The Critical Making Movement

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The Critical Making Movement

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The Critical Making Movement
How using critical thinking in technological practice can make a difference
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Critical Thinking + Making = Critical Making. Around the world, academics and grassroots communities alike are engaging in critical making. With roots in critical design and critical engineering, etc., the point is to re-politicise making, help people understand that it needs to be more than printing cheap plastic knickknacks and can be used for activism and social innovation to improve peoples' lives.
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[Music] this day is critic michael von regina and says vette gives into one big applause welcome on the stage [Applause]
hello my name is china and the garden unfortunately ricardo could not today but if you want to see them then you can go through mark now owen that means we are asking more time for it so if he has ever heard about it wanted to think about what we ask ourselves we want to be happy about that I am gullible with ina and I do just my page about the social innovation in critical technical trick on the tu berlin
in this session if we give you one
Overview of what critics go making is because or what could be it's a relatively new thought so is much room for another version This idea will be yours too present as in the whole world academician artist citizen and grassroots communitys because of this participate in activity the background of this practice in the academy kist critical thinking It is a long way to be taught in art that rudi gra??l grassroot movements so at the level it is about the needs and wishes of
community is to take her in So make yourself and making is one great way to teach people how things work the otherwise only as a black black box can be seen this can be the society and bringing the technology together however, a relatively new and
thing that criticism critical thinking by making when you look behind that kind of idealized picture
one of a majors picks then it goes
because you have a bit of this
idealized image questioned and know looks something behind the beautiful and fixed
world of post-2010 makers
major space defined as a place where people can do things then they have been long for a long time time exists the american dairy says 1873 in new york with the winner ladies society where you knit sew yourself Entertain and read about the books That was almost 150 years ago and today we are talking about this phenomenon called maker movement so how did that happen started I would like to have two skin there too Most of you will mention them already know that's the meka space that works back to the mrt center for bridges adams and the course how to do almost everything then there is the make magazine that rapid growth has accelerated this movement along with the make-up maker and Hackers spaces are a fast growing phenomenon between 2006 and In 2016, the number of such rooms has increased on the world increased by the factor 14 many of these rooms rely on one another your members and want one for you Create community and want it Use this community for things the living creatures create the life of the people in these communities improve maker spaces identify not necessarily as spaces social innovation but many have nevertheless an impact on social issues because they are in
several different ones social topics work eg in of education they make the knowledge about the Technology for everyone available in the frame local events workshops and also on-line this picture i mean this picture is it from me here at the age of 33 years like
I tried one last summer to assemble radio they reinforce democracy places for democracy and for the Civil society they do it activism and critical thinking and open up so grass roots possibilities zb these people are here in singapore soldering
They also create and support new ones species and have the production by
Fit afford the factoring and redford aibling They also work in commercial and open source area with open source software and hardware and do more for German and make drawings available online this example from open source research ecology is the global village Construction set of tools developed around an entire civilization build and maintain This is completely free online For example, how to build a machine
the one to the finished brick
uses the members of major spaces also create innovative ones too objects through critical thinking and different design methods or Protect the creation of social relevant advertise that one gerry van gerwen is made for retail made for my wheelchair called very interesting device because there was not much innovation for wheelchair users in very long time span and these people have with the users collaborated and have so meaningful added to wheelchairs technology like lights or this trailer from the
picture and so have the life of wheelchair user improved By focusing on sustainability for example through liebherr caf??s It was possible that you rather local Produced and durable products
Used to strengthen sustainability can be more and more people are seeing the making as a possibility the people too empower and change things around to democratize technology They have often found solutions those who stay longer are more sustainable than other Now let's see why that's it Of course, there is a whole hype about it making it became someone already new industrial industrial Of course, called revolution is very nice that many people are there now involved , for example obama that for the white house suggested and it became so bit to a mainstream employment but for example as makerbot was closed source and by the dab was adopted many people became a bit disillusioned and fortunately is seen more frequently than usual that
People who are fit-out projects consume and people think yes great I can do it myself but You do not have to be so critical about it you can just think that consume for example, it really is make sense to use 3d printing by hundreds by jutta figures to print
a lot of this much of this criticism can be seen based on a fictional fictional make magazine where the fictional technology For example, how to show the Makerbot can use at 1 3 cent made of plastic another example is makers man says the common maker hacker without
