Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Nahrungserwerb

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Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Nahrungserwerb
Alternative Title
Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Acquisition of Food
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E 2036
Release Date
Silent film
Georg Schimanski, Dokumentarfilme (München)

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data
Film, 16 mm, 41 m ; F, 4 min

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Subject Area
Amseln fixieren den Boden alternierend mit beiden Augen, stoßen bei Entdeckung von Regenwürmern schnell vor oder legen das bedeckende Substrat frei. Die Beute wird bearbeitet, zerlegt und gebündelt; Fressen von Kirschen; Trinken.
To begin with, blackbirds are shown drinking water. They then search the ground for food by fixing, pecking and clearing it of foreign matter. The food is then worked over, broken up or collected in the beak. At the end the blackbirds are shown eating cherries in the tree and on the ground beneath it.
Keywords Amsel Turdus merula Sehvermögen / Aves Trinken / Aves Nahrungsaufnahme / Passeriformes Nahrungserwerb / Passeriformes drinking / Aves acquisition of food / Passeriformes ingestion / Passeriformes seeing / Aves visual perception / Aves Turdus merula blackbird Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

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