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Preisträgervortrag der Max-Planck-Medaille 2015: "Quantum Universe"


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the end of the year and the I and in and so I think people in the
latest issue of the use of the book where is the sole there was no
well you all in the future so
this is yeah original use of was to
where idea of war it was he said he was about to go on
I don't know what it's because of new but I think the best way to do it all in In the last inspiration came of work by the on the Net so the University
of he is the land of us will have to it is not
just so what is year what is
use of Hollywood movies in the last 3 years or so to
how the 1 of the and that she is the 1st of the new borrowing by what all the time is and that
was the question just think of as you don't belong to 1
of the few years and brief he knew she was in the very people who use this as a symbol of
the fact that that it is in the region region allows us to lie on the
planet is the end of last year was the only 1 of the of 1st half of all and Soviet
accused status the the problem
is that so need there year problem Newfoundland and the United
you have to do with the people in the world the nature of the problem stalled so there is more it was the beginning of the world he said in his so this will
be used in the book so should use a all of in you need to know the status of the policy the world was was that he was the back the we lost the ball in
the world some of the people in the
fastest way to use it .period but most of the time since the decision to some of that the each we made use of the new also is he's president of of all of this by going now you in the following
is the fact that there was In the Is there he
just for most the lost and all of it and this is the last of the year the he
said that in the in the city
so that was the only thing that we want to be in the office even if it is now it's also in the world the federal
government what I know that this you know that in past all the schools in in the middle of the nite before use smaller than the walls of the buildings and the original environment it was the ability but the decision this is a and that was the worst
in me all of this is the of 1st the stage of the EU 1 the last and he said that the the this is would be what is it you want to do this in the history of the National People's Hospital of the University of Houston what for no you
on the eve of the city wants to
hear all also the was now it wasn't because of his power base in Britain it's going to this is the law of the
land and the so is the insistence on the use of animals in the event of
cities and the deal was originally a sum of the money relations between it has been in the walls building of the issue all all the it is the right thing to but we still don't know what it is
related fees it was it
back at the people in this room he was although the world's securities In the world I'm what about this is that the move was made in the USA you know it
is all of this and this is not only is he summons up he was so here that was that the last you experience these
will be better than that of the rules it was what was also the only mention of the people of this city in the world and sold the abilities of those solutions
that I had a prior to the start of the year was the only 1 on the nite of the right to choose to use the also most them that would be needed to
hear the university that using
their also flew in from also the success of this program is about as easily in is about of the meeting of all of it said that the was it this is the year of the information that have
this was it and that was
the this is a man who was all of I want to
use the new school year this year
the event and also this was the 1 that the ball was all of these are some of of the people in the EU so you really got it we were used he asked what
was new alone will most of it and rules on the use of the 1 day activities along with me was that it was the most visible In fact it was extremely and you
know it is the is who's next mean that not all of this in the morning he used to use all of the removal of the world is easy to believe that it was 1 of the
the problem is the people as you know what it is the difference 1st in the world and the world each year and in the leadership
of the government in its war that is so
it is impossible the last 2 years and bring it to you in the city
last winter and was so small that universities should only be more about so you have to do is also it's more of value there was this year but this was users of online it not the only the wrong tool latest
following and was just 1 of the original music and movies in which just was
probably will have to use give him it was even if there is 1 something that was small this is the moment of In the event of a meeting of the International what was that about In although I suspect many of the world it's been in the
cases where resistance was not alone in the world is going so well in the city it it'll also used and usually the
moment but also some of the things that I we have to have said was also in the audience is it's Bloomberg was this is yes Zen said only 1
the following is a vision of the city In the event of the use of the people what the fact is that the initiative of
the Law and if you want to be and it was used and loses its users and most of the regional more moreover than if you have the feeling that the worst of all things to all the people all of us we have
but that is normal this is not a call to he he's the last of the environment is used in the world the the the some of the all of this was also used in my 1st year and
you want to go with him it's about so that it was in the lead in many of these small individual the
University of you have the right to say what was going on in the 1st year of the rules so according to this theory is that all you need it's very the I think it is many of these calls the call is that the unit was on the it was
useful the program last year as the disease is much
lower than the smaller of the 2 of them relations all in the all the rest of the year but has said in the office the University of the Health
Minister of the little guy it
to In addition to the use of
1 this is useful to people the rules you said that you just have Is this the extraction of the original this is a group of securities I was thinking that the if you want to
use his to this is the only In addition to him and he's in this
around it was going to fall 2 the thing that is used in bid to use of the longest it is very
small it His is viewers at the end the season the rest of the world just might on the the In addition the please NOTE said In the end of the year
1 them Was it is users last year "quotation mark the latest there are
some the right to you it was the 1st time in the past and that it was difficult still out the ground you so many
of the problems the was so he the
I think we have to make the reason of all of the EU usually in the of the world were you on the the decision at all it's all fresh
and it's all over the world world what was going on in the wind you what the you have to the rest of the world decision In the last year you have to also said also
be In the union was also the year that was alone in the world England he was going be like the receiver that
a little and although it was the focus of you should hear all about the rule about his use of new did in the on this 1 so I
came away from the fact that this is the worst the
building in a region of the world is but it also has been used in following it was the only thing that usually the I'm having the time time of the close of the
meeting because many of them I was in the
this is because of that was also the reason was Will on the London this
1st and the last 1 of them is usually used to working with you of the and 2 you look at same time In the
late in his balls the the only men what is the use of the that managers most after move this is the only
entity last time reading
what is always in this investigation is going on in that because of the name the she also said it wants he is going to be
misty forest people you he went on to say that I want the to
1 of the he also year although the Nunavut it is
you go to the heart of some of the men that was all the reason
where is the by if you will it was you want something better for it the if so it was because of the seriousness of the University of Richmond in movies the Indonesian come to
this because of this the you can do about this story this the was the ruling in religion was there there is also used as easy
as it is about was used to the reason was that we would say that
the use of the site because 1st of the new multiplied by the end of the world but the
need for seeing that it also was the use of your money in
the news In the last year or the year the last time out there in the world in the world what I do so it was about to and the use of the fact that the university in the the usual sense while international the last
thing we need you you look at it as a revision of the state the US shame on law so the European the
usual was the scene of the there is is no need to know what was going on From the greatest maintenance the it
was the intent if you want to get I think it is in this world the last thing you so
I'm still here you know that 1 of the he said that he was furious while making all the right things he has to do that is season as on the floor of the Socialist and now
the question is how long
division of the people of the region here almost 2
you have the right to the use of name also it back to you on the use of his right of that was the 1st time in Beijing last month that it would be so to In the
but the issue of how to do the
same in the walls of all these years of my life in and
the thing that will be all the the and that
the so long as usual In all this that's about as bad as it was moving toward the end right of the meeting people was the village there was no need to use all of the its laws on the chat and check the union
was present at the the University of Texas and the rest of the day you this is because people do and the Chen the
world is all the more he was just as it was for the 1st time he used his right
on the way the and about how to deal use the Asian dealings with the evils of the will be there according to the National when people
where can we go and what they're saying and they but I use of all of the city's Europol the EU regions in the whole fall back on some of these is the only although it is Net according to allowed
White right and that all the time he was that the rest of the world in the master of the this is the end of the year is is about although it is not the 1 that In that was a on the job so you the
bodies of the of the
most of the members of the public record you I was just about the only thing that wasn't as from the date of the existing as last season will be these things will run in the formulation of the law of the land position they're all so
simple this is almost you'll be of it is it was also the year of the East
yeah we need to if but it will be at
2 all of the soul it's more on the
ball and the media you're
going to see more of you know it was the a result of most of the of back gold the law and the beginning of the year in which all the gold it is
in that's and that last year so the best the program so the the
duration of the University
you after all you the remaining
on the news it was his way of saying he said that it would be even more and that and the issue of the region and the ruins of the the original pitch so I know that
I was going to do this is not a Jedi the United States also salt the
school is a bit of the automation personally I think that it this was is a lot of as
a means of all of the shares was all you can think of the Jim is we hope to do but the you have to moral
soul the GAO if you really want to we lose we laughed even while you used to whom you
right away do you think you have to go
to the wall in Europe and this fall in line with the law 1 of the reasons I don't know if this is so and the beam the huh In
a letter


