Equus quagga (Equidae) - Begrüßung

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Equus quagga (Equidae) - Begrüßung
Alternative Title
Equus quagga (Equidae) - Welcoming
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E 1390
Release Date
Silent film
Hans Klingel
Ute Klingel
Production Year

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Film, 16 mm, 57 m ; SW, 5 1/2 min

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Subject Area
Steppenzebra. Erwachsene Hengste bei Begegnungen mit Angehörigen ihrer eigenen Gruppe und mit fremden Hengsten: nasonasaler Kontakt (häufig mit Kaubewegungen), nasogenitaler Kontakt, "Abschiedssprung", Kopfhochwerfen und Schlagen mit den Vorderbeinen. Beriechen eines fremden Kothaufens, Absetzen von Kot und Harn an gleicher Stelle.
The first part of the film shows the greeting behaviour of plains zebra stallions. Stallions belonging to the same group greet each other whenever they meet. Strange stallions greeted intensively. 3 phases are to be distinguished in the ceremony: 1. Naso-nasal contacts when the partner's sniff at each other's nose. Chewing movements are frequently observed. 2. Naso-genital contacts when the partner's sniff at each other's genital regions. 3. The final jump which ends the greeting ceremony: before parting, the partners jerk their heads up and kick forward with their front legs. The second part of the film shows the sniffing display of stallions at droppings, followed by defecation and urination at the same spot.
Keywords Zebra / Steppenzebra Steppenzebra Equus quagga Markieren / Perissodactyla Sozialverhalten / Perissodactyla Grüßen / Mammalia greeting / Mammalia social behaviour / Perissodactyla marking / Perissodactyla Equus quagga plains zebra Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

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