also just in general has focused a lot of prior reduced paper cuts number and that's good that some folks in so that's the new condition with the required is around what was the mood of the theft so before I have since we're talking about might be in 5 years and this it was doing the nostalgic tour slide that and remind myself of what it looked like when we started so is the thing people talk about like 0 the you know you have these frameworks that were around a long time ago and maybe have some baggage in time here I was like what what what what it actually look like when the 1st i In the 1st put code down for from 2 . 0 May 2011 what did the web look like and it actually was a pretty abysmal placed on productive today like nobody axis should theUS 5 let alone yes it's and no browsable by the flux box 1 of only a small amount of people implement it's like modern features like the type Teresa websites B and there were feature that I think like everyone comes it takes for granted as like obviously as important for preselector all which actually the time like everyone uses all because there were some library like that because the web this was missing for features and I add that listener which probably aware obviously for because web was not actually a standardized the time to explore which as you can see that the browser had its own mn implementation that you have to use if you wanted to target process so as you can see there was a lot of it was not a very hospitable place to build stuff and yet that is the ideas upon which we entered it's funny right because people think they say frameworks like earlier this famous from an older generation and yet at the same time people today 3 I like it's just the battery rightly than even happen but yet you look at this and like actually everything we did had to be in service of IEA because it is by far the slowest steeple resurrected assuming this we support I 7 also but that was at that binary they i it's not to not a lot of ways but yes exactly we 4 basic cost a lot of things in that era just to deal with these very dominant but very in modern terms of derelict browsers you so in contrast today like all of these all of features have been completed and existing all web browsers that you target and under some new features so as the some of of the things that you have come like that you probably know like the usability or media queries that are like really part of the molecule get an array shipped in all browsers and I put worries much area because it's just like a finger at the time was all 1 can you have water it is but now like every new web developer does not have to worry about making around the corner of things that you and I realize I think in the things that thing I stick the Nazis were transparently and you so sorry that that in this field theory is enable there was some act but anyway that's the standard outside particle it it's like a whole set of things that you don't have to think about and there's even like your features coming like service worker which lets you intercept I network and web Assembly which led to target really will only have things on both departing headachy have shifted and technical previews so like PC web assemblies here more or less alike already shipped in from and Firefox and is almost you other brothers that's like a pretty amazing difference from what the web look like in 2011 we started so is it actually valid to say things have changed the world should like web furniture change with those things and I was really really what I think is that there are amber out from that era their on whispers member that selects I the AP I work on we started in 2012 and is on number 2 . and whatever the most recent word elaborate we have we have I have trained so I never remember what was written in to that 37 years but yeah lifestyle is always were there's a lot of people like that we've been around for a number of years says that we look at the environment it's like moving from the Sahara desert to like it plus literary part is the that you MIT is allowed to use it only been 5 years and it that's also by waves anybody ever tells you like the Web standstill still 1 is even happen that's like natural and having having to say other than it's yeah and and by honestly 5 years is like a very long time and what I right like as we have just seen the world completely shifted and a lot of that think about the fact that like the Great Recession from 2008 is like less than 5 years ago so and there's been things that are in relatively recent in historical terms that are older than that fighters but so if you want Web time works at a different
speed then regular time and and like another way to think about all this is like here the exact the points were various things i want viruses might something that's interesting so battery wrote this blog post get this initiative McGovern bloodless from last year and like some of the things that are on this I don't even know what they are right they have already done in and of time those those action mixture models like Twitter fabric assumption is that things like White of this anyway there are various frameworks here and you can see that all even in like framework time it's a pretty long and so of course and were like started 2011 we don't like we don't still have a stream templating engine like a lot things change over the years but we're also like pretty early on a lot of the things that we did and so that's a lot of areas we were we were ahead of the curve Son in some cases painfully at and so like for example we did simply compilation ahead of time that when it was like still popular to use mustache and just interpret you're like red interpreted them but it still I would like when the ship embassy alive at 1st time was like many people were like the Weber has a built step is called 5 the advanced user like I have put on my shell script inside a grand final now is it right so we like it was actually big thing now like NBC everything work as a COI 2 or at least is working on 1 and we when we adopted is acutely cycle basic common property and people at an acidic police cycle so doing a library was like a new thing and we also adopted some might not like it's it's models were rounded up to them were not ready like they were still actively being developed in the adopted them and we worked a lot on our course people not and a rendering engine and things like that we were we worked on not just like there is a way to do it but it is consistently were starting system would have in fact promises a plus that came out of anger at us in France is wrong yes life was a new bozos think this right so I will give you a test suite that you can get working there so and that's rose the constants he wrote a blog was like you're doing promises wrong it was just like an hour betrayal and that's and I was like a few give it that's the only thing that's friend that and that end up being the and input into the official prime suspect which is now in the browser like that is the period of time there were the terms that vendors can move quickly sometimes to and so again it's been like 5 years that's pretty that's pretty amazing I think a lot of the way to the top of this is very abstract it's like it's been 5 years therefore it is time to break things etc. but that's like on know it's only possible people to think about it honestly because there's a lot of people were new were even around the entire spectrum so it's easy to think whether it's that we I tend not to and and interestingly like a lot of the core idea that I thought