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Videos in Public Libraries
New models of collaboration in Europe
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Providing access to video can be challenging, especially when it comes to film. To clear the rights, to get hands on the material, to manage the licenses, different language versions and age ratings - all this needs to be solved before a film is shown to any kind of public. More often than not, public institutions do neither have the expertise, the personnel, the money or the experience to answer to this challenge. The solution suggested by AVA – Audio Visual Access is collaboration. Film festivals, public libraries and a technology company with a focus on Video on Demand work together to provide festival films to public libraries and cultural institutions across Europe. The festivals select the films, curate programs, clear the rights and provide the video files and the institutions provide the space, visibility and the audience. The technology company is providing the services and solutions: In AVA we are creating a platform that allows all the different partners to work together on rights management, access for the audience, cloud transcoding, VoD, authentication services etc. etc. Another aspect is worth mentioning: Money. Collaboration projects like AVA are proving very successful with funding institutions. AVA is being financed under the Audience Development call by the MEDIA program of the European Union. Another project run by the reelport GmbH on Virtual Reality with a similar consortium has been awarded funding by the H2020 program of the European Union, too. In the light of this success of AVA we strongly encourage partnerships between everybody dealing with digital video, science and other public institutions, content providers and tech – companies alike.
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going to continue with the presentation on the deals with public libraries you models corporation you this is quite interesting set the models which would be presented by the Montreal and the money's managing director of the old of the ports G and all the state and you need to be a cop yeah yeah uh this this is used to tough and operating this website and read all the so call online submission form for short and by now already you might tell us something that make use of more than 170 cultural things coming out of more than 300 yeah so that that's really quite impressive but more important of a lot of talent to the size of the feature type of problem which is that in the beauty of the human being used features by an example that homeland reading of Matthew he wanted to have this article resolving inside you libraries including you will not be divided it in my car and my talk with 207 this really pulls of 5 Enterprise a beauties relations of people for example the direction and online you you you the water the offered by each of applies us and the monkeys regret that is really the event is about you model real and it always has a degree in what is the the goal of this and this that and the union of the uh and so so what you can get that from from the this city that was just reported and I'm not from the science world you can also see that in the publication of estimate which is
just 1 footnote which is additional from me but from so I'm I'm really from the media world and I don't I don't link my videos I don't do footnotes so I'm really industry which is interesting and maybe to give a little bit of background to what to do because of is the them to a large extent explaining what you do with the project aid which I will introduce today um we are yes there is a sufficient that form just explain how it it works we have filmmakers around the world pretty much from any country that you can imagine the upload the videos the videos arrival platform we didn't have an pretty big online transcoding service so we transcode all these files into other files and then the festivals from around the world can watch the system so it's basically like you to but just for the world of picture pipe and we this is running on a platform if that were above so this is this
platform the current festivals
that 1 you know the 1st list of festival so you can submit
to these festivals upload film and hopefully a fungus selected wins and award and to become
a famous filmmaker and the 2nd thing that we do this is the 1st
this is our platform we developed the technology behind that Doppler declined transcoding the play out
the digital rights management a content management system and everything that is related to that we have
some and then we started in 2004 and then we took the technology that we developed for this
platform and offered it to the film industry is what what is
called a white label service so basically we take our technology and plug into other people's web
site and 1 of the web site that
was just mentioned the European Film Academy European from again like the Oscars producers of grateful in Europe is independent of the films here and all the jury members of the energy they have to watch film online rate permanent the best 1 gets the you from Academy Award which pretends to be as important as the hospital cost is about quarter the price of European industry had passed of water so basically we also get the statistics to watch film interesting theoretically to watch all these questions which of course we can because we works of art and so we can all this all the selected what you see here the filters the layout of the transcoding and the statistics that all comes from the 2nd example is
seen and know which is the where actually have to know that for each film festival yourself in each of the markets so the market is like a fair like cars like the flow of the films so people stands with the presented followed by a by a and this is the online version of and and the biggest in the world as the common market which runs parallel to the conference Festival and the website of the penn market is called and under the becomes and you can see diamonds in under the Comecon stream a lot of films of here you see the power of and I
don't have internet connection but I will have some anyway if there would be an internet connection you would see that there are about 45 thousand films on their feature films that are streamed through us so let's go back to the presentation so this is
what we do and this is also what led to some the project and that's why I am not going to
present they've got an audio-visual access actually there the name is because of the of the will and I have to these you know we physicists uh and serious scientists need some explanation so we found order was alexis explain the name and then this is where a lot the principle is just as I have explained basically we have and a great number of films coming to film festivals and these films will be presented to the public libraries so instead of showing the films of explaining and we're going to show them and viewing Paul during and post in the library I made this I made a small
