Critical Making in Africa: Local manufacturing and regional collaboration

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Critical Making in Africa: Local manufacturing and regional collaboration
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In this session AfriMaker team members are going to show case some of the solutions created and discuss why using local know-how and hands-on prototyping for solving local challenges is more effective in creating access to clean water, energy, and information than large top-down projects.
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and by
the the afternoon I me in which only have 15 minutes because of summary skittling stuff about what the story from ice Alexandria our eyes network is an abbreviation for innovation Collaboration entrepreneurship and we are tightening these 3 main values they innovation and collaboration on definitive and we have the sea in the middle because we we aim of collaborating with all the hopes that this sharing the same visions with with us and yeah the next slide please yeah this was uh
1 of the photos we we had it in junior in 1 of the sums there to their idea and I was just telling you that minors of what the story and some people find it hard to pronounce it that's why in Africa in most of the countries they're used to put my last name 1st initial so it was the and
of places and then used to call me the happier and yet so in either case we have our too many projects working on related to entrepreneurship and we're trying to our enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem
in each of local image about collaborating with different countries in Africa and other work countries and moreover we have the FabLab the fabrication Eritrea's in about an hour because you're talking blood was there were the makers this is generally and we have 1 of the projects live is a cut of that too much here will talk about it later and I wanna tell you about a few makers project that we we were collaborating with us to find the only thing we started that immediate
actually in January yeah could use like this yeah Africa's project mainly use the vision of Africa's is to
empower young Africans who sold locally challenges using the technology and that's why we we have f images in different
countries are always 7 countries over Africa and the basic idea was to
don't train 1st 2 was on the experience to the kids and to work collaboratively together on solving the local challenge the have and some of the projects we
have yeah as we see here so the
projects and pictures we have here for
a different countries so there it was and I have Encaenia and there it was in
Zambia and here it was in Egypt and all over the countries in Africa yeah to that the so these are some of the
projects we have so for example 1 of the products we have used the DIY microscopes with you yourself microscope and the basic idea was to use old with kinds we have in our homes and use them as microscopes and 1 of the other things that he had indeed if as well their quality monitoring session a station and the basic idea of cities to monitor the quality of the air the carbon 1 inside the air pollution generally to lower how much
pollution we have in each area and different projects that this happened already in other countries and we are trying to below this because system between the African makers to work together instead of having the idea of a white guy that went to Africa to teach them everything know we have african trophic and collaboration the yes this is so there are
no you're talk about the music of the project and this is 1 of the projects we are trying to walk to work on deny salads to have it from just the idea of the prototyping into the market so could you talk about it and then high veryone is here what is even more challenging to pronounce them and that they might have seen this in the data space quarter and that's a laser cutter work and work in progress which are really interested in telling you this story in like 5
minutes in sigh approach applies Alex with the idea that I would like to make a laser cutter that's portable that's achieved and that's also works with the mobile phones that anyone can use it it began as long as we can sketch or drawing the canadian need to have a computer or the to have understanding of how drawing programs work and so I went to the fact that in my sentimental
like I had this idea and I would like to work on it and then the as we haven't seen as like not really here so and this is where the crucial part was and it started with a suggestion like that make a Facebook event and then elaborate on what we wanna do and we're going to put the example of my persuasive which is also like a portable power laser cutter that open source and you can find restrictions on Instructables and that's what we did to the Facebook event and we just but like a everybody we want to make it seem to make a laser cutter we don't know yet how it works but we want to do it so if you wanna come and try with us this joint we had like 30 people attending virtually but under the in the event of 14 people showed up and actually to my surprise that was late like seriously honestly I arrived there nicely for like 5 minutes of like probably nobody's gonna show up like who wants to come and build a laser cutter and then we're also select and the people that this is going to be we're going to learn together that 14 people showed up and each and every 1 of them had their the previous experiences of
making the also have their passion about learning and we had people from different disciplines like electronics engineer mechanical makers hackers and together in the room and everybody was like yes pilots and take care of this in the care that and we have like a to do list after 2 hours of like what of different for me that was like a bit surprised actually and that to do this after we met and we actually have someone designing an initial prototype of a new design that's actually different from that of the open-source 1 father circles and from there 1 week
after we even had another designed to or someone was making and we also had some iteration of electronics that wasn't mid November I'm iteration after iteration trial to trial learning and learning and still actually like last week we ended up with this it's not our final but it's pretty much of like it works it's sold most of the problem and for a title and it's well probably by July we'd like to more iterations and I think we're gonna be done with the final product of the final application everything and actually elected this opportunity to say that we're also going to be launching a incomplete