controversy and make-up are nowadays Often the hacker culture is not Do not dominate this one
Mainstream movement is also common criticizes that one the silicon valley ethos takes over and that only one on a very special market-driven kathrin aspect of self-making concentrated by kids is relatively that relatively little space for your own creativity and reflection of what you do does
you have to see that this is completely obviously that's why who comes always a mekka space financed in corridor has influence on this and then has to of course you think about it whose goals also correspond to those
the mekka space is what people do but more and more realize is that it have an alternative to give like you social with technical things
can handle maker maker practice a lot of things on us These can have a social impact we have to have the society easy Thinking anew how we innovate because if you just the nbc industry lays the industry
methods is reproduced then that is Of course not our goal or can not that be our goal critical critical making was before it was ten years ago it was introduced it was strongly influenced by the art and wise as artificial intelligence has been taught critical making has defined a specific person like that Doing a critical job is one thing Critical thinking is an abstract one explicit linguistically based and cognitive individualistic making is im generally materialistic embodied real external and community oriented presented the beginnings of critics go are in more critical technical execution and critical in design and
critical engineering Critics making seems one nowadays generic term for a mixture of technical activities These three are still popular in your special areas like me i said in 1990 about Credit tecan prison written that was a theory based roach too technologically in design the the think and that on the critical think about hidden ideologies and values ??????under their technological
design was subject to it promoted Critical design has been around for a long time middle of the 90's rieping was said uses critic design speculative suggestions about concepts and thoughts Over the roll the products in our to play life to question what we do can see he is working the designs of over the planet bridges and it's about a world in 2050 through over populations in food emergency device here in this speculative person next to takes a group of people her destiny in your own hands and Use your knowledge about the devices easy food nutrients out draw out the natural this is about the contrast between bottom up and top down answers to one gigantic problem but also the role the technical the scientific Knowing from the brake path plays that is everything speculative but later the Asked what should be after these speculation come potential futures
in critical engineering we have two different directions once the educational thinking is the critical
Aris is involved and in the process and ask about engineer's job For example, it represents production of technology and our relationship to it
Wehrmacht engineering and for who wins who loses what you see here is that critic my festo some of the engineering main points that stand out is the awareness about techno political to increase the theoretical knowledge the to achieve problems user experience that like that Engineers work the engineer changed or what the critical engineer or that critical Engineer noticed the bread too Behave the behavior between people and their machines determined by the critical engineer tries limitation to that of the user and the
to cancel the interaction that leads me to one of the ones for me most beautiful examples of julien is that it is a critical work of art Wind energy uses energy produce and that the profit of the
it is drawn from the Power production is used around climate change research and methods against to promote climate change what do we see
but in the classroom critical critical One finds in the education and in education mainly in the usa for example and Canada at the University of Toronto it focuses on students in critical of the theory to think and that too practically implement you should think critically about how people in the future with technology live together and interact with machinery and technical systems Interestingly, we also find some examples of the practice of critical engineering post socialist countries like Kazakhstan and its partners their For work we can learn it happens also more and more in science for example, there are in the netherlands a project that calls itself Bridges are critical to the industry and society and art and critical to art can overcome the hurdles between the grid of the creative industry and society there are
also from wheat institute in berlin a conference on the maker culture for example for the three makes themselves development development policy For example, there are projects in this way South Korea but also in Brazil one other direction we see is one another question if we look at the wider world How can access to technology be a thing of the past active citizenship creates work in art and design and how it works Activism is used and grass roots
junk it is some that this is some of you may know it is right in front of you our door here said citizenship the activists understand their word as socially interventionist and ask yourself how are we going to get political? the society too with the means of technology individuals and groups the organize yourself in particular through social media networks meanwhile also beyond borders work the advanced ones are chip a permanent topic it was an example of how people behave with her disappointment over politicians bypass It's a way to get one's own show membership to the society can as a member of a group of hobby So it's hobby about complaining It is a possibility how to
collectively the pessimistic view of society and the
decline of our culture can react This example of golden lions from Cornell University is called the free construction kits He made it his task to combine different tools and make something new out of it bridge to new technologies He says the kit is a set of adapters kits that make it possible between different children's toys to beat bridges the kit allows completely new paths the inter thus the cooperation of this to make systems not previously were possible with the original ones Designs it a foundation base oriented project that logs which makes it possible public services to produce against the interests of big ones Company apologies here is missing as he compares it in particular to the vlc media player the possibility has different formats different platforms of video