the previous slide actually 3 standard so and if the reason that you like amber was because we compare our template that time a few years ago and is you need to use every modified admitted that even if you like and because a COI tool there are a number of frameworks now that are like trying really hard to have a good so I experience right so there's a lot of reasons that people might like number of years ago that by now have become like pretty standard fare I think 5 years is enough time for a year to go from the controversial so basically widely accepted and I would say most of the things that were most temperature let in the beginning have now become an accepted have through our vandalism and also people adopting another thing so that may lead you that's a question like is there another 5 years the number of maybe like the emperor's role was to be the bridge between 2011 and 2017 in our like that I want to go use something else like reactor I and I think there's a reason why people think that there's a reason why people feel like it's time to like relative a bygone era which is that it is what it seemed like a lot of baggage and number right so I'm I think there is some sense in which this is just an abstraction it's like 0 it seems like amber the Raphael longtime therefore obvious is baggage and I think on the courting were like actually we did a lot of work to clean up a lot of baggage is also a sense some sense like for example the product model that is really really a relic of the 6 classes not existing and ultimately might make sense to get rid of and a lot of people like his initial reaction that seems like impossible you be it's intrinsically by remember you have 2 or even before users classes people Americans constant like I have a job agree that people so that it so this so that is a problem of the innovators the 1 of the few which is like a yes were not popular enough to have the official version of the Islamic although there oriented people in the room and by that there is a problem of like ones have a good a lot large number of users that hard to adapt the pies because you don't want to and work that people are using your I mean especially on me I think that commitment to stability is actually important thing but because becomes important tradeoffs which is that sometimes you have to keep things around longer than you might like to and so this is natural ask wall was the end that yeah and I think we've actually remindful of the problem and have done a lot to be widened and mix things up a lot internally have throughout the years but there's still some limit on how for that and so in order to talk about like what's the next like what's next year's what were we doing I wanna talk a little bit about things that they work like way thing that we tried to do that and I think just suddenly end up failing in their in terms of the that projects are working on so I like I think we did a survey of these 2 people in this room plus times if you and 1 toppings like 180 shipping components already I am also we like tried that we control is the 2 0 yeah and didn't really get over the finish line in the right so there's a a bunch of things that we did in the 2 0 here that we sort of communicated was a plan and then I think it's just not controversial to say that by now we didn't really make those plans were and so there's a bunch of things like rodents pod what people use but don't end up being broadly accessible to most Member uses that just in end up working out for some reason and on the other hand is actually alive things actually did work over the past few years and I and talk about those so on fast food is a product that allows people to our servers are under the these for SEO purposes there and graphs and that exists and you can use it today for today and engines a similar story engines and is the thing that allows you break up a rapid the smaller chunks so and put them together so you that haven't have 1 giant wrapped began a few smaller graphs that you merge together using engines that's also a feature that I I would say has been successful member I and of course limits itself is very successful so last year we had we said like a what we are working on the basic limit to which we are chipping at you can see that we talk about 2 4 at the time and we actually of shipping into and I think so like sometimes I always said like at the moment single good performance improvements and on so we said in March in July we announced that the 2 half of that is like a drop a replacement for people's apps and in November we ship limit to adopt replacements apps ends basically right like is we ship that some users report was that I really like the time by exonic about like what is to know that about going around like the topic is like it's the drop an upgrade but as soon as he was are using it saw very significant performance improvements right so without making any changes you have without any breakage and for the for like 99 . 9 % of patents that you got like you can actually improve performance and you also got up massively reduce bundle sizes that's like something that you got some between March and November we ships that thing that was based apartheid mode you might already working but not ready to drop into something that dropped and sort big improvements and like on 1 of the biggest like the gratifying about this a lot was that this course was actually stuck on 3 and 1 of 13 because of back there was some forms regression that really impacted there at a lot because they done some handcrafted optimizations and also there were religion regressions and they were holding off for improvements and these by a time when they actually operate to want to that then they got like double out performance over what they had seen before so not only within no more aggression and threats Ranch they got to exit from a from a they so before and I think those things are actually significant because of the fact that you don't have to there was no break it uses the regular that experts and so that's pretty significant and so just in general that is like the way in the roles that there are I think glamor to was a total the support we write rendering engine that came
after each of ours which completely replace the string-based thing with on these things and we were able to do that in the structure of a normal products so that I think the general frame of like 0 like things are changing a lot therefore you have your busy forced to like reboot entire projects is not obvious obvious true I said before there's some limit to how much you can do but I think the limit is further along than people expect right so we were actually able to switch from about different like a pretty different I'm putting it into the new 1 without any changes in EVI and similarly when we switched it to what was then called the 6 models and is now properly Notícias 2015 models and that was also likely ships which from global mode where people writing like act out whatever whatever to yes 2015 and people were able to use a hybrid is much more call high resolver to migrate incrementally and these days like everyone like amber is actually 1 of the earliest adopters of yes 2015 model so we did end up getting left behind Mobil's mode despite the fact that we started off with an entity in general I think ever that acts as a series has done much better than the very annoying breakage period of member 1 of the the right so I'm sort of saying is a appropriate like that and 1 . 