Longidorus elongatus (Nematoda) - Embryonalentwicklung

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Longidorus elongatus (Nematoda) - Embryonalentwicklung
Alternative Title
Longidorus elongatus (Nematoda) - Embryonic Development
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E 2046
Release Date
Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 69 m ; SW, 6 1/2 min

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Subject Area
Fadenwurm. Eiablage, Bewegung und Abrundung des Protoplasmas vor der ersten Furchungsteilung. Weitere Entwicklung und Streckung des Keimes bis zur ersten Eigenbewegung. Phasen der Larvenentwicklung und Schlüpfen der Larve.
The film shows the processes that take place in the egg of Longidorus elongatus after its deposition. The following details are shown with the aid of time-lapse technique: Movement and rounding of the protoplasm before the first division, cleavage pattern, development of ther germ-layers and the further development and stretching of the embryo until it starts moving. Phases of the development of the larva, and hatching are shown at normal speed.
Keywords Nematode Fadenwurm Longidorus elongatus Embryonalentwicklung / Nemathelminthes Schlüpfen / Nemathelminthes Larven / Nemathelminthes Eiablage / Nemathelminthes egg deposition / Nemathelminthes oviposition / Nemathelminthes larvae / Nemathelminthes hatching / Nemathelminthes embryonic Development / Nemathelminthes Longidorus elongatus threadworm nematode Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

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