play files
It was his goal
to expand the concept of criticism making as an appeal to maker in mekka spaces to deal more critically with technology and to work with it he actually has many projects collected from all over world and you to small books summarized There is a kit of ten of these books which was a summary of many projects and actually became this today via a twitter account Critic pdfs published this are
manifests of projects and he talks for example with Fever centers have been in recent times
and that's about content to make interactive technology and to deal with it critically or with also with material djankow who cares about the environment and the that's why it deals with that how to live a real life touchable makes the climate change and environmental pollution this was followed by tips and tricks view what projects presents as
Thoughts lining to serve everything online available last august we have 7 in the wise
Study in Berlin I and a few other people are called three days with an incredible heat wave outside 35 degrees celsius with it barlach a wild of the forest device built a device that solar operated is a little smaller simple wifi access point of web server it was from the free radio movement inspired and these three days There were many occasions to hold discussions and give us to share thoughts about social issues about power and social issues besides who we hear heard radio frequencies and become the right one use of course we had to think too and think of where the parts we share have used came from and where the
came here with need for metals if everything works then ours is mine Critic access point now online and
I would ask you your phone to get out and use for this to look in the list of available wifi networks the people in the first row probably have a better chance to connect what I'm trying to show is that This one simple device is what you get can use around people about problems and topics that are important for you Today we have to tell about it, too they would hear about it works
well I can only do it again say look for the hashtag on twitter
Now I would like to look again on critic making through grass roots steer initiatives these examples will now be the same Durchfahrt presented and come from the From an academic point of view, one must have a sphere know that this is the problem very difficult to explore are the most of them are strong decentralized there is not only one keyword to search for the man that's what she finds so hard to find makes the taxonomy is easy not there when she once are institutionalized then they are influenced by the money she has get their role in the political Activism reduces the effect the society is in the border area just when critic making uses is very high, the spice it up not only to to change the status quo but also around the ability to have negative effects on the society and the environment by preventing technology
it's the special about people to hack quantity for the society and may report you now and
I thank you very much for yours attention [Applause]
My name is and I am a good one example for many things about the regime has just talked to now your criticism i am a technology man i am the Technology type from india i work in singapore but i am
a make-up my real job is
i work in digital in the digital journalism but I am too member in many and organizations Report about you and my approach how to should deal with technology is that
one should use technology to good to do that's what matters most to me the area between is interesting digital and hardware because there are to discover it a lot in particular internet of things me
would like to talk about it here now many and I think that there are many here in the room gives the same excited
But what are things about? make and we want to technology watch more helms like that
that is to say as an above all tangible and simple and we are looking for now a digital 1 for a digital one recipe very similar to that you used to eat
for example, a raspberry pi so a raspberry cake So I like to do hardware too when my day jobs is more digital but it is much more real than something
digital the hardware with i am one does a make up and this is now maybe something the people know technology is too much it goes always wrong but that's it interesting the exciting thing though things Do not work like that when you like it to expect and something new here
I'm also a fan of 3d printed garbage but it does not always have to be nonsense i am of course a star wars fan and
I printed a yoga head today but it's just that, of course, that was one part of what is currently being told I organize majors and make up
fans bring people together With making busy maker faire it are for me something like the congress here because you have such a one special the discipline the people pulls together but of course there is this criticism because it is incredible it commercializes it is commercial but there are just those rooms on those it is possible to bring maker together and bringing new people in there these things are important and the
Battery will be printed and the maker do but like i said i do things i am namely a crack bot that describes an inventor of things invents this here is for example a project of my background and is a device that caffeine transforms it's called it yourself a coffee nature and and of course
There are also strange things that I have For example, this is one jellyfish it's actually a shy one jellyfish
it was made out of an umbrella and if someone comes near then
hid and also other things that there are on the internet as they are should Unfortunately, I am also responsible that I contributed to the self world with this thing it's a self-cab you go in there and it gets through triggered that you are on a button continues with his butt and it does a picture with that was extreme energy saving home -made High resolution display also known as
a mirror then sets this mirror on his own ground is high and thereabouts to soros if he's inside
and it is completely open Most parts are also available in the catalog though it misses and misses just by adding a little one bit of digitality to something but ridiculous extent produced
