Equus quagga (Equidae) - Verhalten von Steppenzebras

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Equus quagga (Equidae) - Verhalten von Steppenzebras
Alternative Title
Equus quagga (Equidae) - Behaviour of the Plains Zebra
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Z 12604
Release Date
Silent film
Hans Klingel
Ute Klingel
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DVD-Video ; SW, 30 1/2 min

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Die DVD enthält vier Filme über verschiedene Verhaltensweisen des Steppenzebras Equus quagga (Equidae): E 1390 "Begrüßung", E 1043 "Hautpflegeverhalten", E 1044 "Paarungsverhalten" und E 1045 "Kampfverhalten".
The DVD contains four films on the behaviour of the Plains zebra Equus quagga (Equidae): E 1390 "Welcoming", E 1043 "Care of the Skin", E 1044 "Mating Behaviour", and E 1045 "Fighting Behaviour".
Keywords Zebra / Steppenzebra Steppenzebra Equus quagga Kampfspiele / Perissodactyla Spielen / Perissodactyla Kampfverhalten / Mammalia Kopulation / Perissodactyla Paarung / Perissodactyla Balz / Perissodactyla Hautpflege Staubbad Körperpflege / Mammalia Markieren / Perissodactyla Sozialverhalten / Perissodactyla Grüßen / Mammalia play-fighting / Perissodactyla fighting behaviour / Mammalia playing / Perissodactyla fighting games / Perissodactyla grooming / Mammalia skin care dust bath greeting / Mammalia social behaviour / Perissodactyla marking / Perissodactyla courtship / Perissodactyla mating / Perissodactyla copulation / Perissodactyla Equus quagga Plains zebra zebra / Plains zebra