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Mastering Ember from the Perspective of a N00b

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Mastering Ember from the Perspective of a N00b
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Often times the last person to learn a topic is the best person to teach it. Working within a framework that rapidly changes, we consistently find ourselves in the position of the learner. With fresh eyes, I will reveal common bumps along the path to mastering Ember. Geared towards experts and beginners alike, we will map concepts from a simple CRUD application to relatable mental models in order to demystify the Ember magic. On-boarding new developers and learning new concepts is essential to continuing the growth of the Ember community. Join me to level up!
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but thing into and how to master and the from the perspective a new and I'm going to start with the confession I and the new
and even more shocking sorry you may be feeling slightly indignant about that
statement thinking I didn't answer in my graph just to be called a new or you might even these feelings slightly offended God who is this woman
I explain kind and most natural and you may be Atlanta the feelings of
genuine surprise and curiosity my name is Madison and I have a disposition of the chronicler I worry at Texaco's Ch
well I work context size with some of the harness early stage startups nationwide and Wayne the higher
services of this right and we are constantly learning the girl
mind-set is essential for continuing improvement and innovation expecially for developers because of our knowledge of a much shorter half-life knowledge acquired by experts in other professions discovered and defined by Carol Dweck the growth mind-set is a belief that ability can be developed the dedication and hard work this new creates a love of learning and resilience that is essential for great accomplishment the during the D. Billington the author of life is an attitude said we either continued to learn throughout our lives or will our skills and our knowledge to quickly slide and obsolescence you may remember the cartoons from yesterday's he notes
so talk and I am here to ensure that you do not slip and obsolescence there is no way you can rearrange thinking that will help you become a better learner and a better programmer here's how 1st we will take a look
at some theory and experiments that highlight key to learning effectively then commoners show you a the and then and had to look at a story mining story and so I show you these strategies and action strategies such as a proximal development and scoping a problem pattern matching and building a mental model and metaphor and how they can be used by you to learn more effectively and learn some of the concepts that have been presented here and help you stay competitive and the developer so let's start with the
neuro science lesson I'll start with the j
model this describes how our abilities attitudes capabilities and perspectives change according to skill level now this is skull to be a very specific skill so for an example you maintain tax for and routing but non expert at anger large this is why it's so important to be continually learning new concepts especially at the developer the Jeffress model demonstrates 5 distinct ability levels the most notable shift and skill level and the difference between professional and expert level skills now the reason why this is so important is because the shift in the way we think and the hand and programmatic thinking and learning some minor well when he says you don't just know more or games skills instead you experience fundamental differences in how you perceive the world hi you're approach problem solving and mental models you form and use and then when I think about this difference and that a professional developer will see the details of a single tree while expert would see the entire forest and Jim system about entire forest so what did the romance unintended that's intuition the there are many scientists who have book Clark and intuition intuition and the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning and this differentiate expert vs. professor level developers and the skill levels and other applications now there's been scientists who have studied this at length and contributed to the theory that meaning intuition are the court to effective learning and problem solving I'm going to start with Adrian degree a
gender group was the 1st psychologist to carry out extensive experiments in problem solving his subjects ranged from like ordinary players to the strongest expert in the world as topic just
what when he realized that experts usually chose the strongest move while ordinary players often chose weaker moves the his question while many experts able
to do this assuming that where and late the chest skill so to find out he repeated and extending experiment that had been done in the USSR where he showed a chessboard that was from a real task in 2 players for up to to 10 seconds and ask them to place those pieces and remember where they were initially and replace them on the board afterwards the now again it's important to match remember that these are from real chess games of coming upon His results were pretty dramatic when he found was that from expert level to novice and that experts could replaced with 93 per cent accuracy 25 pieces where is the temperature is only 14 and novices only 8 now who were a
fireman and William G. Chase extended and repeated this this experiment now the way and extended it is that they chosen randomly placed pieces on the chessboard and in the same so they showed it to a variety of skill levels for tuna 10 seconds now they're results were very