something new interesting and funny Remove it also allows me with other people to work the interactivity of this That's what makes it funny and fun i like to see kids and other people the obvious service are inspired as they are with this Interacting with the subject is not like They usually with a residual value they can interact freely
ask how does it work? this is another example Dinosaur was specially designed or as an educational tool to small find children and young people at the introduce the cloud they are paper-folded origami dinosaurs little terex if that very easy in connection with that internet has connected so well
is it a t-rex of it a phone from reading and sometimes
it works with alice there is the cloud cloud something not up at first what was made real and tangible
when we think about the cloud there are many different things i do so far in our context it is digital nature there are many only
Abstraction layers I wanted that in a physical form manifest this is a lamp with the
cloud is connected and it is here at congress if you have the hashtag 35 c 3 twitters then the thing starts to
glitter and if you rule it we will then use one explains rainbow out of it a few of you probably already have this thing
It's right behind the chaos festb??hne I can only say I look look at you later and that brings me back to that Reason why I am here what I am with Sharing you is a story
a button is part of a group from innovators to global innovation low where the country mobile also in this is the family and I love them all because of that Ghosts the frequencies we think
go in the same direction namely innovation and sharing that's all in all I I love that hacker spaces and mega spaces can overlap there are these wonderful layer that forms when
these things are taken over and me
Of course I need a job with it Can afford the whole thing and that everything wobbles a bit he takes these circles, if they are is not static this is what will want to talk is one
story about a button There is a small group and if I am say 2 then i say it two in singapore this is a non-profit organization called engineers good and they are like that Similar to engineers without limits they come from singapore consisting of engineers from all backgrounds and they do all kinds of things
infrastructure products but in singapore Focus on this too It's about attached technology which is tailored accordingly to work with people with
disability that 's me since I like to be with you would like to share the nice people of
engineers have different projects both locally and internationally But the focus here is a story via supports a technology for persons with disabilities the workshop of me very interested was mister faithful and maggie may be got me a bit involved with that this is one of those text toys
for the real world the problem that was defined was that supporting a technology is expensive this is a website and he would be the prices are ridiculous but now the big red button press to watch that is 65 US dollars this is a button there is nothing
his particular it is not complicated is not a breakfast it is a button if you press it then sounded it either something or sounded it that is the meaning of the whole thing
The people use these buttons and Such devices are the nursing ones Here is an example of the community the people with the engineers good They are generally working in the community center or social spaces where children and persons with disabilities come and spend the day or you and these people take care of you Here educators definitely form
situation for the children with something want to play we are unbelievably privileged have fine motor skills and I mean now not the ability to drive the ability to use our fingers the dexterity but some Persons with disabilities have no Fine motor skills should only grossmotorik that's why you need a big button or the whole hand is injured and These things are often very convenient to For example, open a door or a door to make light not identify or to turn on the air conditioning it is very hot but there is nothing there
feels it off what critical well was just a way to
find the two to combine
you have a little toy
disassembled one of these
big red buttons grown around it
more interesting and usable and
this red button is actually for
the door is thought so that you can now order be shown a play right and this toy is in cic schiffl this easy to buy in bulk or
to modify So you do not have anything from nothing one has one basis the other
problem is the cost of the button incredibly high and for people who are dealing with people Disruption take care of the costs
simply a limiting factor so has the engineering team a
design development made sharp and has all the heads put together and that is 1
voluntarily they all come from any other jobs you have seen that all these buttons are relative have standardized connection and the you probably already have everything seen this is a headphone plug though slightly different than that is just mono and stereo has only two contacts because
a plastic band and two metal parts every button is with one of these
connected and so you can
different buttons with one
have to combine toys too
realize this once from these things
just like one of these terse tries
it is so-called touch sorry and the
are produced in masses and downright ridiculous amount is incredible
cheap and they are everywhere
So we were what we did have taken us apart we have found a way this Sorry about the system for support devices to use and
Although over the standard loses the ability things purely to view it take apart and sometimes about it think about it without printing or printing 3d to have to reinvent something I had helped ourselves here we take
something that is already common and Modified is easy it is clear easier that was our solution the above is a small piece of copper was ins toy goes in and what as Breaker for the battery connection the bottom works is the other half this is the converted light and the other associate so that they
can exchange What you have then is something I want easy to hack and make is and to modify and also to
education and is suitable for emptying that's what we do engineering co we teach the carers how to these lamps can rebuild and it makes
fun because you are not just with the idea Rethinking something plays as well plays with the thing that you did