13 year I try to do a lot of up-front design like try to do a lot of things that involve breakage and we were we end up not that was like a total fail because of the fact that we were technically pretty good about applications I think ultimately people wanted the benefits of the 2 that Europe provided by and there was definitely a bunch of other work so well in around 2 that 0 era and I think on the 2 that x here as work better in general so I just basic gave you the juxtaposition between 2 things something that but what about something that I didn't go well and like what is my opinion are being you know what we learn from that 0 0 1st of all this is like it's sad to have to say that we learn this system 1 really knows it is somehow it they even the best of us make basically big up-front design trying to design a new feature like in the back the bonds rebel components like something significant completely before any implement many users are able to access it is and with an act and such that is blocked out once you get out of the gate right so if we say here we have now come down from the mountain wood stone tablet that clear edible components are the chances of that succeeding are actually pretty low and I think a lot of what what a lot of the 2 0 EUR mistakes have common is that we tried a little bit too hard to design things up front now we have a great community in our process allows people to help participate the design but ultimately design that far proceeds usage is not a good I think this and pressure on the rocks of backwards compatibility the stability guarantees and so this problem which is that the few people would give land until something that we feel very confident and so in the times Tennessee around you use and there's no because I think the every system in general suffer from a lack of experimentation there's some areas where it's in a lot of talk about later but there have been some areas where it's just been very difficult because of the fact that we don't expose anything and were like build building Towards a glorious future so I think in general that it really that whole generally at that kind of thing that doesn't work it didn't work and you should probably say something if you see other and there's a different approach that has just generally work a lot better for us over the past year or 2 on which is instead of like designing a feature like engines upfront and like making a perfect and then landing area making like that can be the perfect landing it and I think that was a good example so I will be landed in embraces the visit got all the reality is programmatically after ever to go visit your all give you back the so I did not know me thinking now that we do every with that so that's all we have to put into amber and that's actually not afford it designed its low-level mostly on interacting with it and it's has a reasonably well founded design and and then on top of that we built fast food as an extra line on that anybody the use of proper the stable like we spilled a number and but that thing is allowed to change like that has its own stability story as its theory and so and and like other people like we can actually is the API directly without even using that and that people could play in their own server infrastructure on top and I think the point with server-side rendering with clients and apps is is a friend of the new world learning how best to do it and if you think you have a better way of doing it you shouldn't feel quite sigh you should feel spiny because despotism going fast enough for users expressing your really like a very happy happy user and you can do it right you have the tools you have the same underlying from that we have so in general like both the engine API and vastly our things where we figured out what small things add and to allow experimentation that not elsewhere we also are just like thrown into the walls and things you open yourself or giving a pretty good initial representation that probably eventually would words in some forms but were also told have fine and happy to have people on trial staff and in fact in both these people have done so and I think that's sort of the new way that were taken up approaching I never on however when we actually add new features to ever like glamor it is important that those features not create so even if it's technically you could have a compatibility story like on you opt into good friend then you are like fourty the universe and you have a complete before entering into something like that mean it's actually foreign to us that when things get added and were like amber property that StackOverflow that documentation whenever reflecting mean languages so when we're doing a bigger draw factory like dilemma we got the 1 axis to suffer from there wasn't good enough that story and I think from now on whenever we make big control factors we will were not there make the some so I think the summary is like fragmentation is a key way that we all involved as ecosystem so there are things like I should be clear by the way the smiley face and front right this is not the path judgment about the project it's about how many times the order that product at the jump through to get the job done so at the docks and I is built on top of the B the object model the story amber I of course the idiomatic model but the fact that the shared between photos and template layer is well defined and number me that's not very hard to implement in redox and ever concurrency and or also all Member and or is both about the same share that Amber that uses right so these all these those 3 things used fairly well defined EPI that exist already number that you can use to experiments on backtrack to give a really to talk the 1st ever come about I'm experimenting with those things the book hackers really use like each better source of that so there are some API that actually great and have a lot a lot of experimentation but there's other things like the component API which is quite locked down and that is that people were implementing innovative things in the init part of speech and updating I have to use private API that breaking news experimentation is not so stable so really what we learned from the last couple of years like last couple years since 2 . 0 is extremities is very important we don't prepacks ability willy-nilly but we need to do more exposed of primitives that make the system work so that people can try out things and don't mean so much on doing everything up and so something that are actually happening along these lines are something about components which is the thing that you probably have heard of the various points and want for the reasons of moral so later is a feature that kind of suffer from the fact that we have we thought that'd be a one-shot chance to replace the existing the bond model then you can also look like getting perfect before we ship anything and even though we were like always turning there's just so many questions about how you want to model that meant that was very difficult for us to ship anything and that that's roughly what happened so you should check out countries are which I have a link to later on in the presentation but there's a picture here will mostly Annapolis and but this is leading the way we're doing indirect promises that were talking were implementing a low-level constant upon API that is it's not just and it's not like it's a function haven't state-space like sufficiently rationalized to talk about most things that work was already not like lexical books and things like that templates and but it's low-level so you can implement likely components and 1 ideally an electron is also the ideas that were start doing the same story we put we design a primitive the primitive has less ergonomic pressure on it and then we let ourselves and other people do experimentation of of the and then another thing I heard of you like there's a new version of pods called which is some possible modification which it just whatever the technical name for it is not see but