on a better place with all their the work of concern ever heard about work but but you ensure that a better place of longest-serving raise money is of course a better place the and it's German and it's actually looking at the text that the bull so it's must be more appealing to German than anyone else I need to wrap up so for the reason why I'm here is that I'm as making workshop on showing the people had to build the laser cutter their wages yesterday it lasted for 2 hours and that were supposed to fall off and continue now in like 13 minutes and I find this very interesting because usually the in the the notion is that and offense white people go to Africa to teach people how to make things and today we have evidence teaching people how to do things is also affected you look to the future because there is also a vector Augustine from and that has been running workshops on the DIY the Arduino and now what else do the solar get a portable solar charger if you've seen that so thanks for listening there was a short story you 5 minutes away and questions for him handling my having of specific so we have presented yeah a quick question on the target for the place because cutting cloth and leather and what will be what can you do with the I think we should have right and I have another target so we of what's out to basically the formula still generally about the hops and how would the hops are looking forward to take care of money from investors to support them in getting big machines
that are closed and cannot act and the basic idea of the was the country's tool to make something that's replicable and skill and could be repeated easily um in a DIY culture us the uh in different cups without bonding to watch morning that so as to be the manager to finalize this for the type of the inner world bank days a week and it it is in the in the rest of the house you have so this is 1 of the targets were the main target of the Lasercomp itself which above so this is the power this is and it's very for craftsmen so the engraving a T-shirt on fabric and you can cut paper and this is this is safer I would say craftsman woman of an origami artists anyone interested in making things that are not liking to learning how to really draw and learn all the Council for results achieved so there we also have here the questions we have time for 1 more
question so anyone OK so I can run from a system that was put into list you think so so we 10 minutes follow-up would this be hearing quick examples from the Indonesia and Brazil on the maker spaces over there and of 2 to before that we have here and I'm gonna be
allowed the below will be speaking about the makers Mason Brazil and it will be speaking about what's happening in Indonesia welcome ladies hi and the Dustin went from let just right here OK let's try and know hour I leaving where your reader there's an era in Brazil and just to give some context to reduce our country's South
America which is in this part of the words and basically is a huge country
with around 200 meet 2 thousand 100 millions of people and 27 states and we have lots of things happen that because the areas areas are totally G France 1 for each other so when we talk about Brazil is not that easy because an the the areas
are completely different and apprenticeships in the taxi and everything is different over there but at a lot of things happening connections so we can talk about
the whole country is next in 1 sense and we ended with moment our economy at the moment is I is
is I think we are leaving our best moments that we have at the bow I like find good jobs and
if you compare of course with the best and we are likely now in a better condition that are used to have to have and we we still have a huge uh in the planets in the country so we have a few people was really read some middle class and some which huge population that is leaving them not in a good condition but this thing this is getting better even it and year by year to note so we can we can feeling it we can see so if you compare our revision it'll how revision 0 5 years ago and how is
it now lower and if you compare in 10 years time is completely different so the things is getting better and we have any and I really nice connection with internet so that things are going going fast in the country presidents are really passionate about social media
so why don't you heard about it before but is like everyone in the country is on Facebook only we used to be the 1st country in the world indoor coats the last social network connections
and the people is spend quite the long time in this kind of patchwork which make us and we to make for as a huge opportunity business opportunity so lots of stock tops coming so itself and business and Eve sound
at we have a cultural approach far this kind of of uh interconnections of the connections you know so for example these
and this to be accounts is due them is not official 1 is just someone was making jokes about the president our president but the most surprising thing is the present is brought is replying all the time in itself with the people who is who is making this page and it's really fun and everyone the countries like following its
and it's like that is is really common this kind of things happen for example this is an salve is the president and that could be a part of this section of the 2 readers
like do was self so the agile just putting the people tracking all their
self that do ways is doing with people on the streets around the country and putting their we also have a hackerspace inside the government now it's been like 3 miles so made before that some some hackers and some hacker community just ask for a place inside the government so basically was the Government Open one-half that's all for just 1 weekends like when you go and some people started to work with that that of these and all these things and trying to make some acts and things as relates to the government's and then they started to do know just go to the place and ask for more space and now they have a space is free everyone can go there and I some people just as trying
to make the things happen in his life it's been 3 or 4 months months that is official when you go to the Congress you can't see the least of they space the hackerspace no official would which quite quite funny at we used to have a hacker Minister Joe Batt's you I don't know if you if you heard about it before but used to be a standard and then he in the he was a