It is a toy that you yourself can trigger That's the moment of the whole worthwhile tries this easy just what you like this little tactile The thing will be the two contacts and is
activates the toy It's not just limited to buttons one can use a brace dresses clip it to the clothes for hang dry and you do not have a button
ready to do it There are different switches that are the four we invented yes The doorbell is often used in homes in singapore the clothespin little crocodile clamp and so a touch lamp it's all the same basic idea with the prevent common and dependent on the skills of each person
you can make these the idea behind it is that you look so we learn along the way worked this tool and you as nurse and physiotherapist, etc which is not usually the time one
formal education with something like that for invites only one finger course join but this context the modify and hack it will be interesting and incidentally you learn how
he worked with this tool what is fun and that's the cool thing about it you have those little toys in there mass produced and if you can she turns it on then they stop and as soon as you have such a small switch they are interactive and sudden
Do you have that feeling of control that someone with disability often it does not have any problems with that feedback is what is just great the fact that you are purely for fun something can control that's 4 this is our group like that we usually look like and ours
toys are also there that need always help and support i believe the potential in this room is phenomenal especially what we can do Engineers good is a non-profit the two people actually stops registered non-profit association and are always open for donations
You can contact us at these addresses Contact and that's all I am have at the moment completely
[Applause] thank you so much sony has become
christianity asia Prieske the mike and michael time not shy ok
big microphone 1 I have the very much enjoyed the presentation here and me have a question to the audience who would think of it here or who could imagine working in asia one of this organization whoever is interested in china contact me later so I was
actually wondering or have thought about how can you can imagine handicapped people imagine how hard this is for disabled is we would i would me Now, what was your bigger interest biggest surprise that had now in this project for example so that you thought so then I have
not at all thought that's it a very good question So what made me do it doing was one I did a voluntary job and i was a bit in my mundane just a day everyday jobs and I've always about thought that I just stop simple software engineer is me and i I accidentally stumbled over it can hang toys and then I have actually thought you can do it too not just how we heal it physically make software by software and one notes that this just fits in very well software world where the feces for free and then you get one anyway want to modify and thus money can get but with something touchable that does it will be so right real that is incredible So that gives me so much Profit for your life and you'll see just that what you do digitally
can also really make real unbelievably cool we have one more further question thanks for the talk i still have
a question to both of you so it says that he works with books and i have a question regarding the kitty kathie making how can we really change others people narrative the critical may teach kings so that they understand that a whole lot of things are told is about making that is actually only So not really making is but that's not really about it technology and not about it to think critically that you can not So that one also about excluded people continue so from technology Involve excluded people can and how to do that to young people you can suggest the technology can change and how to get a part of his own may be the I have such a few ideas I should repeat the question
well so this is really the
thing where we are right at the beginning are I think that people with the critical thinking critical making interact that they are trying to make the difference in terms of engineering and we are already so more or less big big at different universities and us think that you can do it sooner It should start that one is that one game book should give the critically critical making game book for children so that you can not be behind but you have to intervene Why can class work earlier ? you could not do that in the major spaces Stop teaching children directly to integrate that but the problem is of course that many majors did not both children interact and not at all concentrate on it but that is another step would be about that what they do now, but I think so we as parents have world if so we are parents here, we have just that a great opportunity that directly to start at home and so small critical questions regarding for example, to provide technology why do not I know something in mine Phone is where these parts come from how does that affect me and me? teach that to a technical university but then we ask ourselves how we bring our children from the smartphones gone and some people die then start thinking about it I think there are good possibilities only People have to start doing that to do ok I agree with it but still time to answer the question there is definitely still the need for more of this more skillful stories like these we have now a few of them shared with you but it is only a small one small part of what there is but People need something that is they can relate to but can leave again in relation in southeast asia there was not really that contact in this region in particular not the contact to the children there Of course there is a whole lot of stories to be told but we still need that search after good content to those we can pass on and it is a very interesting one a very interesting retro movement which is taking place is its parent Of course, often just reduced just give them a screen child quietly calm but critical thinking Critical making must also be a part being a childrens education not only that children on the screen are watching what we do looking at us is of course also very interesting namely the comic book format that seems pretty good too not only work in digital but also printed kids like printed comic strips and for example in instagram format and there is a bit of the retro style move to these from printed comics
microphone three please thank you my question