Formal Metadata

Title Preisträgervortrag der Max-Planck-Medaille 2015: "Quantum Universe"
Title of Series Max-Planck-Medaille
Author Mukhanov, Viatcheslav F.
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.5446/19334
Publisher Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)
Release Date 2015
Language English
Production Place TU Berlin

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Subject Area Physics
Abstract Im Jahr 2015 wird die Max-Planck-Medaille an Prof. Dr. Viatcheslav Mukhanov von der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München verliehen ... „In Würdigung seiner grundlegenden Beiträge zur Kosmologie und insbesondere zur Strukturbildung aufgrund von Quantenfluktuationen im frühen Universum.“ Viatcheslav F. Mukhanov hat in den 80er Jahren vorhergesagt, dass während einer Phase sehr schneller Ausdehnung des frühen Universums Quantenfluktuationen angeregt wurden, die schließlich zu klassischen Dichtefluktuationen führten. Insbesondere hat er das Spektrum und die Statistik dieser Fluktuationen berechnet und die Hypothese aufgestellt, dass sie die Anfangsstörungen für die Bildung der großräumigen Strukturen im Universum darstellen. Die Vorhersage, dass kleinste Quantenfluktuationen der Ursprung der größten Strukturen im Universum sind, war kühn. Sie wurde aber inzwischen durch Messungen der Fluktuationen der kosmischen Mikrowellenstrahlung nachdrücklich bestätigt – zuerst durch den COBE Satellit der NASA und am genauesten durch das Planck-Weltraumteleskop der ESA. Diese Voraussage über die Inflation des frühen Universums ist die einzige, die durch Beobachtungen bestätigt wurde, und sie ist somit ihre wichtigste Stütze. Auch auf anderen Gebieten der Kosmologie ist V. Mukhanov ein sehr aktiver und einflussreicher Forscher. Er hat unter anderem Inflations-Modelle entwickelt („k-Inflation“, „Vektor-Inflation“) und sich mit Problemen der Quanteninformation im Zusammenhang mit schwarzen Löchern sowie der dunklen Energie beschäftigt. Mukhanov studierte von 1973 bis 1979 am Institute for Physics and Technology in Moskau und promovierte dort 1982 in Physik und Mathematik bei Vitaly Ginzburg. Nach Anstellungen am Institute for Nuclear Research in Moskau war Mukhanov von 1992 bis 1997 Dozent mit Lehrauftrag an der ETH Zürich (Schweiz). Seit 1997 ist er Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Kosmologie an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In Anerkennung seiner Leistungen wurde Mukhanov bereits mehrfach ausgezeichnet.

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