Minister of Culture far far years and he could push loads of things and in between the government and they hacker communicate and tech community and people was really working in a bottom-up initiatives goes so
and these ones as well as a fast and he was there with everyone to in all the workshops and everything the we also have a TV show a really popular 1 on Sundays college skin bound which is basically bringing they all the internet culture to the TV so they're just this guru he to used to be of Voghera about uh she was just say about their reality and make some jokes about the people and everything and now she has a space on this TV show and he's 1 of the really most he's and he's in Brazil representing the media led of MIT and he has high space so this so as well so will itself at different ideas and the think the thing that TV in the
is on the Sunday's you know during the lunchtime you it's like makes it's really popular and now we also have inside zones Monday I think I knew
soap opera and these 2 guys would be alive today and that the principle and have been easy the principal characters on this so Beaupre and they'll be a hacker couple sold this picture we made like a few weeks ago we were helping them to understand all this kind of space and everything the and real and you also
have some soap support from the government in official problems forest I tops in these things on all all these programs and initiatives I like starts slide a few years ago so things just
and happened like really fast the and this is this place them you know that this is the place to them you run real is the coworking space so we have 2 house at the moment and 200 since and people work inside there and some
freelancers some of technical plays some nonprofits we we can find different kinds of people we also working in the workshops through some trainings and colors and try to activities network and there are some
pictures of our space and
we also have now this new this new housesteads there is a pool wing side so you can even swing by reward came with and we are open now this dismount for
maker space inside the space so we are just at this moment and just as inviting people always already working in robotics technology electronics
software and whatever just to come and make this space we 1st so we but I think we can open liking the 2 weeks or something like that and know you see what's happened there this is our website in our Bayesian Facebook for 1 to follow it
hands and here's some challenge
that we having the country at the moment if I can put a like in just a few words about a day and apprenticeship sands lie and basically I think them them the most difficult thing at the moment is just pride this
culture to all the areas in the country because basically all the connections and all these initiatives I happen in real and some Paolo Amy as in the south offers you is not something that strong in the whole country it such a big challenge to make it happen have been do know to to bring it to different parts of the country where you don't even have sometimes internet you don't have infrastructure and everything so we've been we've been working with the government try to help them to make some public policies and some foundations and all this kind of people who is looking far the situation and I think he sees
that's our main challenge at the moment and I don't have some questions I'm confused about the time I think I start to consonant wrong way so little how how many times do we still have but I think 1 minutes form units so if someone want to ask something if no no 1
except the it so what project you most excited about that the the makers are working on but in in the temple space other projects that you think of as interesting now we have a weak house we can't say english project that is now as a starting Rio and is about to other open design communicates to trying to construct house in which different kinds of
materials we have an meta Mackinac we'd say starts have focused on it they are at the i beauty and 3 D printers in open hard to associate with open hiding communities there are some guys homes um squalid overdrive electronics sits and it starts up just focus to to training people how to do we electronics that I engage with the company as far as software just to make like crowd so Software's main 18 engage the people tool understand more about software then I have some freelancers guys working whatever in hardware and software lots of things and the people like just coming
in is tied to that some people work in evening with arts and technology using their site sections which sensors or something and thinks is quality recency doesn't like that what we do we didn't alter already all people just came came before so we are not that well organized it in this area yet so we are basically providing the space and mutants and machines with these people would just to start before the things um walk into an old soul but we we already has this have this people work together with choose is really cool because basically we didn't buy in machine nothing we just at put on a
Facebook that we we had a space and we want to work more closely to this kind of thing so that the people just came in bring their own machines so we have this since you from the weak cows project we have liked to the people on their machines because they want to work together and share knowledge and they weren't tool that understand about other subjects related and some of them are looking for attitude to understand how can they improve their own business and how can they making it uh working to know because some people is just working in technology lie just for fun India look at it and say or maybe we can make something with these new Becky leave with this project so this is why did they are attracted to come in and that's it great thank you so have
other as I'll be here if you want someone want to talk and ask something and suddenly open for having having so thank you thinking I really
have and now at last but not least will hear from ear and their experiences and what's happening in Indonesia so here welcome and what the so ial so my name is Eva Air yes just call me that cycle Rome Indonesia saloon do this intention chicken well yes I come from Holland is
the 1st almost on that fiber so they come from small island in Indonesia and Mr.