different no matter what the skill level these players can only were accurately place the reign of 4 pieces back on not chessboard the tree Sheikh entered Ted talk don't believe everything you think summarize it perfectly In order to retain information we have to organize it in a way that is meaningful we have to make connections to it connected to our experiences coming up with their own examples were thinking about how a separate subject matters relating number 1 another or to last me up next is however and becomes our intuition of last theory the the zone of proximal development this on a proximal development is defined as the difference between what a learner can do without how and what he or she can do without so on the so now did not
have a good understanding of some of the neuro science behind problem solving and found that it's rooted in tuition and meaning we're going to extend your zone of proximal development the and if you're willing will dive into my begin a story and I'll show you how I rearrange my thinking in order to become a better learner and a better programmer I can assure you that the story is not going to struggle actually Arab also radically around it with the
10 months ago I was truly a new just to give me an example on entire story I would essentially floating on the
surface of the ocean not even slightly aware of the doubt that lay beneath the
I started at training school for fun and engineering and about a week and then this couple days I found out
with terminal you her so at that point I felt like I just figured out the secret to the world trade Obama calling my dad and telling all my favorite into the question do you know that there a they call the term not how such who does
that mean don't I don't like this
both of those quite disappointed and needless to say I did not impress she should the I
truly new programming the this begins my story with number now Italian
asserted center at centers around the zone of proximal development and I'll explain a concept a little bit more in depth the this area is not a story of an impostor syndrome the story the story of being an impostor I was
walking through the door is my 1st ever made up an but the hope that we're going to my head word not as excited as she might think I have weighing being somewhat of an intimate and the new but the same time i was calculating the calculating to see if anybody would notice if I literally sprinted
turn around and sprinted away but the you know the odds were not my favorite
so I did the opposite island I
sat the smartest person I could find an acid and a million questions seriously and cutting the two-year-old looking
over your shoulder thinking why mistimed has this work was this stealing what I dash there were all understand after that the developmental stage for programming you know he was so generous with his time and I regret to say that a lot of what he taught me although I made logical sense just instead now formants later I can tell you why the at that point in 4 months later I had learned knowledge of a script and practice with object-oriented programming and build a react read before I went back and revisit Amber not close friend internally and time many of you know random Hayes and do this diagram for
me although it may look like a chicken scratch in a lot of sense and for me explain however work this is the classic story but it's not you it's me she In the 1st example you can see that there was a power of time portends you'd like to explain a complex topic but I was not there at my developmental stage a couple months later and once and then my zone of proximal development had expanded to be injected into overlap with conversos much easier for me to grasp the the end
of the so again at the core of pressure
and the zone of proximal development it is the difference between what a learner can do without how and when he or she can do with OWL like I said my zone possible development increased over time and now that I could not compare with out as much effort during the D. Billington who I mentioned before explain this well through the idea of Opel pacing she says optional pacing is challenging people just beyond their ability level so but this was that I was not connecting these concepts to meaning for into action and so you're choosing a topic to learn and take on something that maybe you weren't here make sure that it's in inside of euro zone of proximal development and this is also really important a teaching somebody else to recognize where there's the
compact next means storing new ready for another failure comes this 1 revolves around pattern matching and mental models so I was building my 1st ever application and I had been super excited after knowing many people from the community in here Austin things my instructors and I had all the appropriate packages installed and I wrote new well this
challenge in order to create a wellness out because I'm from Boulder and can never have too many well as abstract this is what I got it
was quite overwhelming and had really no idea what to do so I had the docks the columns podcast and acts of rid of abelian questions ends as a method that most people recommend
I have my head against the wall more times than I can count the results were not pretty that's again that might come he
the but after a trial and error patterns emerged let me show you 1 0 super notable and help for my understanding of however works you I