basically it's a way of allowing you to put components next to the article Mexico was invested into helpers presents the components that use them and components inside the rats that used on the batteries we called pods it that also went to a pretty low level artsy and is not like going to become available through an ad on and that allows you to crab of have both worlds in the same thing and actually don't want to have a slide with the 2 lines of code you need to write to make that work today but an entire as I can't Robert and you will probably apply to all of you yeah and but basically the same story right we don't have to you don't wanna have to wake everyone wait for the future to get the pile feature into into the framework so we're trying to expose more hoax that let people do experiments but not but also were doing a lot of the work just in a way that doesn't apply as much pressure on stability right away so with that said like probably the biggest thing along these lines at the biggest active work items limit to analyze of course when talk about that today because this fact word-etymon published so are you I the and so I wanna give a tiny recap of what caused limited to just in the 1st place and I think it's easy like if you understand the story based on what I read a set about what was going on so and I think we only really did the postmortem now about 1 0 but I think we started throughout the last year thinking more about the exact problem is model so when we start working on glimmer what we notice that we talked about last year that the boundary between the emperor and the templating leader was actually not very Chris so there was a lot of things that have ended up on 1 side or the other for no apparent reason and that the real consequence that that and itself ended up a pulling in a lot of random you layer templating engine concerns just because that's where it happened to land in the world and so the exact boundaries and religion of ours was very on model was now have clear which when you could like the creation words and use in another project for easily time so the global product was really about extracting the things that were generic like yield for example if employees achieve a generic concept and extract out of amber and putting it into a separate library and the really living members job to be high-level Amber featuring incompatibility right so there's some of features like outlets and I the blast through the component helper although now is next expected to into glimmer but they see any features that are like pretty coupled to however tends to work on exactly how members object model interacts with limited things are number but glamor itself has size now really general-purpose rendered and importantly because that is a very large magnitude shift right that is a significant internal change on I think in practice every single line of code and will have to do with the view layer in the last 2 years has been replaced and at some point I think that's probably the times in some cases so in in order to buffer people in this room from those Proc changes but also give you the benefits we be the emperor layers the sort of thing that should give you a consistent API so and that and the fact that the the important right I've said this is the times of making to that end up this for 2 . 9 is a significantly better story than I want the not been adopted ways of wonderful obvious but I think for people were here for both that's story was very different even though I would actually say that 1 that 13 is closer to 1 of 12 implementation then 2 . tends implementation is denied we just worked a lot on probability because of how much the break if that really work out to cause more problems than expected and it also varies so in retrospect but and I would also say that tasks 1 of the things that need this work is that when we did to that can only the grammar we made sure that tests the testing we ran on both the old and new and and unfortunate as the problem of having written test there are plenty of s in the world that are accepted coupled implementation details that are not part of the public API so we have we did a huge effort that the community prior likableness from help with which was just 2 T. tests that were accidentally couple to some implementation detail and operate them to be more of a general so that the so that when we say you know has this stable work it really is that notice works and not some detail of how the view layer used to work like the new system in middle point of so we have the community really help with setting it would actually possible disciplinary we didn't get a lot of the community and upgrading the and was actually was not a trivial automatable job there was a lot of detail work in a community helped a lot and I've had with this like 1 around pause for helping that it would have done anything about it and I just wanna say like what we like from now and this is the process that we use for engines for passing for glimmers Howard doing it from now on work that not been breaking changes were going to not mean and big up-front assignments they're going to lean on small primitives incompatibility as our as our main Montreux for how we do you know the features so just to give people an update on what's been going on so we talked about the more I wanna talk again about the Bolivian works out because it gives you some contracts so up 1st of all the general problem that glamorous result all you to read all that's on the slide that the general problem that limits so that is actually true problems in that application design that are in conflict with each other so there's like 60 fps Jane were like if someone wants the fancy like mean threads stall sometimes use included and on that is 1 problem like you to be very attractive to users once wrappers going and then is another problem which is like how fast can I get my happening in the 1st place or what is the time to force and activity or some muscle blue time that I'm also is very important people care a lot on lot about and all those actually are in my computer science real-time constraints right and if you are building a financial transaction systems you have a real time constraint you need to respond very quickly but you're willing to spend like infinite time I'm about to get to very very fast response time once you're running so many of the people who already have done a lot of research on how to make very fast response and is like the 68 guess constraint black actually care about on initial rendered I'm a good example this is right you every game in the world as a loading better that sometimes it's a very long time because they have decided it isn't because very important immediate passive activity we are willing to spend some large amount of time doing some work on the web we simply cannot do that so we have a really hard constraint I we make initial render time fast and also make an interactively after that fast which is just a somewhere on its core problem and the Web forces us and and in general like that or worse problems that computer science is that is that was the trade off you might have heard of in like