Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Balz

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Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Balz
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Tilapia multifasciata (Cichlidae) - Courtship
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E 1203
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Silent film
Apfelbach, Raimund
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Film, 16 mm, 60 m ; SW, 5 1/2 min

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Buntbarsch. Balz beider Geschlechter: weiche Schwanzschläge, Körperzittern in Gegenwart des Partners (Weibchen balzaktiver). Grabbewegungen und Bau einer Laichgrube durch das Weibchen, Besambewegungen des Männchens.
The present film records the mating of the mouth breeder in both sexes Tilapia multifasciata, and was shot in an aquarium in which the fish had already been acclimatized. During courting there is no qualitative difference between the sexual partners; there are, however, significant quantitative differences.
Keywords Buntbarsch Tilapia multifasciata Graben / Pisces Balz / Perciformes courtship / Perciformes digging / Pisces Tilapia multifasciata cichlid Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Perciformes - Barschartige Pisces - Fische Vertebrata - Wirbeltiere Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology vertebrata - vertebrates pisces - fish perciformes - perch-like fishes biology

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