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Chemisch erzeugte Bewegungen isolierter Strukturen von Zellorganellen

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Chemisch erzeugte Bewegungen isolierter Strukturen von Zellorganellen

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Chemisch erzeugte Bewegungen isolierter Strukturen von Zellorganellen
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Chemically Produced Movements in Isolated Structures of Cell Organelles
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B 817
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Silent film
Max-Planck-Institut für Medizinische Forschung, Institut für Physiologie
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Film, 16 mm, 92 m ; SW, 8 1/2 min

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Chemische Reizung kontraktiler Zellstrukturen (Vorticellenstiele, Trichozyten, Flimmerepithel) durch Gabe von Ca, EDTA, Kationen, ATP, Salurgan, Detergentien. Reaktion je nach Zusatzstoff in Form von Kontraktion, Streckung, Erschlaffung oder Bewegung.
Cheimically Induced Movements of Isolaated Structures from Cell Organelles. Cytolysed and extracted stalks from Vorticella contract in the presence of calcium ions. If the calcium ions are removed and replaced with EDTA, the stalks elongate. Cations from invert soaps cause contractions. Rhythmic contractions occur when calcium ions and ATP are both present. Addition of salyrgan induces a state of continuous relaxation, which can be neutralized by adding detergents. This relaxed-state can also be brought about by relaxing factor from mammalian muscles when ATP is persent. Isolated trichocysts elongate when exposed to calcium ions. Their movement is slowed by protamin. In conclusion, the beating frequency of ciliated epithelial cells isolated and extracted from a frog is shown to increase with increasing ATP concentration. Poisoning with salyrgan the movement of these cilia.
Keywords subzelluläre Fraktionen / Arzneimitteleffekte Zellbewegung / Arzneimitteleffekte Zellstruktur Muskelkontraktion Gleitfilamenttheorie Myofibrillen myofibrils muscle contraction cell movement / drug effects subcellular fractions / drug effects