the sixties seventies whenever at some 20 with that 0 there's like plenty of memory so you can always just do the work and whenever like up front but you're not doing work upon also takes time right so it's not just the memory constraint which we have plenty of now we have gigabytes of memory it's also how long it takes to actually that work so the web sort of change have been what thinking about and optimization in general which means a lot of ways people generally have thought about it so far are not directly applicable there's some questions that we need to resolve so that I would say that the training I personally use for how what is the point what like trying to deal with this trail I'm so basically that the weather has a special problem which is we are required to put up in very absurdly fast time like people's that like under 1 2nd the without and also you have to be 60 gets what you would like somehow like the most of it I find it ironic that basically this is it's like the most beginner friendly environment the world and it's like the hottest decides problem something is something happened and then like I think 1 thing that into you probably have noticed is that you can go really fast if you don't worry about updating right so if we if you're trying to you don't care about updating that you can do a very nice thing like you're just use HTML or just 1 a very fat like of very passes about operations and then that is the process so it's actually possible its basically impossible for any framework be like Inferno or you JSON were to be the node yes because we know just above the have updating and so what we're trying thing whatever was try figure out everything that is happening have cake need to happen to get the initial render time down to a real relatively low amount without sacrificing optical flow and actually member had a very extreme version this problem because reacts when racking up they basically said and we're gonna put we're gonna put updating performance suicide from and some the ritual talks about the reactor talk grammar-based Ember has very fast updating time but unfortunately that updating time comes at a cost that's too expensive to render initially and we a lexical over a system that has a better trade off and I
agree actually do that is that a better trade off however we could because of the fact that here we have a lot of users of they gap that she could regress on updating performance so we have to figure out how to break criticism that was much faster initial render but also roughly the same speed updating that just the department made upon the art and forced us into pretty creative problem-solving mode in work on so last year we have this we talk about limb rightly said like we are getting like 1 . 5 2 2 x performance speed boosts interpoint heavy scenarios and we said last year I think those that particular benchmark was up actually very focused on component on heavy scenarios relapse of course on its but the good news is that when we actually landed glamor we got roughly that we we got some eroding and provided to let's on like the whole peoples collapse and that's actually pretty cool I think like it's hardly ever find ways to make things places that's that without compatibility issues and and we actually got full speed and size so like Robin war here works in this course as I can think of saliva from it that reduce my map size and improve performance and the 2 point and super so and and all these it's obviously saying that like I say I was active free scary because you can never know when you have something what the impact is but like uniformly people up at that and got very significant so the fact that we did that was compatible free pretty good and again I would want and what I would say is we're basic forced into doing this because of fact we already have very good updating performance the beginning and I wanna talk a little bit about the architecture and beforehand enough to have the fun stuff that and so this if you went like now that we know that glamorous faster we can talk a little more because I talk more confidently about what parts the architecture make it faster and smaller so 1st of all on the the way and reduce the work that you compiled them with the jobs script which can be lots and some friends of very large apple we had medium but still pretty large up and on 1 of the big changes that we made in Glymour was that we have a wire format that's intentionally designed to be compact so the wire format they tries to do as much work as possible in the precompilation phase on it is important not people jobs that would be that all the templates do not to run in a like the BN and does not the 1 is just the way we get that is the sum of course which is much faster than execute jobs but I also does not introduce like wheeziness considerations other things that cause formants and we also really wanted to read we want to use this to reduce in in-browser work right we want to take as much as possible and that we know ahead of time like this is a local variable or whatever and move it into the wire format and in general 1 thing that has been true but whether the whole time is that we want to take advantage of the declared nature our templates that where and acts on has always had you on the cost of you just put random does the expressions in there but has had the benefit of the therefore being very upgradeable to different architecture so the more we can take advantage of things that are latent in the in the white in the syntax that the better we can do our performance and so on so that's where for that Beazley's just how people are like I my happens places but my whole apple in those places and that's how we did now there's another pretty major optimization that we do that allows us to be other other rendering engines and that's not the static under observation we talk about laughter I just wanna show it and running out and hopefully and so here's a plate that has a given spend some than and content in it that's la format and what actually happens in practice is that we compiled 2 and what is a byte code and is using assembly notation here for convenience but there's no you can write this and were no assembler compiler but it looks like rough like this we basically take the templated we compile it into a series of small like of small opcodes and 1 of the important thing here is that it can pass you can see has like an open to open calls to close calls whatever and the updating path is not not something path has a single revalidated that early on this is actually more or less this is a natural representation were left out actually works so mass and where is it an analogy here is and how it is that actually by could is actually like uh and and the important thing is there's only 1 opcode have the set on top of that has any possibility of updating right so in open did cannot happen like by definition cannot be updated because it's like OpenID there's no thing and thing in there so there's nothing to update whereas the call thing technically what the parameters the call the change so you have to do some work on it so we have a good system that allows us to both rationalize or doing in terms of the bike again and then also extract from the initial render just a small amount of things that we have to do I I wanted to outperform descending talking a lot without saying anything and I just wanna briefly show some benchmarks but I want to mega-carriers then perhaps more than you may have usually that carrier on benchmarks are not just sometimes from In obtuse