Formica sanguinea (Formicidae) - Futterbetteln

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Formica sanguinea (Formicidae) - Futterbetteln
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Formica sanguinea (Formicidae) - Soliciting Food
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E 2013
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 68 m ; SW, 6 1/2 min

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Blutrote Raubameise. Unter soziallebenden Ameisen findet eine Futterweitergabe von Außen- an Innendiensttiere statt. Futterbetteln erfolgt durch Betrillern von Kopf und Mund der Spenderin mit Vorderbeinen, Maxillen und Antennen. Die Spenderin spreizt Mandibeln und Labium und gibt Futter ab. Mit Zeitdehnung.
The behaviour patterns during food exchange in Formica sanguinea are described with 24 f/s and 200-450 f/s. The soliciting ant stimulates with its forelegs the head, especially the mouth-parts of the food carrying ant. In addition with its maxillae it palpates the labium and antennates the head of the donor ant. During food exchange the donor has its mandibles open and the labium is extruded. When the motivation to regurgitate crop contents decreases, the ant takes the forelegs upwards.
Keywords Ameise / Raubameise Schuppenameise Raubameise Blutrote Raubameise Formica sanguinea Sozialverhalten / Insecta Regurgitation Futterbetteln food-begging soliciting food regurgitation social behaviour / Insecta Formica sanguinea predatory ant slavemaker ant ant Encyclopaedia Cinematographica