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Theridion impressum (Theridiidae) - Brutfürsorge und periodisch-soziales Verhalten

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Theridion impressum (Theridiidae) - Brutfürsorge und periodisch-soziales Verhalten

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Theridion impressum (Theridiidae) - Brutfürsorge und periodisch-soziales Verhalten
Alternative Title
Theridion impressum (Theridiidae) - Care of the Offspring and Periodical Social Behaviour
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E 1864
Release Date
Silent film
Ernst Kullmann (Bonn)
Production Year

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Film, 16 mm, 49 m ; F, 4 1/2 min

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Subject Area
Haubennetzspinne. Ernährung der Jungspinnen durch ihre Mutter (Mund-zu-Mund-Fütterungen), Beutefang für die Jungen. Zuletzt dient die tote Mutter den Nachkommen als Nahrungsreserve.
This film deals with food care concerning Theridion impressum (family Theridiidae). Most interest is given to the different ways of food supply: The females feed their spiderlings by reguration; the young ones approach to the mouth of their mother and suck a juice produced in the intestine. Later the female catches an insect and delivers her prey to the brood. At the end she dies and serves herself as food reservoir.
Keywords Spinne / Haubennetzspinne Haubennetzspinne Theridion impressum Regurgitation Periodisch-soziales Verhalten Sozialverhalten / Arachnida Nahrungsaufnahme / Arachnida Füttern / Arachnida Brutpflege / Arachnida brood care / Arachnida feeding / Arachnida ingestion / Arachnida social behaviour / Arachnida periodical social behaviour regurgitation Theridion impressum orb-web spider Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Araneae - Spinnen Arachnida - Spinnentiere Arthropoda - Gliederfüsser Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology arthropoda - arthropods arachnida - arachnids araneae - spiders biology

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