or not giving information some other actually misleading and and I think in practice they are usually actually misleading for various reasons this is a really good what was by then that you're on Monday about how the bases spend multiple years working on optimizations that media benchmarks faster that made the web for like religion was Laura's like the inverse lower by several times a larger seed outperformed by symbolic 5 x because they were chasing the 1 benchmarks so it's not just that like benchmarks might be not telling you what sometimes they're actually down usually there's any doubt that that and so i don't actually like the benchmarks of people use for what performance for a for a performance however that is what people used to figure out a fast so I decided to run them for grammar but please do not take away anything specific events because I do not want to have to optimize for these 50 benchmarks because they're not the so here's like initial and it is actually case so there I said Michael benchmark here because these benchmarks are basically there rendering 1 thing and then like a piece of dynamic content with no HTML so in the real world of course you have to know because the other thing that you need to make additional there's something in the micro-benchmarks the people task that you've seen online usually there's like 1 piece of dynamic and that's been rendered at fine but it's not a real it's not even remotely a real world scenario so on surrender is a little like in the ballpark of the fast and it's so but are updating side is just always like reliably faster than our competitors on the glimmer E and and just because of the that optimization it's like no matter what is always have and we get all of the updated the benchmark pricing online that we're doing here with more realistic content which is basic it's like take some bootstrap HTML that is needed to generate icon and putting into the country because that problem is the people's lots and if you put some content into the HTML and we run the benchmarks you'll find that the results are quite different we Inferno still very fast but were still like quite worse now Allegra competitive and were so I In the right in the same ballpark right and I think updating is probably the most like more interesting which is that when you start adding static content as I can understand why in the summer previous slides we start adding static content and we end up doing really well so it's a real hassle just end up with a lot of content that has not happened to be down for some reason and glamorous just the bill was extremely good at that because we do exactly 0 work on the updating task for those that piece of content and so in the real world those that content exists and we end up being even the most optimized to react on react work-alikes because of the fact that they end up having to do some work for those that account even if it's in if they manage to get work to be relatively cheap and somewhat so basically we do were doing very well not over now that we have a thing that is running real content and is shipped we can look at our view performances I'm sorry so this is basically just a benchmark last year and this year I was shown again basically at the point of this benchmark before the war your last year every box component in this benchmark so are old system was bad and random components so if you had a lot of components making slow and now we take like components at the faster the hard so there's a lot of time on this panel got chapter scroll to see all the things that are the and so in general the ClD are is what we're trying to accomplish is to get into the sweet spot of initial updating form so that we can continue to have very good updating without having to think a lot about things like should 1 update but also get initial render that so 1 last thing before the that 1 that I so components are probably still an area where we could do
better and so is an example of a company that's in the glamor via is a work looks like and this what the wire from that looks like and here is the what the the similar looks like right now for the components and if you look at this you'll see that there is actually a number of things in the in the component somewhere that PCR inverse semantics so things like but you actually have a component class and it has some properties on is actually semantic there might not always be needed or maybe in this case there blocks so why are we pushing them onto the stack or the things like peer-reviewing which child views matter would be needed so why are we supporting so there's a lot of we've made these operations were achieved but there's a lot of things that are intrinsically not needed to make out the component model glamor work and so on there's a thing that we have been working on in the architecture which is basic to allow you to remove those opcodes on and got C. is actually not the stuff is ours is about allowing people were not build it like a lot things they're not invertible it's still exist the number I I know crystal and a lot of things they're not were to is expressly opt out of feature that they don't need to eliminate some of the other this year if so I love you all know this but the way that you denying it ready for he notes is we just put all Steve Jobs videos on loop to a combo uh as Chariots of Fire I'm tired of l which you can probably tell so when we seem just came back to Apple in like my family after they purchase next Apple was made very bad place and as a matter of time so max and um see jobs give this talk that I thought was really good where he took Maslow's hierarchy of needs an adapted to the Apple hierarchy of skepticism because you remember the time every article in the press was fact press the general press was every single 1 is the were beleaguered with number that but there is a a point where every article by Apple's how beleaguered they were insisting does is talk and he said you know I used to get really frustrated that every time you solve 1 these problems about the map about Apple's accompany it seems like there is moving the goal posts not there's another thing that they had to overcome some of the objections so I guess you're really frustrated by this is but now I actually appreciate now I understand that when the objection changes it is that I've convinced them the thing has been fixed right so actually it means the succeeded the actually the succeeding but as I like to introduce you to the Amber hierarchy of skepticism so this start the bottom right there were all these reasons people had for not wanting to use Amber the first one was like the bill tooling was really bad and company built with was hard to use but we got the for not having made activation basically you should use the example of like may have been that was in 1 hand and bind added Metamorph just blowing up the Don and and so these are all things that we have heard we've got that feedback and now if convince people it is no longer problems but there are some that still remain so for example 1 thing that people complain a lot about when they look at Member up it is a looks like job ascriptive looks like this weird Java thing with our custom class system right and so matter deal ends bedtime polish time got last name and this is your 1st name is so good that was but so to a greater have as problem in you know every year this community survey and we did some really fantastic feedback that people are sometimes brutally honest but it really helps keep us honest and so people say 0 largely is that they really