Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Brutpflege

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Brutpflege

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Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Brutpflege
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Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Care of the Brood
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E 1205
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Silent film
Apfelbach, Raimund
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Film, 16 mm, 28 m ; SW, 2 1/2 min

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Buntbarsch. Nur das Männchen zeigt Maulbrutpflegeverhalten. Nach dem ersten Auslassen der Jungen nimmt das brütende Tier sie nicht mehr zurück. Das Weibchen fängt ein Junges und frißt es.
In the film in question the breeding behaviour of the mentioned species of Tilapia is recorded. Tilapia multifasciata is a species in which both parents can demonstrate breeding behaviour. In the majority of all cases the male and the female take eggs into their mouths, but occasionally only one sex of a pair will incubate eggs in its mouth. In the case of the pair in the film only the male is busy caring for the brood. After first releasing the young from its mouth, the brooding animal does not take them back.
Keywords Buntbarsch Tilapia multifasciata Brutpflege / Perciformes brood care / Perciformes Tilapia multifasciata cichlid Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

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