Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Revierverhalten

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Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Revierverhalten
Alternative Title
Turdus merula (Turdidae) - Territorial Behaviour
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E 1599
Release Date
Silent film
Georg Schimanski (München)

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Film, 16 mm, 47 m ; F, 4 1/2 min

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Subject Area
Amsel. Gesang; kurzer Kampf zweier Männchen. Ein hartnäckiger Kampf zweier Weibchen wird durch das Eingreifen eines Männchens beendet; das unterlegene Weibchen ist schwer beschädigt. Zwei Männchen demonstrieren ihre Reviergrenzen.
A singing blackbird is seen, then a short fight between two male blackbirds, followed by a stubborn battle between two females. It is called to a halt by the intervention of a male. The losing female leaves the scene with serious injuries. In the sequel two males demonstrate the boundary of their territory, first on a fence and then by running along a lawn impressively side by side without a fight starting.
Keywords Schwarzdrossel Amsel Turdus merula Reviergesang Revier / Aves Lautäußerung / Aves Gesang / Passeriformes Kampfverhalten / Passeriformes fighting behaviour / Passeriformes singing / Passeriformes vocal utterance / Aves territory / Aves territorial singing Turdus merula blackbird Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

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