wished amber could integrate better with the rest of the model because system but they don't like the fact embers a small thing build they don't like the fact that it feels like you're leaving dallas scripting going into this foreign environment and and course we often find if they need on size and speed so so another and when people are usually like those were some cherry-picked most negative people but the most of the of the back is generally positive people say that they feel very productive using amber or they feel like amber what they feel like they will say positive embassy lie right so there's most people have a lot of things that they like whenever the nature of conventional variation but there is a definite even people this example someone was generally happy has some of the same concerns that some of our biggest attractions so I am really excited to share with you all something that we've been working really hard on uh which is gonna and I think you take that hierarchy of skepticism that people have about Amber all the reason they say that they don't want to use number I think we knock out almost all so the 1st thing people say is they don't like you as you all know what that tagging actually bindings you all you want is a component like events in the input field and you have to write all this job a script with this weird syntax you have to learn just have the input field new but I was enacted its right not unfortunately me trolling us that's the reality yes but for many people so in Glymour keep express everything about the root element of a component the following year template it's like an average to nodes that have an interest in the found 0 this isn't this is like another so about as but so the the point here is that you can bind dynamic content from your opponent to your sample without having to learn these esoteric implications of man ICA components in fact is is just out of right that's when you get seen so of course you can get there a lot of cases now we can get would not having any doubts about that all because you just have some reading on the origin on what you were doing was writing at findings but there's still some cases where you need to point a lot of cases and the syntax for that as adults about physics and of course 1 thing that people access all the time I want you was to use text with Amber both lemma is written by strips of course it's recent years and it also model-complete IntelliSense aligned production the aligned acquisition of holder and and cost of their properties the boys like accesses well now you can and why do I have to put that computed on the end of all my properties polygons the back and get it anymore you know that is weird Amber syntaxes nite just use decorated which is a stage 2 feature see 39 and this of course pair very well together so you get really nice functionality so you can enter your field and get type checking as your typing your code which is really really nice found actions in a template are no longer some weird everything the action helper just takes those functions and binds them and you reinstall as a click on on helper for example outside of an element and this is just a regular function with arguments that get Korea and probably the biggest 1 people hate yet and said with the with the dust of accesses with comedy you don't need this anymore so how this article was going around about the size of the output from Hello world maps from different CLI tools the sale of of i'm glad now many people suddenly yeah so this test was I go their website for this book for this framework workers library I get the recommended CLI tool I solid I do a production build I check the size so you can see the cameras now we're on the same ballpark as the others significantly larger and this file size unfortunately makes many people consider and would be disqualified the and I think what's really exciting to me is that the output of a Hello World AC from limited the is just about 30 cat so that is less even than view and the only other library beating us right now is react and I think they can have if
so that's me the idea I swear series you a video that um writing Sam
from and amount of created and this is the show you the what the experience of writing and rappers like I think you really get to the if I may not be s uh losing you just
component library out you rich sentiment user interfaces the well will extract members that has rendering where we were his last name you the mobile Web so this only when the basis just units 1 we should have lots of work to get started versus Oliver still I so when is the CLI having it up and running without any set theory the we can create the slower and by using a new member of the New Zealand generated natural works we open it up and find the right staff that is really a good components are made of templates jobs like this so let's start making her 1st component was tracked on Lieutenant abilities you know what's the since this is income reaction on the 1st working good let's find out a lot of patterns whether track common started in
research uh we only have 1 or other because you know about the
only thing that will queries he know
that you know this prototype currently
has tried hard coded and what place that's just below the bond file and find out what the best temperature we do not display is that an example is you and sites and so on and just like that proponents of the credit for that but now are component be a lot more
useful was supplying current life that's selective about how to start please extract
greater element that you know where the object knowledge you just need opponent react you will not totally rear-ended everyone property it is necessary to functional request please that made
that because of the fact our loss of hearing assumption using PC in a way you will start releasing function
call you were passed on to the server the set of weather on something G some of you finally look a cost function are constructed surrounding ever units and we can see that our components that retrieve data from search so much of the normal weather watch all every 2 seconds it so in that paragraph is known to you you will receive the template and now you may have heard the numbers
would fast just rendering and what the tracker is reasonable so we were really that formants units meeting 1 of but how was the 1st glimmer of child
you have what's happening of contact series instructions and by size the small size of these instructions are extremely efficient since all entire year old or new had time when we're even go quite unnecessary renders the application without any optimization you know when you have home some sort of applying was virtual machine reading here by a reduced state streamline operations are under your data this novel approach is what makes them want
fast just rendering this also being small solves erases all the patterns of competition conflicts that mark on a library for example we can pass targets
components right now or whether they're only shows whether for New York was the field is code that on the 1st ball at a 2nd whether prior to our application and passes it to a 1st step to do we will use the possible to distinguish between jobs that password because in normal insulin it's like last year the number of common we use that leads to optimal kernel of the function you want to do now is to whether services such as you know is you know you touched on just some of the features that limit you for building rich touched on in when you're ready to ship and selected by the easy way to distribute those components to existing work which will be in