is pretty similar I wonder We always somehow already see that right problems I mean, everything here is focused on a rather limited group of technically interested group of humans and I do not understand yet quite the problem or the perceived problems of the simple worker so so My question is how can we get out come out of this very educated bubble and produce things or things think of those for these people that's interesting too interesting question I have half of mine Christmas time spent with my family exactly these things too and I have to be honest say I do not know we live in our own bubble like that like that said and that is such a different bubble and there are so many of them the changes we can make could possibly drip down in the lives of other people and we have to be with ours from our high level and technology we produce a bit of a down but otherwise I do not know I have no real answer to that but I can say something for me I think that works out my comfort zone to go out and has very unexpected consequences for example, the part of the design Rogers that we have is that you have one ideal, for example, instead of simply only this trickle down water full hire that you design directly at the step in the right direction must and everything that was necessary for me was that I realize that I'm in a bubble seats realize that and do something about it thank you very much
thanks that was a wonderful day and
my question goes into a similar one probably more tailored to the people here at You might introduce congress if i have german hacker if German Mecca of the area so far want to give notice because it is me personally and also the society I bring a lot where do I go then so except to talk to you that's what the german hacker tells me At the end I am going to intensive summer courses gone by way of seven studies berlin I think there is not that much of it swiss moment not here in germany and that's one of mine research questions i would like to case study schober critical making in Germany write I find it difficult and I ask myself whether it is a certain level or one lack of democracy gives the for future maggie is needed where the people are just take things into your own hands must and the innovation itself for have to push so so from respectively the white 7 studio is It's about politics and it's about studying very close to critiker making and it is a good starting point here in singapore there are few options not it is only a lack of option just more attention but there are nice overlaps between art and science and it it seems to me that artist Scientist of this species question on so next try artist with the boat to pick up but I grad Realizes events like these are here pluralistic are included are principle for the vehicle peter fresh so that that is my experience of the last days how this congress came together like this is and just looks the england since is that the angels for the perfect then I volunteer and you open up to ideas that he otherwise do not know what angels now to expect how important where you are to find what problems to read here I think that's a good one to start off it is only the way to intercept maybe when frank congress is hacker spaces it was actually more politically Be engaged as only a normal maker spaces so maybe i had Recently a good discussion in the hacker space and they said hey if we ago want to come and do the same then it's okay we do not really know what you are talking about speak or what you want from us but you can do it yourself and not a foil where do you charge a microphone
Number two I do the very day
tension was the tension between first and second presentation So I understand that this is political but I wonder how much space left The only thing left is that that was it how can you be critical in particular in the field of scientific Publication that means effect the validation of such practices, etc So third making yes I believe that nice at critical technical practice that is what is in the end does not come out of the items you have to be successful create something new what millions buy people most of it is market free exploration of technologies and is free to play is free sometimes something wrong to hit maybe all monsters too created or just a monster too created when I want to think that is [Music] I think in the making generally heard fail or make something funny what was the second part of the question there is scientific publications what impact did that work policy making in fact, so scientific seen That's why I'm in border area like my research because they make their own settle and that 's just one fantastic as it is in jesus we want to build our own world
thanks microphone 1 please I can you
Everything except fine chic last that's the opposite of graz for me and disabled people build their own applications and are also looking for Financing and it is only so possible you really need people is involved in this inclusive Men's wisdom and impulsiveness but also the financing worked must be somehow saved is always problems but money for it is there established models and the work yes thank you i believe is social heroes really a fantastic group of People and yes you need financing for it you need it somehow reinvent for the whole world for the People who do something good for others People that they do not always fight for it need to find money and their own bills to pay your day
last question micro three please thanks for the very interesting it was
personally very relevant to me I am a therapist for people who Disabilities have adults and children I wonder you work with wax therapists yes with engineer god yes Here we form the trainers of us do not work directly with the users supported devices should we work with your therapist or It's a skills race for your caregivers Although so thing like Heckmann thing like soldered to things like you still thinking something according to what common these workshops it happened that these therapists or Prosecutor learn this new skill and they immediately start thinking what Can I do anything else ? otherwise in the eu i can do this apply skills you get all these new ideas because they understand the context, they know what you have to know what's available is on the market and what is it is available is your comments the Focus of genie is with the
primary carrier to work thank you round applause for china and ricarda us
miss like carlo half squad that was criticism [Music] [Music]