picture and to show you and to remind you was going on so basically the workflow is the following we have the right only which is a producer of world sales anybody who owns the rights to this film is being uploaded to arm either even directly onto 1 of the festival's accounts in our platform and of course the 1st the and the filmmaker putting all the needed that will make up with the file itself then and if you like the film is selected by the film festival um and the film festival puts together a program as every film festival last so that program will be added that special sort of Germany horror movies children prospective actually some film festivals assigned sections as just learned and all these themselves are put together with programs and then changes the film festival innocent so the film festival puts a lot of work into that a big film festivals received between 6 and 7 thousand submissions each year with a lot of people don't talk to the jurors when they watch the submissions and and come out of the 6 thousand 274 thousand films in the big festival the greater program of about 200 to 300 short films put together into programs of 1 and a half hours and then they're presented to the audience and during different of course this is as you can imagine a lot of work the problem for the film festivals is that was the vessels over those so you put half a year's efforts 3 quarters of the years effort into creating a program and then you have 5 days of festival even sometimes and then it's gone so the film festivals have always had a very strong interest in prolonging the reach but I'm not only in terms of time so they want to show the 1st is they want to show festival films longer outside the 1st so that is the need of a film festival in this project and there are some problems so that but help to that so the 2nd thing is so this is that when we came to the idea that we could represent this film's them in library the idea is and that's this is a completely new audience 1st of all because a typical library go out what students maybe but but to all the other visitors of libraries and not necessarily the ones that visitor from France to so for from a personal point of view you would them achieve your on you could get them but also for the libraries I think there's a big advantage because as libraries that they come from books and as we have learned also today and videos that can be a difficult sell to traditional publishers to traditional institutions like libraries so libraries and film was still a relatively new medium and libraries and if it happens that happens on the travels race also for for for financial reasons of course but let's say it's it's not the the focus of attention in the library and because it is not the focus of attention and you don't have a dick stock of forms but also especially the smaller libraries and like the personnel to choose from and to to present films are used to select the right films and also due to put them into an environment where actually libraries users can learn about these films can interact so that the bottom line is that films need to be promoted more and public so the idea is that we take the films from the festivals and show that in the library like that the libraries have the advantage that they get from the knowledge of the the festivals in terms of duration in terms of putting the programs together and also in terms of you know selection of the sparsity of the films that are in the market so that is the 1 that the defense and the libraries provide the venue the venue being the library itself and then the festivals provides expertise and the films Of course there is some the face challenges to that the all that
yeah listed here which is for that overview and there's some challenges so that the major challenge being right we have that we have issue already today and the thing is that of a permanent and in for DVDs at least in Germany and not so sure about other countries this is easy to have to buy the rights because there there's some member you're familiar more with that than I am but if you want if you buy a DVD as a library you have the right to lend it out so the letter that the right to land outcomes with with find activity in a library with video so I'm especially on demand it's not so easy actually the situation unclear and from what I learned from about some libraries in europe it's still a bit on how to do it you how to deal with video on demand or the into a life about an important detail of course they don't only show this library but we also provide online access to video on demand so basically for rights owners that you're already in touch with you you have it's from rights point of view is that it's and sum the beyond among right that we do so the advantage of this project is that the festival's can compute arise with the rights of directly because of the rise of nodes that submit the from some from festivals and also the cost the project's scope is that we just show the film festival films and the local library so for example film which is Berlin partner festival will show the films in the Berlin library and the Berlin library can be and that's and marketed to the rights owner as an extension of the fast so basically that the list the the screening of the films in the library as an extension of the festival right that that they have already given to the 1st and in the future when we of course plan that these packages of films travel and that would be exploitation would would open another box of of issues but for the moment as long as the deal locally from which we can work with this extension of the some of the 1st of all rights to the left of this then is handled by the festival because there are in touch with and the rise of this directive so this is this is this is the project of course all costs money money is always important especially when you're doing take advantage of that and we have received money and to do that by the media program of the European Union of which is of the body of funding comes and this the thing they like and also the thing that I'm going to promote here is that you have 2 different very different institutions film festivals libraries who I guess rarely collaborate there some them projects that make the exception to the rules but apart from and I I don't know of any project for libraries and focus on the cooperate and and this cooperation has proven very successful but only with the European Union most likely will also the funding from the city of Cologne which is very rare if you're not a carnival institutions and so on and actually anything that with all the other partners that we have we are in pretty much everybody we are already in negotiations with local funding authorities to to get local funding for for the thing because of course and if it's a European Union project also need Europeans in the European Union project the opinion the European some partners that we have our festivals from 6 countries Belgium moving with the library living caught in Ireland with was actually the university library of core template in Finland film festival with the local from library there in well supplied what amount which is actually a festival in Calabria very nice but it was actually and they don't really have a library there but has half the city council and the city council they'll put up a library and Berlin and Cologne interval in Berlin and sort of sort of colonial with the state of the environment and the terms that political credit so we have a European project and in every city that we found that we have a partner and we have a library and very popular with funders and especially this and this this collaboration between the say um and educational or science institution library and the festival new media and cool so we have just background info we have 2 different to other projects with a similar set up and