managers use the drop any just were surrounded by a so that's fair exports upon opponents as part of its meaning using your apps just like you would any other need information about of the clues rendering engine powerful proposition stories on the little cottage features like patients or ESS classes energy is fast and the joint work of reducing noise powers number in the small and lightning-fast I'm so excited finding which you to try it out and those cost on
thank you and that's when the planes hit Chile you would use this
sequel the and but they were like over
time yeah so I think 1st of all that there was not a marker that exists in the world you should use it the images that come and stolen yeah but we should probably talk about how this connects to embarass of this number of and also probably were not what you not want to announce that we are abandoning Amber which are not so you may be curious to hear how it is connected and so 1st of all this is a component that we want framework and so I talk a lot before about the way that were the fact we're modelling more however work so that we can experimentation outside number this is an example that we we really want Members primitives to be able to allow other glamor EPI library to work about member we ultimately want something like the going rate the I B M R API and that we need to get there and so are Godfrey's artsy number 213 is basically the primitive that we need to allow people to allow you to write that worried add-ons API as an add-on and that's the that's the plan for how you can use it for i in I remember soon there's also a song video prove directory structure if people of and following along but you probably know that there is the modification of that feature and is basically from directory structure for amber it's 5 is the has been a long projects in a large process and glamor the 1st project that uses it natively and but there is already an adult you can install in amber now that uses the low-level resolver API to allow you to do a hybrid of a glimmer directory structure and and the directory structure as I said before the till the hour of that is that you can put components and helpers etc. alongside the place where they belong co-located with where they belong and the only option you need is to change the Africa to the source directory installed on on on is a bigger project of light but how we migrate people's lives in my greater project that you can run to migrate you're unhappy but we also expect that people will end up having both the after on restricted for some period time while they migrate and but that's also something that is already happening Amber probably the following along you recognize some of these details that the poison muscle unification links right now the amber and that the more worlds so our goal is that very soon you'll be able to take your components from the rap drag and drop them into rapid it would just and we get the same performance that you would expect from the glamorous and typescripts is also thing that is either frozen glimmer because of the fact that we of course wrote isotope so it's very easy for tentative apps to consume and libraries and this and another thing we have been working on with 50 for the past probably year which is to enhance the typescript language enough to support some of them work that out features a member and the announced involved 2 . 2 2 1 3 some new features and the cool thing about this is an example that we worked on together with but the product manager at a script and the cool thing about this demo is that it's using every that extent like it's is a subclass around that extend and using get and be get a string literal is co complete right so the the cancer is quite powerful now I had a lot of that power was in in order to allow us to support the types of the member but it actually works it just just justify actually notice this like you never the other day I was made Braque and went into an insight on concept computed equals m reduc ComputerLand's type computer that LT and I got my signature and I was like how is that possible and the read the way it's possible that yes code now has on automatic acquisition that will download type files for you which somebody else wrote and if gets writing so this demo years using updated version of that DTs so you get some of the benefits like this code completion example on without you consider no types in this spot there no matter this file and its cage it we just suggest while you still get a lot of benefits but of course we want you to be able to use just files also so I'm those and the thing is we really like I script I think in general we don't ever want to build features that mandate that use types we never want to force anybody to use typescript and we never want to make it a core requirement of this methods but we really do what you think I should be a pleasant experience I think because a lot of us a country like a building on and that is the 1 this is what happens when you make slides on web in the at so the the idea basically so you glimmery spatially designed for the he today if you want used on it's designed for building small ball obligations which were not a good fit for Amber before I think of you would claim otherwise and embers still really what used to build a big ambitious applications of the CLI tool as a router as add-ons things that services things that you might need if you're building a bigger applications on but it's it's probably important at it that you not have too complicated you between just using a glimmer or just use the whole Amber there should be a spectrum between and we don't currently have anything yet but the plan that we are really really web beautiful very broad as the plan that we have here is basically that we are going to repeat the process of extracting 1 rough remember but and maybe rights like the common number is on that we awarded a repeat the process of extracting that pieces of relic the router unlike amber data and so that they're more rationalizes standalone components and the ultimate idea that you can I and been fully whenever it star from Glenmore and then and then slowly way up so that process of getting to that vision requires that we cannot do that piece at a time I we start them around and say you know what the next in the next year a data for the GI system that consistent annexing the rather and there's various this is a community project so we will basically tho the based on 1 end up getting pulled from the community but there's more there's more work that can be done along these lines I think ultimately starting with the thing that is 30 K and adding things as needed for up to number is good people ask for trees in another way and I think that's the like we like when replication does treated with rolled out of the box but ultimately like human beings the to understand what they're opting into a not too reliant on extremely magic optimizations that prevail at the time so I think thinking about how I actually router therefore I will add it to my project is a good thing ought to do even if we were somehow able to magically make optimized so on anyway that's the the hours are we bolted visioneers that inverse built in like the ending for Amber is it will be faster and more and more generally more rationalize but has the features that that you expect today and glamor is designed for the small mobile apps and then if you as in between you opt into packages that were expected that 80 thank you non-uniform not in my