started with the emerging generate the relative depths which created around inside of my round it created a dashboard file inside of my routs folder and also created a dashboard file and find my template for now there is a pattern here but didn't recognize that when I was 1st learning everything is equally nested the this may seem simple as an expert but as a beginner this is really confusing so when I started at something a little bit more like this members called doesn't actually run because the patterns don't match should look something a little bit more like this where the dashboard is nested inside of the whole rout as you can see there is a clear power between the ways is that these files are nested and coming from a background in reacts how far you and I explicitly defined where the files are coming in from the camera that magic for you but that was unclear to me when I 1st started what I found out if it while structure matters this in an example of pattern matching pattern matching as a correlate models or designs to use as a guide so Mr. draws directly on to what my mental model looks like mine and model In actually checklist and this is the way that I implement new features when encoding number i wonder the mental checklist to make sure that I'm not mistaken now this mental checklist contains slightly obviously based on type of feature that having that for me it's a source groundwork and to then be able to build off of in order to understand some of the complex topics in amber more deeply let me show you an example of a feature that implemented using this chapter the 1st were and start the router now now have filed an acid anymore and as you can see we add a new router doubtful next were calling in or out this is where we're calling and down of all the tasks are connecting it to our model next were defined my data schema here each task as a student name a date associated and whatever type of task when that was done on on that day then I'm going to my parent template here you can see them rendering a child component and other more into not tell you in a moment and including the helper Alex the the last is my components now this looks a lot of messy but when using is the each helper to render each of my tasks in a list for this was my mental model mental model is it X explanation of someone thought process about how something works in the real world now mental models may not look the same for everybody but for me this is how I understood and when I was 1st learning and I built this model to pattern matching I so every time and adding a new feature I use the same mental model with slight variations and I use pattern matching the types of files and use them to add that feature Tech next sorry this one's around
metaphor and like any context story the story against in a basement I was
calling my 3rd application and this was not application war any of that this was for my final assessment and the stakes were high but I was ready and I was
cruising irony implemented 3 4 so the requirements as set my router campuses in Dallas and environment TDD the entire time the now I was having an update feature to my list items at all the files that so and manner and is
not crack how get by that too I try and I again 2 hours
later the feature was still not working 3
can you Barbara is a Red can and my self-esteem or call and interest along with my hopes of becoming a real developer after being my head against the wall I quickly copied over all the relevant files into slack from instructor and band inflated for before I can even copy over the last file his NASA's came across the wire do did
you included pelvic outlet a half now should he is you don't know what the alap-proper helper does here the quick explanation yell helper lets you specify where child round will render and fiber template so as you can see right I present mental model this is the same the feature there at the ends at the bottom to help a so as you can see the template acts as literally applied for an outlet that allows other pieces to plug into it so this is open and other child templates are the child components and I was wondering my component inside of that plug so taking an observer perspective on the story this is a clear example of the use of metaphor embedded in the number to explain a complex topic memoir
comes from the Greek word meaning to transfer a metaphor is imprinted and embers framework and provides a implicit well understood real world examples but from which we can transfer of turns to tangible objects Ch
metaphor means transferring the properties of 1 object to another in a way that is not literally possible and metaphorical thinking as fundamentals programming clear metaphor is make it easier to learn and reason about an extended code although all metaphors right and eventually the idea is that a sufficiently rich metaphor can guide the design in inter questions along the path to development at
this point we covered under a science lesson that focuses on meaning and intuition then I've shown you a couple of active learning strategies that work for me but can also work for you Tom build up that intuition when you're learning new concepts or and teaching some of the concepts you learning here the continuous growth is
essential for developers at all skill levels always remember to
painting at the beginning there will always be new technologies to me to integrate new decisions to be made and new solutions to be found there is no way you can rearrange of thinking that sharpens the
intuition so that you can be a metalearner a better programmer and about developer concepts judges on a campus such as functioning within a zone of proximal development recognizing patterns to build a mental model and relating and complex topics metaphor are quarrel learning techniques is to build up the intuition these tools will ultimately differentiate Axford versus proficient level developers the learning our
profession is a core element of success these skills can be used to better understand and learn the features the Valencia camera and help you become a better programmer can avoid obsolescence thank you
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