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Video Abstracts and Video Supplements to Scientific Articles
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Besides data sets, model code, and other underlying material, authors may also produce scientific videos relating to their articles. Outlets such as YouTube do not seem to be appropriate locations to host such scientific video supplements or video abstracts due to a lack of reliable long-term preservation and licensing. Therefore, Copernicus Publications and the TIB|AV-Portal of the National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) partnered to provide authors who publish in Copernicus’ open-access journals with the opportunity to host their videos in the TIB|AV-Portal and link them to their articles and vice versa via DOIs. This paper presents first experiences and examples from this collaboration.
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and what the about a lot of on companies the the you In the people of the dual of the we use all of the loss of these and there is this is the area that was wrong and when the Board of all so the and and 1 the next set of yes thank you much I am trying to and our experience from the last couple years we had was we
get certain supplements to scientific articles published in journals of which approach because of the the the point started his we intend to bring it isn't because I don't know whether all if you
know about it because the ROS small pushing company so basically it was founded in 1988 as a spin-off of the the Max Planck Institute for Soldier System reaches and since then has been involved in the organisation of various scientific conferences and yeah of different slices so this is 1 of the on business parents and in 1994 it was said to be a scientific publishers and in 2001 so very early shortly after BioMedCentral was the 1st commercial and open access publisher we started all 3 society open access journals so we mainly work together and
societies and in publishing the journals and and the also with other scientific institutions that we almost do not own engines ourselves and so as I said in 2001 that we started the 1st open access journal um and after that moved all the all of the journals were publishing 2 0 to open access and now also all neutrinos joining us are published full open access journals so nowadays we published 38 open access journals and we have 18 execute discussion forum because of have special all this trend of have a special way of conducting peer review where the public discussion in an open access discussion forum is part of the human L I as a set of most of the journals belong to you I know societies or scientific institutions we have 50 staff members in our field offices here and getting and and before lowest-rated sourcing strategy so all typesetting language copy-editing editor supports programming of force of gravity is done in house now which is not so common due to all which is not so common in the publishing Copernicus is cofounder of of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association's but we also member all of the STN which is another of of association member hit of and I will support of open-air and just to give you a small a impression on how large throughout our last year we published about 800 for the 8 times and for article so basically if I scientific research output does not consist only of the article itself but also the underlying data the model code which was used to evaluate data or to to to come to a conclusion and of course also samples which were the basis for the research but also reduce supplements of that your abstract might be you don't have to be that it is possible we add Copernicus try to see that the the the publishing of research outputs as because we all open access publisher as open science is the principal what you mean by that is somehow we see the gold open access article as the current but all the datasets Monaco reuse samples and other required exits as branches of the research tree so we think seeing all these different research approach would work concentrated collocation cup of clusters cluster but the important thing is that we all components funding to each other so of course is the best practice we think to deficit such as in reliable route for the Tories which provided you I am not just a weapon and but also now non-textual resources should be that editors proper representation in the article and into the references and what we do to to provide better accessibility of all these efforts it's students in the water column in article as attack and no hopefully working with just wanted to just OK this is an
example of so you see here you can access the article here now you can access the peer review process that all phases of the peer-review here and of course provide that metrics and also provide related articles but what I wanted to presented today in these this as the toxicity for this type of for example of you had the supplement which is on our side so maybe some tables at people want to include in the article have it but then they stall datasets on repository in this case in a little bit and they also said OK with different ambiguous supplements and so on now they also sort them coming to that nature and that you see here you could also add other aspects of the article wouldn't
forget about so but today's topic as scientific media so I'm just want to concentrate on them as were for you to definitely is easy to use but there are some things which really prevent people from using an and so are as a place for scientific reviews and so there's no guarantee for long-term accessibility of the preservation no license management and it's difficult to cite the sources you there's no guarantee that the link will stay the same for example and there's also no possible and as I said before we think it is really important that they article and efforts are made and what's versus so you choose is not an ideal solution for scientific video so we need we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to of collaborate with the you the idea maybe till and they offered us to host all videos related to articles which are published in print journals this might be the video abstract or supplements all of the videos and the y uh linking from the article to the video and back from the media to the article is guaranteed and this is the sort of creation the core beside automatic analyzes of speech images and text also the people working at the at the portal make him like another content peer review but some some kind of conceptual relations to caricature guarantee that is really scientific or content nothing and so that which is a really nice so what we experience since losses collaboration was and that also is mainly used to the opportunity to deficit supplement use for example and of different model runs and then so you see again so this is a side and if you click on the GUI you are directed to the respective
video in the maybe portal and here you see also based in paper use the opportunity of video to just make their visualization or animation of of the model on the and that from for this paper that different model runs and their resulting in different of this kind of animations element but they
also use it as a as a visual the opportunity to teach you to clarify processes for example so we just have paper here in own we and the process which should be shared his life going take
the it's it's really short of but somehow explains it's a bit on on on but paper analyzes that and
it would also experience is that false mostly due our result text just show you briefly another example so here we have a soil science and so it finds the article here you see what we ended up on the peer review on the different version of the manuscript and the referee reports can be viewed here but also it's connected to video supplements property and they all there that would get for not realize that that must
be recent for so what that means is
that the kid doing this that is the most of and this kind of erosion to choose to demonstrated to clarify what were with they're about but as I said no text so a lot of potential from the eighties Portillo to make this and this automatic speech analysis for example is not yet yet that did not look at the big abstract because of that must be new I did not mean that in this be this paper is connected also to the
abstract and so it's not the only 1 we have come to know that and birds and so we found already uh 40 and 54 produce related to 17 articles which were published in 10 journals so already in some acceptance from the community and I would like to see our community that the reliability of its serious as the TIB AV portal are an ideal hosting solution because they provide the same which is needed from from a scientific point of view including the light um however there's still a lack of acceptance by the authors to side and reference non-textual materials and this not only affects is still to certain extent also affects data and data are already in a much more common in having it has a non textual uh resolved on text resource but this still losses us those so confused when we are asking to do so when we ask and included in the references to cited in the text I could really not like linking to the supplement but take a this is down a citation so this is really something also sort hesitant about and since we almost have no figure abstracts which we think could provide a new gateway to the center frame work especially in open access journals because then you have a really broad audience because potentially the whole words could read article and so the is my might open up another page way the doesn't at 2 times and for this is needed and I was asked to go to like to know that if you're interested in more examples of how the baby ports is working there will be a station all tied in front of the door of this room how you can get what a demonstration said this for now
he said the few
thank you for this very practical and useful example say that aspiring to to see that things have been up and implement it in a proper way to do you have some questions to senior way and then there the European Patent Office get in back the European and and not in copyright of the union of the column and that's a good question costs and um activity for the so our articles are published under Creative Commons attribution licence obviously more open access and in the GIVE AD portfolio um users can choose a license the CC-BY license the 1 which is recommended but also all other CC licenses are available and the users can choose that as yeah but it is it's mostly the case that so this is like but no known production of the user nothing reuse that really like I'm just finishing my erosion part which I was looking at you normally if they also said OK economic migratory distributed was at all which would be the easiest way is normally another problem but we just had a 1 case out 1 of the authors want to reuse our a series of television spots from the Dutch from some that's broadcasting station and its and there wasn't an agreement that we don't so close to just have collect Copernicus Publications appears as a publisher of this we use even though the the also retain copyright was divided but for them it was wasn't agreed with his work sensation that they appear as publisher and then define the license and we basically we just think thank you any other would like to call the noise the suggests that the divide the data related to that we real community the things but if I had a bit of the of the of the thank you very much