that that in 1999 on no it just a little bit it's before and then yeah its acid magnetic
in industry and the know what to do a little at near like group of the sentence it blows up the information so of the the fully CNN and it was no jobs that come in animation so we start at Honda has said as a as a place how we can create and how we can do something instead of going to sleep and do some reflections and then in but
the 2011 so we established of device the web into the content
and no signs of these this year and
doesn't 11 so we have a deep resonance 1 is global focus it's and hackerspace and also but focusing on space science and by a hunting and we also have found foot that law Digital prototyping and then also hung part but it that focusing on graphic but but that being so silenced so you some of some slides of what we do
yeah and the for at
the end of for but the
the predicted for for for running and this is
seller concept and here many what just because of the many research on the muscles and the the thank you the and this is 1 problem where it is it's of function
as called a press minimum and there also studies about this and then it's focusing on open issues some and then all of our active it is actually being run by 1 could it will only be accessible at all or at the present proposed program so that it is what shop or of all and I think the idea is that the fossils of th th you have to and all of us will have you know 1 fall 1st person and so if the only because it was so it on that in this and then we're looking at a lot of intervention so mostly it is locally and globally and this is most of it and the other 1 is that the international thinking all of less than 1 it it it was so we did a division and the the of the genomic this is some projects that we will respond in the formation of a very importantly it but
it it
it it is from projects in the form of it it is a bit and then I think so
all this 1 of them a project it under felt that clustering called in place so at least a competition so we're working with for your major universities and then manner and we also working with
the bicoid program so the students so the university have the students come to the fact that and they have to give up something for a window
display and then there and then there is still pen and they will also collaborate with their the the but to show to show it in the model and and so people will flock to social media blitz it's almost done Boston it but those social media solution when but is successful and then the other 1 is cost processes so we're working with the less society now 0
1 institution in Amsterdam Netherlands so I leave services project and how can you make a lot of processes to rule that machines and then how you can make yourself adjustment processes in the infected touch some projects In
this world upon the formation of the nation of Italy's 3 and that the Indonesian government in the that planned to that this up to
the of the fuel so we make the system a sustainable system
like the value then democratizing the energy and then again then uh sustainable energy and food independence so you can see this is the
sustainable project so we are also working with the fire runs yeah we're working is
from Watson breath and organization independent I see the institution farmer reinforces the actors descended and saying this to make it happen so deceased
decides and FIL it's and
we also presented there and in the gallery tests show that some of how we tend to Haiti to buy Endesa this is
and the initiative all etc. This is the this focusing on girls learning like planning out tending to deaI where electronic and also we use in my dear delivered by the system and
this is sensitive then is focusing on the by Yale had and we give some player indicate and so is mostly focus on the then this some
examples of what we do yeah and
then also some of our research project we make it in Don and our work as and the installation art and the performance of this is 1 of the
example of the project is just that we deal with it we give it there so what the politician in that if a into that kind
and induces cell doesn't project that people in the 51 but home can you get the thing out right all of the effort by insisting on an old person mixing
and this is an acid that the project to elect how you can get energy from the plants and and how you can prove that make the something that doesn't have a life can then be it from the planet this is 1
protocol intelligent but there's all this very simple project that lead and about fermentation processes the despread technically because of the many people are dead the nation because all data on dual-use use maintenance of that that also and then despreading show how to save fermentation process and we work with them
micro students from 1 universities and then each OS installation because every different to make every different sounds so equality this but the orchestra and then slicing in all cases that since sentence that what we do it Italy so and % up the numbers and making bandpass and making and 70 % broken brush
how this in