then the 1 I'm arms from a project just finished last week if you have 1 of my head haven't uploaded my material in time the portal for this event that was because we had that we have the president Final presentation for the project in Brussels and Luxembourg and that was between the University of Bremen between us become film festival and sales company from the film industry and it was on the development of a new video coding and we got age 20 20 funding of science funding for collaboration project between the festival and assigns institutions and and because it went so well we have a 2nd project which with similar set up so it's been digital which is actually the and spin of that to you University of Berlin technology section we're doing some research on video codecs so there and they're asking and of course and this time it took and that the biggest documentary film market in the world and the sun is out of the box and schedule documentary film festival to to create the art play out for undocumented also funded by age 20 28 180 thousand euros for 5 partners again and the and and that relationship that got the high got the highest points for the concept and the concept was bringing technology to the people who really need and this so this is this is something that that proved highly popular and can actually only invite everybody to to think a bit out of the box and learn about some where but you could you use who you could offer the technology that we develop a statement and also the median here as a representative from the outside world and so so this is proven by the successful on here to which is a bit different because the knowledge 20 20 here but but content funding and the the project has proven very popular with with the media this and the other way around also that we have contended now works with technology you know so it's something that in my experience something that should be explored much more so back to the project itself and so what what will you know what will you have a problem in which everything runs as we want and in already in you come in July 2007 and will present and 1st version so you will have a number of you induce which are in effect and set of which is in effect laptop and and for computers in although participating libraries of about half of what it then we can connect to the Internet and then after that maybe it's
better to do this for orientation and then after the hardware is installed and um the festival's over the festival will cure the programs that they have to be selected and the other rights so basically we have a similar project already running into the dance uh which is the cooperation between the animation from persons in the public library they tried that principle in the last 2 years ago 70 % of acceptance from the rights holders of 70 % of the films that they also the rights for and actually 1 in this talk of public library so then the rights clear and then the festival basically here online and the interface published these films and these meted out to this other was in the lab and then actually the library users can watch it in addition to the library so that users and the rise of this so now and will also be on the library so which is basically a video-on-demand service as you have seen the White table institutions of the video-on-demand service will look like the web site of the library that we're cooperating with and in this website of some of of the library come to be known as the sum the library users will be able to log in and watch the films that are presented in this David part and so that's about so that I can only invited to you if you think you know don't I think not only the data for the science community think about them ask the rest and also think about basically come some models of cooperation and I've seen here this great um portal with and searching for a horse and the jump to the horse and the projects and that's really cold and but that can only be used for scientific films but for feature films short films documentaries of course as well so and share knowledge cooperates and will all be that thank you for listening hope begin bore you and of course 4 question few
so you know what we if you will with with the rest as well so I'm show that our questions of this presentation the 1st of all thank you for sharing this very interesting this is not arm my questions have been determined and numbers as whole many people actually go to the library to watch the movies because it is the not so hard for me to imagine that they use their mobile phones or video demanded home and what is possible with use but it's kind of hard for me to imagine that they go to a library sit down and viewing and what these festival movies without being allowed popcorn peanuts so the term any numbers and it's actually and what when we search the everything with when we search the application for the library market how would we just established at the library market is very big which was already a surprise to me because I have to admit that the last time I was in the library was the student days which art sadly longer but the thing was that and of course and I talked to to the baby in from Berlin and talk to the library and actually I think I'm not lose their and the better person to answer that because I'm just believing in her and her assessment then then there might be in the which is as a scientific libraries and academic library as well and is taken as well as the public library and we have several thousand visitors a day in our building and you know the current currently the sounds of land out on DVD and Blu-ray that we have half a million and a half million in the number of and I think that is not happening in the year so then this highly popular and and this means that in in all of that not not only feature film documentaries as well and all this is in in all different areas and what we do not know so far in this book How can we promote the new an online access to our library users because of what of course will be highly interesting by level uses this streaming video on demand and the use of mobile phones and what have I think this is also a nice project pilot project to explore how we can actively promote these new forms of practice but we do know is that the younger audience and library uses the they tend to use streaming services you know when we know that for the music access to music it is already established it is also we have services in the library that give access to streaming music on demand that in field of videos and films and there this service is still have to be established right you have to be clear and so on this is an interesting view for libraries to cooperate because I think 1 the libraries cooperate together and then they can't finally models for giving access to films and this beyond the and maybe 1 more background information the film industry especially for the smaller forget activity within the next 5 years because less and less and business is done with with DVD and for especially for smaller firms and just doesn't pay more to creativity edition so if you want to show films are not Hollywood films probably not so long time you will have to go demand and you can forget blending of duties so I think there is a an urge to move to video on demand and when it comes to independent films there are many solutions of the control by the way cool project to put signs videos into public libraries as well any more questions the 1st of all