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Phormia regina (Larvaevoridae) - Flügelbewegung beim Flug

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Phormia regina (Larvaevoridae) - Flügelbewegung beim Flug

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Phormia regina (Larvaevoridae) - Flügelbewegung beim Flug
Alternative Title
Phormia regina (Larvaevoridae) - Wing Movements during Flight
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E 1710
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Silent film
Werner Nachtigall (Saarbrücken)
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Film, 16 mm, 31 m ; SW, 3 min

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Subject Area
Glanzfliege. Durch spezielle Methodik und hohe Aufnahmefrequenz (8000 B/s) werden die Flugbewegungen in 3 Ebenen parallel projiziert; Luftkrafterzeugung der Flügel.
Flies of the species Phormia regina and Calliphora erythrocephala were attached by the tips of their abdomen to an aerodynamic three-component balance in front of a laminar wind tunnel. The flies flew with equilibrated forces (lift=body weight, drag=thrust) and were filmed at a rate of 6000-8000 fps simultaneously from above, behind and the side by means of a system of mirrors.
Keywords Fliege / Glanzfliege Königliche Glanzfliege Glanzfliege Blaue Schmeißfliege Schmeißfliege Blaue Fleischfliege Fliege Phormia regina Calliphora erythrocephala Flügelbewegung / Insecta Flug / Insecta flight / Insecta wing movements / Insecta Calliphora erythrocephala Phormia regina blow fly black blow fly Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Diptera - Zweiflügler Insecta - Insekten Arthropoda - Gliederfüsser Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology arthropoda - arthropods insecta - insects diptera - two-winged flies biology

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